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In Defense of Cardinal Burke: Italian Journalist Publishes Parts of Pope Francis’ Own 1 December 2016 Letter to His Prelate

Many Catholic observers have more fully come to see in the recent days the disproportionate injustice done to Fra’ Matthew Festing, the former Grand Master of the Order of Malta, and to Cardinal Raymond L. Burke himself, the Cardinal Patron of the Order, both of whom have now been effectively punished for their attempt to Catholicize more fully the Order of Malta. The expressed indignation about this recent papal intrusion into the Order has even led to a poster campaign in Rome, criticizing Pope Francis also for his openly unmerciful actions. Professor Roberto de Mattei, in a 3 February commentary, had the following piercing words to say about the Order of Malta affair:

The story of the Order of Malta ended with the unconditional surrender of the Grand Master and the return of power to Albrecht von Boeselager along with the powerful German group he represents.

The story was summarized in these terms by Riccardo Cascioli of La Nuova Bussola quotidiana: “the one responsible for the moral drift of the Order has been reinstated and he who tried to stop it was sent home”.

Riccardo Cascioli is the same Italian journalist who recently conducted the important interview with Cardinal Gerhard Müller for the Italian journal Il Timone. Cascioli also now reveals in the article to which Professor de Mattei refers that he himself has been able to read that mysterious 1 December 2016 letter written by Pope Francis and addressed personally to Cardinal Burke which contains his “marching orders” with regard to the Order of Malta.

It is important to know more about this letter since it shows that Cardinal Burke and Fra’ Festing had essentially tried to implement the papal directives and recommendations.

In the following, we therefore publish some parts of the Cascioli article just as it was published on 2 February 2017. Though Cardinal Burke is likely now to have been further humiliated and set aside by the pope’s standing decision to make Archbishop Giovanni Angelo Becciu his own delegate to the Order of Malta, may this translated article and revelation of truth be still a small consolation to him. May even more truth about the recent past soon be published and further published and disseminated.

Andrew Guernsey has again kindly and generously provided the translation of important parts of the article. Mr. Guersney has put into bold all of the quotes from Pope Francis’ 1 December letter.


That Letter from the Pope to Cardinal Burke

Riccardo Cascioli

2 February 2017, La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana


This is the letter [written by Pope Francis sent to Cardinal Burke] sent after the personal meeting that Cardinal Burke had on November 10 [2016] with Pope Francis, to whom he had explained the delicate situation of the Order concerning the position of Albrecht Boeselager, of which we speak another story. This letter, was also made known to all the members of the Order’s Sovereign Council, and it has been hitherto used as a (serious) indictment against the same Cardinal Burke.


Burke, in reality, has always denied being the instigator of the dismissal or having used the words of the Pope in a fraudulent way, but the letter actually has a much less conciliatory tone than what is claimed by Cardinal [Pietro] Parolin.

After urging Cardinal Burke to vigilance “in carrying out his task of ‘promoting the spiritual interests of the Order and of its members and the relations between the Holy See and the Order’ (Constitutional Charter, art. 4 par. 4),” the pope asserts first of all that “manifestations of a worldly spirit which are contrary to the Catholic faith or are of relativistic character must be prevented from being introduced into the Order, including affiliations and associations, movements and organizations.” The reference is to the alleged infiltration of Freemasonry among the Knights of Malta that the Pope, in private conversations, has recalled several times. “If this is found to be the case,” Pope Francis continues, “the Knights who were possibly members of such groups, movements and organizations will be asked to withdraw their support, since it is incompatible with the Catholic faith and membership in the Order.”

The second chapter concerns the problem of the distribution of contraceptives in poor countries: “Particular care will also be taken,” the [papal] letter reads, “that methods and means contrary to the moral law are not employed and distributed in charitable initiatives and relief efforts. If in the past some problems have arisen in this area, I hope that it can be completely resolved. I would be frankly displeased if, in fact, some senior Officials – as you yourself have told me – while knowing of these practices, especially regarding the distribution of contraceptives of any kind, have not intervened until now to put an end to it.”

Clearly, then, the objective was set out by the Pope. But what about how to deal with those responsible for the scandal? “But I do not doubt,” writes Pope Francis, “that, following the Pauline principle of ‘practicing the truth in charity’ (Eph4:15), it will be possible to enter into dialogue with them and to achieve the necessary corrections.”

There is a clear directive here, but above all a wish. What happens if, instead, those responsible do not intend to resolve the problem? As we have explained in the main article, in fact, this is not about a small isolated problem but rather about practices which were carried out at least until very recent times and above all, which were shared ideologically by those responsible like Boeselager, who up to 2014 was directly responsible for these projects. From all the re-tellings of the story it seems clear that there was the Grand Master’s attempt to call Boeselager to his responsibilities, which was rejected, prompting the Grand Master then to dismiss Boeselager, and the sovereign Council to elect his successor as Grand Chancellor.

How things went from there is recent history, but reading the clear directives of Pope Francis, one can not but wonder that the end result is that the one objectively responsible for the projects condemned by the Pope has been reinstated and proved to be the winner, while those who tried to follow the Pope’s orders were ousted, humiliated and subjected to the media attacks.

The letter also confirms that different positions on the case of the Order of Malta have come about between the Pope and his secretary of state, with Cardinal Parolin quite resolved to support Boeselager as the true and proper commissioner to the Order. A fact which raises some curiosity has been augmented by another detail not yet reported. The Holy See has, in fact, decided to nullify and invalidate all the acts of the Grand Master and the Sovereign Council since this past December 6. In this way, not only is the dismissal of Boeselager rendered null, but also – and here is the detail – the appointment of an internal investigative committee commissioned by the Grand Master to investigate the mysterious inheritance of 120 million deposited in Switzerland – of which [matter] so much has been spoken in recent weeks and about which the Grand Master was essentially left in the dark. Informed (and interested) parties think, instead, that it was Boeselager. Now this investigative commission will be no more.

123 thoughts on “In Defense of Cardinal Burke: Italian Journalist Publishes Parts of Pope Francis’ Own 1 December 2016 Letter to His Prelate”

  1. The Pope decries policies that conflict with Catholic doctrine and then goes on to make sure that the man who allowed such conflicting policies remains in power?

    Was this a setup to get Burke to do a job which the Pope then intended to use as an excuse to marginalize Burke?

    Can anyone make sense of this other than by suggesting THAT?

    • Exactly what I’ve been thinking since I discovered that the Pope had sent this letter to the Cardinal. Now it’s confirmed. The Pope says “I want you to do these things.” and then afterwards saying “I didn’t tell you to do these things! Bad boy!” Except he did… almost schizophrenic if it wasn’t so malicious.

      • What else can it be?

        But such a thing would be the ultimate in truly cynical and Machiavellian ethics. If this is true, there is good and sound reason to ask if the Pope is even a Christian.

        “And if he will not hear them: tell the church. And if he will not hear the church, let him be to thee as the heathen and publican.”

        I’m about there. But as a Catholic, I am seeking the Church’s instruction on it, and there simply isn’t any.

        Now the question is whether Burke is simply gone, poof, off the record, out of the picture. And if so, who else picks up the baton?

        • Burke isn’t even the only Cardinal who sent the dubia. He’s just the youngest and the only one not retired. The others have less to lose. Then there’s Bishop Schneider. This isn’t over. Far from it. Unfortunately, it’s your average, uninformed Catholic that still has to suffer while this is being battled out.

          • How can the Holy Father send a letter commissioning efforts to clamp down on Freemasonry (I guess we are to believe that is a major concern of Pope Francis) while still refusing to answer the Dubia and correct the errors of the Maltese and German Bishops? Heck, I can argue encouraging adultery (with no exceptions) is just as bad if not worst than Freemasonry. I really hope the Holy Father doesn’t think we are stupid.

          • Unfortunately while I’m sure you’re not stupid, and I like to think that I have a few working brain cells, far too many people, if not actually stupid, are not sufficiently aware to challenge someone (at least the position) that they have believed all their lives.

            And further to that, when their non-Catholic friends (even if only Internet “friends”) think he is great, then many people aren’t going to challenge him.

          • He’s an expert who throws smoke bombs all the times. Yes, he thinks us very stupid that we don’t even know he is a real mason.

          • I just wish he would defend and evangelize the faith and come to the understanding his theological formation has quite errored. Catholic theology carries forth the proper understanding of Love to the mind and the mind challenges the heart to put it into practice. “If you love Me keep my commandents.”

        • Watch the youtube videos of Fr. Michael Rodriguez. This priest was NO, discovered the Traditional Mass and ended up celebrating it exclusively. Because of that he has no pastoral duty anymore. His sermons and catechesis are still available on youtube and they are according to Catholic Doctrine. Our Good Lord will never leave us alone.

    • Cardinal Burke’s suffering at the hands of Francis calls to my mind this part of the Passion:

      “…And when he had said these things, one of the servants standing by, gave Jesus a blow, saying: ‘Answerest thou the high priest so?’

      Jesus answered him: ‘If I have spoken evil, give testimony of the evil; but if well, why strikest thou me?'” John 18: 19-23

    • That is exactly what I have been saying. Actually, I wonder that Cardinal Burke wasn’t sent to Malta with this in MIND, or something like it. I don’t doubt for one second that cunning minds are at work here. We are not accustomed to cunning, but here it is, ready or not. We assumed Malta was selected as a geographic and virtual outpost, but, think of all the money involved in the order, apparently, there is quite a bit, and no doubt some friendly insiders as well, who can help put a plan into action. It is said there are highly interested Germans who wanted to “reform” the order, and, now they’re in, so, mission accomplished. And Cardinal Burke has been publicly humiliated AGAIN, but it’s not as satisfying this time, the stimuli must be increased to get the same effect, like any drug. The last piece of the puzzle, taking away Cardinal Burke’s red hat, is sure to follow. The pope is positively expanding with power, mad, ultimate, seething power, and Cardinal Burke has been the thorn. He’s going to pull that thorn out, but he may get a lot more than he bargains for, if he does it.
      Anybody else up for putting up posters all over the globe? I’m in, and if we had a website to post photos and tell locations, so much the better.
      Lord, we’re down to putting up posters. Come to our aid soon!

      • “taking away Cardinal Burke’s red hat, is sure to follow”

        Engaging in speculation here (although it is seeming more possible as the days pass), but let’s say Cardinal Burke is defrocked. What grounds would be used to do this? What effect will this have on this crisis? Will it nullify the dubia? Will this mobilize the Cardinals who have been silent so far? Will more of the faithful wake up?

        For my part, it is difficult to imagine continuing going to the disappointing Mass I am currently attending when such an injustice has occurred in the Church and pretend everything is just dandy.

        But I am speaking out of frustration. If that should happen, I will keep going and not abandon the Bride of Christ, as desecrated as she may seem.

        Mary Immaculate, pray for us. Dear Lord Christ, graciously hear us.

    • No it can’t. Burke played the perfect Charlie Brown to Francis’ Lucy. The ball was laid before him, he was exhorted to kick it, then it was ripped away in order to humiliate him.

    • PF is very deceptive, petty and vindictive that he set a trap to lure Cardinal Burke in and destroy him. PF is black listed Card. Burke who is a prime target and enemy #1 that he thinks if he could marginalize Burke he would accomplish his agenda (eliminate The Roman Catholic Church) much easier. He’s just so ignorant that he forgets about God is omnipotent and invincible. Please God put him away.

  2. Is it possible that PF doesn’t read what he puts his name on . I read somewhere he is
    quite careless about not reading documents.

    • no, not buying that. He does things in a very calculated way. He’s paying the long game. He was placed on the Papal throne for a purpose. However those that placed him there, don’t realize, is that our Heavenly Father knows all and has already defeated them, whether they know it or not. Nothing is by chance. We’re going to have to pass through this chastisement though to see Justice prevail.

    • In a paraphrase of Nancy Pelosi’s infamous comment on Obamacare: “We have to pass the law to read what is in the law”

  3. Now, my question is, where, exactly, did the journalist get access to the letter? Or is that going to be wrongly pined on Cardinal Burke? Makes me wonder (NOT) why Cardinal Burke was ushered out of the CDF, and Cardinal Mueller installed in there instead? Not that Cardinal Mueller seems bad; it just appears to me that Cardinal Burke has a spine of steel, along with being very holy—a much needed trait in Rome these days, IMHO.

    Pray for the holy father (whomever that may be) and the Church. And hold on tight!

    • Cardinal Burke was never the Prefect for CDF. Cardinal Burke was appointed by Pope Benedict XVI to be the Prefect for the Signatura (Supreme Court of the Catholic Church). Cardinal Burke is a very gifted Canonist – specialized in Canon Law –

  4. Since Bergoglio has seen fit to illegally invade a sovereign entity in order to depose it’s Grand Master, what’s to stop someone from invading the Vatican in order to depose this fraud of a pope? God does work in mysterious ways….

    • It’s coming.

      May 13, 1820

      “I saw also the relationship between the two popes. . .

      I saw how baleful (harmful) would be the consequences of this false church. I saw it increase in size; heretics of every kind came into the city (of Rome). The local clergy grew lukewarm, and I saw a great darkness…”

      “Then the vision seemed to extend on every side. Whole Catholic communities were being oppressed, harassed, confined, and deprived of their freedom. I saw many churches closed down, great miseries everywhere, wars and bloodshed. A wild and ignorant mob took violent action. But it did not last long…”

      “Once more I saw that the Church of Peter was undermined by a plan evolved by the secret sect [Freemasons], while storms were damaging it. But I saw also that help was coming when distress had reached its peak. I saw again the Blessed Virgin ascend on the Church and spread her mantle [over it].”

      Our Lady of Victory, pray for us.

      • You said: “Whole Catholic communities were being oppressed, harassed, confined, and deprived of their freedom”. At least in Europe I see it differently. People willingly accepted available and promoted alternatives, such as not going to the church, not going to confessions etc, As the churches became empty they themselves (sorry: perhaps the Bishops or whoever can legally do it) sold the monasteries and churches to be converted by developers into classy restaurants, flats, bars and… mosques. No one oppressed these Catholic communities and no one harassed them, they did all these things willingly and happily. Perhaps to compensate the victims of sexual misuse? See this recent cry

        Now, there is no point of crying over spilled milk, is it?

        • I didn’t say it, these are quotes from the German mystic, Anne Catherine Emmerich. The communities you reference don’t sound Catholic at all, if they closed willingly and happily. The communities that come to mind are the FFI, SSPX, etc. the truly Catholic ones, not to mention all the orders that have been destroyed due to the novus ordo purge. Enjoy your cocktails in the classy bar that is still a church whether the destroyers acknowledge it or not. God knows the truth.

          • I’m speaking from experience and truly do not care which ordo they belong to or not. I talk about many Catholic churches across western Europe and Australia. Different it is in Asia, where (also) Catholic churches are full. Even in predominantly Moslem Indonesia. God bless and guide us.

          • “The more any way of life sincerely strives for the love of God and the love of our neighbor for God’s sake, the more acceptable it is to God, no matter what be its observances or external form. For charity is the reason why anything should be done or left undone, changed or left unchanged; it is the initial principle and the end to which all things should be directed.” Blessed Isaac of Stella, Abbot (1292).
            Any type of approved Roman Catholic Mass prayed in love to God and love for each other validly calls Heaven (For Real) down to earth. It is said the early martyrs prayed the Mass (in their familiar language) on the altars composed of martyred bodies. Centuries later, the Spaniards came to the Americas and slaughtered the natives who wouldn’t “just then” convert to Catholicism while praying the Latin Mass every day. If you love God in the Latin Mass, go and pray; if you love God in the Novo Order Mass, go and pray. But, seek Peace and pursue it. Jesus needs all of our Masses said in Love for Him.

          • Yes, Patty, that is a response to my heart’s content. Thanks for it. It is for the (virtually) first time that I have received such a wise comment. Mostly people (in this 1P5 forum) complain about most of the recent developments (AL) about the unworthy and heretical Pope yet fail to see that Love, Charity and Mercy should and must be core of our Faith. Leave the other external issues aside and concentrate on the core which is Love. As you have said “Jesus needs all of our Masses said in Love for Him.” In love, Paul

  5. If I see or hear one more person suggest “dialogue,” “a conversation,” etc., so help me. The enemy doesn’t want to meet us in the middle. They want to destroy us. How about P Fran and the rest grow a pair and unapologetically defeat evil people wherever they can be found, in the Church or otherwise? A high ranking member of the clergy is distributing contraception? Defrock him!!! A lay member does so? Remove him from power and excommunicate. It’s really not complicated.

  6. The revelation of the von Boeselager affair was a “gift from the gods” for Bergoglio. He has maliciously exploited it to effectively consign Cardinal Burke to the scrapheap, and quite possibly the dubia with him. But, quoting from a recent Mercatornet article by Raluca Radulescu on the subject of the Arthurian legend: “….. doing the morally right thing is valuable; even if it may bring about temporary defeat. In the end, virtues and values prevail ……”

    • My guess would be PF knew all about Boeselager long before Card Burke was sent there.This trap has been a long time in the making.

      • God alone knows. It probably stretches things a little to suggest that Francis could have anticipated the internal investigation by the Order and the external investigation by MIchael Hichborn’s Lepanto Institute. But removing a man of the stature of Cdl. Burke as Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura and assigning him to an essentially ceremonial role as Cardinal Patron of the SMOM has worked perfectly for Bergoglio. He is now in a position to deliver the coup de grace; (or, more aptly, disgrace). And his displeasure doesn’t end with Cdl. Burke. He is also sending a warning to other orthodox prelates who have often expressed concerns about this current pontificate; (or regime). Bishop Athanasius Schneider would obviously be one of them.

    • Chloe, it is interesting though, isn’t it, that Francis directed Cdl. Burke to “clear out the Freemasons from the SMOM”. He then demands the resignation of Fra Matthew Festing, re-instates von Boeselager and gives him even greater powers than are defined by the statutes of the Order. What we are meant to deduce from this is that, all along, it is Matthew Festing who is a Freemason, and von Boeselager is “the good guy”. Such is the ruthlessness and cunning of the current holder of the Petrine office.

  7. Could this be about something other than condoms and Freemasonry?
    We all know the Vatican and the Church generally are full of them, and we know they plotted and celebrated Bergoglio’s election. If we know, Bergoglio knows. We also know that Bergoglio doesn’t really oppose contraception. He might actually, privately be very supportive of contraception and Freemasonry. It seems so to me.

    Could it be that Bergolio and team used this to get rid of a large group of Trump supporters and/or dissidents from the new world order? And to send a message to others?

    It looks like Bergoglio, who claims to be above doctrines and rules (including God’s commandments), and is continuously accusing faithful Catholics keeping them of rigidity, is using same rules to destroy them and the Church. It looks like the accusation of rigidity is a correct one, because if it were not, he would not be able to keep dismantling the Church, as he would not be the pope any more.

  8. Another example of ambiguity of Pope Francis: he writes according to doctrine and acts against it. How come? Holy Scripture unravelled: The Apocalypse Chapter 17. He who has ears hear, he who has eyes see and understand…

  9. Cardinal Burke is a holy person. He probably understands very well what is being effected. But our prayers will help him stay lifted in Spirit!

      • Hmm. Well then, we all have to do our penances for our failures to love, perhaps our Good Lord has designated Card. Burke’s penance in this manner. How about if I put it this way: Jesus would like Card. B. to be a holy man! And the rest of us for that matter! Thanks for the nice note of admonishment – way to go! We continue to pray for each and every one us to Christ.

  10. Cardinal Burke may have well known exactly what was going on. There was no way in which he would not be in the position he is now in….. he was to be chastised and humiliated whether he did or he didn’t or whether he didn’t ‘do’ with alacrity. Bergolio presented Cardinal Burke with a no win scenario……….fill in the details of the narrative for yourself.

    • All too true. He has stupendous humility and may well have walked straight into it with his eyes open as an act of that same humility. He would always be willing to makes sacrifices if he felt God wanted him to. May the Good Lord and His Holy Mother defend him and his associates.

  11. The Pope who instructs Cardinal Burke to give chase to the freemason knights inside the SMOM, this is frankly hilarious knowing that they are infesting the Vatican administration even up to the high circles.
    I am afraid that Cardinal was too candid to smell the trap Francis has ensnared him in.

  12. When the Vatican arranges summits to discuss climate change, organ trafficking & transplant talks, etc. they do so in our name. People like Huang Jiefu, Chinese ex minister accused of ordering executions has been invited to speak at Vatican Summit on Organ Trafficking Transplant Talks & Paul Ehrlich the Pro Abort population alarmist to speak at Vatican’s Biological Extinction Conference, both activists against the Word of God for which our True Faith stands for.

    PF & his Marxist/Masonic/Modernist takeover of the Vatican has turned it from a global religious entity into a leading secular, communist, NWO seat of government, all the while purporting to represent more than 1.2 billion Catholics who have had no say in this horrendous & ignominious devastation of everything Catholicism held to for over 2,000 years. Our leaders are not elected by the faithful but are financially supported by them. If those amongst us wish to financially support & obtain membership of any political party they are entitled to do so, but they are not entitled to usurp God’s Church on earth & use it for their own political purposes. These men are not Catholic & why therefore do we have to pay them homage. PF & cronies have blatantly shown the world what they think of practising Catholics so why are our leaders condoning such outrageous tactics from one they gave us in the first place. If they cannot be relied upon to elect a truly good shepherd then the election process must be scrutinised for the future.

    Cardinal Burke & his supporters must now go for broke & call out PF for what he is & what the faithful have long ago believed him to be. That is their duty before God & their own salvation, as well as ours, depend on their courage at this critical time in our history. The red hat still stands for martyrdom – if it is to be replaced by pink ones please have the honesty to actually make that change.

    • Right on Ann.

      I no longer support the institutional Church above my local parish. I have taken my responsibility to support my pastors very literally. Easy, having been raised United Methodist. I have seen all this crap before, the Marxism, the conversion to NGO-status of a religious institution, the tacit support for abortionists, the works. Yet I’ve been told “The Catholic Church is different.” OK, but PF is now LEADING down that path. Late to the party, he’s made up for it by popping out of the cake.

      PF is simply following an old binding-broke, pages-worn playbook of the secularized, mainline Protestant groups and doubling down on the hideous goals and direction of those wretched institutions.

      I agree that now the prelates who care need to go for broke, raise their voices, speaking directly, ceasing the patronizing nonsense about how great Pope Francis is and how loyal they are to him. They need to speak about Jesus and their loyalty to HIM. Period. At this point, seriously, what is there to lose? A red hat off an old man? Honesty. Who cares. Sorry “orthodox” prelates. I care more about my new grandson’s soul than I do about the whole pile of your pasty, flabby, vested backsides.


      Honestly, the history of “orthodox” Catholic prelature over the last 50 years screams “US Marine Turns Conscientious Objector”.

      I think again of Eleazar in Chapter 6 of 2 Maccabees. He understood it. He got it. The young men NEED leaders they can look up to, those they can pattern their lives after. Eleazar refused to eat even beef even if it saved him from the godless enemy if those around him THOUGHT it was pork. And he was brutally martyred for it.

      Our leaders?

      A whole raft of fake-pork-eaters. They have been since Vatican 2.

      Except for the bacon-and-ham sandwich crowd.

      Accepting chaos and dubious doctrine and implied heresy even if it isn’t “technically so”. I get sick of hearing how Pope Francis isn’t a “Formal Heretic”. As if heresy in blue jeans instead of an Armani suit makes it all better. Ambiguity has been condemned in the past and clarity is demanded in the CCC.

      God help us.

      • Pope Francis IS a formal heretic. And he needs to be called out soon or the great zeal of the faithful will soon die out and trust again will be severely brokered between the faithful laity and the prelates, and i am afraid that will include the four Cardinals as well.

        We are no longer ONE Church under God. And THAT is a fact!!! If wimps want to hide behind the technicality of ” implied heresy”, they are foolish. BUT no one can hide from the fact that the Church is not ONE Apostolic Church anymore.

        It is time. Let’s get on with it dear Cardinals! WE pray.

        • The Church is always one, it can never be two or more. It will always bear the four marks, One,Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. Heretics “in” the Church are not of the Church, but foreign bodies; just as termites are not in any way the House, or a virus is not in any way the Body. So heretics are not the Church, no matter how they try to pretend they are Catholic.

          • It may bear the four marks, but what good is that if the Church is not acting as ONE?

            Heretics have always been in the Church, and the Church has remained universal in defense of the faith. This has changed greatly under Francis and for all practical purposes I do not SEE nor HEAR that the Church is universal as each bishop appears free to determine God’s Divine Law.

        • So… what ever happened to this cardinals?Do you realize, seriously , that you or God knows who else can “declare” PF a heretic, and wake up the next day and he’d still be Pope,wear white , have a ring and live in the Vatican? With 90% of RCs worldwide and , by now,, the whole college of cardinals behind him? Maybe not 4, ok. You will have to found a new church then…

    • God is exposing real faces of PF and his minions as Satanic agents to the faithful Catholics who have to awake and fight the battle and God will help. The Church will triumph. Keep praying.

  13. From the Website of NovusOrdoWatch. No, I am not sede. Yes, there is much to ponder in that position.

    Fatima is at the heart of all we see, Also La Salette, Lourdes, Akita, and more.

    “A Wicked Council… The Church will Bleed from all Her Wounds”

    In May of 1994 — 77 years after Our Lady first appeared to the three children at Fatima, Portugal — a French priest by the name of Raymond Arnette was listening to a CD entitled Mysterium Fidei, with French lyrics and sung by French choirs. As he was listening devoutly, suddenly the music faded into the background and a clear voice, which was perceived quite normally and not as an interior inspiration, said: “L’eglise saignera de toutes ses plaies”, that is, “The Church will bleed from all her wounds.”

    Then, there followed this text:

    There will be a wicked council planned and prepared that will change the countenance of the Church. Many will lose the Faith; confusion will reign everywhere. The sheep will search for their shepherds in vain.

    A schism will tear apart the holy tunic of My Son. This will be the end of times, foretold in the Holy Scriptures and recalled to memory by Me in many places. The abomination of abominations will reach its peak and it will bring the chastisement announced at La Salette. My Son’s arm, which I will not be able to hold back anymore, will punish this poor world, which must expiate its crimes.

    One will only speak about wars and revolutions. The elements of nature will be unchained and will cause anguish even among the best (the most courageous). The Church will bleed from all Her wounds. Happy are they who will persevere and search for refuge in My Heart, because in the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

    After this message, Fr. Arnette only heard one more sentence: “This is the Third Secret of Fatima.”

    Could this be the true Third Secret, then? It could be. This text has been published and circulated before, for instance, in the book The Devil’s Final Battle as well as in a newsletter of then-SSPX Bishop Richard Williamson in 2000. If this is the true Third Secret, it is no wonder why the Vatican, beginning in 1960 with John XXIII, did not wish to make it public. John XXIII claimed that the Third Secret “does not concern my pontificate” and refused to reveal it, despite the Blessed Virgin Mary’s order that it be revealed to the faithful by 1960 at the latest. Of course, by 1960, preparations for John XXIII’s so-called “Second Vatican Council” were running high, its convocation having been announced by him on January 25, 1959.

    It is perhaps particularly interesting that the text states: “The sheep will search for their shepherds in vain,” a perfect description of the Catholic world according to the sedevacantist position, which holds that the clergy of the Novus Ordo Church (the Church of Vatican II) are not valid or legitimate Roman Catholic shepherds. Besides, the text makes reference to the “chastisement announced at La Salette”, which could be another reference to the illegitimacy of the New Church, for it was at La Salette (in 1846) that Our Lady reportedly said that “Rome will lose the Faith and become the Seat of the Antichrist.”

    The fact that, according to private testimony, then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger admitted in 2004 that the true text of the Third Secret speaks of an “evil council” (source here — see also this response and our post, “Fatima: Separating Fact from Fiction”), helps to bolster the hypothesis that this might indeed be the genuine Third Secret of Fatima, revealed by the Blessed Mother to Lucia dos Santos on July 13, 1917. (Although there are, of course, also some considerations that speak against this hypothesis.)

    The above text and its preface are based on a pamphlet Novus Ordo Watch received from a traditionalist Catholic German publisher, Pro Fide Catholica. It is reproduced here for the education and (hopefully) the benefit of faithful Catholics, but really for all men of good will. Whether it is the true Third Secret or not, we do not profess to know. But let us certainly follow its advice and seek refuge in the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    • If we even so much as suspect that this is the true text of the Third Secret, then we need a clear understanding of it.

      The English translation here doesn’t quite make sense in one place: “One will only speak about wars and revolutions”.

      The French text that I have says “On ne parlera que de guerres et de révolutions.”, which could be translated more informatively for English speakers as “People will be talking of nothing but wars and revolutions.”

      I’d render it more elegantly than that if I had time, but I’m convinced that this is the sense intended. It certainly doesn’t mean that the wars and revolutions will only be spoken of, but not actually occur, which is a possible meaning of the phrase as it appears in the English translation in circulation (“One will only speak about …”).

      Of course, readers of 1P5 may know this, or have worked it out, but perhaps there will be one reader whose puzzlement has been lifted. Aside from that, if these are really the words of Our Lady, then they have to make good sense, and I wanted to show that they do (thereby leaving open the possibility that the text preserved by Fr. Arnette in 1994 is just what it says it is).

  14. Bergoglio’s right hand certainly knows what his left hand does. (And, he is sinister-hand dominant.)

    In writing his letter to Cardinal Burke, PF has proceeded to play both sides of a hand. He has posed as a promoter of authentic Catholic teaching and practice outwardly through this letter so that his defenders can plausibly counter any outcry following his betrayal of that same authentic Catholic teaching and practice.

    The mind of Bergoglio may seem a labyrinthine nest of inexplicable self-contradiction, but it is merely the dispatch center of a supreme conniver, a conniverfex maximus, if one allows.

  15. Imagine having known of PFs corrupt nature when he came to the papacy, years ago. We were so unsuspecting. After all, he’s the pope, an no one needs to ask “Is the pope Catholic?”

    • Hi Christi – Some us knew, but the important thing is that you know now. The tip off was the resignation of Benedict and the circumstances that surrounded that resignation. That he was a Jesuit from South America sent up the red flags too.

  16. In Mafia parlance, Burke got “whacked”. Frankie “da Merciful” Bergoglio set him up.

    Bergoglio is a scheming, vindictive, potty-mouthed, ridicule-spewing, modernist, heretical egotist. Like he cares about condom giveaways. They stop people “breeding like rabbits”, right Francis?

  17. The Pope is a Communist an a very evil person,Francis is a left wing radical leftists,he hates everything Traditional an Orthodox,if you mention Orthodox to Francis he has a fit,this man in Peters chair rite now want to tear down the Catholic Faith an make our Holy Catholic Faith just like the Lutherans,he wants to make Holy Communion like an ordinary meal instead of a Holy Sacrifice Jesus Body an Blood,Francis is the worst Pope in over 100yrs,he puts Cardinals like Danneels in leadership positions an humiliates Cardinal Burke,Danneels is horrible he is less than Catholic he want Homosexual marriage, Communion for the Divorced an a lot more,Francis is appointing Cardinals like Danneels so he can make sure when he dies(an that can’t be soon enough) another Pope like him will take over,please pray that Christ will give us a Pope like JPII,Cardinal Burke would be great,Please People let us all pray that will happen.

  18. There once was a Teutonic Knight,
    Who got caught spreading darkness not light,
    But Pope Francis came messing
    And dismissed faithful Festing,
    Telling Albrecht the Errant, “YOU are right!”

  19. This was a set up of Cardinal Burke all along then. This type of deception, from a Pope, no less, is unfathomable. When will enough be enough? Formally Correct the Pope, and if he will not listen, let him be as a “heathen and a publican”, that is, as an excommunicate. And elect a new Pope. THERE IS ONLY ONE ANSWER TO THIS CRISIS IN THE CHURCH, and the Cardinals have the key to it. All they have to do is open that door and get it done.

  20. I have to say I was not surprised when I heard about the troubles with the order. This pope hates Cdl Burke so much, he will do ANYTHING to get at him, hurt him, and destroy him. Cdl Burke is a thorn in the side of the pope because he dared to stand up to him over Amors and he will never be forgiven for it. Pope Francis will make sure Cdl Burke is forever an outcast in the church. But what Francis forgets is that God the Father sees all and is Son is supreme judge in all of heaven. Payments will be made!

  21. How does this prove anything new with regards to Burke’s situation? I fail to see how this changes the narrative. According to the pope’s letter, Burke was asked to (1) Investigate practices contrary to the moral law, and then (2) Resolve them, preferably through dialogue. Boselager was then fired, even though he no longer held the position that made him responsible for the distribution of contraceptives. It appears that of the 3 programs Boselager oversaw, 2 of them were shut down immediately upon the discovery of condom distribution, and the third only continued until the beneficiaries of the program had access to other means of healthcare. If it’s not still going on, what is the motivation for the firing?

    • “…what is the motivation for the firing?”

      The exercise of a sovereign state’s prerogative.

      Which the whole affair demonstrates does not exist….

  22. I still haven’t closed the door on the possibility that Pope Francis is surrounded by Freemason clerics who are working out a very diabolical plan to fracture the Church. All this stuff is diabolical. Pope Francis is not diabolical, IMO. If Pope Benedict was surrounded by wolves, Pope Francis is, too. I think it’s possible that he is prone to more social progressive ideology and thus manipulation. I believe he is manipulated time and time again by people he trusts and might not suspect to be an enemy. This whole thing could have been orchestrated by the FMs, and I think it probably is. Here’s a possible scenario: Burke knows of rampant infiltration of the Knights of Malta by FMs and concerns about money laundering through a Swiss bank account. He expresses these concerns to Pope Francis. Pope Francis’s “wolves” learn of this and being taking action to neutralize the threat to their money. One of Pope Francis’s “advisers” helps him write a letter to Burke, which clearly indicates that Burke needs to clean house, but which also suggests such activity can be achieved through dialogue. Pope Francis feels confident he’s handled the situation responsibly. Burke receives this and believes he’s supported by Pope Francis in taking action. Meanwhile, you have Boeselager…Let’s also assume Boeselager is a FM. He and Pope Francis’s FM “advisers” have already worked out a behind the scenes a plan whereby Boeselager plans to disobey Festing, thereby instigating the proper reaction, which would be to forcibly remove him for his disobedience, as he has an obligation to obey Fra Festing. During this conversation, and knowing full well of Pope Francis’s verbiage in the letter, Boeselager angrily asks Festing if Pope Francis approved of this action, to thus set him up as a “liar.” Festing confirms, because Pope Francis did ask for the house to be cleaned. Meanwhile, Pope Francis’s “advisers” are planting seeds in Pope Francis’s mind that “they’re not sure this is going to go over well, because, well you know, if you give Cardinal Burke an inch, he will take a mile.” “He wants to humiliate you and disrespects your authority” – something like that – you get my drift. News comes back about their removal of Boeselager, and Boeselager claims Festing said in Burke’s presence that Pope Francis ordered them to remove him. Boeselager is more vocal about this than anything else, kicking up a storm and storming the Vatican to tell the Pope what liars they are, how they made it out to be that they were following clear marching orders from the Pope himself to remove him. Pope Francis’s advisers say, “You see? He’s not on your side.” Pope Francis’s “advisers” assure the Pope that they will take care of this, and propose a team that consists of people who will keep that 120 million Swiss Francs deal from being investigated. (Keep in mind Boeselager’s brother was appointed to the Vatican bank just a few months prior.) Pope Francis’s “advisers” insist that it’s important to undo anything Festing has done, thus invalidating the commission he appointed to investigate the mysterious donation in trust (sounds like money laundering). They dust off their hands and pat each other on the backs. Mission accomplished…. Except for the fact that what they’ve done was unconstitutional. It could be challenged…. But who will fight that fight? The only one fit to put on those gloves is Cardinal Burke. I’m afraid they’ll have to remove Cardinal Burke quickly, which would seem to be necessary for them to clear this. And then who’s left? No one. No one stands between them and their money. Unfortunately, I believe the bad guys will win this one.

  23. That Pope Francis asked Cardinal Burke to root out Freemasons, shows how much this Pope was trying to trap and humilitate Cardinal Burke. When Abp of Buenos Aires, presiding over a collapse in vocations and attendance at the Bugnini Mass (the only examples of the True Mass set up under Summorum Pontificum were done with a deliberate shoddiness), taking blessing from Pentecostal Ministers, meeting daily with Rabbis, there was no one more friendly to Freemasonry. The picture of him on a bus in all his false, showy humility with his hand tucked into his coat might suggest it was more than friendliness.


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