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For Fr. Phillips, A Study in Contrasts

Over at Mahound’s Paradise, St. John Cantius parishioner Oakes Spalding has a post up about Fr. Frank Phillips, who, having not been allowed to return to the parish he built up as a center of Catholic restoration in America, will be sent to St. Louis by his superior, where his larger order, the Resurrectionists, have a seminary.

In a series of simple photographs, Spalding contrasts the differences between where Fr. Phillips is going and what he has created. Here’s a sample:

As you can see, the “Where Fr. Phillips is Going” images, below, are the three featured photographs on the “Mission” page of the Resurrectionists.
The “What Fr. Phillips created” images are taken from the substantial Flicker album at the new Canons site.
Are the following comparisons fair?

Of course not. Cantius has better photographers.

Where Fr. Phillips is Going:
What Fr. Phillips Created:

It’s a devastating comparison, and worth viewing the whole thing for those who are following this story.

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