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How the Devils Manipulate Gender

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Malthus my boy,


I consulted your instructors at the Academy and my suspicions were correct; the standards in that blasted school really have dropped through the floor. It seems that the lazy devils have grown complacent as the ease of damning souls has become almost effortless. You have been trained by idiots, and therefore you yourself—even though you graduated top of your class—are the result of idiocy. You are nothing more than the most competent of incompetents. Normally I would put in a word to the Complaint Chancery, but I would better serve myself by doing the impossible and carving out a semblance of a demon in a useless troll such as yourself. You are an idiot, therefore I will explain everything to you that you should already understand. If you are incapable of ameliorating your knowledge and you therefore lose this family, it will be your end.

Now, there is more good news you say. The father will be presently working from home, due to the “temporary” closing of many businesses as part of the state reaction to the virus. His wife, however, will continue going to work as her profession has been deemed “essential.” Good. With the schools closed, the offspring and their father will now be under one roof for the whole day. Now, you may be confused as to why I would say it is a favourable thing for our efforts that a parent should spend more time with their children. However, due to our decades-long manipulation of the family ecosystem, we can make use of this timely sequestration of the father with his children.

It is normally true that we desire families to spend less and less time with one another, but it is also true that a dysfunctional family can do as much or more damage to each other when they are together as when they are apart. This family, like most others, has fully embraced our mandates and is therefore in a perfect position to be exploited. By sending their infants away from home before they have even been weaned from their mothers, the parents of modern society have thrust onto institutions and professionals the duty of rearing their own children. Parents are bamboozled by the prospect of spending any significant time with their offspring during the modern work day.

By spreading the influence of the Russian Soviets we were able to instantiate in most “developed” nations the idea that children would be better off if raised in extrafamilial organizations. Even better, most organizations charged with harvesting the children are under the complete control of the state, with a minority operating privately. Those run by the state are perhaps our greatest asset, for as I stated some letters ago, the state is at war with its citizens. The ministries and departments responsible for creating the standards for these child controlling systems have totally embraced a collectivist mentality that ultimately views all citizens as nothing more than cells in an organism. Consequently, whatever ideal may be espoused as the archetype for a well trained youth, it is a form that must ultimately exercise the goals of the state. Since almost all states do our bidding, the children are moulded in our own image and likeness.

The predominant philosophy in all government institutions is one that views a thriving child as having the characteristics of whatever is said to constitute a “good citizen”—something that changes with each cultural fashion. A good citizen is for us a human form of cattle, a sort of livestock that we can feed and water with our food, ultimately leading them to the slaughter. The last thing we want are citizens who think for themselves and realize the potential with which the Enemy created them, therefore we must chip away at their natural personalities and temperaments from an early age.

For example, if a young boy demonstrates a level of vitality that detracts from his ability to acquiesce to the desired mannerisms of two dozen of his peers in a classroom—something he was never designed to do—then perhaps his psychological disposition is faulty and he must be medicated. The perception of what a boy should be in the eyes of modern research is so far removed from why he was begotten, that any manifestation of natural male aggression is labeled as “violent behaviour.” The Enemy was very particular in how he engineered the development of male humans. He implanted in them a certain instinct to confront physical threats or problems, traits that are apparently useful for the leadership and fortitude He expects of them. As a result they have been created to work out the boundaries of physical confrontation and to improve their dexterity through tasks and activities that would otherwise harm them as adults. Since the advent of the modern state has largely suppressed the traditional roles of the sexes, young boys are seen to be misbehaving if they act overtly male, as compared to their female counterparts who are generally more docile and reserved. In effect, boys are seen more like “broken girls” who need to be reengineered in line with the fabricated constructs of the state.  And the foolish drones clamour on in popular psychology and academia that gender or sex is merely a “social construct,” when in reality they now work against human nature in order to construct a society that is abnormal. They used to speak of a “battle of the sexes” but now, the sexes are set in battle against themselves. A house divided, you see?

As far as girls are concerned, when a young girl demonstrates a nauseating desire to be a wife and a mother as her first priority, we must remind her that “she can be anything she wants.” It seems harmless doesn’t it? What a nice thing to suggest to a little girl that she has endless options. In reality, by telling a little one that she can be anything at all when she has already demonstrated that a traditional feminine role is her true desire, we are implicitly telling her that her own femininity is the problem! The endless opportunities presented to girls facilitates an internal conflict as they age. All the power and influence that the professional world can offer a woman will never satisfy that primordial urge to be the matriarch of the world’s most powerful institution—the family.

It is for these reasons that we must use this opportunity presented to us to chip away at the feeble foundations of this pitiful family. For all the good this man may have done in the sporadic instances where he has intentionally formed his children, he has largely failed in his capacity, and of this he is aware. For some reason, his children have stayed closer to the narrow path than they ought. All our statistical analysis of what happens in families with weakened patriarchs suggests that their moral fibre should in fact have turned out different. I have seen this before, and although I cannot be certain, I would venture a guess that some deceased relative of theirs had escaped our grasp and now prays unceasingly in their favour. The injustice of Heaven could not be more obvious; they are able to monitor our every move yet we are powerless in our attempts to enter beyond that impenetrable fortress that separates the light from the darkness. If we edge even an inch too close, there is the General with his sword unsheathed, legions at the ready.

In any case, the father does not even know his children let alone know how to raise them. Remind him of this fact as the domestic conflicts inevitably multiply over the weeks to come. Remember, the humans believe that this inverted quarantine will last as long as their politicians have initially claimed, but we know better. They will be at this for months, our fun is just beginning.

For the time being, have your team facilitate a series of annoyances in the home of the family, especially things that keep them up at night and set them on edge as a result of poor sleep. These methods are usually effective and always provide a bit of satisfaction. And whatever you do, at all costs, do everything in your power to distract the children from praying the Fearful Beads. Any contemplation of the Terrible Son hammered to the Tree must be avoided.

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Editor’s note: this serialization is from the novella Lockdown with the Devil.

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