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Crackpots & Coprophiliacs

There is a crackpot quality to this pontificate. Nothing is gained by tripping over our own tongues trying to disguise, excuse, or justify it. The Church was healthier under Alexander VI. A sinner, for sure. Yet the Borgia pope was still an impressive man in many ways. The Church would be better served by a pope who had all his wits plus a mistress on the side than an erratic, mercy-mongering pretender to virtue.

Public sins are easily recognized. It is the cloaked and buried ones that are dangerous. Only a clinician could say with any certainty what has sent the needle off the dial with Jorge Bergoglio. But something is seriously, audibly askew. And that something goes beyond his predisposition for left-wing causes.

Gericault: Five Horses Seen from the Hindquarters.

Over the last week we learn that the Vatican’s updated norms for priestly formation include requiring candidates for the priesthood to study climate change and acquaint themselves with the catalogue of environmental threats. Seminarians must adopt the reigning creed: “Protecting the environment and caring for our common home – the Earth – belong fully to the Christian outlook on man and reality.” The new document, The Gift of Priestly Formation, states that priests must promote “an appropriate care for everything connected to the protection of creation.”

That insertion is a Bergoglian blot on an otherwise gracious and discerning document. Set aside for now the sentimentality of that problematic phrase “our common home.” Stay with the injunction’s muddled descent into an implicit materialism that drains Catholicism of its Christianity.

At the level of least complexity, this new injunction displays culpable ignorance of the technological sophistication of those very energy companies under assault by environmental fundamentalists. While the Vatican is in a mood to refresh old insights, it might try its hand at Matthew 22:21. A useful update could go something like this: “Render unto Haliburton the things that are Haliburton’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.”

If only this pope’s half-baked solicitude for worldly flourishing ended there. But no. Bergoglio’s pontificate is the gift that keeps on taking. What is being taken—a theft broadcast worldwide in one untethered interview after another—is the credibility of the Church’s teaching office.

Hieronymous Bosch. The Garden of Earthly Delights (Detail of the 3rd panel).
Hieronymous Bosch. The Garden of Earthly Delights (Detail of the 3rd panel).

What is there to say about Bergoglio’s equation of partisan journalism and disinformation with feces? At the very least, his wince-inducing references to coprophilia, a sexual deviancy, are staggeringly tone deaf. But there is more to it than that. His natterings about mercy and tenderness jar with his instinct to denigrate conscientious opposition by casting it in psychological terms. (Remember “self-absorbed, promethean, neo-pelagians”?) This time ‘round, he indulges in psycho-sexual terms that carry a perverse frisson. It is an unhealthy analogy that boomerangs attention back onto the pope himself.

Self-awareness is not this man’s strong suit.

Not long ago he made the broad-brush declaration that half of all marriages were likely invalid. Now we learn that “people have a tendency toward the sickness of coprophagia (feeding on excrement).”

How would you know, Francis? Have you stats on that? And is there a papal exemption for the disinformation anointed and enshrined in Laudato Si? The encyclical’s newly minted metrosexual Jesus and contested (not to say junk) science is . . . well, may we refer to that now, with no loss of dignity, as horse manure?

This pontificate is a cornucopia of last straws. There is derangement somewhere.


Originally published at Studio MattersReprinted with permission. 

118 thoughts on “Crackpots & Coprophiliacs”

  1. The elephant in the room keeps stepping in his own piles. The fallaciousness of this pope is unmistakable. As a well-trusted priest friend of ours told us recently, the pope is not necessary for our salvation….the Truth and genuine teachings of Christ are.

    • Excellent comment – how sad that it is true that Francis is NOT necessary for our salvation. I guess with Francis he’s said just what comes into his mind so long that he forgets himself and his position. And he’s surrounded with people who never say no.

    • It seems, no, on second thought; Francis does not believe in Sanctifying Grace and therefore may not believe in a great many things. He seems to believe our salvation is through the world, not through Christ. This is the great heresy, in my opinion.

  2. Actually, the Pope never said that “…half of all marriages were likely invalid” rather he said that:

    …the great majority of our sacramental marriages are null.

    and in the same execrable statement he added this:

    I’ve seen a lot of fidelity in these cohabitations, and I am sure that this is a real marriage, they have the grace of a real marriage because of their fidelity…“

    Any questions on the meaning of Amoris Laetitia now? See, most of them were never married anyway and now in their fake marriages they are finally married.

    Welcome to the Pope Francis world, where it’s always absurd out there.

        • Please, we may never say this. He is God’s to Judge. He says evil things, he does evil things, he may be leading souls into Hell by encouraging their own evil, but we do God’s Work when we judge that he IS evil. There is enough to do without that.

          • I am afraid that a man with such authority, in such a position who espouses what is against God and does so with great energy and zeal,……maligning those who oppose him at every turn, degrading and casting upon the faithful a shadow of psychological disorder, of being unfit, or of hardness of heart is of no good. And I shall call him what I choose.
            God can judge me accordingly.
            But, it is time to see the enemy for what it is and if you cannot call out what attempts to destroy what is good evil…….then there lies the problem.

            Francis is a willing participate in what is evil. Evil desires what is not good and not true.

          • And even St Paul said: “For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not ye judge them that are within? But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person.”

        • Pride imo. He thinks that he is adding something to the faith, however he doesn’t understand that his faith is wishy washy…………

    • They have ‘fidelity’ perhaps for the moment but most assuredly NOT the grace of a true marriage. But if some in the clergy only think of marriage as an ‘ideal’ then why not have cohabitation and easy and free ‘annulments’? And, for that matter, who needs priestly celibacy either? After all, is that sort of self-giving only an ‘ideal’?

    • He is either demented or stupid.
      But in either case, he is surely crafty.
      Perhaps he is an ecclesiastical idiot savant — he did get the big job.

    • Father RP, What PF forgot to add is that when you take up the sacrament of marriage you are choosing the narrow path, whereas the nice wide flexible path of co-habitation, contraceptive path is exactly what the evil one wants. I was on the wide path and now on the narrow path and can say this from experience.

  3. To use such a revolting word outside of a discussion of psychiatric illness is inexcusable. Could it be that Bergoglio got this idea to use this word from one of his sodomite buddies, given their lust affair with all things rectal. It is truly sickening to behold this man raping the Holy Catholic Faith.

    • Absolutely! There is a vile disgusting derangement going on with one who says such things in an interview, much less even conjures up the concept in his thoughts!!! To say such a man is stable is absurd. There is either a mental or a spiritual illness going on here, or maybe both, make no mistake. Before now, I had no idea of such a thing, nor had ever heard the phrase. Who says such a thing, or even thinks such vile? No one of stable, healthy mind, I can assure you. The diabolical evil is beginning to show itself.

      I should add, that he needs our prayers…………..DESPERATELY!! Maybe even prayers of ‘deliverance’.

      • I know! I’ve never heard of that term in life! This man spend the time studying the filthy illness, but probably doesn’t even read the Bible nor the Catechism!


    • Well, he’s most certainly protecting Homosexual Collective clergy within the Church by “grandfathering” every cleric and prelate with his most recent document on sexually deviant clergy. I have wondered if he himself is of the persuasion. All of these men need flushed down the proverbial toilet into the cesspool to which they belong.

      • If you can, read my post.

        Satan’s final thrust upon the priesthood has come through the doors of this man.
        It is what I truly believe, and I am truly not surprised.

    • With respect : Could we elevate our language usage a bit here. Discussion with erudite elegance, ( like Chesterton’s ) is appreciated.

      • With respect, if you have a problem with any of the language in my post then you should perhaps not have opened this article.

          • Not true, maybe we should follow the lead of Saint Michael in the Sacred Scriptures….let the Beloved do the rebuking ….also and not let ourselves fall for all the offenses against truth as found in the Catechism….Advent holiness and blessings

      • I agree Mary. A timely reminder of the danger of idle gossip of which we all so eagerly contribute. I suppose it shows the love we all have for the church, and elequence is often forgotten in our quick response when our loved ones are attacked. You however make a fine point. Thank you.

    • “It is truly sickening to behold this man raping the Holy Catholic Faith.”

      To the point! And how many are prostituting themselves in the clergy with their silence?

      I continue to pray……but I am running out of patience……..which I need to pray for.

  4. Francis is NOT mentally ill. He is completely sane, and espouses the heresy of Modernism in its’ fullness. The Cardinals MUST DEPOSE him. The sooner the better for the life of the Church, and the salvation of souls.

    • He must GO! And quickly… time marches on……..the evil one reconfigures, weakens the resolve.

      Pray for our cardinals and those who are ‘ sit on the sidelines’

      The shortest and more direct sentence, ‘ No.’ Let’s go bishops and cardinals, say it……it will cost you nothing and gain you heaven perhaps.

      • Read The Roman Martyrology and see how many good Bishops lost their very lives, often after horrific tortures, rather than give even a pinch of incense to the gods – our Bishops, and Pope Francis, shovel pounds of incense to man’s weakness and sins which they “understand” in a more “merciful” way than Jesus Christ Himself. Pray that they are strengthened by the increase of the grace of their Confirmations.

      • Modernism is heresy. Has already been declared by several Popes. And I don’t think “theology of continuing revelation” means what you think it means.

        • I know exactly what the theology of continuing revelation means. But perhaps I don’t know what you mean by Modernism.
          Anyway, I find it fascinating that you folks stand firm upon the declarations of previous popes but challenge the authority of the current one. What gives?


    Silver silence
    Has its season
    More’s head cut
    For so-called-treason

    But heresy’s hand
    Christ’s Head they’ve uncrowned –
    Righteous priests, now or never,
    Roar fury’s gold sound!

  6. Practically every time I hear Francis open his mouth at this point, I find myself asking, “Who the hell actually talks like this?!” Is he trying to sound smarter than he actually is, or does he genuinely think that using disgusting, revolting terms like “coprophagia” falls into the vocabulary worthy of his office?

    Perhaps we are now finally seeing the long-rumored “simmering anger” that has been whispered about among sources in the Vatican begin to boil over and spew into Francis’s public speaking. He clearly is furious that his (in his mind) enlightened reforms are being challenged, and he apparently cannot handle it.

  7. “And I ask myself: Why so much rigidity? Dig, dig, this rigidity always hides something, insecurity or even something else. ”

    And statements about eating excrement flung around in public interviews may also hide something, insecurity or even something else.

    • “Dig, dig, this rigidity always hides something…”

      And what is hidden behind the rigidity of refusal to answer timely five simple pertinent important questions relevant to Catholic faith and morals, respectfully posed by four faithful cardinals for a virtuous purpose, when one has a papal duty to respond?

    • You inspired a friend of mine; at her request, I’m posting her response.

      The world heard about copryphagia
      From the bishop who often enraged a
      Flock of believers
      Who decried the deceiver
      And prayed he’d avoid the world stage-a.

  8. “Not long ago he made the broad-brush declaration that half of all marriages were likely invalid. Now we learn that “people have a tendency toward the sickness of coprophagia (feeding on excrement).”” I think he meant bulls&^%; which is what he is all about.

    It is more than absurd in the world of this man, he is downright dangerous and a willing stool for Satan.

    I see now that his new appointed cardinal of yet another one of these “Congregations” in the Vatican is relaxing homosexual transitory identity in seminaries. How many strong and graced men by God would ever think of going into a seminary now? Francis has put a “rubber stamp” on this garbage that has been hidden, but I found it directly, in a seminary handout in our diocese. Of course, it was no surprise as to what goes on in this diocese, its schools and parishes.

    Now there will be no recourse to Rome, if at all there could be. It is a done deal. And I believe this will infiltrate all orders of priests.

    So where are these “wonderful cardinals and bishops……particularly the bishops who are to guard their priests?

    Right in the tank, the septic tank, with the homosexual priests.

    • Yes, I think it would be appropriate for PF to issue a single Papal “Bull” which would be a compilation of all his heretical, hypocritical, and modernist novelties. And as he comes up with new ones, the document could be amended to keep us all up to date.

  9. You know what’s weird? Hilary Clinton is showing her face again and going on the attack against “fake news”. Facebook and Google are making headlines for targeting “fake news”. And here our Pope is coming out swinging against…”fake news”. Am I to imagine that this all spontaneous and unconnected? Whose playbook are they all operating out of?

    Our Holy Father downplays abortion and winks about population control, cozies up to socialist dictatorships, obsesses over the environment and global warming, promotes unrestricted immigration policies, attacks Donald Trump, and now rants in disturbingly graphic terms about “fake news” at exactly the same time that it is becoming a leftist cause celebre. What exactly are to make of all of this? Do I dare ask?

    • Glad I read the posts down to yours, Matt; I was going to post something along these lines. Two things puzzle any observer here: 1. the pope’s use of recondite terms proper to psychology but totally unknown to those outside that field; and, 2. the strange coincidence of the pope’s interview and Mrs Bill Clinton’s speech, both using an odd, self-serving and recently coined phrase. Concerning the second point, it is doubly puzzling since the Italian press has specialized for many decades in a kind of scurrilous journalism practiced in the US only by a few publications like The Enquirer. If the matter was so urgent, why then hadn’t this pope, a man after all very familiar with Italy, referenced it long before now? And why did he choose a phrase to describe it that has been cooked up by the lying left-wing US media?

  10. This pope is (and has been prepared and groomed to be for some time) a Manchurian Candidate. I don’t see any other explanation for his conduct since his election – and I’m sure that at times even his handlers/groomers are taken aback at what they see. But they own it. A great story worth telling, if it were possible, is how the Church managed to stave him off in 2005. “Remember, O Most Gracious Virgin Mary … .”

    • I don’t agree. He is from Argetnina. Argetina is one of the most screwed up nations in the world. It has the same population ans Canada and Poland but its economy has been surpassed by Poland, which was Communist 26 years ago. You cannot plan and execute that much stupid. It just happens.

      • Our views need not be in conflict, mate. But I do remember after Pope Benedict’s abdication a Latin American commenter on (I believe) Fr. Z’s blog saying that whoever the upcoming conclave should choose, they should avoid Latin Americans like the plague.

  11. Execrable words from a seemingly mentally unstable man. How much longer shall this Pontiff’s anarchic reign over the Church continue?

    • Yes, but I wonder how Mark Shea is going to spin this latest outrage by the Pope. No doubt he will try to find a way to justify what the Pope said.

      • In the man Francis/Bergoglio, I fear we have a multivalent problem: bad Christian formation from a local church that’s been sick for a very long time; bad priestly formation; bad companions; provincialism, incuriosity, personal pride, and obstinacy; indifferent intellect; and incipient senility. What a cocktail. Carnival’s over indeed.

  12. That most analogous to “coprophilous” are confections posing as theology, particularly those deposited in the Bergoglian mode.
    Surely the only journalists at which he is taking aim are those Catholic journalists who don’t fall for the act, the defense mechanism and the tactical use of papal privilege for nefarious ends. He would be far more comfortable in place in a third-world banana republic dictatorship.
    Go home.
    And God reward Maureen Mullarkey.

  13. Modernists are a bit crazy, or, in the case of the Pope, more than a bit. Modernists are forced to live in a world of continual contradiction, in that they know what the Church teaches, but they have to find ways to change it, so that the changes give the appearance of credibility. It can’t really be done, but many believe that it can. It creates a certain neurosis of which the Pope is a prime example. It has been referred to by trads as ‘diabolical disorientation.’

    I tend to agree with Hillary White, in that it’s actually a good thing that we now have a Pope who is up-front about his Modernism, rather than it being somewhat hidden as it has been with the last two popes (though trads were able to see the Modernist views of the last two popes of course). Modernism can’t really be dealt with unless it comes to the forefront in all its ugliness.

    We also need to pray and do penance, as Our Lady of Fatima has instructed us to do. And especially pray for the conversion of the Pope. I don’t think that anything will really change unless we do so. Bishop Williamson said a few months ago that God is not going to give us a good Pope until we have enough Catholics who will truly appreciate a good Pope, which I tend to agree with.

        • They do.


          Simply based on the ages of the generations involved, we could easily see approximately 20 more years of this foulness. We still have lots of “50-something” Cardinals and priests who are cut out of the same swath of cloth as Bergoglio.

          Even a good Pope at this point would produce no dramatic change UNLESS he damned all forms of protocol and norms of behavior in the Vatican and began a sweeping “draining of the swamp”.

          How many good Catholic prelates elected Pope would even entertain the idea that we should REDUCE priest and prelate numbers today FOR ANY REASON? Yet I see no other way. The cancer inside the Church cannot be excised without excising it.

          The argument against such action has been put to me as this: Such a sweeping act of reform would place “on the market” huge numbers of VALID but illicit ordained. Such deacons, priests and bishops would thus be able to continue to claim powers under Apostolic Succession and would continue to ordain new deacons, priests and bishops, causing mayhem.

          Who cares. It needs to be done.

          • UNLESS he damned all forms of protocol and norms of behavior in the Vatican and began a sweeping “draining of the swamp”.

            I;ve been saying this for weeks…


          • Truly, just “being a good Pope” isn’t going to cut it.

            We need a personally righteous, pious, doctrinally sound, courageous, holy badass of a Pope.

          • It is a dire situation, that’s for sure. As you say, even a good Pope at this point would not produce dramatic change unless something dramatic was done. It can’t really be done by human means, but rather by supernatural means, by placing our confidence in God to solve the problem (but we still have to do our part, of course).

            I could be wrong, but it has occurred to me that it’s also possible that Francis was just extremely angry at his opponents, and was attempting to belittle them with very offensive language. If that was his intention, then it obviously backfired, and he’s been made to look very bad instead. He doesn’t seem to understand that those who oppose his heresy will not back down, no matter how much he belittles them (us).

          • You could be right.

            It reminds me of the guys that come back from the Army and forget themselves. Every other word is one we aren’t supposed to say public but they are used to it.

            I wonder if that is something this Pope is not immune to. Just what his circles are is unknown to me, but his language gives me some idea…

          • Indeed, a badge of honor to be persecuted by Francis. God uses the weak things of the world to confound the strong.

    • I IS a good thing in that we have to have this out. We need definitions, clarity and no more pretending.

      What I have seen of the culture of the Catholic Church since I converted is endless fiddling and make-believe. I suspect it comes from decades-now of chaos and the exhaustion that sets in as a result. But let’s not play games. This guy is a menace and it has taken a menace to expose, advertise and make plain the ROT that permeates the Church. So I, too am happy to see him. I do believe we will down the road be thankful that we had someone like him who had the courage to be “frank”.

      For those who are confused. No, a guy like Bergoglio isn’t “normal”. He’s not a “nice guy”. In the business world an executive who treated the mission statement of his corporation the way Bergoglio treats the perennial Magesterium would be fired.

      And I do think that might be on the agenda if he doesn’t clean up his act.

      I’m not holding my breath for THAT to happen, but I don’t stop praying for it just the same.

  14. You’ll get into trouble throwing the truth about like that. Do you not know we can now tolerate anything but the truth? Perhaps because it has become so sad.

  15. I believe it is time to remove the Pope’s inner circle and himself from the Church, every day something new comes out and it is disgusting, heretical and very Un-Catholic. It is time for action, no more petitions or dubias that are left un-answered, time for the remaining Faithful Clergy and Faithful Theologians come together to figure out how to depose the Holy Father for the safety of souls and Holy Mother Church.

  16. “What is being taken—a theft broadcast worldwide in one untethered interview after another—is the credibility of the Church’s teaching office.”

    It is the crucifixion of Holy Mother Church.

    “A cornucopia of last straws” indeed.

  17. I suspect that in the Pope’s circles, coprophilia/-phagia are simply such well-known words that nobody has to go to the dictionary to find out what it means. What buggers me {pun intended} is that he doesn’t lay this down as a condemnation of the PRACTICE, but rather as a condemnation of vague and undefined muckraking.

    He might not be a sodomite, but he sure seems to have way too much familiarity with the horrific practices of the sodomites and worse, little disdain for it. I mean, after all, he stood shoulder-to-shoulder with sodomite blasphemers and told the whole world he wanted full communion with them and their religion.

    What a pervert.

  18. The whole “fake news” phrase was a response by the MSM to the online, citizen-run “pizzagate” investigation. I’m sure Frankie just picked up the phrase so he can point it at Catholic bloggers who disagree with him, as he has spoken nastily against those “angry” bloggers before.

  19. A pope who has personal immorality is far better than the spiritual killer now in Rome who promotes approval of mortal sin. Pray for Divine Intervention.

  20. The irony is that if this totally inappropriate comment from the pope and a truthful summary of the content of Amoris Laetitia were both put before your average ‘Sunday’ Catholic, the former would be much more likely to provoke a critical reaction than the latter and yet, reprehensible as this latest outburst is, Amoris Laetitia is much, much worse.

  21. The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it;
    – Psalm 24:1

    The Bible clearly sanctions “protecting the environment and caring for our common home” because we are stewards of God’s Creation. There is nothing “crackpot” about this at all.

    • Yeah, and of course all progressive methods ostensibly aimed at “protecting the environment … “, proposed by the elitist Mandarins are just a-ok, right, mate?

    • The liberal elites want to protect the environment with population control (abortion, contraception& sterilization) which is against God’s commandment of “be fruitful and multiply”.

      • Whatever. The ‘fruitful and multiply’ commandment was issued at least 5000 years ago (and to the ancient Israelites, not to modern Christians). We have fulfilled it beyond God’s imagination. It is time to contemplate some other priorities. I think God would approve.

        • “The ‘fruitful and multiply’ commandment was issued at least 5000 years ago (and to the ancient Israelites, not to modern Christians)”

          Not true, we are to populate Heaven and not contracept and abort!


    When we read about Pope Francis latest bit of linguistic crapola about equating journalistic activity with sexual perversity we are reminded how much he is doing to undermine the family with AL, etc. etc.

    At this stage of the game it is not too farfetched to suggest that Pope Francis is channeling the leaders of Cultural Marxism in Germany during the 1920’s. For example: “It was George Lukács [25], one of the founding fathers of the Frankfurt School, who had called for “a culture of pessimism and a world abandoned by God.” [26] And it was one of their most fanatical ideologues, Willi Munzenberg [27], who had said he wanted to turn the world upside down and make life a hell on earth. His exact words:

    We must organize the intellectuals and use them TO MAKE WESTERN CIVILIZATION STINK! Only then, after they have CORRUPTED ALL ITS VALUES AND MADE LIFE IMPOSSIBLE, can we impose the dictatorship of the proletariat.”

  23. This is a well written, clever, articulate article. Unfortunately it was also disgusting. Vicious attacks on the man who is Peter may make like-minded people laugh, eye-roll and denigrate him, but doesn’t it occur to you that what you’re doing is wrong? If you love the Church, find an intelligent, civil, informative way to build It up. Tearing it down is the enemy’s work – where are you? (And in anticipation of the insults that will be hurled my way – no I don’t support AL, and yes Burke is right and needs more support. So let’s do it. Prayer, penance and sacrifice.)

    • Yeah, calling corrupt religious leaders names like vipers and whited sepulchres is not what a good Christian should do.

      • Yes indeed. Note the contradiction in the opening post. “Tearing it [the Church] down” is correctly identified as the enemy’s work, but this is exactly what Bergoglio and his evil minions are doing.
        We who love the Bride of Christ want this man to stop raping Her.

    • And bringing up coprophilia/coprophagia in a public speech isn’t disgusting? What normal man would do that, would even have awareness of this degeneracy? I didn’t, until Bergoglio mentioned it.

      There is demonic influence on this man – this utter filth flowing from the chair of Peter shows that. You’d better face up to it.

  24. Perhaps Pope Francis is the gift to the laity that forces a strengthening of the sensus fidelium. Had such jokers been fought harder in the past, this fellow would be less dangerous. But, he is who he is, an opportunity for the laity to restore balance in the Church. Oh, yes, that means coming to grips with what a modern clerical power grab the concept of the Magisterium is; unless you can produce some evidence of it from such great centralizers of power as say a Leo or Gregory the Great; but not even they would have considered something so foreign.

    Or, you can keep losing all that you treasure as a sacrifice to Pastor Aeternus. Pity, that.

  25. I read an article yesterday that defended the scum of the earth judas…………. For the love of God how can someone e.g. the Pope say that the power to forgive laid with the pharisees. Then apparently there was the doubt of Saint John the Baptist, which is clear Saint John the Baptist had no …. zero doubts about who Jesus is……………….. but he can’t answer the doubts of his Cardinals.

  26. This article seems to argue that the Holy Father stated that many people have a tendency toward eating of literal excrement when it’s quite clear he was using a metaphor

  27. Love your writing Maureen and your penetrating vision. You called out PF early on and time shows that your alarm was warranted. Has the idiot at First Things apologized to you yet or would that be too much like coprophagia?


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