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Why do the Freemasons Love Pope Francis? Part III

Editor’s Note: This is the third and last part of a longer three-part study of how the Freemasons in the world have responded to Pope Francis and his papacy. Without further introduction, we continue herewith the collection of quotes and varied evidence to show just how much Masonry approves of Pope Francis.

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47) Masonic enthusiasm for Pope Bergoglio comes also from the magazine of the St. John’s Lodge  No. 9 F. & A.M. of Seattle (USA) in the October 2015 issue. The 1st Senior Warden of that Lodge, Bro. John Murray Louderback, found Pope Francis’ speech to the American Congress very Masonic:

I found the address to the joint session of Congress by Pope Francis very Masonic in nature. He spoke from a universal truth and understanding of God’s love for the earth and humanity. His message was nonpartisan and nonsectarian. Pope Francis understands that, if we destroy mother earth, we destroy ourselves.  He spoke directly to the leaders of the world about the interconnectedness of all life. He pleaded with us to foster and promote the common good of all mankind. Seems like a Masonic message to me.[1]

48) In November 2015, the Grand Master of the Grande Oriente d’Italia, Stefano Bisi, addressed an open and controversial letter to the Archbishop of Ferrara-Comacchio, Bishop Luigi Negri, who is known for his great hostility to Freemasonry. What is so curious – the Grand Master spoke of:

Great and serious problems that at this time are going through and stirring the Holy Roman Church and that one would need a greater concentration on the pastoral activity on the part of everyone to help the vigorous and reformative action of Pope Francis himself. But it is not up to me to do this for the bishop or to point out to the Church the way of the Church.[2]

Yet Bisi is giving “pastoral” lessons to Monsignor Negri.

Then Grand Master Bisi, to his own advantage, made use of some famous words of Pope Francis:

His Holiness Pope Francis some time ago declared with all the great humility and great pastoral strength of his magisterium: “Who am I to judge?” She [the Catholic Church], however, does not have the slightest doubt in judging others and pronouncing ex cathedra judgments.[3]

49) In an interview published online in November 2015 in In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal, the Canadian Mason and former Canadian policeman, Jerry W. Kopp, declared that Pope Benedict destested the Masons, while Pope Bergoglio seemed to be different. He said:

I would suggest that the current Pope – I like the current Pope Francis, the disposition that he has and the thinking that he has – and we probably fall right in line with him. Is it because he’s a Jesuit? I don’t know. I’d like to learn more about Pope Francis. Eventually, maybe, we’ll see something come out from his office, it’s hard to say, but know for sure that Pope Benedict didn’t like us.[4]

50)  On 3 December 2015, the website of “The Masonic Philosophical Society” lauded Pope Francis for his ecological commitment to the environment. Interesting is the first sentence of the article in which Pope Francis is defined on the Masonic site itself as “a radical agent of change” [emphasis added]:

Pope Francis, the leader of the world’s more than one billion Roman Catholics, has become known as a radical agent of change since his election in March of 2013, especially with regard to environmentalism.[5]

51) In April 2016, the website of the Saint Vrain Masonic Lodge # 23 of the city of Longmont (Colorado) expressed a certain optimism about a possible reconciliation between Church and Masonry, since Pope Francis, with regard to couples and the family, insists much on one’s own conscience rather than on Vatican norms or dogmas. The Church must not cast stones on consciences.

The Masonic author asked whether the many changes made by Pope Francis do not prepare the way to reconsider the Church’s attitude toward Freemasonry:

Could it be that the many changes that Pope Francis has made to the Catholic Church pave the way for a reconsideration of its own earlier opposition to Freemasonry? […] Looking at a Pope who has not been in office for a great length of time, you can see some far-reaching reforms and adjustments that have already been made. Would it be a fantasy to surmise that somewhere down the line this Pope might relax the ban against the Craft?[6]

With respect to the case of Communion for the remarried divorcees, the Mason Fred Milliken (2016) gave a cautiously positive response to his own questions:

Could this mean that Catholic Freemasons [sic] might be granted the right to receive communion and hold positions of lay leadership in the Church? Certainly Freemasonry does not now seem to be on Pope Francis’ top ten list of changes yet to come. But if the mood, the emphasis away from doctrinal purity, persists, then perhaps some sort of reconciliation can take place between the Church and Freemasonry. And if that comes to pass, we will be in a new day of peace and harmony.[7]

52) On 11 May 2016, the Mason Barbosa Nunes (Grande Oriente do Brasil) offered new praise to the wisdom of Pope Francis.[8]

53) After an interview with the newspaper Il Resto del Carlino in which Monsignor Negri had reiterated critical positions against Freemasonry, on May 29, 2016, the reply of Grand Master Stefano Bisi (Grande Oriente d’Italia) was published, in which he stated, among other things:

A Bishop of the Holy Roman Church, who inexorably closes the doors to what he considers only and exclusively to be an enemy to be killed or an absolute evil, thus even punches at the Gospel and the Jubilee of Mercy wanted by Pope Francis. His Excellency thus looks like those men who feel constantly surrounded by something or somebody, and who at all costs have to find a reason, a pretext, to support such a state of gray and unattractive intransigence.[9]

Grand Master Bisi, therefore, placed Msgr. Negri in opposition to Pope Francis. Bisi contrasted the justified anti-Masonic attitude of Monsignor Negri with the “Gospel” and the “Jubilee of Mercy wanted by Pope Francis.” In short, the Grand Master of the Grande Oriente d’Italia raised, at least implicitly, another form of praise to the reigning Pontiff. This is really strange and curious.

54) In May of 2016, the Masonic Service Association of North America published a short note of enthusiasm about the earlier visit of Pope Francis to the U.S. (in 2015), wherein the Mason Christopher L. Murphy noted that Pope Francis uses the same words used by the Freemasons: fraternity, love, freedom, faith, hope, charity. The Mason Murphy believes that this is why Pope Francis’ visit to the United States was important: to reaffirm these values toward and for the world of today.[10]

In short, Pope Francis pleases, and he thus so much also pleases all North American Masons.

55) On May 15, 2016, at the end of an article on refugees and migrants – presented on the website of the Masonic Lodge “Mozart” – the author concluded (and how well he does it!) with some phrases of Pope Francis himself:

Last week, Pope Francis received in Rome the Charlemagne Prize. At the end of my presentation, I would like thus to quote from his own speech which sobered not only the European guests of the event. “What has happened to you, the Europe of humanism, the champion of human rights, democracy and freedom? […] I dream of a Europe of which it will not be said that its commitment to human rights was its last utopia. […] I dream of a Europe of families, with truly effective policies concentrated on faces rather than numbers, on birth rates more than rates of consumption. […] I dream of a Europe where being a migrant is not a crime.”[11]

56) On 30 November 2016, on the website of The Masonic Philosophical Society  we read an article in which it is said that Pope Francis has approved of Martin Luther’s assertions about obedience to one’s own conscience:

In the 21st century, Pope Francis affirmed Luther’s reasoning of relying on one’s conscience as a means of achieving salvation. When asked to respond to whether God’s mercy is open to atheists, Pope Francis wrote, “God’s mercy has no limits if he who asks for mercy does so in contrition and with a sincere heart. The issue for those who do not believe in God is in obeying their own conscience. In fact, listening to and obeying it, means deciding about what is perceived to be good or evil. The goodness or the wickedness of our behavior depends on this decision.” Following this logic, Luther’s decision to stand firm in his beliefs, convinced by his own conscience, was ultimately justified by the head of the Catholic Church.[12]

Some delicate souls will say that Pope Francis did not intend to praise Luther in the “Lutheran” manner. What we are interested in here is the other praise given by the Masons to the Pontiff and, more importantly, to Martin Luther himself. But it is certain that the Pope positively defined Luther as “a reformer.”[13] (Not a deformer!)

57)  On March 26, 2017, the ultra-Bergoglian Mason, Mario Rolleri 33rd degree, published on the Spanish-language Masonic website Fenixnews Pope Francis’s speech for the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome marking the birth of the European Economic Community.[14]

58) On March 28, 2017, the Italian-American journalist and Mason, Oscar Bartoli, put Pope Francis in opposition to Donald Trump, as in the “chemical bath” used by the Pontiff in the face of the U.S. President’s grimaces. Bartoli says among other things: “Donald Trump is the President of the United States, but he is not my president.” Bartoli praises Francis, but he despises, hates, Trump. Bartoli ended his article with the following words:

The tycoon Donald Trump plays well the role of the super-rich man who does not care about ordinary people and aims only to secure his own interests and to preserve those of his peers. To compare Pope Francis with Donald Trump is illegitimate. But since these are the only two leaders who are in the media world-wide, it’s spontaneous to say that we are on the side of Francis’ chemistry, with full conviction.[15]

59) On January 17, 2015, the website of the “Grande Oriente Estadual da Bahia” contained an article by the Mason Barbosa Nunes, Grand Master of the “Grande Oriente do Brasil,” who praised Pope Francis:

Regardless of your religious belief, your profession of faith or what you support, what you do not believe or what you fight against, Pope Francis in his quiet voice, frank and captivating smile, trust-giving look, creates around him an highly positive transmitting circle of new values, creating spiritual beauty, with a sure and firm perception of his mission before the world and the Catholic Church. He innovates our habits and speeches. From a pastoral style that makes it unique. A loving cultivator of his personality, he resonates throughout the world, especially throughout the Catholic Church, which has more than one billion two hundred million faithful and throughout the holders of material power in dozens of countries, speaking with humility about charity, forgiveness and love, without fear, walking without trampling, but with steady steps. […] I do not know why when I speak and think about Pope Francis, there always come to mind the “smiling Pope,” John Paul I. The world needs this man a lot. Long live Pope Francis.[16] [emphasis added]

60) Such is the enthusiasm among the South American Freemasons for the new Pontiff, that the Gran Oriente Unido de la Republica del Ecuador (GOUDRE), on 14 September 2015, sent to Pope Francis a letter in which it asks for a categorical pronouncement on secular coexistence in the world. The GOUDRE appeals to the South American being of the Pontiff. The GOUDRE believes that, consistent with its own line of action, the Pope will behave differently from the earlier Church toward the states of the world, and hence defend secularism (“secular coexistence,” “secularism”). The GOUDRE believes and hopes in the consensus between a new humanistic Church and the liberal states (“We have faith in the consensus between a new humanistic church and the welfare states.”)[17]

61) On 13 November 2016, Mario Rolleri 33°, spoke of a dialogue with his own son about what it means to be a Mason and then gives new praise to Pope Francis:

Of course, when I was your age, a long time ago, my model was Pelé and Maradona. Nowadays, I have grown up to be a free man able to choose and respect their opinions and those of others, a man who has a sense of values, a man capable of transmitting his values with his example, a man more spiritual. Pope Francisco? Could it now be? If, for example, there is someone whose acts agree with his words. If I understood you well now, that’s why you want to be a Mason …! Of course son, such are the Masons, although Pope Francis is not Mason. But he is a good man of faith. A man who preaches by example.[18]

62) Still the ultra-zealous Mason Mario Rolleri 33°, on April 01, 2017, again expressed his happiness about Pope Francis. Rolleri also invited us to read Pope Francis in order to be happy. How beautiful!

This Pope is someone out of the ordinary! Here is the new message, full of wisdom and humility. BE HAPPY … give yourself a minute to read him, Pope Francis. […] Today, Pope Francis calls the whole world – no matter where one is, independetly of creed or religion – to a moment of recollection, meditation or prayer for peace. The whole planet united in prayer for PEACE.[19]

Conclusion: Catholic Prayers and Wishes for the Pope and for the Church 

Who knows if this list of Masonic praise can be further upgraded and expanded? In the meantime, we pray for Pope Francis, we wish him more and more doctrinal clarity and spiritual strength to be able to give to the media and to the world a clearer and stronger testimony of the Catholic Faith, such as the Apostle Saint Peter (before the Sanhedrin); such as Blessed Pius IX (before the Masonic world); such as Saint Pius X (before modernity); such as John Paul II (before today’s laicism). As in the early centuries of Christianity, even today the Church needs a Pope “martyr” or “confessor” of Faith. Dancing and dancing the tango[20] with the media and with the world will bring no good to anyone!

But let us conclude with a change the topic: Will Pope Francis answer the “dubia” of the four Cardinals concerning Amoris Laetitia? And the Masons, where do they stand – “cum Amoris Laetitia” or “cum dubiis“?



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41 thoughts on “Why do the Freemasons Love Pope Francis? Part III”

    • My deep mistrust of Bergoglio didn’t allow me to welcome this alleged order to purge the Order of Freemasons. Does anyone know what really happened? Obviously, Catholics are forbidden membership in Freemasonry, and obviously, Bergoglio is much more a Freemason than a Catholic or a Christian.
      What is this affair all about?

      • Well, the whole truth still hasn’t come out. The obvious answer is that Francis was baiting Burke and just waiting to throw out the trap. And the good Cardinal took it. Fortunately, Cardinal Burke can still make a lot of noise if he wants to…

        • Hopefully, Cardinal Burke wants to make a lot of noise kicking all those Freemason Knights out of the Holy Church, as she demands. This would help me (possibly many others) regain some hope that we still have Catholic Bishops and Cardinals.

      • The Jesuits. Now, Not all Jesuits are bad, Fr. Mitch Pacwa and Bishop Michael Barber of Oakland are examples….. but the Jesuits overall are bit crazy….

    • Not fishy…plain as day to me.

      Heck, Jafin, we don’t bait coyotes with roses, we bait’em with stuff that gets their blood up!

      And then when they come to the bait they stick their necks right in the snare.

      Poor Cardinal Burke was about as wily as Wile E……

  1. “Today, Pope Francis calls the whole world – no matter where one is, independently of creed or religion – to a moment of recollection, meditation or prayer for peace. The whole planet united in prayer.”

    In whose name?
    The name Gesu Cristo is seldom heard from his lips.

    • This is correct.
      The bishop of Rome will speak the word “God” but not the word “Jesus”.
      The bishop of Rome will speak the word “church” but not the word “Catholic”.

      Simply read/listen if you can bare it.

  2. Pope St. John Paul II odd man (saint) out

    In the meantime, we pray for Pope Francis, we wish him more and more doctrinal clarity and spiritual strength to be able to give to the media and to the world a clearer and stronger testimony of the Catholic Faith, such as the Apostle Saint Peter (before the Sanhedrin); such as Blessed Pius IX (before the Masonic world); such as Saint Pius X (before modernity); such as […] John […] Paul II (before today’s laicism)


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