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Chapter 5

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Malthus my boy,


The conversation between the boy and his parents went just as I suspected. No real information was learned by the parents as they had already made up their minds beforehand. Furthermore, the boy is now experiencing significant doubts about his beliefs, especially since his father was able to throw a series of emotionally charged questions and accusations at him, to which the young man could not respond. I am glad to see that the father is so unoriginal in his thought that he put forth the same tired objections that virtually all gullible and unintelligent men do in these circumstances.

Almost as if following a script we had written for him he said, “How can you hold so fast to a belief system that has no scientific basis?” And perhaps the most disingenuous yet sanctimonious of all, “The Church mistreats women, how can you look at your mother and sister in the eye and say you believe in a Church that does not have equality for women?” I must admit it tickled me when I heard the words “science” and “equality.” The list of meaningless words that the lemmings use to pretend they are sophisticated is so predictable.

There is nothing unique about any of these statements, and the father does not really believe them himself. He, like virtually all humans, does not even know what he means when he appeals to “science,” as he is not himself a scientist, and even scientists work with a very limited understanding relative to the infinitely complex nature of the Enemy’s creation. Due to popular documentary videos and various celebrity “scientists” we have convinced the humans that the natural sciences can explain anything and everything. Matters of historical fact? They appeal to scientists rather than written testimonies of their ancestors. The existence of the Enemy? They claim there is no “scientific proof” for His existence, all the while not realising the faulty logic inherent to a claim that since you cannot see a supernatural reality under a microscope, that it must not exist. They are so daft and gullible that they hang on every word that drools out of the mouth of anyone in a white lab coat. They pretend they are advanced and in a state of material progress as they do obeisance to a veritable priesthood of scientific magicians, who like the pagan wizards of old promise them the secret to immortality with potions and incantations.

They even trust the scientists with such blindness that many of them have bought into the lie that they can even control the climate of the Earth. Oh yes, they have stated that a change in drinking straw material will change the fate of the natural world. They are morons. It is incredible how utterly unscientific they have become, and how zealous they are for a pseudoscientific and superstitious worldview.

Here is one of the truths we work so tirelessly to keep hidden: the greater their belief in the Enemy, the more reasonable and logical they become. We must continually encourage them to believe with all their pompous certainty that the amorphous concept of scientific vaguery is the key to understanding all that matters in life. All the while they can continue in their materialist worship of creatures and created things, ignoring the fact that they are not an ounce happier than their ancestors, who lived a simpler life that was filled with devotion to the Enemy and less “scientific progress.”

In the past we weren’t sure whether it was beneficial to encourage a materialist point of view in all cases, given the fact that although a materialist does not believe in the Enemy, he also does not believe in devils. However, since the lines of natural scientific thought and preternatural consultation have been so pleasantly blurred, we can now trick a man into belief in distinctly metaphysical “forces” and “energies.” Even men, and not just women, are more frequently consulting eastern gurus and practitioners in an attempt to align their bodies with the “forces of the universe.” Just like that the Vessel of Election wrote two thousand years ago, they have now begun to worship the creature, and therefore the Enemy has given them up to base and wholly unnatural desires. It is a sight to behold my boy!

In addition, the father’s statement about the equality of women as regards the Church is par for the course these days. Human beings are so far removed from the fact that they have been created male and female, with distinct purpose and abilities, that they view any natural difference as “inequality.” It is delightful to watch as they completely miss the point when they suggest that women will only have equality in the Church when they can be a priest.

The work that the Language Redefinition Department has done to void words of any real meaning has been quite effective. For example, the word “equality” means to most of them that they should get whatever they want, even if it makes no sense. They now believe that a sign of so-called equality is apparent when a woman can act in a role that is called Father.

Here is yet another secret about which we do not want them to wise up: the further they flee from the Enemy and towards us, the less value they actually have for their women. The Church has always held that the act of procreation, although appalling to us, is a partaking in the Divine Creation through which a woman has a unique and inimitable role. In fact, the place of a woman is seen so highly in the Enemy’s eyes that the Mother of the Son is venerated above all human beings by orders of infinite magnitude. Whatever you do, do not allow any member of this family to understand this fact, and you must keep devotion to the Woman as far from their consciousness as possible. She is… well, just keep the thought of her from them.

At any rate, men now convince themselves that they are “honouring” women by suggesting they should do things men were created to do, thereby abandoning what is true to their feminine nature. In reality, the pretense of honouring the females is nothing more than a pathetic projection of their own gnawing guilt. They know they are scum, what with their endless collections of nude images and videos, and the hours spent hiding in a closet like a rat obsessing over rotted flesh. They are even convinced that having less children and even terminating their own offspring is somehow a “woman’s right,” as if clipping the wings of an eagle makes the creature more of a bird. It is now socially acceptable to bed a woman, find out she is with child, and then “support” her in her decision to terminate. All the while the vast majority of progressive men shrug their effeminate shoulders as they claim it really is “her choice.” Men who speak like this are such hypocrites, and it is music to my ears (hypocrisy is hellishly good).

Well, it seems as if this operation has the proper trajectory, a textbook case. Before I forget, I have been informed that we are to instruct our underlings to pay attention to the virus that has caught the attention of the humans. Stay tuned.

Until next time,




To be continued next week. 


Editor’s note: this serialization is from the novella Family Be Damned.

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