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The Devil Created the Modern Woman

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Malthus my boy,


Yes, it has been longer than usual since my last letter. I trust you have read the remedial information I sent your way. I admit I am glad to see the work your team has been doing to wake the members of the family throughout the night, especially the nightmares you have inflicted on the mother. I think it will be good for us to focus on her for the time being; there is fertile ground for dread and terror in that one.

She is not fully a materialist and has always believed there was “something more” than meets the eye. As I am sure you read in the material, it is actually quite rare for women to be atheists. Due to their relational nature and a certain instinct with which the Enemy has designed them, they have something like an intuition or sixth sense for spiritual things. We have tried to formulate theories as to why this is, but as of yet we are left in the dark (and no, you petulant imp, don’t even think about She Who Cannot be Named! Even thinking about her causes pain and only weakens us every time). As with all things that remain mysterious to us, it is probable the truth is clouded by that sickly sweet delusion called “love.” We do understand the basic intellectual nature of what the humans mean when they talk of love, but it is a psychological state so preposterous that we will not debase ourselves to such a degrading experience. There is no utility or dynamism found in love, therefore it is a waste of time. Revolting.

Women, but mothers especially, experience an insufferable degree of loving feelings, and we think this is why they hold on to certain spiritual beliefs, even when void of religion. They demonstrate such an irrational affection for their offspring that they claim it is as if “their heart was walking around in another person.” Such a melodramatic lot. It is for this reason that they hold on to a certain belief in the reality of metaphysical things. We cannot often convince them to be atheists, because we cannot dissuade them of these unseen realities. Therefore, our best efforts with the modern woman have been to jumble their credulous minds with a farcical cocktail of contradictory spiritual propositions. With a plethora of celebrity prophetesses, many of them espousing this nonsense on daytime television shows and in tabloid periodicals, we have engendered a sentiment of “do it yourself” religion. The human obsession with novelty has created for us the most effective term that is commonly applied to this amorphous spiritual monstrosity: the New Age. After the Church viciously persecuted our venerable paganism long ago, this renaissance of demon worship brings with it a certain triumphal sentimentalism.

In the mind of the New Age adherent, religion is in reality nothing more than a collection of emotional and sensory experiences that give the participant a level of supposed spiritual satisfaction. These experiences act as a sort of therapeutic theism that drown out the screaming of their darkened consciences, offering enough of a reprieve from the terrible quiet of their own mind. There are no demands or morals that must be obeyed in the New Age. In fact, so many of the most prominent gurus of these spiritualist collectives are the world’s most prominent perverts. The New Age is a cult of vulnerability, which is why it prays primarily on women. Some men dabble here and there in the activities, but this is often just a ruse to lure a gullible female.

The mother is not as deeply entrenched in these realities as some of her peers, but like many fallen away Christians, she does adhere to some tenets nonetheless. For example, you tell me that she recently had a conversation with a friend wherein she mentioned karma, transcendental meditation and the “power of the universe.” She of course has no idea what these mean, which is why they are so useful to us. To her, karma is just a way of saying that good things tend to happen to her when she acts well, and bad things deservedly happen to others that she does not like. When she speaks of transcendental meditation, she alludes to nothing more than a desire to think more of herself and to avoid the pang in her conscience. As far as the universe is concerned, the only powers that exist are natural laws like the law of gravitation, but apparently she assumes that she can harness other fictitious powers like some sort of comic book personage.

In addition to the night terrors, you would be wise in playing to her preternatural sensibilities by luring her into paralysis while she sleeps. We have established that your training was abysmal, so I will remind you of what this is. She has long since given herself over to us through her sinfulness, therefore our control of her mind gives us a certain control over her physiology. As such, we may inflict on her a certain state of arrest, which can be used to inflict terror, or pleasure, or my favourite: pleasurable terror. The Christians of the past understood this attack quite clearly, but the idiots of today have labeled events such as these as merely psychological, having nothing to do with the preternatural realm. We now have free reign to introduce the paralysis, along with our old friends Incubus and Succubus. Have you ever watched an orca whale toss about a dead seal for fun and games?

Her dabbling in the New Age and years of grave sin all but guarantees she will give in without any resistance to our advances. The dead weight of her accumulated offences has left her with a certain heaviness of soul that can be manipulated at her most vulnerable moments. During the paralysis, she will feel the pressure as much as anything she has ever felt, but as she lay there in that drowsy netherworld between wakefulness and dormancy, she is helpless and alone, unable to speak. Now, since this is a spiritual attack it will be invisible to her husband and all her struggling will not wake him because she will not exhibit any external signs. It is not advisable to allow the procedure to last more than a minute or two, as it will be somewhat of a timeless experience for her, and therefore will feel much longer. In the best case, she will glance at the clock at her bedside, expecting hours to have passed. When the moment is over she will be both exasperated, confused, and considerably terrified. However, since this will be a powerful spiritual experience that she feels in her senses, she will also feel a certain lust for more. You must engender in her the idea that as long as she submits to your control, that all will be well.

Her husband being the lazy skeptic that he is will have nothing constructive to say when she inevitable wakes him in a fury. He will see her as irrational and unhinged, and disregard her claims of a spiritual experience as nothing more than womanly superstition. He is a fool! And we will continue to play him as a fool. If the men of this era knew the power they wielded as the priest of the household! This is what makes our victories over these disgusting plebeians so sweet: they have all the power they could ever want to protect their homes, yet we have our way with them and their families anyway! It is a treat to vanquish large portions of the human race with such ease.

If possible, poke and prod the couple into a nasty disagreement that lasts the rest of the night. We can only hope for such a bit of fun.

Let me know how the ordeal transpires and I will have further instructions. If we can control the mother, we will have an easier route getting to the children.

Until next time,



To be continued next week.

Editor’s note: this serialization is from the novella Lockdown with the Devil.

Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash

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