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German Bishop’s New Proposal: “There Exists More Than Man and Woman”

The Catholic Church in Germany seems to be becoming more and more unbounded in its proposals. In the recent past, for examples, the official website of the German Bishops’ Conference,, has reported about the idea to have women cardinals; about establishing homosexuality as a human right; and about the need for married priests and for female deacons – to name but a few of the seemingly heterodox themes coming to us out of Germany.

Another theme that has also recently become international news, as it were, is that a commission of the German Bishops had published already a year ago – on 22 October 2015 – a brochure which downplayed the dangers of the “Gender Theory” and which was even claiming that “Gender Mainstreaming” is merely about producing an equality between men and women. In this context, the new report that now comes to us might well worsen the reputation of official German Catholics.

For, now a Catholic bishop himself – Auxiliary Bishop Ludger Schepers, of Essen – has proposed the unusual idea that “there exists more than man and woman.” He spoke these new “categorical” words at a 5-6 October conference on “gender issues” in Stuttgart, according to a 6 October 2016 report published by The Conference itself had an interogative title: “Is Gender an Ideology?” Among the Conference speakers was an ardent defender of homosexual relationships, Dr. Stephan Goertz.

A screen capture of the online conference brochure.

On 6 October, moreover, Bishop Schepers had himself spoken at the Conference on the theme “Gender Trouble. Was nun? Zukunftsperspektiven der Kirche” (“Gender Trouble: Now What? Church Perspectives for the Future”). In his speech, he alleged – according to – that there exists a deep conflict within the German Bishops’ Conference with regard to the above-mentioned Gender Brochure which has been published by the German Bishops. “There was a fierce clash,” Schepers said. Several German bishops have claimed that this new brochure “does not represent the views of the [German] bishops” concerning the gender debate. As the Austrian news service reports, Schepers himself is a member of the commission who wrote this controversial Gender Brochure for the German Bishops and thus “is politically responsible for it.”

Auxiliary Bishop Ludger Schepers of Essen, Germany (Image via
Auxiliary Bishop Ludger Scheppers of Essen, Germany (Image via

Schepers himself claimed at the Gender Conference that there is much fear involved in this debate about Gender issues, “and fear is always a bad counselor.” He insisted that the Church has to partake in this discussion with society. In this ambiguous context, Schepers even obscurely “called upon the Catholic Church to realize that there exists more than man and woman.” From his strange proposal and mere assertion – as quoted by – it is clear that Schepers effectively proposes that the Church now presents a “heterodox” view concerning Gender Theory.

This statement comes at a time where other prelates of the Catholic Church – such as Cardinal Gerhard Müller, Cardinal Carlo Caffarra and Cardinal Robert Sarah – are strongly warning against the subversive Gender Theory’s false principles and damaging effects on marriage and the family.

Notably, this individual episcopal statement also comes at a time where Pope Francis, the Vicar of Christ, has himself just recently issued some additionally equivocal statements concerning this very same issue of “Gender.”

62 thoughts on “German Bishop’s New Proposal: “There Exists More Than Man and Woman””

  1. He is one confused puppy, who seems to think he knows better than our Father Creator, what is and isn’t good for our souls. One doesn’t even have to believe it is a sin or be religious, since it is self evident that homosexuality goes against nature and our Creator. But, people damage their souls all the time, using their free will to follow their own fleshy desires and natural and unnatural lusts and homosexuality is just one of them.

    This Bishop does not have the right or authority, in any way shape or form, to create a new sex and is harming his flock by promoting them to harm their souls. He should be teaching tolerance and love for those who have lost themselves in sin and pray for them and help them to come back to the light instead of ushering them further from our Father Creator.

    Also, it isn’t fear, but a natural human and spiritual reaction to be repulsed by abnormal sexual practices and teaching people to over ride their spirit, that is warning them of the danger, is unholy. Once people learn how to over ride their spiritual warnings, through their conscience, then they can over ride and justify any harmful sin, hurting themselves and others, making it close to impossible to find their way back to our Creator and our true home.

  2. Germany ,Belgium and Austria are in schism. They will get what they want in this life and they will get what God wants in the next.

    • Well, our Father Creator wants them to be redeemed and come home, not be lost and suffering in the darkness. He sorely grieves for each and every soul lost. But, they will reap what they sowed in life. He doesn’t have to punish us, since humans have brought worse consequences, that only humans can bring down on themselves, from their choices and actions. They create their own hell, which is worse than any that would be created for them, because we all know what we fear and hurts us the most and our Father doesn’t get involved with creating hells for us. He just gave us a place, apart from Heaven, to create our own.

      What our Father creates for us are personal Heavens, which He knows what we love better than we do and can reward us as only a loving Father can.

      • Our Father in Heaven created us to to know Him, Love Him and serve Him.
        He created us to worship Him as He taught.
        This is a very destructive, and evil bishop. He needs to go.
        God will punish this man most severely, if he does repent and renounce this diabolical disorientation which poisons the minds of our children and destroys the fabric of one’s very soul.

        • Our Father Creator did create us to love Him, but as Yeshusa showed us, He is here to serve us and we, as obedient children, should follow His will for us. That is because He knows what is best for us and we don’t and if we don’t follow His will then we are doomed to be separated from Him and that is the worst hell anyone can imagine. But, He gave us free will because He wants us to follow Him, out of love, not because He forced us or because we fear what He will do to us, but out of fear of where we will end up without Him.

          I mean, what worse punishment could He give someone, when they are already suffering in a self imposed hell apart from Him and the place He prepared for us to spend eternity in Heaven with Him?

      • Yes you are right Tasharina…The Lord wants us to pray for them and he grieves for them as he grieved for us when we, too, were lost souls. Only God’s grace can remove this type of arrogance from these shepherd’s souls. They have lost faith in the message of the Gospel and the Holy Spirit’s ability to change hearts. They want to condone and bless sin. This is a grievous offense against all that is holy. Jesus told St. Faustina that this period of mercy is to prepare the world for his Second Coming, when the time of justice will be all that is left. For prelates to not guide the flock into the safe harbour of repentance and to elevate their sins as needing a blessing is unconscionable.

    • All they care about is the Church tax money flowing in. The Truth….who cares. The bishops of the world have become the Pharisees.

    • My big fear for them is that their loss of faith and obedience opens the door for satan. And with satans army of islam at the doorstep, I suspect this problem will be corrected in this life and in our lifetime. There wont be anyone left for schism.

    • The ****Catholic Church*** is NOT in apostasy, but the ***churchmen*** who govern it is a different story. God alone knows what they truly believe. However, the words and actions of these liberal prelates are heretical, objectively speaking.

      This is why we need the revelation of the Third Secret of Fatima (I.e. the exact words of Our Lady which follow: “In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved…”) and the Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. That’s the only way the crisis in the Church will end.

    • Good question. I wish I had the answer for you.

      St. Benedict, St. Boniface and St. Michael, pray for us and pray for Germany!

  3. The real question is: Why are these German bishops doing this now, during this pontificate? Why do they suddenly feel emboldened to speak out so obviously against the Truth? I mean, it couldn’t be that they believe their superior in reality supports their positions, could it? Because all we hear from the head-in-the-sand crowd is that Pope Francis is, in essence, “the most orthodox pope evah” and that “the Pope isn’t responsible for the behavior of the bishops”.

    I was always taught that the man in charge of any organization—a business, a school, the Church—was ultimately responsible for the actions of those beneath him, that such responsibility, while unfair at times, comes with the position. So one would think that Pope Francis, seeing such public dissidence festering among those to whom he is superior, would publicly rebuke them and even threaten to reassign them to least influential diocese in the world if he truly was opposed to their actions.

    This pontiff, in contrast, seems to be taking the Paul VI route of wringing his hands and bewailing those who go against Church teaching while doing nothing of significance to correct them. And we all know how that approach has worked out in the past.

  4. It is obvious to me from following these issues for years that it is virtually impossible to answer all the false teachings which abound in the Church in our time. I read where George Orwell once wrote that some ideas are so bad that only intellectuals believe them. I think that applies to bishops and priests, as well. Some may be honest mistakes, like the statement that Jesus shed his Blood for all men. That is not what Matthew has written and it is not what the priest says in the liturgy everytime he celebrates the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Interesting that Pope Benedict XVI was responsible for changing the words of Jesus in the institution of the Holy Eucharist to conform with the actual words of Jesus. I think there is a very big difference because Jesus does not shed his blood in the thousands of masses said everyday in vain. Interesting, as well, are the words of Our Blessed Mother in the Magnificat; “He has mercy on those who fear him in every generation.” Logic tells us that God may not have mercy upon those who do not fear him and that Jesus did not shed his Blood for everyone. I think bishops and priests should be very careful in what they say in matters of human sexuality, marriage and the family and especially not to contradict the plain words of Holy Scripture.

    • I believe Yeshua shed His blood because it was the will of our Father in Heaven, making it possible for all humans to be redeemed and enter into a personal relationship with Him.

      I strive to follow the teachings of Yeshua and have a close relationship with my Father Creator, whom I communicate with constantly, through an inner dialog, from my heart and soul. So, He has let me know that we have matured to a point that we don’t need to fear Him and should concentrate on loving Him and that the only thing we should fear about Him is to be separated from Him and not be able to receive His love and protection and find our way back to Him. That as Yeshua said ““You shall love the Lord your God with your whole heart, with your whole soul, and with all your mind” (Deuteronomy 6:5). “This is the greatest and first commandment. The second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ (Leviticus 19:18).” This would please Him, if we concentrated on loving Him and that if we truly learn to love Him, that we will naturally love ourselves and others, because we are all part of Him.

  5. These perverts are positioning themselves for the fall-out from Lund & the NWO Church which hopes to replace the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church Jesus Christ founded on His Apostles & which for nigh two thousand years has stood against blasphemies & heresies of all types but now finds itself embroiled from within by Satan’s men hell-bent on effectively bringing an end to the rule of Christ Our King & ushering in the Marxist/Masonic/Modernist NWO. Between now & next May (Fatima centenary) be prepared for unprecedented satanic attacks & horror disclosures of our prelates, those who have been lying low for half a century will now emerge as this is truly going to be Satan’s last stand which, as we know, he will lose miserably. None the less, we have to prepare ourselves for terrible times before the Light of God will emerge & Our Lady’s triumph with it.

  6. Looks like another part of the church has fallen into the false narrative of the current social justice movement. What is remarkable is that they cannot see the lie, but embrace it. If you will notice, especially with the religiously professed, they have not spoken of God’s Word with any of this. They appear to not even understand the word justice and what it means. Now if they are speaking about people/groups and the right of all to not be discriminated against with regard to work, healthcare, food, shelter, all that is needed and deserved to preserve dignity that is one thing. However, there is a fine line between basic human dignity and endorsing, especially from those who have so called given their one and only life to God. Again the church fails to teach the world how christians respond to the current cultural issues through the teaching of God/Jesus.

  7. Yet another person of given rank who cannot pass up the opportunity to remain totally irrelevant. The great debate on homosexuality will never end and the main reason is that it is big money to the homosexual lobby. Enough has never been enough for them and never will. Lost in all of it is the scourge of HIV which is pathologically linked to homosexuality and infects them at mega levels. Also lost in all this is the issue of mental disorder which is a really complex issue and still the subject of psychiatric round table. The rise of PC and obnoxious LGBT lobbying forced the labeling of homosexuality to change. Why?? PC the scourge of the KGB and root of so many problems in this country, it is hard to fathom. The entire issue of LGBT is out of hand and needs to be dealt with now before this country loses its moral compass completely. Which is exactly what the left wants. Zero accountability for anything.

    • He did, but Satan puts other thoughts in our minds because the evil one believes that he can hurt God by confusing man who is the likeness of God.

  8. All the bishops care about is money. The Germans can get it through the church tax. The USA bishops think (incorrectly) that they can get it through unchecked mass immigration and these immigrants will flock to US based catholic churches (again they are incorrect here)

  9. Actually, having seen and heard some of the German hierarchy (not to forget what we have in other countries as well) . . . they may be right. Are there no bishops who are really male any more?

  10. PF said, all of about a month ago, that gender ideology was destructive for society and families, or something like that.
    Is he redacting that already?
    Sweet meteor of death, where are you. We are hurtling toward auto-destruct.

  11. It all goes back to Pope Francis. We must remember that he is very open to the proposals of the German Bishops Conference. In fact it could be said that he takes his cues from them. These heretics were well and truly buried before but the “friendly climate” is making them come out of the woodwork.

  12. For Pete’s sake (never more apropos) is there anything more fundamental than the two sexes in all human history? These clerical asses make me want to double up my Irish fists and give them a good thrashing, the lot of them. And my ancestors are whispering in my ear that the time for rational debate is long passed. Time for the pipes and gunfire is here, I fear.

  13. Francis in his latest plane interview/debacle on the return flight from Georgia recounted an episode from last year when he was contacted by a man (born a woman) and a woman who had married and claimed to be happy. There’s even a photo of the three together taken in 2015. He warned the reporters present not to claim that he now blessed “gender theory” – although one wonders why one wouldn’t make exactly that claim. The clowns in Germany (the land of massive pogroms during the First Crusades, the center of three hundred years of witch burning and the home of ugly events in the first half of the 1940s) would never have made a peep under JPII or Benedict. See if Francis actually does anything about this. I’ll bet he doesn’t. Anyone want to take up the bet?

    Pray for the Church.

        • Of course it is!! LOL.


          Read even at the close of Christ’s earthly ministry and what is known as the “Great Commission” in Mt 28:17-19.

          There we have human reality…even then, some doubted. I wonder if that is an indication of “protestant” leanings {selective acceptance of doctrine} even then…

          And that folks is why we must never simply sit back and accept the frailties of human condition.

          There is a place for SHAME and right now that very thing is needed in the face of the pathetic leadership we are all given by the prelates {in general} and the Pope in specific.

          Religious indifferentism and moral decrepitude must be called out for what they are.

  14. Another sociopath jackal dressed in their disguise of choice….a nominal Catholic Prelate leading the leaderless sheep straight to hell.

  15. Bischop Schepers, consider carefully what you teach…
    “Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it
    would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck
    and to be thrown into the sea.”

  16. Wir haben ein problem, ja? Ja! And it’s more than a problem or ‘crisis in the Church’. It’s more than ‘a loss of the sense of sin’ – it is a loss of reality. Thinking that 2+2 = 5 is a mistake. Thinking that what I think makes me to be what I am is also a mistake. Are there any bishops who are aware of G.I.D. (Gender Identification Disorder)? What would they say if a lay man or women interupted one of their vacuous meetings and said, “Enschuldigen Sie (Excuse me), I feel like a bishop today so get out of my palace!” Or if someone said to them, “I feel like you owe me 500, 000 euros” – would they promote such insanity? No? I think they just might if it was popular to do so. They are afraid.

    With all due respect to the bishops but the signs seem to be these: 1. Many have lost the Faith; 2. Many are seeking popularity; 3 Many are making this non-sense up. 4. Some are insane. 5. They all need prayer.

    • Sind Sie krank im Kopf?

      I don’t think he is sick, tho. I think he is simply a demonically-inspired faggot.

      We are riddled with them.

  17. Obviously, by his own words, this “man” is confused in his own sexuality.

    I say “man” because I’m tempted to from now stop referring to Catholic Bishops as men unless I have medically-certified, affidavit-supported proof thereof.

    Sometimes I wonder if all the actual German males were killed off in the war and what was left were sperm-producing hermaphrodites and they spawned the lion’s share today’s Catholic Bishops……..

    I mean, “Roman Catholic Womenpriests” has stiff competition.

    Indeed, how can one tell the difference?

    He could be right, tho.

    We might have Male, Female, and Catholic Bishop.

  18. Seriously, folks, the problem is not this heretic, the problem is the lack of righteous Catholic Bishops to push his face in for leading the lost astray.

    THAT is the FAR, FAR greater problem.


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