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Of False Prophets and Nations Not Holy

Editor’s note: During the Synod on the Family in 2015, Panamanian cardinal José Luis Lacunza Maestrojuán had this to say about divorce: “Moses drew near to the people and gave way. Likewise today, the ‘hardness of hearts’ opposes God’s plan. Could Peter not be merciful like Moses?”

Keeping in mind that “God’s plan,” according to those currently running the Vatican, includes divorce, adultery, fornication, and contraception, below we publish a re-examination of an Old Testament prophet, not far removed in his teaching from “merciful” Moses, in light of the New Paradigm.

* * *

The Apology of the Prophet Isaiah, the son of Amoz, which he made in the 58th month of the New Prophet, in the days of no kings and the end of all the nations.

Hear O nations and give ear [1]!
O earth, for a new prophet is speaking!
Sons have I, but they rebel against me!
The ox [2] knows its owner,
and the ass [3] its master’s crib,
but these rebellious men do not know
and they cause the people to misunderstand.

These dissent from the new way;
Offspring of evildoers!
Sons who deal corruptly!
and sow confusion [4] among the people.

Did those prophets of old tell you that if you sin, you shall die the death [5]?
It shall not be so, nay it shall not be so,
for they did not see that the Lord is rich in mercy
and knows not justice.
The Lord shall overturn even His own law for you [6]
And then shall He write a new law
A law of tenderness that grants your fondest desires.

Do they cry “Repent! Repent! [7]
and say you must turn away from your sins of old
and walk a path too difficult for you?
Do they say the Lord hates the unclean act,
and turns away His face from the unrepentant?
Nay, the Lord finds goodness even in iniquity [8].
Yea, even that which was of old an abomination,
hath become clean and righteous in the sight of the Lord [9].

What do they tell you? That you must give up your sin?
Nay, it is not so. There is a new law [10], and a new righteousness.
The Lord knows your weakness and has mercy on you.
His strength is His alone; He does not share it
and He will not strengthen you,
but instead will accompany you in your weakness.

Are you a sinful nation? A people laden with iniquity [11]?
But it is not so! Sin, and you shall be made whiter than snow!
Discern, and you shall be made clean by discernment.
You will not be smitten. Do not fear on account of your rebellion [12].

For we know now that the beliefs of the fathers were false,
and if it were not, it has nevertheless passed away.
It was so for them but not for you.
Our fathers in faith have played you falsely.

Bring your offerings [13]; they are not in vain!
Cast your blood offerings and your drink offerings upon the new altar;
your incense is a sweet fragrance to me, says the Lord.
I, the Lord, endure iniquity; I pass over sin, unseeing [14].

Your new moons and your solemn assembly
your appointed feasts, my soul loves.
They are not a burden to me;
I will never weary of bearing them.
I am the God of mercy! Justice is as a harlot cast out [15],
her cries shall be silenced in the sound of merrymaking.

Come! Come! Eat of the table of the Lord;
grow fat on the flesh of bulls and rams,
and do not fear the wrath, for you are free!
Do not fear to eat and drink, for no condemnation shall fall [16].
Your hands are washed, your garments are clean.

Ah, I will not vent my wrath, and no man is my enemy [17].
I will not avenge myself on my foes.
I will not turn my hand against you,
nor smelt away your dross as lye.
I will not remove all your alloy, but rejoice in it.
And more, the Lord through his prophets now says [18],
Do not fear for your sins,
because the Lord attendeth not to sin,
but has a mind only for joy and loves only peace of heart;

The Lord shall turn away His face
from your harlotries and will not see them [19].

But he concerneth Himself only with the manner of your thoughts.
The secrets of your heart He knows not, nor does He hear.

Hearken unto us! Hear the new prophet [20]
who bears humility on his brow
and who frees you from the old yoke [21],
which was bitter and was too heavy for you;
he looses you from the old burden,
since he knows you could not lift it.

Be not broken, O ye peoples of the new law of the nations,
for you are new men in the new land you have been given
and to you the law of the old righteousness,
a righteousness of judgment, cannot be applied!

Be not dismayed all ye who love the practices of the nations [22],
for the Lord hath repented of his former wrath and blesses you.
He hath regard for your ceremonies;
Yea, even for the ceremonies of new gods;
He smiles upon your sacrifices
in the high places and under every green tree,
for all gods are one god, and every truth the same truth.

Hath the prophets of the old law said the Lord scorns your burnt offerings,
and your blood offerings, and your offerings of incense [23]?
Nay, it is not so! He blesses the incense you burn on the high places;
and after the manner of the nations shall a new law be written.

Gird yourselves with the new mercy, and be not dismayed.
Gird yourselves, take counsel with the priests and discern your freedom.
And be comforted in your sins, for the wrath of old is extinguished.

Your sins are not as scarlet; for the Lord sees your anguish,
and has no desire to wipe them away.
Harken not to those sayers of doom,
for they eateth only the sour fruits of their wrath in anguish;
and their faces are shrunken from it.

For now, in the days of our adulthood, the Lord shall bow to thee,
and shall beg forgiveness of Sodom and of Gomorrah [24];
and He shall pay tribute to the cities of the plain
that He did raze in the days of your fathers.

For He hath repented of His vengeance of old
and He hath recalled His former commandments.
For the sake of your sin, He hath repealed His laws,
that were hard and unyielding, and which you could not follow.

As far as the east is from the west hath He cast His laws from Him;
no more shall He know them, and the practices of the nations
shall no longer be called wicked,
though the prophets of old abhorred them [25].

Now shall you cast off the wife of your youth [26]
and no reproach shall be to thee;
now shall the wanton and faithless woman [27]
be adorned with rich garments and walk in the markets.
And the wives will say, See, the Lord hath regard for her.

No more shall they cry, Woe to us.
For they have not brought evil upon themselves.
Nay, the Lord speaketh now of the new law.
Tell the unrighteous that it shall be well with them,
for they shall eat the fruit of their discernment.

Say unto them, Your land shall be filled with silver and gold.
You shall strike hands with the nations
and there will be no end to your treasures.

So is the God of our fathers humbled; so is the Lord brought low.

* * *

What are they telling us? What are they really saying? What has all this really been about for the last four-plus years? Divorce is an evil fantasy; its grudging provision, due to the hardness of heart of the Jews of the time of Moses, was definitively rescinded by the mouth of God Himself. But now they tell us not only that divorce is real, that a man can abandon his wife and marry someone else, but that when he does so, he must continue sinning. It has come at last: they tell us from the seat of Peter that it is a sin not to sin.

Likewise, they are telling us, from the seat of Peter, that not to use contraception is also a sin. Soon they will tell us that not to abort the child, not to euthanize the sick and the old, not to oppress the faithful are sins unto God. Does it take a prophet to see this? Do you think I’m going mad? Look at what they are really saying, right now. How mad would I have had to be five years ago to predict this?

What is the Bergoglian Paradigm about? It is about a new religion, and specifically a religion that falsifies, negates, contradicts, denies, and abominates the old religion. It is about the complete reversal of all that God has taught mankind, not only since the dawn of the Christian era, but from the beginning. If the Bergoglian Negation is true, then everything we have believed, not for 2,000 years, but since the time of Abraham, indeed since the time of the promise to Eve, is false. Every miracle, every promise, every covenant, every expression of love of God for us was all a lie.

How did I write the above? Was I writing under prophetic inspiration? Not at all. I simply took what these men, these new false prophets have been saying and applied it to the book of Isaiah and only a tiny fraction of other books. It was easy. In fact, I could have carried on for the rest of the day. It was instantly clear: everything that good old prophet said was being denied. I only cite here the first chapter. I didn’t have to be a biblical expert; I just had to read the plain words on the page. There are 66 chapters in the book of Isaiah, and every word of his rebukes, condemns, and abominates Bergoglio’s New Paradigm.

Why? Because the Bergoglians tell us not to repent, not to turn away from sin. They tell us that God will not save, will not lend you strength. They tell us even that sin is good. It is a counsel of despair; it tells you that you are helpless in your sins, that no God is coming to save you, that His grace is insufficient for you, that you are ensnared in depravity and can never escape, never hope for holiness, never hope for salvation.

But if the things we have believed – the Faith we have received from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and of Moses, the Faith of the Prophets Elijah and Isaiah, the Faith of David the king, the Faith of Anna and Zechariah and Joseph and the sweet Virgin Mother, is true, then the Bergoglian Proposal is not merely false, but the most evil lie ever perpetrated.

If the Bergoglian Reversal is true, then the Lord God of Israel is not blessed; there was no visit or redemption of the people of God. There was no raising of the horn of salvation for us in the house of His servant David. He did not speak by the mouth of His holy prophets of old. We cannot be saved from our enemies, nor from the hand of those who hate us. He will not perform the mercy promised to our fathers, nor will He remember His holy covenant, and the oath He swore to our father Abraham was void. We will not be delivered from the hand of our enemies, nor will we serve Him without fear. There will be no holiness or righteousness, and we will not serve Him all the days of our lives.

There never was any prophet of the Most High to go before the Lord to prepare His ways. There was never any knowledge of salvation to His people because there could be no repentance or forgiveness of sins. There was not then and will not be now any tender mercy of God, nor shall the dayspring visit us from on high, and there will be no light for those who sit in darkness, and no guidance to their feet into the way of peace.

Every word of the Bible is negated, every promise from God reversed by this new religion. Follow it, if you will, into utter destruction, utter annihilation.


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