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Chapter 6

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Malthus my boy,


I admit that I myself was not privy to the extent of the work being done by our Propaganda Department in preparation for the contagion that is now gripping the minds of the human race. I should have by now received a promotion to a higher post wherein I would be informed of such information, but it seems that the petulant weasels on the Hiring Committee are unjust in their assessment of my skills. I will have my revenge however. Oh, do not dare repeat any of this, I will of course deny it, and since I am still in charge of your career, I will destroy you if need be. One bad review from me and I will have you relegated to the Maintenance Committee, cleaning up the debris from all the fun our torturers have with the damned, without ever partaking yourself.

As of yet, it is not clear to them whether or not the virus is all that serious to the actual welfare of the human race, given that they always die from a myriad of diseases anyway. No matter, we are not concerned if it is serious or not, we can use it to our advantage either way. Truthfully, the ideal scenario is one wherein the vermin are manipulated into a fearful panic, only to avoid an illness that does not “live up to the hype.” I already hear talk of “lockdowns” and “nationwide quarantines,” all due to the guidance of a select few government bureaucrats who in some way exercise more power over the fate of nations than even the Heads of State.

This generation of humans in the lands formerly Christian are morally speaking, dreadful cowards. The remote chance of dying at an age or in a manner they did not themselves imagine will send most of them into a frantic tizzy. They have become so accustomed to the novel idea that they would be best to die at a nice old age, surrounded by loved ones, and in their sleep. Of course, this does happen for some, but they fail to realize that the less they are encouraged to contemplate death, the more room we have to work away at their souls. The comfort they now widely enjoy, a reality that pleases us very much, is a fertile breeding ground for despair; a fruitful soil for the harvest of Hell.

It is true that the Enemy created them originally without the sting of bodily death, however since He is always bending the rules in His favour, death is now one of His greatest assets. He promises them eternity with Him so long as they die in a State of Grace, reconciled to His laws. In ages past, death was more acutely present at the forefront of their thoughts. This meant that even the impious and religiously disinterested among them could not help but entertain that nagging prick in a soiled conscience that there may be fires in Hell after all. But, through a combination of numbing medication, artificially contrived life expectancies, and the promise of things like “dying with dignity”—which in reality means being put down like a sick animal—we are now able to convince the human animals that any “premature” death is unjust. How fun!

What fools, there is no death that is premature, as the Enemy, always seeking to be in control, has numbered their days! They cannot go a moment sooner than He permits, yet daily we can assure these weaklings that with enough medicine and technology, they can become like gods. Our Father Below really did hatch the greatest plan when he tricked the first progenitors that they could have their cake and eat it too. Due to the effects of this original fall, we can always tempt the lemmings to consider grasping at a forbidden, yet fleeting shadow of immortality. They willingly forgo their inheritance in the Enemy’s Fortress, only to fall even deeper. Oh happy fall indeed.

Taking into account all that I have heretofore explained, we have an excellent opportunity to foment chaos and confusion amongst them as the hysteria of this contagion grips the collective consciousness of their “developed” world. This should be easily done with your family. Their dependency on electronic communication, especially on the devices they carry with them at all times, means that we will have their gazes fixed on numbers of deaths and infections without any context for what the numbers even mean. The globalized nature of instant and unyielding social media means nations and governments of all stripes will pressure their citizens into policing each other by way of shame and gossip. As they watch unreliable statistics about the virus compound like numbers from a professional sporting event, many of them will spiral into a state of constant hysteria.

Given what I have already said about their insistence of a certain length of life and imagined manner of death, there is very little abuse to which they will not agree in order to hang on to a life of hypnotic convenience. The Enemy’s religion is largely focused on death, and due to the fact that some remnant of His influence is present in all His creatures, they must adhere to some ritualistic formulation that revolves around this reality. Once the new viral orthodoxy is established, due to their obsession with being “plugged in,” we will have a narrative so strong that even mild dissenters will be effectively labeled heretics. The humans have to direct zeal towards something (it is in their nature), therefore let it be in support of an unproven absoluteness about a sickness that will never live up to their apocalyptic expectations.

As regards your next step with the family, the mother is sufficiently addicted to celebrity gossip and collectivist political orthodoxy. For whatever reason the idiots look to actors who play make-believe for a living to provide them with information about lived reality. The mother, who hangs on to every brainless slogan that defecates out of the mouths of famous persons, should be the conduit for the helpful information you need to funnel into the home. Her husband will certainly object, as he is in fact a relatively rational man, but no matter. Simply convince the mother to label him as insensitive and selfish that he would dare question the obviously contradictory information being shoved down their throats from all levels of government. It does not matter who is correct or incorrect in the end; all that matters is that the married couple becomes increasingly divided until they either erupt due to conflict, or until the husband has acquiesced into a state of impotent bitterness. As I always say, a house divided against itself cannot stand.

Until next time,




To be continued next week. 

Editor’s note: this serialization is from the novella Family Be Damned.

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