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Dr. Ingo Dollinger, R.I.P

Padre Pio of Pietrelcina and Father Ingo Dollinger, 1967

On this Trinity Sunday, 11 June 2017, Dr. Ingo Dollinger died. We just received notice from his secretary in Germany that he peacefully died at 3:57 P.M. German time, in his home, surrounded by his secretary and friends. He had been weak and in pain for quite some time now. As his secretary said to me: “His face shines beautifully in his death.”

Dr. Dollinger died after receiving the Holy Eucharist and the Sacrament of Extreme Unction on that same day. Throughout the previous night, people had prayed at his bedside. As his secretary also told me:

He died on Trinity Sunday, and the Holy Trinity and God’s Mercy were his most beloved themes. He used to say: “When I die, I wish to shoot right into the Most Holy Trinity!” And again and again, Dr. Dollinger preached about Our Lord’s profound gentleness and mercy.

Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, whose spiritual son Father Dollinger was, had once told him that he was to have much to suffer at the end of his life. This turned out to be true.

But, at the same time, Dr. Dollinger was to give a true witness at the end of his life, a witness to the fact that, in June of 2000 and shortly after the publication of the Third Secret of Fatima, then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger admitted to Dr. Dollinger in person that there was still something left unpublished. We have given reports about this important event here and here.

Dr. Dollinger’s secretary once also helped us to write down the important events in Dr. Dollinger’s life which we then published. He had been instrumental in the publication of the 1983 Declaration of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith with regard to the incompatibility of Freemasonry and the Catholic Faith.

Dr. Dollinger was known for his immense love for God and for man. He was beloved by many faithful and, until the final days of his life, there were buses filled with people that stopped at his home to visit him. Still, during his long-lasting illness, Dr. Dollinger was always eager to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and he was assisted by priests from the Fraternity of St. Peter whose seminary is located in the same Bavarian village of Wigratzbad, Germany, where he lived.

The priests from the Fraternity of St. Peter will be celebrating Dr. Dollinger’s Requiem Mass. We will update you as soon as we know more about dates and other details.

May we now all pray ardently and gratefully for the repose of the soul of Dr. Dollinger, a priest who gave his life to the Church and who gave so much to so many souls.

May he be rewarded for his life, work and suffering by the Holy Trinity now. May he be warmly welcomed by Our Blessed Mother and her Son.

If God wills it, may he now also already intercede for us and help us to sustain our Faith in these trying times, and even to grow in our Faith. And may he help us with the intention that the Third Secret of Fatima, in all of its integrity and fullness, and to include the added explanations from Sister Lucia, may be published soon. For the greater good of the Church.

Thank you, Dr. Dollinger.

Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, pray for us.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

The text has been updated, and some more information about Dr. Dollinger’s last hours has been added.

Update, 12 June: Bishop Athanasius Schneider has informed me that he himself will be celebrating the Requiem Mass for Dr. Dollinger in Wigratzbad on 19 June (15.00 P.M.). We are deeply grateful to Bishop Schneider for this act of gratitude toward Dr. Dollinger.

Update 15 June: The Funeral will take place at Pfarrkirche 88145 Opfenbach, Germany.

34 thoughts on “Dr. Ingo Dollinger, R.I.P”

  1. Let us pray for the repose of his soul. And yes, God willing, may he intercede for us. It is a beautiful thing that Our Lord allowed him to pass away on Trinity Sunday of 2017, the 100th year anniversary of Fatima. He was a model in his humility and devotion to the traditional liturgy. I am thankful that the FSSP will be the ones to celebrate his Requiem Mass.

  2. Thank you, Dr. Hickson, for another marvelous report on the life of this extraordinary priest, and now the announcement of his having gone on to his final reward. I am a convert to the Catholic faith, and fine Catholics have educated me in points regarding the faith that I never learned in convert classes. One fine report has it that, whoever prays to a holy person just deceased will be gladly responded to by the one we pray to. Those first requests are always the first to be responded to. Let us offer our best prayers for the honor and glory of God and the salvation of souls in these times when the errors of “universal salvation” seem to have become the heresies of our time. May we be given the grace of final perseverance in the One Church for which Christ gave His all. He died to make the whole world Catholic.

    • Just before reading your post, I had decided to pray to Fr. Dollinger for a friend who is a heroic pro-life worker being arraigned today for an incident at Planned Parenthood. He intervened to protect a fellow worker who was being assaulted. Joseph personally has saved more than 400 babies. He is severely disabled and in constant pain. Please pray that the absolutely unjust charges will be dropped and that many hearts, including that of the judge will be touched and converted.

  3. Let’s us hope and pray that Fr Dollinger is vindicated about Fatima and the full truth about the Third Secret of Fatima is finally revealed, to the chagrin of the heretics who currently rule and ruin the Church.

  4. Today on the Byzantine calendar is the Sunday of All Saints. Both East and West celebrated All Saints on this day until Pope Gregory VII moved it to November 1 on the Latin calendar.

    Come, O faithful, let us celebrate, with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs,
    the glorious memory of all the Saints:
    the Baptist of the Lord, the Apostles and Prophets,
    the Martyrs, the Bishops, and the Doctors of the Church,
    the Blessed Ones, the Ascetics, and all the Just,
    together with all the Holy Women.
    Let us venerate their blessed memory,
    and together, let us all sing:
    O Christ our God and Supreme Goodness,
    through their prayers grant peace to Your Church,
    victory over the Enemy,
    and salvation for our souls.

    Come, let us celebrate the memory of the Saints, in the joy of the Holy Spirit;
    for the day of their feast has arrived, filling us with divine gifts.
    With purified conscience, let us cry out with joy
    and let us sing in their honour:
    Rejoice, O choir of Prophets who announce the coming of Christ,
    and who clGreae that which is far away.
    Rejoice, O Apostles of the Lord,
    fishermen who gather the whole world in their nets.
    Rejoice, O company of Martyrs,
    gathered from all the world in the same profession of faith;
    for this you suffered punishments and tortures
    before receiving the crown of victory.
    Rejoice, O multitude of Holy Fathers;
    by your ascetic effort you subdued the body and put to death the passions of the flesh.
    You have been carried in spirit, on the wings of divine love, to heaven
    where you enjoy the eternal blessing with the angels whose joy you share.
    Therefore, O Apostles, Prophets, and Martyrs, together with the Ascetics,
    intercede with the One who crowned you in heaven,
    and pray unceasingly to Him that He may deliver from the Enemy,
    all those who, with faith and love, celebrate your holy memory.

    Sunday of All Saints, Great Vespers

    As a flower withers and a shadow passes, so every man will die; but when the trumpet sounds, the dead will arise as in an earthquake to meet You, O Christ our God. Then, O Master, grant rest among the Saints the soul You have taken from us.

    Parastas, Farewell Verses of St. John Damascene, Verse 2

    Vichnaya jemu pamyat! May his memory be eternal!

  5. Let us pray to Fr. Dollinger to intercede before the Throne of Grace for his beloved homeland, and especially for the Church in Germany. How it must have grieved him to see Germany, along with the rest of the post-Christian West, slide ever deeper into decadence and godlessness, a process enabled by at least the blindness, passivity, and much worse by far, the active complicity of many in the Church. And it this impotence of the Church that has paved the way for a massive, politically facilitated and funded invasion by an implacably hostile, and in no small measure, barbaric alien culture.

    O Mary Help of Christians; pray for us.

    Fr. Ingo Dollinger; pray for us.

  6. My rosary will be dedicating to the passing of his soul. May God bless those who work for God and his Truth all over the planet.

  7. I just heard from an elder sister that the doctor has visited our eighty-eight year old mother and has told my sister (a nurse) to prepare for our mother’s “end of life care”. Please would any kind souls here offer their prayers for Agnes Monica Carter, the most wonderful of women, the kindest and gentlest of souls, a woman of quiet but profound faith, a true follower of Our Lord Jesus Christ, a fervent Traditional Catholic, the mother of nine children?

    Almost the last words my mother said to me before the veil of dementia fell over her fifteen or so years ago were, “All I want is that my children believe what I believe”. She was heart-broken when she said it: she had seen her Church destroyed, the beauty and the kindness she was drawn to replaced by noisy, unholy activism, her world gone mad and her children blown away by the hurricane of atheism from hell.

    Thank you in advance for your prayers. I know Our Lord will call her when it is His Will, but her second little boy and all my brothers and sisters of course hope and pray that it is not yet.

  8. May Dr. Dollinger rest in the Peace of Christ. He died as he lived, in the faith of Jesus, his reward is assured. May now he offer his intercession for the Church he loved so much.


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