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Ep. 42 – Michael Hichborn on The Lepanto Institute and Corruption in Catholic Organizations

Guest: Michael Hichborn, founder and president of The Lepanto Institute.

Description: The Catholic Church remains the largest charitable organization in the world, but are all of its programs and outreach efforts abiding by the Catholic moral and ethical framework? As Michael Hichborn has investigated the Church’s charitable work through groups like the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, Caritas Internationalis, and Catholic Relief Services, he’s uncovered wide-ranging problems that include massive distribution of contraception in direct violation of Catholic teaching. I talk to Michael about the work he’s doing at The Lepanto Institute, some of the troubling things he has discovered, and his assessment of why despite some positive results, so little is being done in many places to correct them.


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39 thoughts on “Ep. 42 – Michael Hichborn on The Lepanto Institute and Corruption in Catholic Organizations”

    • Thank you Fr. for being a faithful son of God. You will be blessed. I think we have to remember that despite all the filth we see in the institutional Church of Christ, there are those of you who are faithfully fighting for our Precious Lord in His true Church, and an indispensable help for those of us in this wasteland. God will never ever leave us as orphans, and he has provided us with true faithful leaders to help us. I am ever so thankful!!

  1. Woe to you priests who rape the Holy Bride of Christ out of your wanton lust and your rapacious greed that is idolatry, for the Lord God is the avenger of souls. Woe to you shepherds who sheer the sheep for your own material gain and fatten them on the pleasures of the world, the flesh and the devil only to devour them seeking to satiate your own insatiable lustful appetite, for the Lord God shall vent His just and infinite wrath upon you for eternity. Know that the evil you have wrought shall be brought upon you for eternity. Taste the Hell that awaits you and know that it is merely the beginning, for you shall choke upon your own evil which shall engulf you for ever and ever. Repent you vile wretches, you sons of Sodom and you wickedly false religious daughters of Gomorra for the Lord shall visit upon you a 100 fold all that you have visited upon His Beloved Bride and Her children.

  2. That was just marvellous Steve and Michael! I am so grateful that both you are doing this work. Yes, Steve, to your plan to provide a shelter where Catholics can gather online, listen to one another and share ideas and coping strategies and know they are not alone. What you guys are going through is in some areas replicated at our level too, e..g. raising some of these issues with good Priests can invite the accusation of “being divisive”! That’s a shock when that comes from good Priests. It is important that ALL of the corruption comes out! Whilst it takes people years to listen and then to accept all the bad news, this has to be done, because we are meant to be ‘wise as serpents’ and we cannot do that without being willing to be informed. Also, for those of us in catechetical positions, we can get weighed down with the question ‘but where do I lead this group of students now? Where is it safe?’ So many times in this podcast I had to laugh at the comments which were duplicating my own thoughts! Even EVEN the sudden decision of Michael to wear the Scapular every day now! I’ve worn the Miraculous Medal for years but because of the heat of summer here shied away from the scapular despite being enrolled. But once I saw the Vatican was supporting the Sustainable Development Goals of population reduction, and having watched ‘masters of deceit’ film clip, I figure the UN or their nutty delegates may just release a local plague or whatever, so getting out of Purgatory on the first Saturday after my death might be a good reason to stop procrastinating on the Scapular! Thank you both so much. Would love to hear you guys talk more whenever you can! God bless!

  3. What a wonderful enlightening and even uplifting podcast!! (uplifting even in the midst of this demonic sludge that is engulfing us) Thank you so much for this!! As you know Steve, I do keep you, Michael and other faithful Catholic investigative journalists in my daily Rosary. Beyond any doubt Satan has a target on your back. You are shining a bright light on the ‘cockroach nest’ within the Church and unfortunately there is a price to pay for that. Let me tell you, it’s not only people like you (who are shining the light in the darkness) that are having a tough time praying lately. I would venture to say a good number of the faithful laity are going through the same exact thing. I know DEFINITELY I am. I have had to struggle almost every single day to pray, and for a while now. I pick up my Rosary and put it down, and pick it up and put it down over and over again and finally beg the Blessed Mother to help me with this arid dryness I’m going through. I’m ever so grateful when I have a day that it comes easier. Satan is extremely strong right about now, and I think a lot of us are struggling tremendously because of it. The oppression is at times smothering, but we have to remember the recent words of Benedict: “Remember, the Lord wins in the end.”

    • Oh how I concur! Between the diabolical atrocities being perpetrated in the Church, and the wretched deep state coup working feverishly to overthrow our president, I am becoming utterly despondent. I go for days at a time with out praying, just sitting there playing puzzles and solitaire, I must confess… Return O Lord, how long?

      • You are suffering from acedia. It is sometimes called the sin of sloth, but it is more like existential depression.
        I recommend a delightful book you can get 2nd-hand off the internet: “The Noonday Devil” by Fr Bernard Bassett, SJ. It will give you a refreshing and often funny Catholic perspective to help you keep on keeping on.

  4. The volume is too low. Can’t hear anything on my phone. File volume should have been normalized.

    Also, there is no reason for a podcast to be at a higher bitrate than 32 kbps. This would save you a fortune on bandwidth.

  5. Thank you Steve and Michael for the great work you do.
    May the good Lord bless you and your families.

    Many thanks,



    • I second your comment cs. Michael’s right – many prelates don’t give a damn, they lack faith, they don’t even believe in the Eucharist, Confession or Hell, many of them are perverts and they are threatening to sweep many individual souls to Hell.

      Which is all the more reason why we will persist with our programs – which is essentially to do their job for them in whatever capacity Our Lord Jesus Christ and our Mother Mary calls us. It’s going to cost us something – I was aware of that from the point when my recovery after the seminary reached the stage of completion. But the more the devil mocks and tempts, the more we will push back with God’s Grace. We will never surrender. NEVER.

      • God bless you GriffonSpitfire.

        And good luck again with the catechism program I recall you are forming for your extended family.
        They are blessed to have you


      • Many prelats don’t even have vocation or enough education to step in the Catholic Church! They consider the priesthood as the profession, not the call of God, so instead of being true Shepherds to the flock, the only thing they are concerned with is making the career within the Church.

        This phenomenon is the most visible in the parishes where are the Neocatechumenals. It is practically the business between the local (Arch)Bishops and Kiko Arguello, which is based on the principle of outsourcing: the (Arch)Bishops says in which parishes and how many priests they need, and Kiko Arguello immediately delivers them on the given address. You can call it also rent-a-faithful and rent-a-worker commerce.

        In this way both sides are happy: the Neocathecumenals get the chance to raise and expand their communities within the Universal Church, while the Catholic (Arch)Bishops (who are often unwilling to do their job properly) can easily cover their mismenagment of the dioceses, what can be visible in the lack of enthusiastic catechists or vocation during longer period. To such (Arch)Bishops it doesn’t matter if the Neocathecumenals are fake priests having no real vocation or having poor knowledge about the Catholicism; as long as they wear the clerical collar and don’t get themselves in some kind of trouble, everything is great.

        Unfortunately, sooner or later the Neocathecumenals become nothing but the trouble in the parish due to their “impossibility of perfomance” concerning the priesthood. As you may guess, in that situation, it is usually only the concerned (Arch)Bishop that doesn’t notice anything.

  6. Thank you, 1P5. The Lepanto Institute merits much wider recognition among faithfully Catholic media outlets. I’ve learned a great deal from its investigatory work

  7. The reason that these false prelates are in our church is mainly to bring holy mother church to her knees. Its to destroy the Catholic church from within because it is the Church that Jesus Christ Himself instituted and two, it holds the “Whole Truth” and no other church can claim. I do believe we are in the Great Apostasy that the Our Lady predicted at Fatima. We must remain in our Catholic church but not follow the Apostate church. I do believe that us true Catholic’s will be persecuted by the false Catholic apostate church in the near future…..

  8. Sometime in the early 2000s, my husband and I heard about CCHD and its “issues.” We haven’t given anything to them since then. A few years later, there was another exposé of multiple agencies, and at that time we decided we would give nothing to any of them. The only ones we donate to are Lepanto and the Cardinal Newman Society. That’s pretty much it.

  9. An encouraging and very moving discussion, Steve. Please don’t be discouraged. Eventually, that other “Church” of clerics and people who don’t believe – that “Church” is going to disappear, because no one will want to belong to a “Church” like that.

    It may take years, but all of us, the remnant of the true Church, will survive and flourish once again.

    In the meantime, thousands pray for you every day.

    • For yet a little while, and the wicked shall not be : and thou shalt seek his place, and shalt not find it. Psalm 36:10 (37:10) Douay Rheims Bible.

      When it comes it will be “fast and furious”. Count on it.

  10. Francis and his Freemason friends are establishing the religion of man, which is why they are doing all those horrid things. Think one world ecumenical religion. That is why the world is so approving. Only God can save us now.

  11. There’s really no reason to send out a podcast with a bitrate highter than 32 or maybe 40 kbps. I don’t know what the bitrate is on this podcast, but it’s so high I can’t listen to it. My internet connection is only 750 kbps (though it’s often faster), but this is the only podcast I’ve had trouble with. Using 32 kbps would not only enable me to listen, but it would save you a fortune on bandwidth.

  12. @skojec:disqus Great podcast Steve! And I loved hearing you read the quote from the vision of St. St. Hildegard of Bingen.

    Couple of questions: Where can I find the quote Michael used about Father Francis Palou on the demon Asmodeus? And, are we as Catholics allowed or permitted to use this demons name in rejection of him and Satan when confronting lust and sexual temptation? Thank you, God Bless.

  13. Very revealing. I am relatively certain that there are some who belong to the World Congress of Families who have no idea what is really going on. I remember when it got organized, I think that mostly it was pro-lifers who came together at the United Nations to stop the terrible language from being included in the document under construction. Although UN documents that result from various conferences are not legally binding they do influence judges and are quoted by judges in court to support bad decisions.

  14. This is the hour of Phineas. God will raise someone who will clean the Encampment of all those abominations. This sick stuff has to end.


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