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Why do the Freemasons Love Pope Francis?

Editor’s Note: As we have stated before, much of our work here at OnePeterFive is also based on the kindness and generosity of others who wish to contribute to our apostolate without being able, for different reasons, to go public with their own names. Thus we have been presented by a learned person the result of immense research, undertaken over a long period of time. After reviewing their findings, we have decided present to our readers, under a condition of anonymity, the evidence they have gathered demonstrating that Freemasons around the world have rejoiced over the election of Jorge Bergoglio to the papacy, and that they have continued to publicly praise him for his ongoing and expanding program of reform.

Since the words largely speak for themselves — and thus lead us all to a deeper reflection as to the nature and purpose of this papacy — we shall leave our readers with the abundant evidence compiled in the following pages. The quoted documents are not all presented in a chronological way. Since there is so much material, we shall present the documentation in installments, of which this is the first. When possible, we shall attempt to give direct links to the quoted sources to make possible the easier corroboration of our readers. We also wish to express our deep gratitude to the person who did all the research — a true work of love, done out of filial devotion to our Catholic Church and her formative teaching, whole and entire.

Part One of Three Parts: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Some Preliminary Comments on Freemasonry and the Catholic Church

  1. A Pope According to Our Wants

That which we ought to demand, that which we should seek and expect, as the Jews expected the Messiah, is a Pope according to our wants. Alexander VI, with all his private crimes, would not suit us, for he never erred in religious matters. Clement XIV, on the contrary, would suit us from head to toe.”

(From the Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita, section XIX, 1st half of the 19th century — emphasis added).

As the late John Vennari, then the editor of Catholic Family News explained, the “Alta Vendita was the highest lodge of the Carbonari, an Italian secret society with links to Freemasonry and which, along with Freemasonry, was condemned by the Catholic Church.”

Thus this quote from the Alta Vendita gives us an idea of what some Freemasons had historically been looking for with regard to the Pope of the Catholic Church. In 1861, Jacques Crétinau-Joly published a book entitled L’Eglise en face de la revolution (The Church in the Face of Revolution). This French author first published the Alta Vendita of the Carbonari, which, according to specialist scholars on Freemasonry, was the de facto armed wing of Freemasonry; those given leadership positions within this secret group had to already be Masons, especially high-level Masons.[1]

According to this and other Masonic documents that were seized by the papal police, the Masons were hoping for a pope according to their own needs, not a pope who is part of their “brotherhood,” but a pope who goes along with their mentality. The Alta Vendita calls for a pope who would — similar to Clement XIV[2] — surrender hands and feet to the powers that be (out of fear) and to the unbelievers (who would praise him for his tolerance). To come to this point within the Church, the Alta Vendita knew that it might take a long time, even a century.[3]

This document had been published in 1861, long before there were Catholic traditionalists. It was at the time of Pius IX.

  1. John Paul II and Benedict XVI do not please…

We now return to the present day.

In an interview in 1999 and another in 2009, the lawyer Gustavo Raffi, Grand Master of the Lodge Grand Orient of Italy (1999-2014), said that he missed Pope Paul VI because (says Raffi) during his pontificate, “Freemasonry had a season of great dialogue with the Church, many of the clergy spoke about the end of the anti-Masonic censure and argued in favor of a compatibility between Church and Loggia.”[4] But then, with Pope John Paul II, there returned the anti-Masonic “frost”: in 1983, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), presided over by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, reiterated the incompatibility between the Church and Masonry. Pope Wojtyla approved that statement. [OnePeterFive recounted here the role which Dr. Ingo Dollinger played with regard to that 1983 CDF document — the editor.]

Since 1999, however, the Archbishop (later Cardinal) of Buenos Aires, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, has been an honorary member of the Rotary Club, which has ties to Freemasonry and has even been condemned by certain bishops in Europe in the early 20th century.

In the winter of 2004-2005, in the British Masonic magazine Freemasonry Today, a German Mason, Axel Pohlmann, complained about Pope Wojtyla (still living at the time) and of Cardinal Ratzinger. Pohlmann suggested that after the death of the Polish Pontiff, Masons would do their best to convince the Church to remove any anti-Masonic condemnation.[5] In the article, he asked:

And what is in store for the future? When Father Sebott was asked whether contacts should be carried on, he said: “Not as long as the men [to include Ratzinger] who made the decisions in the 1980s are in office, including the Pope.” This statement may be negative for the present, but bears hope for the future.

The desires of the Mason Pohlmann soon seemed to come true: a few months after his article was published, Pope John Paul II died. There followed the 2005 Conclave. Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini (a Jesuit) was among the eligible candidates; it was he who appealed most to the Masons.[6] But it seems that at that conclave, the decisive choice swung between the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge Bergoglio (also a Jesuit), and Joseph Ratzinger.[7] Ratzinger won (to the Freemasons’ disappointment) and became Benedict XVI, the Pope of Summorum Pontificum, a Pope widely seen as a champion of clear and strong protection of non-negotiable values.

Under the Ratzinger papacy, there were frequent media attacks against the person of the pope, in some cases daily, conspiracies of “spies,” leaked documents, criticisms of various theologians against the pope, and massive boycotts of the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum. It seems that among the boycotters, or at least among the non-excited observers of Summorum Pontificum, was one Jorge Mario Bergoglio, then-Archbishop of Buenos Aires.[8]

In 2010, the Argentine Masonic journal, Hiram Abif, showed itself disappointed with Pope Benedict XVI and was already speculating about his future successor. It said:

The first years of Benedict XVI leave a feeling of increasing crisis in the Catholic Church. Never before, the disagreements and dissensions were so loud inside and outside the Vatican. […]  And after Benedict XVI, what? What are the options that arise? Who could lead to a new stage?[9]

On February 11, 2013, Benedict gave in to his concerns about his own ability to continue an effective pontificate and resigned. A new conclave was held. This time, when a new pope came out onto the balcony at St. Peter’s Basilica on March 13, 2013, it was the same Jorge Bergoglio who was alleged to be the favored alternative to Ratzinger at the 2005 conclave. The former Cardinal Archbishop of Buenos Aires took the name Francis, the first pope to do so in Church history. Following his election, the relentless media attacks and constant criticisms came nearly to an end, but those who opposed Summorum Pontificum gained new strength. Much talk of “mercy” as the theme of the new pontificate entered the public conversation, but that same mercy seems to have been denied to those “conservative” sectors in communion with Rome.

  1. “[…] perhaps in the Church nothing will be as before.” Toward a New Era?

Among some Argentine traditionalist circles, it is said that Bergoglio, before becoming a bishop, disappeared for some time from circulation and was initiated into Freemasonry, then reappeared and made a career. Who knows the truth of it? Is this yet another case of traditionalist misinformation? A conspiracy theory and nothing more? What we do know for certain is that over the years, Bergoglio has been shown to please various Masonic groups to such an extent that they have not made a secret of their satisfaction with him. Let us thus continue now, presenting various Masonic statements in favor of Pope Francis. It constitutes an amount of public praise never received by any other pontiff. (As of this writing, we have compiled over 60 examples of public Masonic praise of the Argentinian pope.)

Some will no doubt say that this image of Francis in the media as one favored by by Freemasonry is the result of Masonic exploitation and the pope himself has nothing to do with it. This may well be the case. But it is therefore important to ask why the Masons did not similarly exploit or praise Popes Pius IX, Pius X, Pius XI, and Pius XII. It would seem reasonable to conclude that they had little opportunity to do so, for these popes did not give them much to work with that they could interpret favorably toward their ends.

Let us now examine the evidence, however, of their support for Pope Francis:

1) After his election, Pope Francis received congratulations and praise from B’nai B’rith[10], a kind of powerful para-Jewish Masonry for Jews only. B’nai B’rith (B.B.) contends that it is not Masonic, yet its assemblies are called “Loggia” and “Grand Lodge.” B’nai B’rith was founded in 1843 and has drawn its own various elements largely from Masonry. It seems that B’nai B’rith, as an organization, has little or nothing to do with esotericism. To be praised by B’nai B’rith means little; the B.B. showed itself also happy with Paul VI and John Paul II, as well as with Francis. But there is some difference. John Paul II had openly condemned the Freemasons and Freemasonry had not praised him as soon as he was elected. There was some sporadic praise for John Paul II from the Masons after the Assisi prayer meeting [in 1986]  — culminating in an award from the Grand Orient Lodge of Italian Freemasonry in 1996 —  but not much more. The previously-mentioned anti-masonic condemnation of 1983 had turned off the majority of Masonic enthusiasm for the Polish Pope.

2) On his election day, the information website Impulso Baires transmitted a release of the Gran Logia de la Argentina de Libres y Aceptados Masones; the Grand Master himself, Angel Jorge Clavero, greeted the new Pope Francis and former Cardinal Archbishop of Buenos Aires.[11]

3) On March 15, 2013, the website of the Virtual Grand Lodge of Italy, GLVDI, published a statement (though dated March 13, 2013) of Grand Master Luciano Nistri concerning the election of the new pope:

The Catholic Church has chosen as Pope the Jesuit Jorge Mario Bergoglio who assumed the name of Francis. A clear-cut choice, away from the logic of the Roman Curia and of the temporal power. From the first moment on, Pope Francis, a man who comes “nearly from the end of the world,” rejecting the ermine robe and gold cross and replacing it with an iron cross, made his first tangible act. In his first words of greeting he fostered a desire for dialogue with the world and with mankind, nurturing the vivid hope for laymen and nonbelievers that change is underway. Maybe this is really what the world expects and what it expected. A new Church that knows how to reconnect love with truth in a confrontation among institutions not entrenched in the defense of their own power. It is that same hope for which the world — and especially Latin America, where the Masons Simon Bolivar, Salvador Allende and the same Giuseppe Garibaldi [especially while in Brazil] among the many who have given liberty to those peoples — has always longed for.

A message that Freemasonry itself perceives a sharp break with the past and one which is turned now to listening to the poor, the marginalized and the weakest. To the new Pontiff we send our best wishes for his good work for years to come. Luciano Nistri, Grand Master GLVDI.[12]

In January 2017, Luciano Nistri 33° (58 years old, originally from Prato) was reappointed Grand Master of GLVDI for three years 2017-2019.[13]

4) On 14 March 2013, Gustavo Raffi, the Grand Master of the Grand Orient Lodge of Italy — one of the most important lodges in the world — saluted and praised the new Pontiff. Raffi said, possibly prophetically: “Perhaps in the Church nothing will be as before.”[14]

5-6-7) The Masonic site Fenix News, directed by the Peruvian Mason Mario Rolleri 33° (Lodge Luis Heysen Inchaustegui, Lima, Peru), published on 15 March 2013 a statement from the United Grand Lodge of Lebanon. The Grand Master Rami Haddad and the Sovereign Grand Commander Jamil Saade sent their congratulations to Argentina, to the women of the Female Grand Lodge of Argentina (sic) on the occasion of the election of Pope Bergoglio.[15] In this one statement, we see the support of Peruvian Freemasons (5), Lebanese Freemasons (6) and Argentine Freemasons (7), who were all pleased with the election of Bergoglio.

In contrast, Pius IX, a Pius X, or a Pius XII, when newly elected, did not receive praise and greetings from either Italian or international Freemasonry. Those “pious” pontificates have never been friendly with the Masons. (Is it a coincidence that the causes for the canonization of Pius IX and Pius XII have been stalled?)

8) A few weeks after the March 2013 election of Pope Francis, in the April 2013 issue of the Canadian Masonic Newsletter The Watermark, we read that the new Pope is in the Internet, and was even referred to as a Freemason who uses Masonic signs (“a Freemason and using Masonic signs, blah, blah!”[16]) … The writer suggests that one would treat this matter on the level of a chat (“blah, blah!”). The Masonic author is confident that the new Pope, despite his “conservatism,” will be willing to build a better relationship between Catholicism and Masonry. The same article publishes the entire message of good wishes from the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Argentina [Ángel Jorge Clavero, see point 2, above] to the new Pontiff. At the end of the Watermark article, the Canadian Mason hopes for a cease of the centuries-old unjust persecution against the Masons by the Roman Catholic Church.[17]

9) In a letter to his progressive friend, Massimo Teodori, on 20 June 2013, the Grand Master Raffi showed himself to be still full of zeal and enthusiasm for the acts and words of Pope Francis. Raffi advocated a deep “reform” of the Church, of course according to the designs of Masonic and secularist thought. Raffi praised, as “a profound theologian,” Karl Rahner (a Jesuit) and his theory of the “anonymous Christians.” Raffi opposed “the ancient liturgies of privileges and sinecures.”[18]

10) In favor of Pope Bergoglio was also the Brazilian Masonic magazine O Malhete.[19] In the article (“Uma lição do Papa“), on p. 7, the Bishop of Rome was being exalted. The author was Derildo Martins Da Costa, Worshipful Master of the Lodge “Luz do Planalto,” East of Serra-Grande Oriente do Brasil. Martins Da Costa writes: “O Pope Francisco, antes de exortar os outros to fazerem, primeiro fez. Aí está Diferença to do Papa Francisco para seus antecessores“, translated: “Pope Francis, before exhorting others to do so, did it himself first. Here is the difference between Pope Francis and his predecessors.” Moreover, Martins Da Costa says that the Pope “seems to have come to give examples” — examples, it is reasonable to conclude, that the Masons find acceptable. In Brazil, in fact, the “Pope has left us a profound lesson of citizenship” when passing in front of an “evangelical church” and deciding to recite an “Our Father” with the shepherds who were at the door.

(A small side remark: Cardinal João Braz de Aviz, now Prefect of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, participated in 2006 as Archbishop of Brasília  (Brazil) in a “spiritual” forum. At that forum, there were also present representatives of theosophy, spiritualism, and of Brazilian Freemasonry (Grand Orient of Brazil).[20] Braz had a dialogue with them and with liberal American nuns,[21] but not so much with the monks and nuns of the Franciscans of the Immaculate of Fr. Stefano Maria Manelli.)

11) In the issue 1-2 /2013 (on pages 65-66) of the magazine L’Acacia of the Italian Grand Lodge for the Symbolic Rite, the chief editor Moreno Neri hopes that Pope Francis, a Jesuit, can really reform the Church (“no one else but a Jesuit might be suitable to take up the challenge of the changes that await the Church”), and commends Cardinal Martini. The Mason Neri hopes that the Church is no longer a “closed and dusty system.”

12) In 2013. the Italian journalists Giacomo Galeazzi and Ferruccio Pinotti publish the book Masonic Vatican. Galeazzi is a big “fan” of Pope Francis, as is Andrea Tornielli, Vatican correspondent and colleague of Galeazzi in the newspaper La Stampa in Turin. Galeazzi-Pinotti wrote:

In the last 30-35 years, several Jesuits were in a positive way interested in Freemasonry; they took part in public debates, at conferences organized by the Grand Orient of Italy, have written articles and books on philosophical thought on the history of Freemasonry — in other words, they were ecclesiastical ones who, in spite of the anathemas and the various excommunications of the Church of Rome issued toward the Masonic institution, tried to understand, and then very often ended up sharing the philosophical approach.[22]

Galeazzi-Pinotti also reported about some statements made by the Mason Nicola Spinello:

Nicola Spinello, Adjunct-Vicar Grand Master of the Piazza del Gesù Community, replied to the question put to him by the television show Mystery [Mistero] aired March 20, 2013: “What is the relationship between the Jesuits and the Freemasons? Jesuits and Freemasonry have always had a great mutual speculative interest… ”

Then the question: “The pope is from Argentina, and in Argentina, there is a great Masonic tradition; he was archbishop of Buenos Aires, do you think that he may have had relationships with Freemasonry?”

He [Spinello] replied: “Exactly the opposite would astonish me, namely: if he did not have them [these relationships]. The Masonic tradition in Argentina is very powerful.”

And to another question of the interviewer he responded: “I believe that this pope is the realization of a design that has long wanted to be adopted.[23]

Galeazzi-Pinotti continued:

The Catanian Grand Master Vincenzo Di Benedetto, head of the Most Serene Grand Lodge of Piazza del Gesù, also responded to our specific question: “Various sources indicate the existence of Masonic Lodges also in the Vatican; do you consider it possible?” He replied without hesitation: “Yes, absolutely, regardless of whether you use the name or not.”[24]

13) In July 2013, commemorating his friend and late Cardinal Ersilio Tonini, the Grand Master Gustavo Raffi (Grand Orient of Italy) launched a new tribute to Pope Francis, saying:

Humanity today is poorer and poorer, as is also the Catholic Church. But the one of Pope Francis is a church that promises to be respectful of the otherness and to share the idea that the secular state promotes peace and coexistence of different religions.[25]

14) In a two-page letter, dated September 9, 2013, Gian Franco Pilloni, Serene Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Italy — U.M.S.O.I. (Unione Massonica Stretta Osservanza Iniziatica, founded by Armando Corona, already Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy), addressed Pope Francis (one can see that also Pilloni knows that with Francis, the “air has changed” in the Vatican) begging him to work “toward an end of the divisions that exist in the relations between the Catholic Church and Freemasonry.” Pilloni would have us believe that Freemasonry is not an adversary of the Catholic Church, but that it walks on “parallel streets.” Pilloni praises Pope Francis, saying “The Catholic Church is being worthily represented by you,” adding “I appeal to you Holiness, a man of extraordinary human qualities.”[26] Pilloni writes that his Grand Lodge is “recognized by the American Grand Lodges to which I belong” (i.e., Pilloni is also a member of American Freemasonry).[27]

15) On September 21, 2013, moreover, during the celebrations by the Freemasonry of the Grand Orient of Italy on the occasion of the recurrence of the 20th of September and of the Fall Equinox, the Grand Master Gustavo Raffi stated, inter alia:

Pope Francis launches messages of humanity that are in tune with what we have been saying for years. He also invites people to come out of the catacombs and not to withdraw but to witness among the different peoples to one’s own values [sic], in speaking to society. The reflections should not be limited to today but should build the future. This is a living Masonry, talking to people [in a dialogue].[28]

16)  At an unspecified date, but still in the year 2013 — on the website of the Philippine magazine Southern Leyte Times — the publisher Antonio M. Reyes, a declared Mason, wrote that the great Filipino national heroes are Masons and that the Catholic Church had condemned Freemasonry, also with the declaration of then-Cardinal Ratzinger (1983). Reyes stated his belief that now, with Pope Francis, things would change, because even for the reigning Pontiff, just as for the Masons, all religions and brotherhood associations who believe in God should not be condemned to eternal damnation. The professed (Masonic) Christians like Reyes wanted to pay attention to the Pope’s appeal for religious tolerance and for genuine [sic] ecumenism. Reyes wrote:

[…] Fortunately, Roman Catholics now have a leader in Pope Francis who believes that all religions and brotherhood associations that believe in God should be respected and not condemned to eternal damnation. We as Christians should heed his call for religious tolerance and for genuine Ecumenism.[29]

17) In an interview published (but left undated) some time after his election in December 2013, Vincenzo Romano, 33°, the then-newly elected Deputy or Vicar Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Italy of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons — Piazza del Gesù — Palazzo Vitelleschi, pointed out that Freemasonry does not follow the [Catholic] tenets and complained that the Church does not accept the way of thinking of the Masons.[31] He then answered to the following question:

“Pope Bergoglio has [already] made many openings; may there be something positive to be seen from him with regard to Freemasonry?”

The Mason replied:

Pope Bergoglio thus far proved to be a great Pope, but I do not know if he has some prejudice against us. Let’s wait to see if there will be any reactions. We declare ourselves ready to embrace the Catholic world.”[30]

End of Part One; next part is soon to follow.



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163 thoughts on “Why do the Freemasons Love Pope Francis?”

  1. .” By its very nature as formulated in its philosophical statements and as lived in its historical experience, Masonry violates the First and Second Commandments of God. It worships not the One True God of revelation — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — but a false god, symbolically transcendent but really immanent: the “god” called “Reason.” And it invokes without adequate cause the Name of the One True God. After such a case as this, to cite the secrecies of initiation and the further secrecies of machination called “conspiracy” is not only anti-climactic, it is beside the point.

    To conclude: we Catholic should now see the Masons more clearly for what they essentially are. They are the heirs (unwitting or otherwise is irrelevant) of a religion which purports to be the one religion of the one “God” — and therefore the enemy, intrinsically and implacably so, of Catholicism. Freemasonry in its modern mode is “modernity” in the deepest (i.e., the philosophical and religious) sense of that term. It is, in a word, “Counterfeit Catholicism.” For its “God” is the “Counterfeit God”: the one who would be as God, the one who is the prince of this world, the one who is the Father of Lies”, – By Rev. Robert I. Bradley, S.J.

    The similarities are unnerving.


  2. Not the main point of this very important piece, of course; but still, it is interesting how many times the adjective “serene” pops up in the self-identification of the Freemasons. Hmm, now, where have we heard this same terminology recently? Pope Francis calling the Kasper Proposal “serene” theology?

    • You may also have noticed that, in the wake of the recent appearance of satirical posters in Rome having a dig at the ‘pope of mercy”, one of Francis’ lapdog associates; (I forget which one), assured us that these posters “had not disturbed [Francis’] “serenity”.

  3. So – from the mouths of high Masons – we have the proof of the intellectual and philosophical congruence between the Masons and the Jesuits.

    Poor St. Ignatius, that his great Society could have fallen to this. It must be suppressed and its members scattered.

  4. If I were to look for a conspiracy, I’d look at who was trying to undermine the trust in the magisterium of the Catholic Church, leading them to reject the teachings of the Pope while claiming to be faithful to the Church. Then I’d notice how two extremes seemed to be working for that agenda—the Spirit of Vatican II Catholic and the Radical Traditionalist.

    Because Our Lord built His Church on Peter and his successors, I’d say any Masonic conspiracy would be aimed at breaking that rock. So, one might wonder if 1P5 was part of this conspiracy.

    • Manners boy. Manners. Run along and go back to your Peter Rabbit organics and your computer games – now there’s a good chap.

    • Meanwhile, opines David, I sit in the middle – equally distanced from the Modernists and the radical Traditionalists.


      Ommphh! It’s getting uncomfortable sitting on this fence. Maybe I forgot, when I thought that being in the middle was a safe bet, that I should have looked for where the TRUTH is, and not thought that the truth is synonymous with a safe, lukewarm middle ground of my own imagining.

      • I follow the truth. That’s why I reject both radical traditionalism and the Spirit of Vatican II. That doesn’t mean I choose Middle of the Road. That means when the successor of Peter teaches, I am bound to give assent. Catholics new this before Vatican II. It’s ironic that the radical traditionalists who claim to be faithful to the Church before Vatican II ignore one of the characteristics of her teaching.

        • “Radical Traditionalists” (aka “Catholics”) follow Holy Tradition. So you reject Tradition?

          We ignore anything that is innovation; in other words, we reject the new religion, the new Gospel, of the Modernists.

          As YOU have also to do, for Scripture and the Fathers tell us to do so in the most solemn terms, don’t they?

          No, my friend: it is YOU who has an incoherent position, not us. We could trust the Popes above all others, once, but no longer. Yet even so, if and when Bergoglio teaches the authentic, integral Catholic Faith, I and other Traditionalists will of course obey. When he doesn’t (which is virtually always), I and others shall not obey.

          Even JPII spoke of the anti-Church and the anti-Gospel. Are you familiar with when and where he said this?

          • Very good points. All too often over the years I’ve heard the terms ‘Ultra Conservative’ and ‘Ultra Traditional’ brought up during conversations among Catholics (in a negative sense). It’s never taken me long to discover that the people using these terms are either poorly catechized (i.e. they don’t know their faith very well at all – possibly through no fault of their own) or are of a clearly liberal persuasion.

          • These labels are all political and have nothing to do with our Holy Faith. The trouble with Comrades such as David W. is that they forget that even a Pope is the servant of Holy Tradition and not its master.

  5. This doesn’t surprise me even a little, not anymore. I was aware of some of these, but didn’t realize it was quite this widespread.

    Also interesting this article was posted today, for me, as I just read before this article ( ) by Professor De Mattei regarding the 500, 300, and 100 year anniversaries of the Protestant Revolt, Freemasonry, and Bolshevik revolution respectively contrasted with the Apparition of Our Lady of Fatima’s centenary the same year. Lots of dots to connect.

      • He did but did he supress them when they were good or when they were already inflitrated?
        – Pope Clement XIV suppressed the Society in 1773.
        – Pope Pius VII restored the Society 1814.

        I am trying to understand what Clement XIV was doing [or not doing] as pope that the masons would be happy with him [was he loose on doctrine? Was he under their influence? etc.]

        • Wednesday 21st September 1774:

          After celebrating Mass that morning in his private chapel, St.Alphonsus broke completely with his usual routine, seated himself in a chair and slipped into some form of unconsciousness. Watched over by different members of the house, he neither ate nor drank all day and by nightfall, word of his behaviour had even reached the local townsfolk (in Arienzo, near Naples) and a convent of Redemptoristine nuns ten miles away.

          St. Alphonsus didn’t wake up until the next morning and acting as if nothing unusual had happened, rang the bell for his assistants to help him prepare for Mass. When they couldn’t help but express their astonishment at what had happened, the saint simply said,”I was assisting at the deathbed of the Pope who has just died.” A few days later, word reached Arienzo that Clement XIV had died between 7 and 8 o’clock that morning.

          Whatever his shortcomings, it appears Clement XIV had a holy death.

        • The short version is that it was perceived at the time that Cardinal Ganganelli was willing to oblige the demands of the freemason-influenced royal courts, especially the Bourbon courts (which ruled France, Spain, and much of Italy), which among other things desired the suppression of the Society. Ganganelli was elected, and soon suppressed the Society. In other words, he played ball. At least that was the perception.

          Of course, there’s a fair amount of evidence that the Society itself was increasingly becoming a force for irreligion, and its suppression thus was not so helpful to the cause of irreligion as many might have hoped. Certainly its restoration since 1814 is very arguably a net loss to the Church.

  6. Within a few months of Bergoglio’s installation; (I’m becoming increasingly hesitant when it comes to the word “election”), there was a photograph circulated on the ‘net showing Bergolio on a bus in Buenos Aires; (Yes, a bus! Always the very epitome of humility and simplicity). His right hand was placed, palm inwards, inside the lapels of his coat. It was usually shown alongside portraits of famous Freemasons from history, such as Napoleon. This posture represents the hidden hand of Freemasonry. Like many at that time, still trying to fathom recent events, I found it easy to give Francis the benefit of the doubt and dismiss it as being of no particular significance. In recent times, however, I have been inclined to consider its possible significance.
    The feeling increased as the Knights of Malta saga unfolded. There was the implausible report that Bergoglio had told Cdl. Burke to get rid if the Freemasons from the Order. Was this an attempt to divert attention away from the fact that Freemasons associated with the Order were “in it up to their necks?” We may never know. And why did Bergoglio re-instate Albrecht von Boeselager, and elevate his role as Grand Chancellor of the Order to a level which, apparently, even the Order’s statutes did not define.
    There is something in this that stinks to highest heaven, and it is very tempting to speculate that the hidden hand of the Lodge is at work.

    • Yes, the picture looks exactly like Pope Francis. Good catch! Amazing the ways God has to communicate with us.

      • I am sure, there are plenty of signs,… but our Lord said already:
        “You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, but you cannot interpret the signs of the times.”
        (Matthew 16,3b)

        • He got that right. Most Catholics think Pope Francis is wonderful–the way he understands sinners and is really merciful and kind and forgiving. But too bad Pope has an issue with obedience. But folks just don’t see. Too bad for them. Too bad for us. Pray for Pope.

    • Whew, disturbing picture. Yes, the creature on skates has the Masonic symbol on its cape, the compass and square, though even more odd, it’s inverted.

      The ecclesiatic under the bridge bears a resemblance to Bergoglio. Or perhaps John XXIII.

      • Anyway I recommend to take a closer look at all the works of this Catholic painter from the 15th century.
        And this one is another very good example of all those who are traitors of Christ in these days.

        The first one who leads our Lord to Golgotha represents without any doubt – Islam (see his sign ‘crescent’ and his military equipment).
        But again, you can certainly see here similarity with one ‘special person’.
        That one who acts without interest and who bear the two caps, the white one which is below the black…
        And pay attention on that look of Christ to us all,… It looks like of He says:
        “Look at me. My CROSS should be yours too. And I wear the heaviest part alone. Again.”

    • Creepy painting… it depicts the betrayal as brokered by an intermediary, who is whispering in the pope’s ear…

  7. Very good. More evidence that Malachi Martin was right. Pope Francis is taking Catholicism out of Christianity. After that the job becomes much easier.

    • Don’t forget that Francis appeared exactly 50 years after the so-called enthronment of Lucifer in the Vatican, as mentioned by Fr Malachi Martin. (See 1997 interview with Bernard Janzen). Also check out the 1992 interview towards the end – why does Malachi go to such pains to describe the lengths to which the Luciferian forces have desired to control the papacy? Listen to how he responds to a theoretical question about a heretical pope in the future. He says about the College of Cardinals “You know – they have elected men in the past, who had heretical ideas. Two or three. They have never as yet elected an apostate.” Why did he say that? Why jump from the subject of a heretic pope to the subject of an apostate? Remember this is a man who read the 3rd secret, and confirmed on air that it related to a “pope” who would be “under the control of satan”. Wake up people! The climax of the apostasy for the last 50 years is here!

      • The confluence and preponderance of evidence from multiple sources is confirming your hypothesis. And 2017 is 100th anniversary of our Lady of Fatima to make it even more poignant.

  8. I had the impression that the Rotary Club, of which I know little, was benign and that membership was compatible with Christianity. Was I wrong?

    • I don’t make a habit of linking to Novus Ordo Watch (a sedevacantist site) but they have a translation of an article about condemnations of the Rotary Club in Spain here:

      The text begins:

      The first condemnations of Rotarianism by the Roman Catholic Church took place in Spain in 1928, by the Bishops of Palencia, Orense, Tuy, Leon, and Almeria, who denounced the Rotarian movement as “a new satanic organization, close to Freemasonry, execrable and perverse”.

      The Declaration of the Bishop of Palencia (August 28, 1928) warns among other things that “good Catholics cannot be part of the so-called Rotary Clubs […]” and that “Rotarianism purports to be a moral and moralizing institution, that sets out to influence the lives of individuals, families, and peoples, while absolutely discarding, as an association, all religious ideas and all kinds of relations with God and Jesus Christ Our Redeemer”.

      All this implies that “the Rotarian institution, as such, explicitly makes profession of an absolute secularism, a universal religious indifference, and tries to radically moralize individuals and societies by means of a naturalist, rationalist and even atheistic doctrine” [1].

      The much shorter and more conclusive Warning of the Bishop of Orense to his faithful considers that the Rotary Clubs “are nothing short of new satanic organisms, equal to Freemasonry in spirit and origin, however they may try to disguise themselves and to appear with the mark of pure humanitarianism and even Christian charity and universal, generous, full, and legitimate brotherhood” [2].

      • Thank you.

        Novus Ordo Watch does seem a bit … odd.

        Richard Malcolm, above as I write, thinks there might have been some particular circumstances in Spain in the ’20s, which I could understand and seems credible. Still, I’ll bear in mind the possibilities – not that I have any intention of getting involved with these people.

        I find, in Denzinger, at n.1861, an extract from an instruction of the Holy Office from 1884, to wit

        It is to be noted, furthermore, that there are some societies which, although it cannot be determined with certainty whether or not they belong to these which we have mentioned [“Freemasonry and other sects of this kind”], are nevertheless doubtful and full of danger not only because of the doctrines which they profess, but also because of the philosophy of action which those follow under whose leadership they have developed and are governed.

        Perhaps that’s the kind of thing the Spanish bishops were dealing with a century ago, and certainly this should be borne in mind when making prudent decisions about joining or cooperating with networking organisations of this kind in all times and places.

    • That was certainly my experience with Rotary when I was involved (in the U.S. and New Zealand).

      The experience of the organization as it operated in certain Spanish dioceses, referred to in Steve’s link, might have been different. Possibly that was because freemasons were fairly rampant in Spain at that point, and may have infiltrated local Rotary clubs there.

  9. Is the Chair of Peter now Masonic?
    For them it would be quite a tonic.
    The faith would be drained,
    Christ’s flock would be pained,
    May the Masons receive a colonic.

  10. So according to the Alta Vendita, Clement XIV was a pope very much to the liking of Freemasonry.

    I’ve just surfaced from a delve into an admittedly far from definitive ‘Dictionary of Popes’ (it was written by an Anglican, for goodness sake) and the short biography of Clement XIV finishes with this sentence – ‘His reign saw the prestige of the papacy sink to its lowest level for centuries’.

    I didn’t know it was even possible but I think I grimaced wistfully after reading that assessment.

    • Is he the one who suppressed the Jesuits after pressure from the world powers at the time? If so no wonder the Masons liked him. Supressing the Jesuits removed the one bulwark that may have stopped the French Revolution, which was a masonic event.

      • Clement XIV did indeed suppress the Jesuits in July 1773 but he appears to have done so somewhat reluctantly as the papal decree that he eventually signed had already been drawn up for over a year. Interestingly, St.Alphonsus held the Jesuits in high regard and when news of their suppression reached him, he ‘stood rooted to the spot and did not speak for a considerable time.’ He later commented, “What could the unfortunate Pope do when the crowned heads of Europe united to demand the destruction of the Society? The only course open to us is to adore in silence the inscrutable judgements of God and not utter a word. At the same time, I am convinced that if only one Jesuit were to remain, he would be capable of bringing the Society back into existence.” For the remaining 14 years of his life, he made no further comments about the suppression. (See also Richard Malcolm’s enlightening post below).

  11. I knew some of this. Not a good sign when the enemies of the Church–not here speaking only of masons but of abortionists, population controlists, climate changists, etc–are thrilled with the present pontiff. Our Lord was a sign of contradiction and he is not. Well, only to faithful strong Catholics…

  12. This articles focuses on Pope Francis, but we know through Fr Luigi Villa’s and Franco Bellegrandi’s books that John XXIII was a rosicrucian and Paul VI was highly suspicious of having belonged to the FM too.
    Fr Villa had official letters issued by Pope Pius XII entrusting him to expose and fight the freemasonry inside the Church. By this fact nobody, not even his bishop could ever discipline him.

    • Cantalamessa has a long history of closeness to the proddies, indeed kneeling together with Bergoglio in Buenes Aires to their “pastors” for a blessing. The whole thing is beyond hideous.

  13. Sermon By the Sovereign Pontiff FRANCIS on the Occasion of Palm Sunday in the Year of Our Lord 2017

    Yeah well Dearly Beloved nowat imin although that’s just a phrase innit I mean you’re not dear and you certainly ain’t beloved by me anyway but today when we turn our attention to the readings I think we can learn a lot yeah from that bloke Barrabas. This was a revolutionary and an armed robber but these reactions were merely his personal answer to the violence and injustice inherent in the system he obviously felt repressed yeah and struck out in helpless anger at society. We are all to blame for the Barrabases of the world I know you certainly are and like my friend Fidel in Cuba he channelled this anger into change which is what we must all do innit. Then we can also learn from Pontius Pilate, a very conscientious and careful Governor who point blank refused to answer the dubia and washed his hands of the whole thing. I mean his wife had a dream what about exactly we don’t know however we can surmise that in an era when men wore short military tunics and life in Jerusalem must have been boring it was probably about adultery and who can blame her this is a natural part of life which we must all embrace. And let us consider the symbolism of the palm this is a tree which grows in hot countries and many hot countries are Islamic which clearly suggests that we are Muslims or something like that anyway we all worship the same God don’t we well most of us do even some Cardinals believe in God more in the Great Architect of the Universe oops that’s a bit of a give away innit. Anyway, at this joyful season of Christmas let’s make sure that we are dialoguing and celebrating the joys of limitless immigration and washing other people’s feet which I am told I have to do on Thursday. And now we will continue this celebration of community with the hymn “The Lord is risen just like me mam’s sponge pudding”. Yeah great innit nowat imin?

  14. Francis is the hired man. He was hired by the freemasons to advance their agenda. This is what making a deal with the devil looks like. Francis is no more nor less evil than the freemasons. And yet, lest we forget, in the end the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph over the efforts of the master mason’s.

  15. Interviews with Bishop Schneider scapegoating masonry (masonry, a secret society, does not give public interviews, and is anti corruption, not anti Catholic) seem to be popping up in all kinds of “traditional” or “conservative” Catholic literature and social media “resources” of late…

    As Joe Wilson said “My complaint is not so much about the smear campaign as it is about the laziness of so-called objective journalists who failed even to do basic research.”

    With all of Schneider’s bluntly stated historical inaccuracies, impossibilities, and out of context absurdities, masonic members would do well to sue the church (and such blogs) for defamation and libel – if that didn’t violate the masonic moral principles and their vows of silence (to the death, and even in the face of false and unjust accusation) and circumspection. Pope-in-chief Francis, in like fashion (head of the greatest organized pederast cult in the world – and responsible for the pro death organization “Catholic Charities”) accused the head of the Knights of Malta of distributing condoms recently. I am embarrassed for my traditionalist friends who consider themselves the “enlightened” elite, but fail hook, line and sinker for such obvious disinformation and scapegoating.

    Masonry IS a secret society based on a deeper understanding of scripture, which by definition means no true members reveal secrets – or whom they supposedly “politically support” within the church. Nor do masons ever give public interviews, have public “200th Anniversary” celebrations or protests – to which Schneider refers and attests (and often Schneider’s historical disinformation is coupled with embarrassingly mislabeled old photographs) or invite “guest” speakers to any of their meetings. Maximilian Kolbe’s dreams were obviously symbolic – of masons knowing – not supporting – the true corruption within the church – though Kolbe too was a victim of the misinformation of his time – that came out of the mouths of corrupted prelates who blamed their church builders for their own sins – but claimed to be speaking for GOD.

    Many popes were, and are, in the control of satan. Clement in reality stole from the masons – and was the prelate who amassed “material” wealth for the church.

    Since they are a secret anti-corruption society, anyone “speaking” for masonry today (“from the mouths of masons”) revealing their “real” “anti scriptural” or “anti Christ” masonic bias, is by definition then not a mason – but more importantly – of questionable intent – and should not be the basis for “articles” of “information” regarding masonic activities, positions and rites. Masons are anti corruption, whether a cleric be right, left, or Jack the Ripper, but they are not anti Catholic.

    That’s WHY they would “prefer” a blatantly heretical pope that could get removed from office, than a fraud who safeguards his own fraudulence, secrets, sins and corruption with intentional ambiguity.

    Condemning masons – who built the churches and hail not 200 or 300 years but from King Solomon’s temple – as heretics – as Schneider does – simply because masons were among those first to realize that GOD upholds EVERYTHING in the universe (is Schneider afraid the “ignorant masses” will become pantheists, materialists or relativists if they are thus educated?) reminds of the church’s old condemnation of those who didn’t hold to the clerics’ unscientific teaching that the earth was flat. ( Clerics condemn, slander without proof, judge and scapegoat – because abusing their spiritual “authority” – they can.)

    Similarly when masons were condemned for Gnosticism – because they DO have superior spiritual enlightenment then most in the world (and today understand the false dichotomy successfully distracting the “elect” within the church) like ANY of us CAN, and should, should GOD care to enlighten us directly – is a gross hypocrisy on the part of such “only we can know, reveal and teach the fullness of truth” traditional prelates, much worse, in my opinion (because I have been the direct victim of it) than the liberal depravities of our time. It is Schneider’s own words that smack of a dangerous, prideful, anti Christian esoteric error.

    But in 2017, when science has found the “GOD” particle, proving the masonic position correct after all, Schneider is still waxing eloquent with such ancient methods of slander – and getting away with it not only on Steve’s blog – but on other “traditional resources” that are bigger fish to catch and indoctrinate?

    While similar “traditional” or “conservative” clerics were threatening the poor little shepherd children at Fatima ( for also being directly enlightened by God, not through the clerics, way above the intelligence levels of clerics of that time) with being boiled to death in hot oil for it, masons believed the Fatima children. They realized that our Lady of Fatima was none other than Mary the Lady in the heavens of the Apocolypse – predicting the “horrible” secret of bishops losing their power of office, their lines of ABILITY TO ORDAIN NULLIFIED, for their acts, or being complicit with acts, of great depravity.

    Do people actually not realize this yet?

    The teaching and canon that ANY connection to child abuse – including cover up for others guilty – is one of the only things that can make a prelate lose his powers of office is as old as the Didache – and almost as old as the masons themselves.

    Motive not for those that do not want to realize the obvious, or to slander those who are not so uncomfortable – the masons – with these uncomfortable truths?

    I do not know if Bishop Schneider is intentionally culpable of slandering and scapegoating the masons (and it is not for me to judge) but if not, his interviews smack of such gross ignorance of provable historical realities, any reading should be tempered with the obvious self admonition – it is not a sin to think for oneself. In fact, GOD requires it of us. As Tolstoy wrote in War and Peace:

    “It’s too easy to criticize a man when he’s out of favour, and to make him shoulder the blame for everybody else’s mistakes.”

    • A quite fantastic post, in the true, not debased sense of the word.

      I rather think that the hundreds of thousands (rather, millions) who have died in the various Masonic persecutions of Christians would prefer not to raise a toast along with you to the god Jabulon to whom Masons make their oaths from Royal Arch and upwards.

      Begone, demon.

      • Millions who have died in the “masonic persecutions of Christians” ? Mmmmmm. It’s amazing how someone who tells such blatant historical lies, and magically “intuits” that masons toast to demonic entities – would expect demons to be gone from his own life.

        • French Revolution
          Spanish Civil War
          Mexican persecutions
          and so on

          “Magically intuits”?! That Jabulon, a composite “god”, is made oaths to from the 3rd ordinary degree of Masonry, the Royal Arch degree, is more than well-attested to by many who have left Masonry over the years.

          Methinks you do lie too easily ….

          • You do not even understand that masonic language is different than yours, and refers to the One God Alone, that all those sincere of heart seek to adore. You also do not understand that the ” many who have left Masonry over the years” are those who were KICKED OUT OF Masonry for offenses against GOD, homosexual activity for example, then lied about masons to slander those that evicted them.

            Not so in your cult, however.

            Homosexually active prelates are actually promoted, and proven guilty pederasts just reshuffled. The whole entire church is so infected (particularly with the more dangerous and less identifiable brute, not femme, homosexuals in the traditional ranks) one cannot tell where any valid lines of ordination remain – as child abuse and incest are the only offenses that deprive a prelate of powers of office.

            Methinks you do not think too easily.

  16. In our age of sexual revolution, the word “liberty” has become synonymous, in my mind, with the mental image of pelvic thrusts.
    Wherever we bring “liberty” to people, we bring pornography, feminism, sodomite acceptance and behavior, contraception, and abortion.

    • Of course. And that kind of godless ‘liberty’ for people goes under the mask of so-called humanism, which is nothing else than modern paganism.
      That ‘credo’ of the godless french revolution which screams about ‘liberte, fraternite, egalite’ between humans and for humans, is a very cunning act and plan of Satan, which we find and recognize in; masonry, communism, socialism, democracy, and certainly in every form of liberalism …
      That is satanic master-plan which he use especially for the western world, which is thinking that he is civilised, and that we never may forget, in addition one of its products that we knows as protestantism.
      For the orientals his cunning masterwork against God and his people is of course, without any doubt islam, plus al other bonus of all that quasi-religions.

      • Ok, let me get thIs straight – you think that all men and women were created equal in the Image and Likeness of God and should love neighbor as themselves is… the “rallying cry of Satan”?


        No wonder they’re predicting a blood moon on the twelfth.

        Only the few, the innocent falsely accused and victimized children, took Our Lady of Fatima seriously.

    • You’re entertaining sick and dangerous, elitist grandiose delusions my friend.

      Wherever liberty and freedom to find truth from God with free will is crushed, wherever we have elitist men destroying good men’s liberties, (and using women for childbearing purposes, not recognizing them as man’s equal ) as in Hitler’s ranks of brute pederast soldiers – do we have the roots of the ills you speak of.

      All these ills you speak of, including liberalism and especially abortion, come about only when Man fails in God’s command to love his neighbor (man or woman) in brotherly love and equality. When removal of liberty and equality is committed it places victims in impossible double binds.

      Kill, or be killed is the brute’s rallying cry. This is why it’s tricky to turn a child abuser in – they threaten the life of their victim.

      All evils are but swing reactions to opposite but equally erroneous evils.

      And you guys blame the masons for thinking outside of your blame game box, and actually believe the Internet propagandists that they got Francis elected… mmmmm (Slapping forehead…)

      • If we are to talk about the brutal soldiers of national socialism, we will also talk about the brutal Jewish bolsheviks. Both revolutionary movements stemming from the same rejection of Christ and His Church.

        You can put the rights of man over the rights of God if you wish. True liberty is the ability to do what is right, not the ability to choose according to your own subjective conscious what you believe to be right.

        • Tall Order, you state ” True liberty is the ability to do what is right, not the ability to
          choose according to your own subjective conscious what you believe to be

          Then you would condemn GOD Himself, who GAVE us this liberty, this free will to choose Him, or not. You would steal this gift that GOD Himself gave to the innocent, and is not your right to take.

          Forced love is not love at all, nor would forced Catholicism really be Catholicism, but those very ills of which you speak, if it was forced. You have come full circle in your pathological analogy, as one evil always leads into the next – but equally erroneous one.

          And this is why history repeats itself, little boys.

          Man loses his human empathy, his very humanity which distinguished him from the beast (mankind was made in the Image and Likeness of GOD) and becomes but a brain dead “neanderthal” or “caveman” type beast, or a “monkey”. The theory of evolution was spread to distract from the reality that man losing touch with the spiritual is doing it in reverse. I do not believe in evolution by GOD’s design – but with the amount of shockingly spiritual ignorant men I have come in contact with – I am certain “bad” men who wanted to dominate instead of love, copulated with animals instead (when life forms were stronger and more fertile, in early Genesis). This created half breeds.

          The failure of the Anti Christs, the “Tall Orders”, the “Trumps”, the Might Makes Righters, like puffed up peacocks – to think outside the “we are just mammal or mammon” box – is truly the root of all ills, and war.

          With contempt – not love – for the vulnerable you were supposed to defend – God’s children, the women, the church builders – you fail to use your strength like GOD commanded you – to SERVE and PROTECT us. Then, without reason or intellect or brain, which you have subsequently lost in your transition to beast – you use your strength to slander and kill us, particularly when we have to take on your role of defending the innocent, in this case, the masons.

          “Go back to the synagogue Satan” you slander and curse – of course – because
          insults are the last resort of insecure people with a crumbling position
          trying to appear confident. I feel like a Philistine being beat with
          the jawbone of an ass, because you can’t defeat my defense of the innocent with your ability to reason – which has obviously gone “bye bye”.

          It is interesting to note that Clement, the pope Schneider ridiculously misunderstands the masons as supporting, was the prelate who stole their material wealth, the material treasures for the clerical church, from the masons who were guarding these treasures in humility and silence – then slandered and “condemned” them to hide his crime. He was only appreciated for his outright heretical nature because the obviously corrupt you can oust.

          Men like you would do well to examine the roots of the ills of which you fear, your fear revealing that you do not understand, cannot understand them.

          Man’s refusal to use his strength to defend helpless, innocent, victims, and his insistence – after losing his ability to reason – to use his “might” to “judge” who is guilty (which only GOD can do, because we do not know anyone’s personal culpability) is the root of all war – and on the twelfth of this month – with “Superstar” Donald Trump scapegoating all undocumented vulnerable Mexicans, all “less than perfect” born and unborn – a “blood” moon (symbolizes impending war) is predicted by astronomers to rise in the sky.

          Perhaps the bro-mancers should have released that third secret after all, not?

          Christ’s Church (Catholic really means universal) is really all of GOD’s children, dogmatically speaking, all those sincere of heart, which you refuse to defend.

          Even the satanic knows on some level that the innocent, the women, the weak, the persecuted, the handicapped, all of God’s children wrongly dominated, possess gifts in compensation for their vulnerabilities that surpass the ordinary spiritual gifts and enlightenment of man. This is why, for example, the autistic are extraordinarily intelligent. Dark angels and corrupted humanity is really jealous of these extra gifts or spiritual illuminations. This is the real reason why the Jews and Catholics were persecuted under Hitler’s regime and experimented upon, not because they were lesser humans – but in a sense – greater ones – more “human in their likeness to GOD”, the Jews being Christ’s very Bloodline.

          That you would throw in the anti-semetic insult ( Hello moderator?) “Gubinski Genealogy” to insult me further, and I quote you: “The vast majority of Argentine Jews are descended from immigrants that arrived from Europe” I admit was a sharp move – in your desperation.

          It had me laughing so hard I could barely type.

          I can only wish that I was descended from Christ’s bloodline, however Gubinski is a name of Polish extraction and refers to a long line of Catholic Poles persecuted in Communist Poland, and is not my maiden name at all by the way, but a man’s last name I retained – to whom I am not related at all – to protect myself and make myself harder to find – by another very disturbed individual.

          Have a nice day, and don’t fall into the looking pool. Remember, it’s just a reflection.

          • To reject God is an abuse of your free will. To accept error is an abuse of your free will. To choose to murder is an abuse of your free will; not a proper exercise thereof.

            Return to the synagogue. Christ Himself said worse of the Jews, calling their father Satan. St. Paul, himself an ethnic Jew, tells us under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost that Jews are the enemy of all mankind, and the wrath of God has come upon them until the end.

            What you fail to recognize is the change of the term Jew from the chosen people of the promise, to a people guilty of deicide and rejection of Logos in favor of the revolutionary, insurrectionist Barabbas. It changes from merely an ethnic identity to a negative identity; a theological construct of those Semites who, in their rejection of Logos, have brought upon their people a new type of the mark of Cain–a shame and mark that they carry until their conversion. Masonry, which you so vigorously defended, is nothing but Kabbalah repackaged. Pike and Manly P. Hall say this openly. Without Jewish influence, there would be no Masonry.

            Regardless, I had a suspicion that your ridiculous, spittle-flecked, wall-eyed nutty Gnostic tendencies had something to do with your upbringing and propensity toward revolutionary and rebellious ideologies.

          • I have not rejected GOD, nor have I murdered anyone, or would ever promote such a thing – things, evils, that your own words try to justify. To assume me of such is the sin of gossip and slander. Do you not fear GOD?

            “Christ Himself said worse of the Jews, calling their father Satan.”

            Sorry Tall (Come on, you’re really a short guy with Napoleon’s syndrome, right?) but that was a reference to the pharisees, the high PRIESTS, and those Jews that rejected Him. Christ would not condemn them as an ethnic entity as He and His mother were of that race.

            Christ comforted the innocent Jewish women who weeped for Him at His crucifixion, and He referred to how their descendants would be unjustly persecuted, the innocent suffering – for the guilt of many.

            “Weep not for Me, but for yourselves and for your children” was not an accusation of personal blame towards these innocent women, nor the innocent peoples who would comfort Him in the future.

            What you “fail to recognize” (I feel like I am talking to a munchkin for some reason, wonder why, scenes of Charlie and Chocolate Factory passing through my “gnostic” intuitive mind, perhaps) is that I was referring to the intellectually superior, literal “physical” bloodline of the Jews who were physically related to Christ Himself.

            ” spittle-flecked, wall-eyed nutty Gnostic tendencies”

            There’s no spittle on my chin, however – I do believe in the dogmatic truth that by GOD’s power, all of Holy Sacraments can be received directly from GOD, by our fiat, our desire and will.

            Be it done unto me according to Thy Will. That’s a prayer to GOD, not man.

            I have said this prayer many times and perhaps you should too. It tends to bring about that “gnostic” type enlightenment of how there are many deeper, paradoxical, not contradictory, meanings to things – most men can’t understand. Subsequently, I have already fled to the mountains as Christ ordered, escaping your pederast cult – presenting itself as the True Church. I choose my intellect to be awake for the impending gloom.

  17. Q. Why do the Freemasons Love Pope Francis?
    A. He is one of their own.
    After nearly 236 years, the plan to destroy all the thrones and overturn all the altars in Europe has met with incredible success with the conquering of the final and most priced throne, that of St. Peter.

  18. Does the Catholic Church condemn friendships or business partnerships with Freemasons? Is there a Church document that addresses the issue? I am looking for guidance. Thanks.

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