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Chapter 4

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Malthus my boy,

I must say, I am pleased with your last report. It seems as if you have not only engendered severe opposition to the beliefs of the young man by his peers, but you have also fomented a campaign of lies and deceit against the educator. This is very good news. We must be realistic, it is improbable that we will move the man from his position; his devotion to the Woman is too strong. However, with the application of fanatical political correctness, we can fan the flames of the mob mentality against the instructor. In the past, we could only hope for isolated groups of people to gather in mobs with pitch-forks and torches. But now, as humans begin to remove themselves even further from actual lived reality, they are easily manipulated by the most illogical and absurd phraseology and slogans shared throughout their virtual platforms.

These tools are useful in making the public and professional lives of the targets of the cyber mob most unpleasant. But men who are devoted to the Enemy unfortunately look at things from a supernatural perspective, and therefore tend to rejoice in their public sufferings as a way to partake in the humiliation suffered by the Son of the Enemy. It enrages me that the opposition has co-opted even suffering as something worthwhile! Fortunately the materialist worldview that now occupies the collective psyche of whole nations has all but rejected the notion of suffering as having any benefit.

In ages gone by, we had to work quite hard to convince large groups of people of falsity and to enrage their sensibilities against an innocent person. Presently, we can influence droves of persons under our care in ways that facilitate a constant stream of arbitrary lies that detract from any man’s character. It is not even remotely necessary that the messages contain any truth, as most humans do not verify their information any more. All that is needed is a catchy sentence or series of capitalized words. As long as a man is labeled a “bigot” or as having a certain “phobia,” we can practically tar and feather him with no effort.

We are able to turn children against their parents and even their entire ancestry as a result of these methods. Since the perceived truth of the culture changes with every passing moment, it is inevitable that parents will have “outdated” beliefs. A mother may raise her children to believe that it is a good thing to go to Church on Sundays, or for her daughters to act feminine. But, when her daughter comes home from our inspired university lectures, or has found a community of “progressives” on the internet, she will grow to resent her mother as a cog in the machine of the Patriarchy. Since most mothers cannot stand to have their children think poorly of them, they will reconcile to themselves that they are in fact still in the process of “working through” the old ways by which they were raised, ways that were somehow “repressive.” In the best of cases, mothers will even adopt the views and fashions of their brainwashed daughters, and soon they will think and act as they do.

The offspring view these changes in their parents with great affection, and will even say things like, “my mom is so cool, she doesn’t impose any of her beliefs on me, she lets me decide for myself.” Do you see how stupid this is? The Enemy has designed the family as an institution wherein parents will form their children by way of teaching various lessons. To say it is a good thing that a parent not “impose”—which in reality means to teach—is like saying it is a good thing that a music instructor never informed a student how to read music. Furthermore, children from families like this will, to our great pleasure, inevitably become depressed in some fashion, and therefore grow to resent their parents as the supposed cause of all their trauma. We now have so many aspects of familial destruction so excellently booby-trapped that in some cases all we must do is watch. Do you now see how to use these advances in your attack?

As effective as these methods are, they require the population to have a type of blood-lust for shaming people with which they disagree. This is of course useful, but because most humans are like unintelligent predatory animals, they will not expend more effort than is needed, and are often distracted by easier prey. We need the humans to be easily distracted in order to lead them in whatever direction we desire. But the ease with which they are pulled in any direction also means they have very little resolve and practically no attention span. It is most frustrating. Often we will stick a group of them on an individual, but in their primitive pursuit they will even turn on each other, like buzzards fighting over a rotting carcass. It is the cost of doing business it seems.

It is inevitable that the parents of the students in the boy’s class will begin to commiserate about the meddlesome teacher, no doubt due to his “outdated beliefs.” This will ensure that the parents of the family under your care look more deeply into what their son now believes. As of yet, they are still unaware of any real changes in their son, although they may have noticed him reading more and spending less time with his peers. Have the mother and father participate in salacious and calumnious conversations about the boy’s educator. This way, they will work themselves into a fit, and when they finally confront the child under the guise of “concern,” they will in effect seem like they are attacking the young man’s newfound faith by associating it with a man they so clearly dislike; a man they have never spoken to. The boy will be distraught that his mother and father so unfairly hate what he believes, without an ounce of understanding of what he truly believes; and the parents will convince themselves that they are “losing” their son due to his emotional defence of his position and the teacher they hate so much.

The psychological effects of this will almost guarantee that the parents will view the instructor as their enemy. They will even start throwing around terms like “brainwashing” when they think of the effect he is having on their child. It is unlikely they will ever speak with him, which is to our benefit, and due to the lack of tact and courage in most, they may even send him a message of correspondence filled with hastily written words they would never dare say in person. They, like most of their peers, are cowards of the highest degree.

Whatever you do, keep the parents from actually speaking with him. He is too convincing and even likeable. We must discourage any real personal encounters with any sort of person devoted to the Enemy, especially since it is likely that men of his ilk will even pray for those who persecute him. It makes me sick.

Until next time,




To be continued next week. 

Editor’s note: this serialization is from the novella Family Be Damned.

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