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Full Text: “The Art of Kissing” by Pope Francis’ Ghostwriter Archbishop “Tucho” Fernandez

For the first time, now you can read in a new English translation the complete text of Heal Me With Your Mouth. The Art of Kissing (1995) by Archbishop Víctor Manuel “Tucho” Fernández, rector of the the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina in Buenos Aires. This book, filled with erotic poetry and images, and written by a priest, now an archbishop, who took a vow of celibacy, provides disconcerting insights into the bizarre mind of one of the world’s most powerful theologians. Fernandez serves as the chief intellectual architect of Francis’ theological novelties and as the alleged ghostwriter for his primary magisterial documents including Evangelii Gaudium, Laudato Sii, and Amoris Laetitia.

Fernandez’ influence over Francis is analogous to that of Josef Ratzinger over St. John Paul II, a key difference being the former’s open dedication to theological modernism. Notably, Francis appointed Fernandez to be a titular archbishop (ie. without a diocese) on May 13, 2013, very shortly after he was elected pope. As Steve Skojec has argued here at OnePeterFive, Fernandez is the “secret decoder ring” for the writings of Pope Francis’ papacy.

As recently as August 2017, Fernandez published a stunning defense of adultery in Amoris Laetitia in Medellín, the theology journal of the Latin-American Bishops’ Conference, in an essay entitled “Chapter VIII of Amoris Laetitia: What is left after the storm”. Arguing in favor of giving communion to those in public, unrepentant bigamy, Fernandez compares adultery for the divorced and civilly remarried to self-defense, as allegedly exceptions to the general rule.

Notably, Vaticanist Edward Pentin revealed that Fernandez is Amoris Laetitia‘s “chief drafter.” Vaticanist Sandro Magister and Professor Michael Pakaluk of the Catholic University of America also demonstrated in detail how Amoris Laetitia directly plagiarizes from Fernandez’s earlier writings that were critical of St. John Paul II’s Veritatis Splendor’s key teachings on intrinsic evils. 

The text of Heal Me With Your Mouth. The Art of Kissing speaks for itself. After reading through it, I certainly hope its salacious contents do not become copy-pasted into any future documents of Francis’ papal magisterium.

Here are some rather shocking excerpts, including some erotic poetry written by Fernandez himself:

Depending on how it is done, it [the kiss] is usually also called “a peck”, “a hickey”, “a penetrating kiss”, etc.


Come down my dear
before you awaken
someone desperate
with a terrible hickey.

How was God
so cruel
as to give you that mouth…
There is no one who resists me,
hide it (Víctor M. Fernández).


That’s why you don’t ask
that it happens to my mouth.
Kill me already
with your next kiss,
bleed me to death,
Give me back my peace
without mercy (Tucho).

But this way of thinking, carried to the extreme, is not characteristic among the followers of Freud, but among the Jansenists, disciples of a certain Jansen. For them, anything that has not been done for the love of God is “sinful concupiscence” that disguises itself, that deceives us. And these Jansenists came to put forward as an example of great perfection the case of St. Louis Gonzaga, who avoided kissing his mother for fear of “disguised concupiscence”.

Because they understand this, many prostitutes lend themselves to all kinds of sex play, but they do not let themselves be kissed by anyone. However, for Freud and the Jansenists, the kiss is something completely secondary, and it hides the most important thing, what comes afterwards. So they kill all poetry; love dies, the personal aspect of the couple’s relationship dies, the magic dies, the respect for others, the tenderness.

Just remember that many couples break up because they have always directly sought the sexual act without dedicating a good amount of time to cultivating the sublime art that sustains love: the kiss.

Because deep down, the one who knows how to kiss like that also knows that what could come after is not more than the kiss, since a kiss can be the most sublime and wonderful expression of love. Moreover, for many, the kiss may be the deepest need of their soul.

In total, the survey covered about a thousand people, but I only write down a few opinions:


• “What I like the most is the kiss of peace at Mass. That was the first kiss with the hottie I have now.”


• “I love covering the whole of the other’s lips with tiny kisses.”
• “I love kissing his fingertips. It gets more affectionate than anything else.”
• “I once went crazy with the pleasure I was given from being kissed on the eyes. But I didn’t say this because it’s going to leave me blind.”


• “Kissing on the ear is very arousing, and it intimidates the men.”


• “It seems to me that when you start kissing with the tongue it is very possible to lose control, and you want to take hold of your hottie, you lose respect. But it’s also on her, if she knows what she wants…”
• “The penetrating kiss is when you suck and slurp with the lips. The penetrating kiss is when you stick in your tongue. Watch out for teeth.”
• “My boyfriend gets a hard mouth when he kisses me. He hasn’t yet learned how to loosen his lips. Lovely!”

On the other hand, the one who kisses well experiences that his life is saved in every kiss, as if in each kiss he were entering into a holy place, of pure life, of redeeming grace. The only one who is fully happy is the one who enjoys himself, but in feeling that the kiss is building something permanent and eternal.

I feel like I need to shower after reading all this. I can’t wash out the dirty.

144 thoughts on “Full Text: “The Art of Kissing” by Pope Francis’ Ghostwriter Archbishop “Tucho” Fernandez”

  1. These must be “the interests of the Holy Spirit”, right? Because this gets you promoted to archbishop, and defending morality is a “worldly” attitude that gets you fired.

  2. There are two kinds of people in the world: those consumed with a love of Jesus Christ, and those consumed with a love of fleshly pleasure.

    Christians are called out of the world to a consuming passion for our Lord Jesus Christ and His Mother, the Queen of Heaven. They are, thereby, rescued from the passions of the flesh that draw is inward into the black hole of selfish desire.

    I am revolted by Fr. Tuco. And yet I profoundly pity him; as I do all who have not yet been rescued and transformed by Christ. This book is a testimony to slavery. Praise be to God Almighty who rescues us heavenward!

    • THere are more than two kinds of people, among the kinds is the one who condemns others without seeking first to understand. and hates everything that they do not understand. This is a failure to follow the instructions of Christ to ” love one another as I have loved you”, . . . and to “judge not lest ye be judged”. The jomments above seem to be filled with judgement and not love and seem to be without any attempt at understanding… appear to be sayin that we should not love our neighbor, our child or spouse….and if loving them we should not express that love. That would be very sad.

      • This Pope and Archbishop can only nudge God so far before they fall from a long way down off the mountain that they have placed themselves on. They believe that they can make up a new religion. Nope, that is not going to work. Good luck, if you follow them off the cliff into the deep, deep, very deep abyss. With Great Love, Pat

      • I would have to agree with Carlo here fully. Instead of placing trust in the Holy Spirit, there is a sprint to condemnation, judgement and blatant hatred, not just for this Cardinal elect, but too for His Holiness Pope Francis. If you are all so unhappy, then go and found your own rigid, curtain-twitching, stoneage dogmatic hell hole and leave us to our Holy Catholic Church.

        • I think Jesus too would be very unhappy with Francis the Destroyer and Fernandez the pervert. No wonder the Dome of St. Peter is turning black. The Holy Church has been hijacked by very dark men, false shepherds and “brood of vipers,” as Jesus called the religious leaders in His day. Yet this has all been prophesized: Satan will sit on the throne of Peter. Well, if not literally, than his man will. Lord Jesus come and save Your Church from such evil men! Maranatha!!!

        • How can you defend A man who is perverse and a stumbling block.where is the severance and respect for god…the name of jesus or mentioning god in the same book which you speak about orgasm or idk intimate thing which belongs tho the marriage bed. not only that there are things that are disgusting to do even in marriage and a profanity and then go and kiss the cross or an icon .but we are defending men who need to repent from this profanity?

        • Here here brother! You are a little harsh in your push back, but certainly the self-righteous judgement deserves some push back. There is no reason why Theologians and Priests shouldn’t discuss the path to holiness that the sacrament of matrimony brings to a couple – and it all starts with a kiss. When a couple explores their spirituality and their sexuality, they truly are one. And I presume – knowing choir members who are not heterosexual – that there is sacramental union of many forms. Including the Church’s Celibacy where the Union is with Christ.

          • Here Here Brother St. Aelred of Rievaulx –
            for some reason my reply is at the bottom of the list instead of tied to St. Aelred of Rievaulx.

      • Well said Carlo… not judge so that you won’t be judged. Love can be express in so many ways and kissing is the way to the soul.
        Thanks for your deeper understanding!

      • Love God and neighbor? Yes. Let 8 billion yield to the opportunity, truth and value in Love, temporal kisses and eternal truth. The incarnation of Jesus occurred to invite us to be brought into the balance of joy, not to choose spirituality over the body.

    • why is kissing so dangerous to people who pretend to be holy? Is it sinful to kiss my wife when I can kiss the hand of a priest?

      • Kissing is not the problem, hyper focusing on the pleasure of kissing is. To isolate “the kiss” for its momentary jolting electrification on all your muscles is not governed by contemplation on a deeper joy. Kisses cannot last, they end and so what then. “Another please…. and another… more please…” then what? There are many kinds of kisses but the all end and then what? Hopefully procreation? We must find something more intrinsic and longer lasting which is more profound than necking. The pope is supposed to be invested in that persuit, as are we! Or I guess I could just spend all my time experimenting with “The Kiss” with whom ever or just one, and never really grow spiritually because my loins keep getting in the way!!!

      • Again, I agree. Hypocrites all – “Empty vessels make the loudest noise”
        Dixit insipiens in corde suo non est deus

      • What this confirms to me: Fernandez is a pervert; Francis is a destroyer. Our Church is under siege by evil men. But this has been prophesized that at the End Times Satan will sit on the throne of St. Peter. If not literally, than by his man. I think we have arrived.
        God help us!

  3. Hilarious that Tucho ends the book with a picture of rabbits – and here I thought we weren’t supposed to breed like rabbits!

    • Andrew I think your analysis of what was written was very selective in its quotations. Look, I`m no fan of the way things are going in the papacy and the Vatican in general, but here you have deliberately quoted to fit your own narrative. You left out Abp Fernandez`s in depth analysis of what the kiss represents to humanity in all its forms. He quotes saints, theologians and philosophers, and yes people of the age. Your article is a gross misrepresentation of what he wrote as a whole. Why did you do that?

      • I completely agree, Joe Murphy. I’m a traditionalist and I attend the Latin Mass, so i despise this Pontificate, but we shouldn’t turn into hateful bigots full of sexuofoby.

        • There’s nothing sex-o-phobic about this article. The story is that such material is unseemly for a priest to write about — not that there is anything wrong with sexual pleasure in the context of conjugal union.

          • Andrew, the fact that you selectively quoted from the book and highlighted the things that you found distasteful (and I may agree with you) suggests that you may tend to have a phobic reaction to anything sexual. You failed to state that the Archbishop was encompassing ALL experiences and viewpoints regarding the human kiss. Now one may wonder why he is even interested in such a thing as a celibate man, consecrated to more eternal matters and that is something to debate. However misrepresenting what he wrote is a failure of journalistic integrity. In the interest of balance, let me quote another piece from the book;

            “The kiss is love made flesh, it is the point where all the characteristics of human love are united: tenderness, passion, joy, admiration, delicacy, strength, rest, relief, delivery, communication. That is why the kiss is the most marvelous expression of love. And it demonstrates an undeniable fact: while sexual union only occurs between the adolescence and adulthood, the kiss also appears, as a gift of God, among the young and the old. There is no age for the kiss, there is no time or deterioration that extinguishes it, because it is a permanent attraction of the soul and body.

            And if the body is nourished with food, the intellect with books and classes, and the will with effort, love is nourished with kisses. A saint of the Middle Ages once said:

            Life is sustained by two sources of nourishment, food and air. Without food one can survive for some time, but without air not even an hour. Thus is the kiss for love. In a kiss, therefore, two breaths meet, blend, and unite. Begotten from these two spirits, a sweetness of mind awakens and engages the affection of those who exchange a kiss. (St. Aelred, Spiritual Friendship, 65).

          • I am disappointed in you Andrew and in 1P5 for this article and even more by your attitude. You offer no counterargument to my points. Please be more mindful with future articles. You do the cause a disservice and give our opponents cause to criticise with reactionary pieces like yours. It is helping no one. God bless you!

          • False equivalency, hugh?
            Yup. Right up there with food critiques, book reviews (which throw in a few sample quotes to make the point), wine tasting, polling, water sampling, and the good old fashioned underwear sniff test. If you smell decay….throw em away.

          • What on earth are you rambling on about?!………… If Andrew employed the same analytical technique in reviewing the Bible, he would have claimed that the Bible is book that promotes murder, adultery and stealing. If one selectively quotes, any book can be illustrated to be anything.

          • You’re welcome to your opinion, Joe. I simply disagree- the contents of the book are unbecoming for a priest. As to its importance, consider the Side by Side Comparison of selected paragraphs of Amoris Laetitia with The Art of Kissing:
   My article provides links to the full text of the book… so folks like you can make up your own minds beyond the more startling excerpts I provided. I’m not pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes.

          • why would kissing be “unseemly for a priest to write about” when priests hear confessions and counsel couples and unmarried young people? You write as if kissing is something to be ashamed of. Do you have sex?

          • And are you a new self-proclaimed Inquisitor now? To determine what should constitute ‘unseemingly’, bigot.

      • Disagree. The quotes here reflect a grotesquely distorted view of human sexuality. There is no context that could save them.

    • I wanted to know what “Tucho” means in Spanish which is apparently the Archbishop’s “nickname(?)”

      It is/can be translated as “tappet” in English. A tappet (noun; machinery) is “a sliding rod, intermittently struck by a cam, for moving another part, as a valve”. The British dictionary definition is: “a mechanical part that reciprocates to receive or transmit intermittent motion, especially the part of an internal combustion engine that transmits motion from the camshaft to the push rods or valves.”

      • An Essential Cog in the machine, an essential part of the “works” of a machine. The reciprocating part is the “on-off-on-off” necessary to convey the Piston power to the radial throughput. Think a steam engine making things work. Tucho may mean a push-rod or a component that jars other components into action. The Church needs some action along the lines of radical acceptance of love. But the Church has continued to harm each generation – but it also has the answer to our spiritual needs which are not of the flesh. Well, for married couples, committed couples, the sacrament of giving ones sexuality expression should be spiritual as well as physical. That is why I agree with St. Aelred of Rievaulx – to deny a layperson their rightful sacrament because the teachings and understandings were written by a Priest and instead to condemn it as “unbecoming for a priest” appears an attempt to undermine the validity of a Priest’s teachings. Perhaps a tamer version written by another Jesuit 30 years ago would be more to Andrew’s liking – Good News About Sex by David M. Knight S.J. After reading Andrew, I guess I should burn my copy. But first I’ll gather up Tucho’s writings so when I start my bonfire, I’ll have plenty of books to burn.

    • Why become a priest when you think yourself such a great kisser? He should have stuck with mouth healing everyone and not gone near a Church til he repented. The diabolical hyerarchy just got more sinister

      • I agree! Fernandez sounds like a pervert! It’s so disturbing and scandalous. And Frances the Great Destroyer! Nothing good has come from this pontificate but only pain, scandal, confusion, heresy and now disgust. What kind of deviant mind would put this deviant priest to lead our Church in doctrine and morals? How could he?! It’s alarming. Just more scandal from Rome. It’s every week now. Francis brings no peace for the Church. I think we can call them both and their minions a “brood of vipers” as Jesus called the religious leaders in His day. How can it be otherwise. I am utterly scandalized and disgusted! God help us!

  4. Purity. Innocence. Modesty. Restraint. The subjection of the passions to Grace and a consequent growth in the Virtues.

    The Novus Ordo Anti-Church laughs at these, the aims and the fruits of the Catholic religion. It loves the Natural Man described by St. Paul and hates Christ, Who the Natural Man must put on in order to receive eternal life.

  5. Oooh no way!! Seriously? Ok yes, the kiss is a very important part of showing affection but this guy is drooling and wriggling and it’s making me squirm big time… uuurrgghh

  6. What an evil, evil man (Fernandez or Francis- take your pick)! Francis makes the licentious popes of the Middle Ages seem like saints. Many of those popes were young and stupid, and simply products of their time and station in life. To them, the papacy was just a kingship to have, not the primarily-spiritual leadership it is expected to be today. Freed from most of his temporal powers, modern-day popes focus instead on the salvation of souls. Not Francis though. Francis promotes perverts and derides Faithful Catholics.

    • I’d like to know if John Allen would allow small children to spend 5 unsupervised minutes with this queerdo.

      I personally wouldn’t allow any small children I had responsibility for to spend 5 unsupervised minutes with his boss, either.

      • This reply is gratuitously offensive and homophobic. But then, this is the tone of the Catholic conservative schismatic quagmire of the US and its ilk.

  7. I heard a priest recently comment that compassion is necessary for homosexuals because, ” they feel it is unfair that they are denied the same kind of relationship as heterosexuals.”
    ????????????? That was his reasoning for compassion?

    What is in this book is being vomited out in many different ways from clergy. Sexuality is not seen as a gift from God to be used for His purpose of procreation.

  8. When I first read this Medium article, linked by Canon212, I thought it was satire, and was impressed by the lengths the author went to, but didn’t find it very funny (the Medium account is not his). Now I’m here and it’s just sunk in. As Christine Niles is wont to say: it’s all about sex. Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of Kibeho both pointedly referred to impurity being a pitfall to us in the modern world. Yes, society needs to see the marital act as more for procreation, with less emphasis on the unity aspect, St. Augustine-style.

  9. I wouldn’t call this particularly eroticized or offensive so much as it is puerile mindless crap. I pity Andrew Guernsey for being put through the purgatory of translating this shite.

    As Sandro Magister said of Tucho so well: “A man universally acknowledged to be a less than mediocre theologian.”

    • But it doesn’t matter if that is factual.. PF adores him to the point of fighting theCDF to have him appointed the chief theologian of a Catholic seminary/university in their native Argentina

    • Whether it was erotic or not (it was not) is not as important as whether he intended it to be erotic (he did). As gross as it is, that is his Summa. It describes his life work; now at the pinnacle.

      A godly married couple are called to chastity for the sake of God who consumes us. Eroticism hinders our approach to God and it is a detriment to marriage; to be confessed and purged for the sake of something more.

      A Priest, especially, is the same. By his nature he is chaste and celibate for the sake of the Kingdom of God. He has “the better part”. We walk that path together with him, but our Priest leads us (or should).

      Eroticism is the Satanic version of Agape. The language is naturally repulsive to a Christian. By itself, the book is easily ignored; pity for the author. Taken as part of a programmatic discipline for the entire Church, and as the unofficial Summa of the Pope’s “theologian”, I find it very offensive indeed.

  10. Please!!! I have to eat dinner shortly. God help this poor priest. This is all so cringe-making and sad. Kissing? From a priest?

    Dear God forgive this man for his foolishness – surely he means well? What is in his heart? His mind? Is his intention to write good things, happy things, that will lead souls to Heaven?

    How do we pray for such a sad soul, so lost in sexuality and the world? Dear Mother Mary save this, your son.

    • Yes, what about the Song of Solomon, in which is clearly described the joy of sex between men and women and has nothing to do with the the sexuofoby of so many of us?

      • You totally do not get the song of songs then. Get Brant Pitre’s commentary. It is about the Bridegroom (Jesus) and the Bride (the Church)

      • The Song of Songs is a beautiful tribute to the truth of the depth of committed human love and its outplay in sexual unity, which if we believe what we say about human life is really a “two becoming one flesh,” and therefore a profoundly ontological action that literally changes the very being of a spouse. It is utterly beautiful to contemplate. Yes, the Song of Songs it is also a metaphor for the unity of Christ and His Church. But an old, old and beautiful Catholic truth and teaching is that “Grace builds on Nature.” Amen to that. God made us pure and perfect and included in that pure and perfect state two sexes. Viva la difference. There is a world of difference between purity and paranoia.

  11. Now, why am I not surprised–sickened–but not surprised. It has been the lie of the 60’s to the present–in that it is said “Sex is good; therefore of God so everyone can partake”. “Thou shalt not commit adultery” is the 6th Commandment as the Catholic list it. God bade us , if you love Me, you will keep my commandments. They are not suggestions. One unrepentant grave sin of this 6th Commandment warrants Hell. That will never change, as doctrines and morals can never change. We need pray for this “Pope” Francis and his on-going conversion, as God will not be mocked. Archbishop “Toucho”‘s soul is in grave danger especially since he is publicizing and taking more souls with him, which makes him most culpable. He needs our prayers also.

  12. As one who struggles with impurity it is really heartening to know that our current pope has this type of man, made a successor to the apostles, as his chief interpreter and writer.. I don’t know whether to cry or just bang my head against the proverbial wall in disbelief

  13. Honestly, the best witness for Jesus Christ we Catholics can give a lost world at this time is to publicly distance ourselves from these perverts and that is including the Pope and all his faggot allies.

  14. Looks like a classic case of arrested adolescence. I can easily picture this creep as a prurient-minded schoolboy who’s just found a discarded ‘dirty book’ in the garbage bin.

  15. There’s some stuff you’d like to “un-see” – but ya can’t… Some religious people see visions… Some write prayers. This begs the question, “how does he know?”

          • His “sexuality” and his theology is confused. Outer appearances are indicative of inner behavior. Plus, effeminacy is a vice.

          • His theology is certainly confused but that sadly can be said of many churchmen these days. But effeminacy is a vice, really? (He doesn’t even look particularly effeminate to me. What is your image of a masculine prelate, anyway?)

          • Aquinas said, clearly, that effeminacy is a vice.

            A masculine prelate does not look like “Tucho” the heal me with your mouth kinda priest.

          • I asked what your image of a masculine prelate was, not what it wasn’t. What does a masculine prelate look like? Or even a masculine priest? I’ve known some very traditional, faithful priests who did not look particularly “manly”.

          • I’m not saying he is. (He doesn’t look particularly effeminate, either.) I’m just saying that effeminancy does not necessarily equal homosexuality nor does it indicate some kind of weakness in faith leading to the sort of heretical hogwash we have been hearing recently. There are plenty of homosexuals who are hypermasculine. If you read the work of Joseph Sciambra (who has been featured on here a few times), then you know that many young men become homosexual out of a need for hypermasculinity.

  16. My first readtion to “Heal Me with Your Mouth” – like the reaction that many people have had – was a feeling of disgust. My second reaction was one of sadness: Holy Mother of God, how did we ever come to this?

  17. I’ll never listen to Sachmo’s “Kiss to build a dream on” the same way.
    C’mon. Sometimes the only thing left before going insane is some humor.

    Actually, I find it ironic that a kiss is being used as the theme of his book. Now, where. Else.has a kiss been used to mask evil intent……?

  18. This quotation, at least, is totally OK:

    “But this way of thinking, carried to the extreme, is not characteristic among the followers of Freud, but among the Jansenists, disciples of a certain Jansen. For them, anything that has not been done for the love of God is “sinful concupiscence” that disguises itself, that deceives us. And these Jansenists came to put forward as an example of great perfection the case of St. Louis Gonzaga, who avoided kissing his mother for fear of “disguised concupiscence”.”

    The rest of them…are not the kind of thing a Catholic, or any Christian, should bother with. A pastor of souls in particular ought to know better – there is not such a lack of erotic or impure writing (or other media) that the clergy need to provide us with even more.

  19. Completely, unabashedly, uncomfortably and hauntingly bizarre. I am a married man and my wife and I talked about kissing when we were first dating but this fixation is bizarrely. The quotes are even creepier: I kissed my hottie at the kiss of peace at mass. Really?

    I wouldn’t dare put God to the test nor would I dare demand a sign nor leave the Church but….things are getting bizarre. I am almost at a point of going to mass and just praying: ignore the readings (I can read them at home), the homily (I like “Last Man Standing” for a laugh), and just focus on the Eucharist. The men running this Church are blatantly either atheist, agnostic or heretical.

    God was, is and always will be our only hope. However, we used to have fine examples of leadership in the Church. Even when the leaders was immoral if not amoral, they never publicly caused the kind of scandal that has come about with this pontificate. In fairness these men were all in the Church well before Francis came to the Chair of Peter and clearly they were being promoted and pushed along by men appointed by men who I, at least, thought were faithful (St. Pope John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI). However, at this point, it seems not inconceivable that the Church has been going sideways for well over 70 years (again, as is the case with this current crop of cardinals, the men who gave us VII didn’t sprout up out of nowhere in. 1960….they had all been around for at least twenty years…..).

  20. Sandro Magister is perfectly correct in his appraisal of Fennández’? theological acumen. As for him being ” one of the world’s most powerful theologians”. God help us.

  21. A quick reminder that we are called to love and respect our father, and Jesus’ vicar is our father. We really need to be careful with how we address and comment on our Holy Father and prelates, despite their goofy and damaging actions.

  22. I’ve only now learned about this author as the Holy Father appointed him Prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith. Reading over the majority of these comments – it is no wonder to me that Catholics have no fewer divorces than the rest of humanity. Such fear and dread of tender touch and embrace – even holy kisses – demonstrates a distorted perception of human love and bonding. As to the purview of a priest – as a Roman Catholic priest still in love with my life partner of 48 years, with whom I have enjoyed conjugal love and life, eight children and seven grandchildren, the kiss of love is something every priest should know and enjoy!

    • Traditionalists seem to be doing fine and having big families, though I am not in favor of those who split from Rome or are obedient when convenient. I don’t know why such a relatively small, pretty invisible to most and seemingly insignificant bunch are being attacked by Rome, as the heterodox do whatever they please while in charge of most believers who are dropping out more and more. The poor catechesis is probably the reason so many Catholics are divorcing like those of other faiths. I don’t think that can be blamed on the likes of Taylor Marshall and ilk who few in the ordinary rite know of. I think a board needs to be removed from the eyes of those who blame them, who are given an environment of truth and reverence (which I have seen in a couple N.O. parishes, to see the real reason for the fallout are those clergy who make The Holy Mass their musical and/or give uninformative sermons about the sacraments and maybe also aided in failing the “little ones” by some not as faithful who work in the office or classroom.
      Ad hominem attacks in clergy have been condemned by saints, but we can say what is true about a situation. We should be sure it’s true.

    • I’ve read the entire article and all the comments and I have to say that your “insight”—as a priest, no less—is appallingly lacking. Nobody here is being a prude. What most everyone (including myself) is sickened by is that a priest—who should not only be celibate in body, but also in mind—would be *thinking* about, let alone, writing about such things. And the best part of mass for him is kissing his “hottie”? How about the best part is when the bread and wine become Jesus Himself and when we receive Him? His best part brings to my mind one word: Judas. With all due respect, since you are a priest, I find your comment ignorant at best and dangerous at worst.

  23. Imagine if St. Padre Pío or St. Faustina or St. JPII or even St. Paul or (married) St. Peter wrote this book of erotic poems. We can’t. If they were living today, they all would be scandalized by it. (And St. Paul would definitely address it in one of his letters. Think: the Corinthians.) We can thank God that they, instead, wrote pure and true letters and books that honored our Lord and continue to this day to spur us on to holiness. This archbishop’s book of erotic poetry does the opposite: It brings confusion and scandal. (Hmmm, who is the master of confusion and scandal?) The archbishop is responsible for luring and tempting others—who read his book—into impure thoughts and actions; I can’t help but think of the Scripture that warns that “it’s better for a millstone to be tied around one’s neck and be tossed into the depths of the sea than for one of my little ones to be led astray”. I sincerely pray that this man and Pope Francis repent before it’s too late.

    I heard about this but never read the gross writings! It is so totally inappropriate and totally devoid of all purity and beauty. To think a PRIEST is writing this stuff. (🤢) And the POPE made him the PREFECT of the DDF?? Oh please Heavenly Father. Remove these bad priests from your Church now. They are so perverted in their thinking!!!

    • There is one fundamental reality that all people should be aware of: the times we live in are the most perilous in both Christian and human history. Irrespective of one’s religious affiliation, it is undeniable that we are residing in the final “minutes,” if not “seconds,” of the end times. The Apostle Paul, while writing to Timothy (and so to all of us), stated as follows in 2 Timothy 3:1–8. “But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. 2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, 4 treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God—5 having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people. 6 They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over gullible women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires, 7 always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth. 8 Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so also these teachers oppose the truth. They are men of depraved minds, who, as far as the faith is concerned, are rejected. 9 But they will not get very far because, as in the case of those men, their folly will be clear to everyone.”

      So, dear brethren, take heed and sanctify your body, mind, and soul. Isaiah 51:1 says:
      “Listen to me, you who pursue righteousness and seek the Lord: Look to the rock from which you were cut and to the quarry from which you were hewn…”

      We should waste no time but as the minutes and seconds go by, we are being admonished like Lot in Genesis 19: “Flee for your lives! Don’t look back, and don’t stop anywhere in the plain! Flee to the mountains or you will be swept away.” It is time to flee, as the wrath of God is about to be unleashed.

      • And where to flee to? Flee into the hands of the Lord Jesus. He is our safety and our rock of salvation. He is always saying, “Come to me all ye who labor and are heave laden and I will give you rest.. (Math.11:28).
        ” Maran Atha”


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