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Cardinal Burke on the Dubia, Malta, Freemasons, Pope Francis, & President Trump

Yesterday, 10 April, the excellent Spanish website,, published the text and video of a lengthy interview with Cardinal Raymond Burke in which the prelate makes many significant and courageous statements. (Our colleague in Germany, Giuseppe Nardi, has already made a report on it in German.)

In the following, we present some of the most important parts of the interview, which has been posted by InfoVaticana also in English.

About the matter of the Four Cardinals’ dubia, Cardinal Burke explains that they have a duty to respond to the confusion caused by the papal document Amoris Laetitia. He says:

There is so much confusion that we, first of all, asked the Holy Father to clarify please these questions, these fundamental questions.  […] Because there is a very dangerous confusion, and also, with the confusion come divisions. Priests against priests, and disagreements among fellow Catholics about whether you are able to receive the Sacraments, if you live in an invalid marriage union. We even find disagreements among the Bishops, and this should not be…This is not for the good of the Church.

Cardinal Burke affirms once more that there are more than the four cardinals who are involved with the dubia:

I can tell you there are more than four cardinals who support the dubia, but for various reasons they do not want to say so publicly.

He also affirms that he has the private support of other cardinals. Asked about a possible public formal correction of Pope Francis, Cardinal Burke gives a somewhat hesitant answer:

That it is not clear yet [whether there will be a public correction]. Normally speaking, before taking that step, the cardinals would approach once again the Holy Father personally to say: Holy Father, the matter is so grave that we must correct it, and I trust that the Holy Father will respond at that moment.

In Cardinal Burke’s eyes, however, Cardinal Gerhard Müller himself has already given an answer to the dubia, in form of an interview to the Italian journal Il Timone:

[Question:] But you don’t think that the Cardinal Müller’s interview in Il Timone was an answer to [the] Dubia?

I believe so. It certainly pertains very much to the whole discussion, and it makes very clear what the Church is teaching regarding such matters. I believe, but I do not know, since I have not talked to Cardinal Müller, that the interview is a pastoral effort, on his part, to present the Church’s teaching clearly. [emphasis added]

Out of respect toward those involved, Cardinal Burke declined to give any date of a possible formal correction. The prelate reveals he has not yet spoken with the pope about the dubia.

As to the matter of the Order of Malta, Cardinal Burke has made it clear that Pope Francis has excluded him from any dealing with the Order of Malta:

For the moment, I am completely removed from any involvement with the Order of Malta.

At the same time he remembers how the pope had originally given him the guidance to remove any Freemason from the Order of Malta:

The Pope was very clear with me about that, that a Freemason cannot be a member of the Order of Malta. And so he told me that, if there are Knights who are persisting in being members of the Freemasons, then they must be expelled.

With regard to the Vatican commission that was to investigate the crisis of the Order of Malta, Cardinal Burke confirms that “there is something very strange going on.” Burke comes out clearly stating that he mistrusts the recent large donation given to the Order of Malta by an anonymous donor:

Regarding this large bequest, a part of which at least was left to the Order of Malta, there is no clear knowledge about who the donor is, what is the exact nature of the bequest, how it is being administered, and that is not right. Those things have to be clear.

And then it was very strange that three people who where directly involved in the matter of that bequest given to the Order should be on the so-called “group” who investigated the whole question of the dismissal of the Grand Chancellor and recommended that he should be reinstated. [emphasis added]

The cardinal also explains that it is “strange” that the brother of Albrecht von Boeselager, only a few days after von Boeselager’s dismissal from the Order, was named to the Commission of Control of the Institute for the Works of Religion. Burke importantly says with regard to the whole conflict in the Order “that the reinstatement of the Grand Chancellor was a principal objective.”

With regard to his being sent to Guam as a possible punishment, Cardinal Burke responded with the words: “That is false or fake news.”

As to his relationship with Pope Francis, Cardinal Burke explains that he has not spoken with him

since the meeting with him in November of last year. I greeted him after the meeting for the College of Cardinals and the Roman Curia before Christmas, but I have not spoken to him, and he has not granted me an audience. So, I don’t know what he is thinking. [emphasis added]

When explicitly asked, Cardinal Burke reveals that he has requested an audience with the pope. Therefore, Pope Francis seems to avoid a personal meeting with Cardinal Burke. Burke thus had “no opportunity, no occasion to speak with him about it [the Order of Malta].”

Cardinal Burke also makes a clear public criticism of the recent remarks of the Jesuit Superior General, Father Arturo Sosa, concerning the Words of Our Lord. Sosa said recently that when it comes to Jesus words on the indissolubility of marriage, “There would have to be a lot of reflection on what Jesus really said. At that time, no one had a recorder to take down his words.Burke responds:

This is completely wrong. In fact, I find it incredible that he could make these kind of statements. They also need to be corrected. It is unreasonable to think that words in the Gospels, which are words that, after centuries of studies, have been understood to be the direct words of Our Lord, are now not the words of Our Lord because they were not tape recorded. I can’t understand it.

[Question:] But it is not a simple mistake…

It is a serious mistake that needs to be corrected.

Cardinal Burke also says that he has hopes for the U.S. under the new presidency of Donald Trump, especially with regard to issues of the protection of the life of the unborn children. He offered specific praise for Vice President Mike Pence:

[Question:] So do you think the new government is really committed in the defense of life?

Absolutely. Vice-President Pence for a very long time has been one of the leaders among politicians in the pro-life movement.

He also says that (despite a strange report by the Washington Post] he does not remember having met White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, and that he clearly has no ties with the Trump government.

Burke also says that he notices a general negative tone in the Vatican’s own newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, with regard to the new Trump presidency — something he himself regrets.

The American cardinal also touches upon the situation of the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), and shows his own reserve toward the Society when he says:

Yes. I pray for it [a reconciliation with Rome], and I hope that it will come about. But the reconciliation of course has to be based on a common understanding. We cannot just simply will it. In other words, if there is not a common understanding, what we reconcile will result in all sort of conflicts and difficulties. We have to make sure that there it is a common understanding in regard to all the questions which, in the past, the FSPPX has had about the Church, the Holy See and the direction of the Catholic Church.

This interview is perhaps most significant due to the fact that Cardinal Burke makes several strong and courageous statements that expose him to even more criticism from the circle around Pope Francis. He does not flinch away, for example, from expressing his disagreement with the Vatican for welcoming the Prime Minister of Luxembourg with his homosexual partner. Cardinal Burke says:

I think something has to be done to address the public image that is given by such acts [as hosting this homosexual couple]. In the past, the Holy See simply, in a very discreet and respectful way, refused to permit such a thing. We have to return to that because by openly permitting this, the very strong impression is given that now the Holy See approves such situations. So that has to be made clear. I think too the terms for choosing those who are invited officially to come and to speak to the conferences at the Holy See have to be clear. I don’t understand how people who have openly opposed the Church and her teachings can be invited to this kind of conference.

[Question:] Like Paul Ehrlich…

Exactly, Paul Ehrlich…A prime example. [my emphasis]

Watch the full interview here:

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87 thoughts on “Cardinal Burke on the Dubia, Malta, Freemasons, Pope Francis, & President Trump”

  1. Burke is a man of God. He offers a fine contrast to Francis. Perhaps, that is the most important role he can play at this time. Though, when the time for diplomacy ends, I hope he is up for the task that has become an inevitability when implementing the final solution to dealing with Francis and his unholy compatriots. Repent Publicly, or be cast out.

  2. Unless Francis is publically rebuked and called to account, any number of interviews, reaffirmations of authentic Church teaching, or answers to their own dubia — by the CDF or whomever — will be of zero consequence. The pope must be addressed and confronted on this matter directly, and in a manner where he cannot hide or dissimulate. Anything else is a waste of time.

    For the life of me, what I do not understand, is how Burke can go on and on — over and over again, in interview after interview — about what a grave matter this is, what a grave risk to souls — and yet STILL delay in first going privately to Francis to correct the matter. No new action since Christmas? Doesn’t sound that grave to me.

    • What, exactly, what happen even if the Pope were rebuked? The papal positivists would yell “Schism!” and ignore it. There would be all sorts of questioning among the ordinary faithful as to whether the Pope was infallible or not and what this all means for the Faith. Instead, Cardinal Burke, quietly and resolutely states the Truth. WE all know that Truth already, with or without Cardinal Burke and with or without the Dubia. If God so chooses He can strike down Pope Francis at any point, in order to remove him in order for him to be replaced, yet He does not will to do so.

    • I agree, the Pope must be confronted to his face. But, in the above interview Cardinal Burke stated that Pope Francis has refused to give him an audience since last November. Cardinal Burke has not delayed on going privately to the Pope, he hasn’t been permitted to see the Pope privately.

      The situation is dire indeed and the longer it continues the more damage to the Church is done. My personal opinion, which means nothing really, is that they are suffering from a demonic attack of fear, not of losing their posts or any such thing, but of becoming a source of Public Schism.

      Make no mistake, the Devil is working overtime and we need to be praying and fasting etc. for those being attacked, including ourselves.

      • “he hasn’t been permitted to see the Pope privately.”

        So after sounding the alarm, Burke and Co have no responsibility to act so long as Francis refuses to see them? Sorry, not buying it.

        And what is worse, a public schism where Catholics actually have the opportunity to hear and choose the truth, or just maintaining the status quo where untold millions may to continue to point to Church authority to confirm them in their damnable sins?

        Let the truth be proclaimed, the dissenters called out by name, and the faithful finally given an honest chance to accept or reject the truth in the clear light of day. No more hiding behind, “well Cardinal so and so says, or Pope Francis teaches…”

        Burke would not be the source of the schism, simply the light of truth which galvanizes the faithful and exposes those who have already severed themselves.

        • “So after sounding the alarm, Burke and Co have no responsibility to act so long as Francis refuses to see them? Sorry, not buying it.”

          I didn’t say that. Also, I said that a face to face confrontation must happen.

          And I didn’t say I agreed with the fear of Schism being a good reason to not be more confrontational, I simply said that I think that that may be what is going on. Also, I think it is of Satanic origin, so we need to pray and fast against it.

          • So if a face to face confrontation must take place, let another of the Dubia Cardinals meet with PF.
            Or, march into St. Peter’s square with a bullhorn and confront him on the balcony.
            The Gates of Hell guarantee doesn’t mean that The Church won’t shrink down to one Priest in a cave somewhere. Someone needs to correct PF or that’s all there will be left.

          • We stand with Cardinal Burke therefore, having our loins girt about with truth.

            If fear is a factor Cardinal Raymond Burke needs to steel himself anew with the truth that the Church, our entire Church, all of us, the entire Body of Christ, as long as the stain of Amoris Laetitia etc. remains, is (almost?) in schism right now, from Herself, today. If Cardinal Burke cuts out the tumor, the followers of Amoris Laetitia etc. alone become/remain the schismatics, regardless of whether they comprise a numerical majority. The status quo is surely not God’s will for us/His Body. God is Love, and He said that if we love Him we must keep His Commandments.

            Cardinal Burke looked relaxed in the interview, even chuckling at the suggestion that he was a confidant of Steve Bannon, and consequently close to President Trump. And recall he came out, together with colleagues, with the book “Remaining in the Truth of Christ” long before many of us smelled a rat.

            We stand with Cardinal Burke therefore, having our loins girt about with truth.

          • Prayer and fasting is good but cardinals and bishops need to be bold and jointly find a way to confront Francis who is hiding behind Kasper, Baldisseri, Daneels, and other heretics.
            How I detest these whitened sepulchers!

          • I have been meditating on that very sorrowful thought during the Lenten services. It’s hard to “love” those who would betray our Lord and Savior.

        • I really don’t think there is anyone who is going off and committing mortal sin all of a sudden now that they think the Pope has okay-ed it. Rather..those who have sinned will continue to sin, even if they are told not to, and those who hold to the Truth will continue to do, even if they are told it has changed.

          • Yes, this take is realistic. Those who sin because they have chosen to do so may have some cover in that they have been taught to be relativistic, but they most likely would continue to sin no matter what they are NOW taught. Sin becomes habit and is very difficult to stop. How much easier to continue than fight the habit – very hard and the incentive (Hell) must be very strong.

          • Seriously? OHMYGOSH!!! I missed that!!! Kind of glad I did. Still believe in the reality of Hell, anyway!

          • There are souls at stake here….less we forget. More will fall away under confusion than those that will intelligently think things through. This is definitely demonic. Pray for the clergy, the church and the flock. Pray for the salvation of souls, Jesus is constantly reminding us of this request.

          • However, the lefties in the Vatican will go from heresy to heresy to decimate Church teaching.

        • if PF refuses to see him privately then approach him publicly. Cardinal Burke would not like to do this, it would be very difficult for him but he may not have a choice.

      • I don’t think it’s that. It’s very possible Cardinal Burke knows what shaky ground he stands on. Imagine him getting a response from the Pope like this, “If anyone saith that Saint John Paul II erred when he allowed public schismatics and heretics(objective mortal sinners) to receive communion in the new Code of Canon law #844.3, let him be anthema”. Might be careful for what you wish for as the saying goes.

      • Father, your thought on the fear is very good. Some of my work deals with trauma, and the old “Fight/Flight” response to a threat works so far as SOME form of action is possible, and is associated in pathologies with anxiety regarding still fluid situations. When the victim of the trauma moves the next step, into PTSD, we add a third response: Freeze. As in Fight/Flight/Freeze. When overwhelming fear and/or a total sense of inability to affect a circumstance sets in, with inertia and the re-experience of trauma over and over and over again (as we have now with the drip, drip, drip almost daily of insanity) people do freeze. Or better said, can freeze. The freeze has “flash backs” in it, but also “flash forwards” — and therefore often reluctance to do something, as more trauma starts to be anticipated. And so the freeze deepens. It feels that way to me, now. What “might happen” may be limiting reaction to what “has happened” to a holding pattern.

        • I think it is Cardinal’s Burke great love for the Church, that causes this overwhelming fear of a possible schism. And as one, who in the past, had wished, had hoped and had prayed for a public correction……..I was wrong.

      • “Schism!” I agree Father, for whatever it is worth. You must understand though, that this is a reason to ” hold off” possibly, to wait until the Holy Spirit guides the Church in a manner to restore Her and prevent such an awful thing like a schism.

        This is so hard!!! But, we must be patient and wait…….What do I know though, I am not in your shoes, nor any other priest or religious, but I have long thought about this and as a dear one said to me, ” We go and live for Christ until someone stops us.” That is really all any of us can do right now.

      • Yes Fr , this is spiritual warfare and our greatest weapons are prayer and fasting, especially the Holy Rosary- I am taking this seriously as much as Ivan and speaking out because many have no clue what is going on.
        Jesus, I trust in You!

      • I agree with you that we must all fast and pray AND that there is Satanic influences all around the Vatican and elsewhere.
        Still…. I can’t help but think there have been things Cardinal Burke and others are working on and are not yet ready to ” show their hand” yet, however I feel it will be coming, so I wait,pray and fast until then and sound the trumpet to those willing to listen. You can’t believe how many Catholics have little knowledge of what is going on. I pray for them also??

    • Unless the end of the world is imminent the Church will have to be saved from Pope Francis. How? We do not know. Four cardinals have believed that they have the answer and have acted accordingly. And many have approved of them and approved of their actions. Now that there seems to be no foreword action those who earlier praised them now criticize them. On a worldly, rational level this makes sense. But the saving if the Church will come according to God’s plan, not man’s. Though the cardinals may have the most elevated, spiritually motivated intentions their actions will not succeed if theirs is not God’s plan for the salvation of the Church. He chooses His instruments and they accomplish His plan. That is how we know that they were His chosen instrument. I think we should not criticize the four cardinals but praise them for their courage and love for the Church and willingness to bear the suffering that has followed upon their action. If they are meant to succeed they will. But God will choose His instrument as He chose Abraham, David, St. Paul, St. Joan of Arc, Don Juan of Austria, etc. and He will also choose the acceptable time. His ways are not our ways.

    • Raymond Cardinal Burke made the statement above that he has asked for an audience with Pope Francis, but he has not responded. How in the world can Cardinal Burke get things done if the Pope does not want to discuss it??? The Cardinal is giving the Pope every opportunity to meet and explain the questions that present confusion in the document. In time, I believe that Cardinal Burke will proceed with a correction…Remember, Cardinal Burke is a lawyer and will not rush things along because he is criticized either way by the uninformed public.

  3. I, for one, am pleased that Pope Francis made it a point to expel Freemasons from the Order of Malta.
    There is no coincidence in the timing of that crisis with the “Eye Pyramid” computer hacking arrests, which
    have been shoved so deep under the rug that nobody dare speak of what it revealed.

    • “I, for one, am pleased that Pope Francis made it a point to expel Freemasons from the Order of Malta.”

      You shouldn’t be.

      While it’s certainly true that the aims of freemasonry are notoriously at odds with the Church’s moral teaching regarding contraception, abortion, divorce, and “remarriage”, if Francis is indeed the great crusader against freemasonry that you claim he is, doesn’t it strike you as odd that he has dismissed or sidelined those Knights (Festing and Burke) most aggressive in their defense of the Church’s moral teaching, while simultaneously protecting and reinstating the man (Boeselager) who was outed — after multiple investigations — for undermining precisely those teachings? To say nothing of the fact that Francis has himself been waging a relentless campaign — in a fashion that would make any freemason proud — against the indissolubility of marriage?

      As it regards freemasonry and the Knights, there is absolutely nothing to be pleased with Francis about.

      • I was very confused by the Pope’s comments on Freemasons in the Knights of Malta but this makes sense. Standard “listen to what I say, don’t look at what I do, these aren’t the droids you’re looking for” tactics.

  4. These interviews where this or that cleric wrings his hands may be an exquisitely diplomatic way of operating, but what effect does it have? None.

    Where is the Saint Nicholas who would once again punch Arius in the face?

    • Would be nice, but then St Nick didn’t have almost instantaneous mass communications to muck things up, and Cardinal Burke, being the Holy man that he is, I think is trying to gauge all angles of the situation.
      Keep praying our Rosaries!

  5. Our understandable and utter frustration with the taciturn ecclesiastic is analogous to the exasperation of one attempting to get a horse to roar like a lion.
    It is pointless, counterproductive and can ultimately be self-destructive.
    Those who are discouraged and becoming ever more skeptical by the delay of the formal correction forget the reality of the ecclesiastical apparatus. It is constituted by protocols characterized by protracted intervals.
    For good? For ill?
    “…that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” 2 Peter 3:8
    Yes, after the past fifty-two years that rings somewhat hollow. But those attempting to make this intervention cannot in the end be pigeonholed as irrational narcissists bent on their own view. They must do this perfectly, or risk undermining their very rationale and themselves. We need this done correctly. The ecclesiastical monkey bars do not hold a safety net beneath them.
    Heterodoxy always pretends to play by the rules. Orthodoxy attempts to abide by the rules. For example, aberrant superiors in seminaries, houses of formation and monasteries employ this tactic as a means of weeding out those of traditional sensibility. They appeal to traditional practice for nefarious ends in order to aggravate them, they “self-select” and leave. The superiors’ “hands are clean” – those who left “had no vocation” – and the community is saved from orthodox perspectives that would make the high life uncomfortable. It is the rule of the road – it is used all the time.
    We have never in the history of the Church been at a moment like this. It has no precedent. The Cardinals and those supporting them must move with precision and patience.
    The constitution of the papacy and the Church are at risk.
    Francis will be gone sooner or later. The papacy will remain. In large measure its survival is in the hands of us who seek the correction of his aberrance. When he is gone that is the time to raise all hell. If it takes fifty years to get a Roman Catholic pope so be it.
    While we are in a civil war, surgical intervention is the battle plan, not nuclear destruction of one individual and his cabal, though my little red button is blinking madly with tantalizing temptation. There is nothing more the Bergoglians desire than to see the button employed. Their objective of a decimated papacy and all the collateral damage will have been achieved by us, not by them. Their hands clean they will have a credibility which yet remains inherently dubious.
    In the meantime it wouldn’t hurt if some laymen could get into the background of this crew of nefarious clerics and start spilling the beans – Boston Globe style.

    • Have you noticed lately, that it is Kasper and Marx and this jesuit nut who are saying this and that.
      The pope says this…… or the pope says that….. and the head of the Jesuits states revolting comments that well we have to interpret our Lord’s words and there wasn’t a tape recorder?

      These little children are trying to provoke. Why? There is nothing more in the whole wide world they would like then a schism.

  6. The thing that strikes me most poignantly in this interview is not the good Cardinal’s intelligence or his solid and good understanding defense of the faith or his holiness. It’s how terribly unprepared he is, from the foundational elements of his character, for the fight ahead. He seems like a wise, kind old grandpa who would love nothing more than to sit back, read his books, and let his kids and grandkids go and be successful. He’d also always be willing and happy to lend advice and aid whenever they need it.

    What we’re seeing, however, is that he’s suddenly at the forefront of a great battle, one he neither expected nor desired, and he can’t just sit back and advise his kids from the sidelines. He has to pick up the sword and fight. But then, David seemed unprepared to fight Goliath too… Pray for Cardinal Burke and all the faithful prelates… most are not fighting men, yet now they must fight.

    As an aside… where has Bishop Schneider been? I’ve heard very little in months!

    • your first paragraph could also be applied to Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger… everyone in Bavaria knew he would have loved to go home to his books…

      • Yes, just another interview as you say. But people are reading them. If nothing else these frank words are reinforcing those who believe that Francis is attempting to drag Holy Mother Church down – Luther anyone?

        So Burke and Schneider are doing good work. It’s just not the work WE want in our frustration. My personal opinion is that this situation has just begun. We are not even at the mid-point. Bad things are going to continue to happen. How would we even begin to rein in those bad Bishops and Cardinals? Unless in each diocese the laity take real action to FORCE bad Bishops to do the right thing there will be no stopping this. We accuse Burke of cowardice – what about you and me? We live at the coal face and we too are afraid to confront a lousy Bishop!

        Are we waiting for The Holy Ghost to do something? Our whole Faith tells us that WE must respond.

        • Dear Barbara, I hope you don’t mind, but just for once I am going to disagree with you.

          1. As far as I am concerned personally, I assist at SSPX Masses so I have nothing to do with “mainstream” Bishops.

          2. Though Scripture, and hence Canon Law, affords any Catholic the opportunity or even the duty to correct his superiors, Cardinal Burke is a sight more superior than we are. We should look to those closest to the Pope to act.

          3. Catholics HAVE been confronting Bishops for decades. My own father started with Bishop Alan Clarke of the English diocese of East Anglia in the late ’60s (+Clarke was the first ARCIC Chairman, that appalling body responsible for multiple high treasons re the Anglicans). These Modernists are immovable. And so all those Catholic warriors voted with their feet. Yes, they left the field to the enemy, but after a Cannae or a Waterloo there isn’t much point in hanging around. And so since then, more or less, we have all gone in for tactics of hit and run … the internet is very good for that.

          But for real action, we have to depend on the few remaining Catholic shepherds out there. If they are no good, then worry not: the early Church spent two hundred years in the catacombs. We are only fifty years into our sojourn there.

  7. Well done Cardinal Burke. Keep up the struggle. There is one certainty about the Church throughout history – orthodoxy always triumphs. It is only a matter of time before this Papacy falls and all its corrupt supporters are scattered.

  8. The Cardinals that “support” the dubium but have not done so publicly do not actually support the dubium. Its called cowardice.

  9. “There is so much confusion, that we, first of all, asked the Holy Father to clarify please these fundamental question”…….

    I disagree COMPLETELY here with the good Cardinal. There IS NO confusion in A.L. It is a document that is crystal clear in complete rejection of the teaching of Christ in His Gospel and in His Church. There is no way that one can be ‘confused’ as to the error it contains. With as many times as Cdl. Burke has given interviews that come off as ‘courageous’ and hopeful, they are beginning to have no teeth. He seems to ‘talk the talk’ but is not ‘walking the walk’. He and the other Cardinals must ACT. We the lay faithful cannot do what the Cardinals have the power to do. We can only resist the heresy in our words to our Priests and Bishops and our actions. (and of course PRAYERS) We have no power what so ever to ‘correct the Pope’. THEY DO. Time is of the essence! There was talk that they would present him with a formal correction after Christmas. Ugh!! We are now in Holy Week and approaching EASTER, and there is NOTHING happening.

  10. I can see a situation where the Dubia brothers openly correct the CDF/Vatican/PF and then what? hey hold a conclave to elect a 3rd living Pope? While we are all one church of Christ, we are explicitly forbidden from taking a position against the Barque of Peter – either PF stands corrected or the Dubia elect our next Holy Father. Gone are the days when we had to wait for decades even centuries for the Truth to be re-established. IF a United airlines video gets 500 million hits in a few hours, the sordid Vaticanistas cannot hide behind walls of anonymity until kingdom come. We are a society that wants instant gratification and instant justice. The terror of Satan will never withstand the truth from being exposed by social media.

  11. There is no such thing of heresy for those of the Woodstock Theology (WT) ilk. Recall the Vatican investigation launched by then Cardinal Ratzinger into
    the heretical allowances of Archbishop Hunthausen. Most of them were identical to what we see coming from the Vatican today. Ultimately AB Hunthausen was asked to retire but the damage was done to many Catholics in Western Washington, and continues today. Nothing irritates clerics and laity of this W.T. as Canon Law. They simply roll their eyes and go on their merry heretical way. Pray for Archbishop Sartain as he continues to try to correct the damage.

  12. While Christians in the Middle East are dying for their faith despite extreme punishment, it is very sad that cardinals and bishops refuse to take a public stand with Cardinal Burke and his fellow cardinals in defending the Catholic faith at a crucial time in Church history – a time likened to the Arian heresy. Isn’t this what they have pledged to do – defend the faith?
    God is calling each and every person to be on one side of the fence or the other – these men, and others (Order of Malta, Knights of Columbus) should take a stand now when the Church needs them, or else it will be too late.
    C. Burke and his group and C. Schneider are among the few who have been unabashedly faithful to Christ. We see many “Peters” who doubt and deny, and many “Judases” who preach heresy.

  13. Huh, if we are supposed to be so stringent on the Words of Christ from the Gospels, and we should be……why are pro-lifers/natural marriage supporters so lax on His words regarding finances?

    “Oh you mean that eye of a needle…..widow giving the penny being far more significant than those giving from their wealth??? Who knows if He actually said that stuff. I’m just gonna keep cheerleading millionaires that shout ‘pro-life’ until someone can play a recording of Jesus actually saying those things.”

  14. Cardinal Burke approval of the Cardinal Muller’s public stance regarding AL in no way can be considered as a reply to the Dubia. The duty of Card. Muller was to express his disapproval of the bishops who had authorized the communion to the divorced remarried and to require Francis to take disciplinary actions. In doing so he would be in direct showdown with the Pope and the German kasperite bishops but he would blatantly show where the Truth and the perennial teachings of the Church are.

  15. “(Cardinal Burke) does not flinch away, for example, from expressing his disagreement with the Vatican for welcoming the Prime Minister of Luxembourg with his homosexual partner.”

    This is a very important point: By publicly welcoming homosexual practitioners as such, the clear message is given that the Catholic Church is becoming the “Church of the World” and is really just seeking to get along with everybody, just like any other political party, and does not any longer oppose unnatural and unjust sexual behaviour.

    Homosexualist “marriage” is anti-human: it is a species of Sexual Transhumanism that no longer recognizes the nature of the Human Person or the Human Family, made in the image an likeness of God, but instead establishes a basis for the Transhuman Family, in which homosexual practitioners can gain possession of a child to enact a parody of family life at the expense of the human rights of a child to be united to his father and mother. Pope St. John Paul II instructed Catholic never to cooperate with this evil of homosexualist “marriage”, no doubt anticipating the societal psychopathy and child abuse that flow from its transhuman model.

    I pray that the Trump Administration, which has made some high-profile appointments of homosexualist activists/exemplars in recent weeks, will come to understand that all its pro-life efforts will come to nothing in the long run unless the anti-christ of Sexual Transhumanism is disgorged and the people suffering from these delusion receive treatment for their fixations — not positions of political influence from which they can project their sexual derangement onto others, especially vulnerable children who are always looking for role-models.

    It is cruel to not try liberating people — our brother, sisters, friends, and neighbours — who suffer from sexual disorientation so that they can be freed from their disorder; and, at the same time, it is obscene to expose society to the psychological trauma and abuse they cause. In particular, I pray that those who currently have control of the formal apparatus of the Church will remember that friendship with the world is enmity with God:

    “1What causes conflicts and quarrels among you? Don’t they come from the passions at war within you? 2You crave what you do not have. You kill and covet, but are unable to obtain it. You quarrel and fight. You do not have, because you do not ask. 3And when you do ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may squander it on your pleasures. 4You adulteresses! Do you not know that friendship with the world is hostility toward God? Therefore, whoever chooses to be a friend of the world renders himself an enemy of God. (James 4:1-4)”

  16. It could be that the dubia is being answered slowly and informally over a period of time. It could be that we are being guided with care back along a straight way. Maybe we don’t even notice it at the moment, like a clock’s hour hand that moves so slowly it is difficult to detect it’s progress, yet it is moving.

  17. Cardinal Burke, my advice,, you better grow some brass balls, and fast… the schism is getting longer and wider..
    You know it. We know it..
    You are waiting for something…
    Blessed Mother must be guiding you.

  18. C. Burke and his group of cardinals who presented the dubia have shown great courage, but now they need to move on quickly with the Correction process. It is a shame that all those clerics who opposed Amoris Laetitia and who signed thousands of petitions, have not presented a strong unified physical opposition against Francis.

    The recent Holy Week services have been very painful for faithful Catholics who have seen our crucified Savior mocked and disrespected by those who are supposed to uphold Catholic dogma, but who instead are making every attempt to change and destroy it.

    It has been a time for great sorrow. The following comes to mind.

    Bishop Athanasius Schneider: The crisis of the Faith in the Church today

    Fr. Michael Rodriguez-Blasphemy, Heresy, and Impurity

  19. Can someone give me the article where the Jesuit Fr Arturo Sosa mentioned about the words of Jesus being wrongly interpreted??? I think this was in regards to adultry.


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