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Ep. 46 – Student Harassed At Catholic Providence College For Pro-Marriage Bulletin Board

Guests: Michael Smalanskas, senior Theology & Philosophy student and Resident Advisor at Providence College; Dr. James Keating, Associate Professor of Theology and Faculty Adviser at Providence College.

Description: Michael Smalanskas, a senior at the Dominican-run Providence College in Rhode Island, was required as a dormitory Resident Advisor to keep a bulletin board updated with informational materials of his choosing. After seeing a bulletin board in another dorm promoting lesbian marriage, Smalanskas decided to put up a pro-marriage bulletin board featuring Scripture and Church teaching on the sacrament. What ensued was a campaign of harassment and intimidation from other students and Resident Advisors, and the cold shoulder from the school’s administration — even after Michael received a drawing he says threatened him with rape. Together, Michael and his faculty advisor, Dr. James Keating, have sought remedy from college administrators, but their requests have been summarily ignored.

NOTE: After we started conducting interviews for this podcast, Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence came out with a statement on the matter not discussed in the program. You can read it here, or in the links below.


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