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Free Home Altar Artwork from Daniel Mitsui

Daniel Mitsui is a Catholic artist who has been producing excellent and unique religious artwork for many years. He has also written several pieces on this topic for 1P5 in the past.

He reached out to me today to notify me of a new initiative he has undertaken for those stuck worshiping at home during the coronavirus shutdown of religious services. He’s offering some free printable artwork and prayer cards that could be used in a home setting. As he explains on his website:

In order to slow the spread of disease, many churches have suspended their public liturgical celebrations. For the benefit of the faithful now worshiping at home, some of whom lack the means for purchasing artwork in these uncertain times, I am providing free printable artwork that can be used in the making of a home altar or shrine: pictures of the Crucifixion and the Last Supper, and prayers for making a spiritual communion.

For those looking for some artistic resources to help enhance the spaces in their home dedicated to prayer, these are a good option.

Our thanks to Daniel for sharing these with our audience.

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