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Final Fundraising Drive of 2016 – We Need You!

‘Tis the season for lots of fundraising emails from your favorite non-profits and publications. Of course, as a donor-supported organization, we’re no different.

We’re already almost half way to our monthly goal for December. (THANK YOU, DONORS!!) We just need you to help push us over the top.

So here’s the deal: we know it’s almost Christmas. We know you have food and gifts to buy, get togethers and travel to fund, etc. We aren’t going to ask you for a lot. Our web host is billing me for 455,410 visits this month, and we still have 5 days to go before the cycle ends. Web stats are funny, but if even half of those are real people, that means a quarter of a million folks have benefited from the work we do here just in the past few weeks.


So here’s my challenge: If you’ve never donated but like our stuff, would you consider donating just $10? $5? We have strength in numbers here. We’re only trying to raise $10,000 for the month. It’s a completely attainable goal. (And for those who absolutely cannot spare a dime, please pray that we hit our numbers!)

Remember: as a US 501(c)(3), donations are tax deductible (as applicable by law.) So this is also your chance to get in that last deduction, and if you need to knock a few thousand bucks off your IRS bill, we’d be happy to help with that, too!

Thanks, as always, for all you do to support us. We absolutely cannot do it without you.

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