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On Election Day in America, Pope Meets With Italy’s Most Famous Abortionist

As day at last dawns on the Westernmost regions of the United States of America, her people face a stark choice: while neither candidate has a positive track record on abortion, one promises to be the most pro-abortion, anti-life president in the nation’s 240-year history, while the other makes a newly-minted promise to defend life. The decision made today in the elections of the waning but still-most-powerful nation on earth will have ripple effects throughout the remainder of our lifetimes.

Emma Bonino and Pope Francis. Image courtesy of LifeSiteNews
Emma Bonino and Pope Francis. Image courtesy of LifeSiteNews

It is on this momentous occasion that Pope Francis, an astute master of symbolic gestures, has chosen to meet with Emma Bonino, Italy’s most famous (and unrepentant) promoter of abortion — and his personal friend. If you are unfamiliar with the name, Bonino is a radical politician and former abortionist who claims to have performed as many as 10,000 abortions in a single year. As Hilary White wrote earlier this year:

In 2010, after I had lived in Italy about two years and had begun to understand the byzantine complexities of this country’s politics, Emma Bonino decided to run for the office of governor of the region of Lazio. Once I found out what kind of person she was, I was seized with the urge to buy a crate of spray paint and go around Rome writing, “10,000 bambini assassinati non abbastanza per Emma ‘la Bicicletta’ Bonino,” on all her posters. “10,000 murdered babies not enough for Emma ‘the bicycle’ Bonino.” I thought of it every time I got off the train at St. Peter’s station in Rome where her face was plastered on nearly every surface. Somehow, I was disuaded from this course of action, and now I wish I had done it. Instead I wrote a few articles about her, and what she stood for, by way of an introduction to English speaking pro-life readers.

It didn’t get around much in the English language press, but this month, the same woman has been praised by Pope Francis. In an interview with Corriere della Sera, the pope, the Vicar of Christ, called Sra. Bonino, “among the great ones of today’s Italy.” The pontiff mentioned her work as foreign minister in Africa: “She offered the best service to Italy to learn about Africa.”

“They say: ‘This is a person who thinks very differently from us [Catholics].’ True, but never mindWe have to look at people, at what they do,” the pope said.

Well, that’s reasonable enough. We do need to look at what they do; quite right. By their fruits ye shall know them, as the expression goes.

A brief resume: Emma Bonino entered Italian politics as a radical feminist and leftist extremist in the ‘70s after she had already made her name synonymous with illegal abortion. She boasted in the press of having invented a hand-held vacuum aspirator out of a jam jar and a bicycle pump, and has since continued to claim that using that device she had personally killed 10,000 “unwanted” children. She is, in short, the Henry Morgentaler of Italy.

This, after he waded into American politics again just a few days ago by condemning “physical and social walls” that “close in some and exclude others” — a clear dig at Presidential Candidate Donald Trump’s promise to build a wall on the US/Mexico border. America Magazine reported more from that speech:

The pope said on Saturday that Christians should not give into the temptation to build walls, even in the face of “hateful and cowardly attacks,” a reference to global terrorism.

“Dear Brothers and Sisters,” he said, “all walls fall.”

The speech, given in Spanish to representatives of grassroots social justice organizations from 60 countries, included a lengthy a quote from the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Francis has previously held up the civil rights leader as a great American in his speech to the U.S. Congress last year and he included a quote from King in “Amoris Laetitia,” his apostolic letter about family life.

On Saturday, the pope invoked King to urge the audience to combat fear with bridge building and love.

Francis said “mercy is the best antidote against fear” and that it “is much more effective than walls, that barbed wire fences, than alarms and arms, and it is free. It is the gift of God.”

He also touched on the need for individuals at the grassroots level “to revitalize” democracy around the world that are imperiled due to “the enormous power of economic and media groups that seem to dominate” and repeated his condemnation of placing money above human beings.

Christians have a duty, he said, to be active in political life, but he warned against corruption and arrogance.

“Anyone who is too attached to material things or the mirror, who likes money, lush banquets, sumptuous mansions, refined suits, luxury cars,” he said, should avoid going into politics—as well as the seminary. Instead, political leaders must lead by example, living frugally and humbly.

Francis also offered some advice on how to fight terrorism and oppression, saying, “the best antidote is love. Love heals everything.”

Love heals everything? Love does not bring back the 10,000 babies killed by Emma Bonino, many with a modified bicycle pump. But she and Pope Francis agree about walls and migrants and refugees, it seems — all things he apparently prioritzes over the unmitigated slaughter of little childredn in the womb.

Message received, Holy father. Message received.

95 thoughts on “On Election Day in America, Pope Meets With Italy’s Most Famous Abortionist”

  1. Ah, I see now. How silly all of us have been. While we have been wringing our hands and worrying ourselves half to death over the scandal of unrepentant divorced and remarried couples openly receiving Holy Communion in the aftermath of the AL disaster, it’s clear that all our worrying was for naught. Because, as this pontiff has made clear with this—there is no other word for it—diabolical act, the term “scandal” no longer has any meaning. So all of us conservatives and trads need to just quit b****ing and sit down, because, after all, “the best antidote is love. Love heals everything.”

    Dear God in heaven, we have John Lennon sitting on the chair of St. Peter. (And I mean this sincerely, as Francis behaves precisely as Lennon did: publicly campaigning about peace and love while remaining a vindictive, immature, destructive man in his private life.)

        • I wish I could take credit for being clever regarding my post.
          But, that is truly how I am feeling these days; as though I must put a wall up between myself and Catholics who are just not good, including prelates, bishops and the like.
          I refer to those “bad” ones as people who stubbornly refuse to obey, are rebellious and promote sinful behaviors. I am afraid this pope fits the bill.

    • When I was at 6th Form College, there was a lad in my group who was planning on becoming a Jesuit.
      Other than an Order of Priests, I knew nothing of them.

      During our weekly RE lessons we had turns at doing a presentation. I will never forget (well it’s 30 years later and I haven’t forgotten so far), being horrified that he chose to base his talk on “Imagine” by Lennon.

      Now I know why he specifically, even at 17, wanted to be a Jesuit.

  2. How could he resist meeting with one of Italy’s ‘forgotten greats’!?

    What a privilege for him, that she, the great bicycle baby butcher, would deem him worthy of an audience and value his opinion! Pope Francis doesn’t care about her murdering thousands of babies, or her lack of repentance, for him she is just another sister saint traveling on the road to the Resurrection unto eternal life:


    “The ‘children of heaven and resurrection’ are not a privileged few, but they are all men and all women, because the salvation brought by Jesus is for everyone. And the life of resurrection will be similar to that of the angels, that is, everyone immersed in the light of God, completely dedicated to His praise, in an eternity full of joy and peace.”

    The Heresy of Universalism anyone? Condemned along with it’s author Origen at the 2nd Council of Constantinople:

    • We don’t need a council to condemn universalism, although councils do clearly state truth in response to error. We have the words of Jesus – Enter in at the narrow gate, for broad is the way that leads to destruction and many choose that way. Enter into the narrow gate…few there be that find it. (bad paraphrase mine).

      • If you read the Council you will see that they say they get their teaching from Scripture, Tradition (the Fathers) and the Holy Synods. Council’s are part of the Ordinary Governance of the Church and they are sometimes the necessary way to clear up heresies and reaffirm the One True Faith (Council’s are in the Scripture too…)

        • I really didn’t mean to demean Church Councils. It’s just that the definitive teaching on this matter comes from Jesus himself, as I’m sure (not having read the documents) the Council refers to.

    • I suppose that “resurrection” is for everyone in that all will be raised at the general resurrection. However, some will be raised to life everlasting whereas most (according to Our Lord and His saints) will be raised to a judgment of eternal damnation. Origenism is just one in a long series of heresies that can be laid at Bergoglio’s door. Its almost as if he is inspired by a synthesis of all heresies.

    • I would have been overjoyed if it had been said:

      Pope Francis called out the butcher of unborn babies, he said you are a peddler of death, shame on you. You are possessed and serve the evil one.

  3. The Lord ate with tax collectors, spoke with prostitutes, so that he could change them, heal them and draw them away from sin and into holiness.

    The Pope eats with the tax collectors and sinners so that he can ingratiate himself with the powerful and influential of the world. He does not call them away from sin; he encourages them in sin, tells them sin is not a problem because mercy is boundless. He does not challenge them to reject evil and embrace good; rather, he tells them that evil is of no consequence.

    • Dear Jordan, That is not actually true, Our Lord never tried to change anyone unless we ask him, however I have heard a few homilies in my life from liberals that try to imply that Jesus was okay with just being one of the boys. Think about this please: At the well the Woman who had be married five times recognised who Jesus is, On the cross with the two thieves one of the thieves recognised who Jesus is and the other rejected Christ. In front of pilate AND the whole multitude of them rising up, led him to Pilate. 2And they began to accuse him, saying: We have found this man perverting our nation, and forbidding to give tribute to Caesar, and saying that he is Christ the king. 3And Pilate asked him, saying: Art thou the king of the Jews? But he answering, said: Thou sayest it.

        • Sorry Jordan, I was trying to say that Jesus as far as I am aware did not walk the earth to change us in the sense of saying you must do this or that, as this would indicate that the Roman Catholic faith is the equivalent to all of the false religions that exist that use force as a method of conversion.

  4. This latest stunts show what Francis considers important. More and more evidence every day yet almost nobody notices. Truly a Divine Chastisement sits in Rome.

  5. You know, I wake up out here on the west coast, with a glimmer of hope that the election in the USA will go well, and that the evil Clinton/Obama/Soros machine might be thwarted today. And I still have that hope and that prayer.

    And then I get to the part of the news that reports about our pope, and sure as the devil, that man does his level best to destroy whatever hope a person might have that the wickedness of abortion be resisted, diminished and even one day soon, brought to an end. And he does his best to destroy whatever hope a person might have that there could be leaders of countries, like in Poland or Hungary, who stand up against the madness of “open borders” and the flooding of our countries with Islamic terror.

    This pope of ours makes we want to weep. The state of our Catholic Church makes me want to weep. Every day this pope makes me want to weep and scream.

    But I will hope and pray instead. And resist the evil always and in every way God gives me to do so. And I won’t let the vanity and the arrogance of this pope and his modernist collective of bishops, priests, and cardinals, along with the cino laity and the leftist baby-killers, destroy that hope.

    But I am very tired of this pope of ours, and his foolish, proud, destructive ways. It’s a very sad time for the Church, and yes even a time for weeping. But also a time for fighting the wicked ideologies that he enables and supports.

    Dear Lord, give us strength against Your enemies.

  6. I received this in my Diocesan Email account this mourning from the Byzantine Patriarchate in the U.S. It’s flawed because it follows the Orthodox line of reasoning so it attribute the Soviet Union falling because of the actions of one Man: Gorbachev. Wrong, Regan and Pope JPII had much to do with the demise of the Soviet Union. It also calls John Kennedy the last U.S. president who really cared for morality: Wrong!!! Once again, he can’t mention Regan because of the whole Orthodox Church thing. And I think he is wrong about Trump being anti-homosexual, Trump has not made that clear.

    However, he is right about who Jezebel is and what it means. Too bad the only Bishop with this much honesty in the U.S. is Byzantine Orthodox. He also has some nice shots in there about fake mercy…

    An appeal to the American people before the election

    Dear American Christians and people of good will,

    the presidential elections in previous years do not
    compare with this historic moment! Whether there had been this or that
    candidate running for presidency, both of them represented the program of the
    behind-the-scenes elite which pursued gradual elimination of moral and
    spiritual values as well as of orthodox Christianity. The US embraced the
    program of “reduction”– autogenocide – through satanization not only of the
    Christian nations but of the entire world. Obama declared homosexuality a
    foreign policy priority. Thus the US turned into the spiritual Babylon, the
    prostitute sitting on the beast (Rev 17:1-6). Because of homosexual perversion
    fire fell from heaven on Sodom and Gomorrah as a punishment. God made these two
    cities an example to all humanity (cf. Jude 7; 2Pe 2:6).

    John Kennedy was the last US President who really cared for
    the moral good of America. However, he was slyly murdered by the backroom elite
    which consequently took the power fully into its own hands. Democracy and
    freedom are only its masks.

    Today God gives a new chance in the person of a similar
    candidate in order to turn America in this historic moment away from the
    inclined path leading to both temporal and eternal hell! None of the US
    citizens will be able to make excuses before the judgment seat of God that he
    became a victim of higher politics. Through this election, God puts the US’
    destiny in the hands of every single US citizen – in your hands!

    Unfortunately, the mass media are still in the hands
    of the ruling, backroom oligarchy and using positive terms they promote
    homosexuality and satanism. In this direction they manipulate the voters.
    That was why they launched a campaign recently against a candidate who is their
    opponent. Every US citizen is obliged to ask himself: Who and what kind of
    spirit is behind the two presidential candidates? Behind the first one is the
    spirit of the promotion of homosexuality and occultism, bringing down a curse
    and introducing satanization of the US and of the whole world, ending up in
    eternal damnation in hell. This candidate is being promoted by the world
    rulers behind the scenes worshiping Satan and hiding themselves behind positive
    terms. Now their next puppet, as a modern Jezebel, is to continue their policy.

    Behind the second candidate, who runs as a candidate
    for presidency by a miracle, is the spirit of a moral revival and physical
    salvation of America, Christianity and humanity. And the choice depends on
    you! Now is a historic moment; it decides the whole future. It is the last
    chance which God gives America. If you let yourselves be deceived by the mass
    media and choose evil and the way of Satan, America together with you will end
    up in hell. Do not think that your election is about four years only. No
    man is perfect but what matters is whom he represents. Man is just an
    instrument through which a system and a spirit comes to power. The entire
    Communist system fell through one person – Gorbachev. Today God gives the
    chance right to America to stop the satanic system promoted by her and to
    change course. In this election, you are choosing death or life for
    yourselves as well as for your children and future generations.

    Dear American church leaders of both Catholic and
    other Christians! Unless at this moment every bishop, priest or
    pastor makes clear to the people the essence of spiritual warfare associated
    with the elections, he will be guilty of the fact that their choice will be
    rigged in favor of spiritual and physical suicide! This church leader will give
    an account for it before the judgment seat of God. If he is silent or even
    promotes the spirit of homosexuality and death, he commits a spiritual crime!
    If the people accept the truth, they will make the first step of repentance,
    and then it will be clear to everyone who they must vote for in this historic
    moment and who they must not.

    Currently, church hierarchs and false prophets – heretical
    theologians – bring down a curse on the whole earth. The Byzantine Catholic
    Patriarchate in this strategic time is a voice crying in the wilderness, calling
    on the nations that are still regarded as Christian to show true repentance.

    There will be no mercy on the Day of Judgment for the one
    who rejects the truth and true repentance. To highlight one-sidedly God’s mercy
    and thus to boycott the calls for true repentance is diabolical deceit of the

    The Byzantine Patriarchate hereby calls on the whole
    American nation to show true repentance, to renounce church heresies, all forms
    of divination, magic and spiritualism, and the path of self-destruction, and to
    return to its sound Christian roots. The first step of the nation’s repentance
    is to publicly renounce the program of homosexualism and genocide and hence the
    path to hell both on earth and after death. How? By voting for the candidate
    who rejects this path to destruction and pursues the program of a moral revival
    of America. Every US citizen today bears responsibility for the future not
    only of their own nation but also for the future of the whole planet.

    God Himself calls on US citizens today: “…if you
    are drawn away, and worship other gods (demons, energies) and serve them,
    I announce to you today that you shall surely perish… I call heaven and earth
    as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death,
    blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants
    may live.” (Deu 30:17-20)

    “Unless you repent, you will all perish!” (Lk


    of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

    Methodius OSBMr

    + Timothy OSBMr


  7. Jorge needs to go. He’s the Vicar of the Population Control Elites!
    I’m telling you he’s a Double Agent!

    Look at his stupid sermon, he is teaching a new religion and it ain’t Catholic:

    “The ‘children of heaven and resurrection’ are not a privileged few, but they are all [ALL?] men and all women, because the salvation brought by Jesus is for everyone. And the life of resurrection will be similar to that of the angels, that is, everyone immersed in the light of God, completely dedicated to His praise, in an eternity full of joy and peace.” – Francis prayed the Angelus on Sunday 11/6/16 in St. Peter’s Square.

    Is he pushing “we have a reasonable hope that all will be saved” GARBAGE?

    So he thinks that the baby killer Witch will be saved without repenting? Is this Jorge’s belief?

      • I don’t understand why can’t all the orthodox prelates get together and do an emergency council and remove him. This is out of control!
        Look at the garbage: Amoris Laetitia (already condemned by 45 theologians), pushing immoral sex ed program at the Vatican, putting heretics into key positions,
        putting down the sacrament of marriage and praising people who are living in mortal sins, and now meeting with this baby killing Witch and not telling her to repent. (Twice), etc.,etc., etc.

        He wants to integrate sin into the Body of Christ, that’s what he is doing! AND he doesn’t believe in hell!

        • I don’t understand why can’t all the orthodox prelates get together
          It is the biggest puzzle in all of this. If I recall correctly, Rorate Caeli ran a post either from Socci and de Mattei saying that AL had just shocked the prelates into silence.

          • Maybe, they are worry about not having a comfortable lifestyle. I don’t see any St. Paul rebuking Peter in his face here.

  8. Pope Francis favorite gambit is to portray cowardice as mercy and love. He seems to have rewritten the spiritual works of Mercy. You can add your own Pope Francis version.
    To instruct the ignorant. PF version: Proselytizing is a sin.

    To counsel the doubtful.

    To admonish sinners. PF version: What constitutes a sin is questionable.

    To bear patiently those who wrong us.
    To forgive offenses. PF version:Exception: Traditional Catholic.

    To console the afflicted.
    To pray for the living and the dead

      • I feel the same way. The only thing that we know for sure is, that God has a plan, and he is part of that plan. I somethimes think that God is letting “us” divide ourselves between the wheat and the chaff.

        • The sifting is being done alright. How many prelates and laity we thought were orthodox under Popes Saint john Paul II and Emeritus Benedict XVI but have now shown their true colors?

        • “I sometimes think that God is letting ‘us’ divide ourselves between the wheat and the chaff”. This is a very thoughtful and profound comment. Perhaps this is part of His plan?

  9. Father Imbarrato gve a homily yesterday about what how Catholics give scandal and about the making of choices using one’s conscience. He quoted the Cathoic Catechism concerning both topics. He further discussed the current schism in our Church. He is one of the very few that is tryng to save souls. One cannot be a Catholic in good standing and vote for a candidate that supports abortion. Pull up his homily on u-tube.

  10. The thing that amazes me is despite the fact that Francis is completely transparent about who he is – People still refuse to wake up.

  11. ““Anyone who is too attached to material things or the mirror, who likes money, lush banquets, sumptuous mansions, refined suits, luxury cars,” he said, should avoid going into politics—as well as the seminary. Instead, political leaders must lead by example, living frugally and humbly.”

    He is just too priceless!! This from the man who spent 10,000,000 euros on kitting out a whole floor of a luxury hotel for his personal use when he already had a very serviceable palace to use in the first place. Only he has “the humility and the ambition” to come out with such manure and keep a straight face.

    • You literally cannot make this stuff up.

      It’s quite possible (or should I say “probable”?) that Francis suffers from a severe form of self-loathing. How else to explain his constant castigation of those upon whom he projects the very traits he appears to despise about himself? A normal, psychologically well-adjusted man should be able to see that every time he points his index finger at the latest bogeyman of the day (such as calling out those who do not have charity that rises to his arbitrary standards while simultaneously hurling down vile, grossly uncharitable insults [e.g., “Superficial Christians!”; “Modern gnostics!”; “Long-faced, mournful funeral Christian!”]), he is in reality accusing himself of those very behaviors. Yet with this pontiff, he seems to either genuinely not realize this, or he secretly despises himself so much that he continues his constant self-flagellation in the hope that somebody—anybody—within his inner circle will help him.

    • I would have been very happy to read:

      ““Anyone who is too attached to material things or the mirror, who likes money, lush banquets, sumptuous mansions, refined suits, luxury cars,” he said, should (Go to confession)

      Alas, it was not to be seen!

  12. We cannot insist only on issues related to abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptive methods. This is not possible. I have not spoken much about these things, and I was reprimanded for that. But when we speak about these issues, we have to talk about them in a context. The teaching of the church, for that matter, is clear and I am a son of the church, but it is not necessary to talk about these issues all the time.

  13. If only Pope Pius XII’s detractors could find a photo like this with a smiling Himmler or even Hitler himself shaking the pontiff’s hand! But that pope sedulously avoided giving this kind of pictorial scandal. He knew how it would be received around the globe. Would this pope had even half of Pacelli’s common sense.

  14. I would ask only that, if after the meeting with Pope Francis and accepting his love for her soul, has she repented of her sin and asked forgiveness leaving her tainted past? Or did the Pope even mention her killer instincts for which she is so famous? Otherwise, what is the point of such an encounter?

  15. He’s missing a part of his brain or he is the most mentally foolish and stupid Pope in history. He furthered Hillary without examining her beliefs because he lusted to say an anti wall thing. Isn’t Vatican City surrounded by a wall? Don’t Swiss Guards carry Sig Sauer pistols and can access Heckler and Koch submachine guns? He’s oblivious to the things under his jurisdiction and under his ability to change them.

  16. Funny the pope saying that about not having walls. We read about the “gates of Heaven” as well as the “gates of hell” and that that Heaven has walls to keep the demons and evil souls out while hell’s walls are there to keep them in.

    Apocalypse 21
    And I John saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband…….And it had a wall great and high, having twelve gates, and in the gates twelve angels, and names written thereon, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel. On the east, three gates: and on the north, three gates: and on the south, three gates: and on the west, three gates. And the wall of the city had twelve foundations, and in them, the twelve names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.

    Matthew 21
    There was a landowner who planted a vineyard. He put a wall around it……

    Maybe Our Lord should tear down those walls as they will “inevitably” fall!

  17. This guy’s dabbling with communists and abortion supporters is saddening. I have decreased my financial donations to this pope’s requests for money. However my faith is unshakable. Francis should be impeached..

  18. You would not believe what a great job the media have done in France in spreading lies, hatred and fear of Donald Trump. This is the second time that the liberals have had to lick their wounds with Brexit being the first. Maybe, just maybe we will see the same thing occurring within our faith. May a new dawn of truth arrive sooner rather than later.

  19. We can also look at all the good that Hitler did for Germany, but that doesnt make him a praise worthy man, does it. One of the problems with how our schools teach history, is that they rarely teach why a nation would be so despirate as to support a man like Hitler. It seems that our Pope, like all liberals, doesnt learn from history. The Church took a more diplomatic approach to Hitler. Did it help at all. What if the Church had taken a strong stand against him in the early days of his political rise?

    As far as his statement about love overcoming all. How has that worked out for peaceful Christians in Nigeria, Iraq and Syria today? Tens of thousands murdered without provocation. How about all the previously Christian nations of the middle east that showed compassion for the early Muslims? The Muslims just slaughtered them when they became strong enough to take over and now the birthplace of Christianity is all controlled by Muslims and the few Christians that remain live like slaves in daily fear.

  20. It is really clear that Pope Francis supports abortion, even if he has made statements supportive of what he no doubt despises as the ‘official line.’

  21. Birds of a feather flock together,this Pope picks an ABORTIONIST to be a personal friend?? are you kidding me?? this Pope is unbelievable,he needs to retire instead of Pope Benedict,I’m sorry this Pope has made some horrible appointments to Bishops,number one Chicago Bishop Cupich he is as far left as Hillary Clinton an San Diego Bishop McElroy another Leftard,these two are Horrible sickening,there have been some very bad Popes in history but not recent history untill now,this Pope has to be the worst Pope in over one hundred years,the sooner this Pope exits the better for our Holy Church an the Catholic people through out the world.


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