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Cardinal Burke Comments After Visiting Relic of St. Thomas More

Upon the occasion of visiting the relic of St. Thomas More, Cardinal Raymond Burke reflected in comments to the National Catholic Register on the heavy responsibility of those who act as jurists and members of government (presumably, the cardinal intended also to include members of ecclesiastical government) to serve divine law.  In his remarks, Burke appeared to signal the direct correlations between the truth for which St. Thomas was martyred and the situation in the Church today.

When asked how important St. Thomas’ witness to marriage and the family is today, Cardinal Burke responded, “It’s exceptionally important. I mean, basically he…he died in the defense of the truth about marriage – that it’s an indissoluble union that binds the married in lifelong fidelity to one another.”

“Sometimes it’s said ‘No, it was a question he…he died defending papal authority.’ But it was papal authority in the sense of the pope’s obligation to defend the truth about marriage.”

Burke continued, “In the Church now, even as then, where people argue about, ‘many people want this, and not many bishops are speaking up to correct this confused idea about the indissolubility of marriage, and that the Church has to change and so forth,’ and St. Thomas More is a sign for us that the truth never changes, and that it doesn’t matter how many people are in favor of a lie, it doesn’t make it the truth.”

“You simply can’t negotiate about something that’s false, or about something that’s a betrayal of the truth and he [St. Thomas More] understood that. When they told him … so many of the king’s counselors and bishops and abbots and so forth are all in favor of this ‘accommodation’ of the truth, he said, ‘Well, you may have these people supporting what you’re doing, but I have the whole Tradition of the Church: all of the ecumenical councils and the constant teaching of the Church to defend me, and I prefer to stay with Our Lord and with His authority as it’s handed down in the Church. There’s something inherently contradictory about a doctrine of the Faith that’s not clear. We’ve always understood that the work of confusion is the work of the Devil. And so we teach the truth with all clarity, with all charity, understanding people’s difficulties in living according to the truth, but never compromising the truth, because that’s the only way that anyone will find happiness in this life and of course eternal happiness in the life to come.”

See his full comments here:

65 thoughts on “Cardinal Burke Comments After Visiting Relic of St. Thomas More”

  1. Thank you for bringing this interview to the laity.

    Pray for Cardinal Burke and for Cardinal Sarah.

    From watching this interview, one cannot help escape the most somber disposition of His Eminence.
    I imagine, from what I see, that Cardinal Sarah is of the same.

    May our Holy Mother watch over Cardinal Burke and Cardinal Sarah and may they respond as she asks.
    In my heart, I believe they will very soon; there is no escaping the Truth of the matter and the dire urgency of their response.

    • As a convert, I will respectfully suggest to Cardinal Burke {and the rest of the prelature} that “conversion” is the most fearful thing one can face…and the most freeing!

      It is intimidating. One must give up what one holds dear in order to get the freedom of Truth that one knows is right. Nothing can stand in your way. “If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.” Luke 14:26.

      I will add to that list the culture of effeminacy and false and misplaced “loyalty” that abounds in the prelature.

      These men need to be freed from their culture of effeminacy. They need to be freed TO experience the culture of courage that can only come from giving up all to Jesus Christ and Him personally. Face to face.

      The strain and tension come from being a slave to a culture that EVEN UNINTENTIONALLY protects weakness and lies instead of Truth. All these good men appear to be bound to the chains of that stifling culture.

      I GUARANTEE that the day these men break free and begin to name names and confront the messengers of evil and FIGHT to defend the faith from ALL ENEMIES in the Church directly it will be the day their countenance changes, the day their freedom begins!!!

      You will SEE IT in their faces and hear it in their words!

      Pray for Cardinal Burke and for every other prelate you know and for all of them who KNOW the truth but still only speak of it in

  2. “… [I]t doesn’t matter how many people are in favor of a lie, it doesn’t make it the truth.” “We’ve always understood that the work of confusion is the work of the Devil. And so we teach the truth with all clarity….” I don’t know about Francis’ Vatican, but speech this diaphanous in Stalin’s Russia would have sent a man to the Gulag for the rest of his life.

  3. “There’s something inherently contradictory about a doctrine of the Faith that’s not clear.”

    Indeed, see CCC 1697.

    Who here believes that Cardinal Burke is going to name names and issue a CLEAR and succinct and powerful “Correction” to PF?

    Who here believes that Burke is going to continue to merely take what might be derogatorially considered “potshots” at the Current Occupant?

    • Cardinal Burke seems so sober in this clip.
      He knows what he is called to do, and I would imagine, knows the risks involved; not just for him but for the Church.
      So much on the line for every single faithful Catholic, when he issues his statement, which I believe he will.
      It shall effect every priest, every bishop, every cardinal and every Catholic man, woman and child: ALL for the GOOD, I add.
      Yet, Cardinal Burke’s statement will have great impact on each of us. Priests could be laicized, bishops could be laicized as well as deacons, if I am correct here? Maybe I am over dramatizing here, but the faithful could be seen as schismatic, causing disunity, challenging papal authority.

      But, quite honestly, as much as I agree with you, that there is simply no other way, I am resolute that I shall need every bit of God’s graces to witness the faith and be strong for our priests and prelates who suffer far worse.

      If I could say one thing to Cardinal Burke, it would be, ” Do what you must. God will provide. Saints to be made.”

      • Good points.

        As a convert, I can say this to him in all fraternity; Tho he occupies a higher state than do I in the Church, and tho his flock may be bigger than mine, mine is as important to me as his is to him. I and I reckon most converts, must face or must have faced the risks of immense prices to pay for conversion to the One True Faith; lost friends, lost family, lost inheritances, lost status, lost personal presitige, lost jobs. For some in this broken world, lost lives. And as for all the Cradle Catholics, they, too, must face the threats of an increasingly intolerant world and they, too, must risk all for Jesus Christ.

        It is no different, no different at all for the quiet and effeminate prelates who you can no doubt see I have increasingly less and less respect for. What did they expect when they were ordained? A life of respect, admiration and ease?

        We converts and all lay Catholics together must live lives first and foremost for Jesus Christ our Savior, and we must do so in whatever state God places us.


        I am not asking Burke or any of the prelates to do something I and ALL lay Catholics are not faced with ourselves.



        • You have great zeal for the faith….may God preserve this in you.

          What we are asked to do, does not directly put others in great jeopardy.
          Perhaps our job or position, status will be jeopardized, the risk really becomes very personal, when we witness our faith.

          When Cardinal Burke, or whomever, speaks and directly offers a fraternal correction to the pope, however, this is more than just Cardinal Burke putting himself at risk. I don’t think for one minute, he would bat an eye, if the risk was only his to take. But, it is not.

          People are creature of habits, unless converted, and what do you suppose Francis would do if such a public correction took place? I think the recent situation with Cardinal Sarah gives us an idea of what Francis would do: require all bishops to refute Burke, swear loyalty to the papacy, etc.
          For me, I can take it! What is there to lose? Really not much.
          But there are bishops and priests who will be caught in great crossfire: Can they take it? How many?
          I suspect this and more weighs on Cardinal Burke. Yet, regardless, he must be True to His Lord and Savior. That is his first duty, as it is for each one of ours, as laity and clergy. He must defend Her!

          There is simply no way around this fact.

          • Didn’t Henry VIII give prelates a choice in signing surrender to heresy or losing all if defying him? Is not John Fisher in the Beatific Vision today for his refusal? How many of his fellow Bishops surrendered? I agree with fellow parishioner RodH. Cardinal Burke needs to man up and speak bluntly and truthfully to defend the Church founded by Christ.
            I too am a convert from Protestantism, five years ago this past September 30th, and was blessed to have discovered the Church at a time when we had a relatively orthodox Pope. How many potential converts are being driven away by Pope Bergoglio and the failure of the Cardinals and Bishops to oppose his heresy?

          • Indeed, and this gets to the heart of it; the destruction of mission!!

            The culture of the Catholic Church under most attack is that of MISSION. Outreach, yes, proselytism.

            Our parish grows because its priests courageously model, teach, preach and practice in the liturgy the so-called Great Commision;

            “19 Going therefore, teach ye all nations; baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
            20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world.”

            But the culture of the CC in the developed world has lost that “Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you”. The CC leadership chases after every fad and foible, apologizing for so-called sins of the past, pretending that all are our friends and all religions are acceptable alternatives or maybe slightly-less-straight paths to God, if they even believe God is worth pursuing.

            OK, prelates, the experiment is over. The results are in.

            Accomadation and vapid accompaniment of sinners without calling same to repentance, tolerance of grave evil, ignoring of doctrine and morals and {God help us!!!} praising abortionists {thank you very much PF!!} DOES NOT WORK, not in service of the Gospel and not in growing the membership of God’s Church and…not even financially! Just ask those in dioceses bankrupted by sodomite priest abuses!

        • Rod,

          I agree with you 100%, but the Formal Correction has to be painstakingly exact – there’s no room for any error (theological or otherwise). You can bet your bottom dollar/£ that if there’s one “i” undotted or one “t” uncrossed, the modernists will pounce on him like hungry lions.

          • It’s not even that Margaret, those who would seek to lead a Correction are very conscious of the need to prepare,
            enlighten, encourage, and otherwise rally as many like-minded members of the Clergy (and laypeople) who operate
            in a sphere of influence within Church life. And no less us…..

            The Correction once launched does not change course ( uncharted waters ) and its trajectory in all likelihood
            ( given the Popes attitude to date ) arrives at schism.

          • Oh yes, absolutely. I know one person who is devoted to PF and won’t hear anything critical of him, and two others who are church-going “conservative” NO Catholics who think that anything the Pope says is de fide.

            This is what Cardinal Burke, Bishop Athanasius Schneider et al have to contend with – which is why we need to support them.

          • In my opinion, take it for what it is worth, they will have to put these concerns aside.
            It is the Church and the souls of the many faithful that must be at the forefront of these prelates concerns.
            I am sorry for those who are devoted to a pope who openly promotes what is not good, not True.
            But, quite honestly, at this point, as prelates with great authority, their focus must be on the Church.
            It really is black and white now. Not many excuses left for any Catholic not to choose wisely.

          • I get it, but this is sardonically funny: “the need to prepare, enlighten, encourage, and otherwise rally as many like-minded members of the Clergy (and laypeople) who operate
            in a sphere of influence”.

          • As for exactness, this is about as simple as can be. Good grief, Cdl Burke is the canon lawyer of all canon lawyers! He could write this thing in a snowstorm after a bottle of Famous Grouse standing on his head blindfolded with both his hands tied behind his back and holding the pencil in the toes of one foot and the clipboard with paper in the toes of the other.

            What stops him is the pathetic cowardice and incredible collapse of the Catholic faith among the leaders that has taken place in the past 50 years, a collapse that has been fostered by the lack of combative spirit he and other orthodox prelates have exhibited in the face of the heretics.

            I have read his piece on the effeminizing of the Catholic Church. I do not doubt for a moment he would agree with me.

          • True, but please see the reply to me from Barry. He makes some good points.

            Let me put it this way: If you’re a gardener (++Burke et al), and the soil (the souls of most Catholics) is bone dry, a soaking shower (FC) isn’t going to help because it may cause flooding. You need some gentle showers first (e.g. spreading the truth, the the filial correction), then you can dig the soil and plant your seeds. Then you can have a good, soaking shower (formal correction).

            Next Sunday’s Gospel (in my Ukrainian Catholic Church) is the parable of the sower (Luke 8: 5-15) Our Lord gave a much better example than I.

          • Sorry, but what you keep promoting is the very method used to get us in this mess in the first place.

            Naturally, and I would agree with you, the stakes are very high now, but they are higher because men like Burke for the last 50 years have NOT been doing this little by little.

            Let me give you an example from ranching, since that is part of what I do.

            You can manage weeds on a hayfield now, or later.

            Do it now when there are few weeds and you disturb the soil the least. You encourage the desirable species and you maintain production all the while.

            Or, you can ignore the weeds, let them grow and spread and then take over the whole place till production collapses and the ranch is known for being a poorly managed, unproductive, lousy mess that is…spreading its weeds to all the neighbors and its owner is a laughing stock among those same neighbors.

            Wait till that happens and the entire place needs to be tilled and turned, Roundupp’ed and replanted. Very expensive, very hard work.

            Guess what management model the leaders of the Catholic Church have chosen?

          • Yes, Rod, it is the method used by the Modernists beginning a decade or two before V2. The soil was hard (authentic Catholics) and needed to be softened by gentle showers first else the storm of V2 would merely have run off. The last gentle rain was the election of JXXIII and his 1962 Roman Missal which opened the door for the NO.

            All the points everyone has made are valid. Things in the Church are now much like vegatble soup.

            However, if a schism occurs, it will be those who are truly and staunchly faithful to our Lord and to the Faith and the Church as handed down to us for centuries who comprise the REAL and ORTHODOX (I.e. authentic) Catholic Church. When that happens the Church will be much smaller, the number of priests greatly reduced. We will not have the Vatican nor any of the wealth and property owned by the Church of today. All of that will still belong to Francis’ church. There will be few prelates and, quite possibly, no pope. Mass will be said in our homes by wandering itinerant priests. And, yes, many of us will suffer greatly, even to giving our lives, because we will be persecuted by the world — including other Christians — as well as Francis’ church. It will very likely happen that anyone who calls him/herself Christian will suffer a similar fate as the Jews under Hitler. The writing is on the wall — read it and stand fast — the war has already been won! BTW, I’m not being an alarmist. I’m being realistic. I don’t know how nany or how soon these things will come, but come they will — that is what Revelations is telling us in a veileed form.

          • I don’t think you are being alarmist, but I have to disagree with you. What you describe is ecclesiological Lutheranism.

            WE cannot “leave”. No “schism” can drive us “out”.

            There will be a Pope. Who? No idea. There might even be a contested election, but there will be a Pope. Without a Pope, you have Lutheranism, AKA “We are the true ‘Church’ without a Pope”.

            Now, you and I are functionally similar in our speculations and suppositions, as under either “who gets the buildings” becomes a very dicey subject, and indeed, we might lose many of them. Whole regions in fact.

          • “She ( The Catholic Church ) will become small and will
            have to start afresh more or less from the beginning.
            She will no longer be able to inhabit many of the edifices
            she built in prosperity.” Pope Benedict XVI

            Faith and the future ( St.Ignatius press San Francisco 2009 )

      • The dichotomy is now more than clear. Burke is supporting the view of a religious man and the City of God within the context of the preaching of Fulton J. Sheen. Francis is all about an economic man and his role in a world socialist government. Christ had the confusing answer. “My kingdom is not of this world”.—-I happened to be present at the farewell Mass for then Archbishop Burke when he was kicked out of St. Louis in August of 2008. As he came into the Cathedral of Louis IX, I was privy to a supernatural event which told me that God was on the side of his faithful servant. John Paul II was shot by the forces of world socialism. I fear for the safety of Burke.—Francis is a supporter of the South American vision of Liberation Theology. His belief in the overthrow of the conquistadors is just as obvious as the Bolshevik ideal of killing the czar and well within the context of the violent events of Les Miserables and the guillotine.—-If you read the “handwriting on the wall”, it is not written in Greek or Latin or even Aramaic. It is only graffiti.

        • I’m afraid for his safety too, but Rod has some good points. Tertullian (who was Catholic but died outside the Church) said in one of his more lucid moments: The blood of the martyrs is the seed of new Christians.”

          • I would agree with you except for the fact that we are in very unusual times. Signs point toward the final epoch. I don’t believe that there will be a generation after Burke.—-The “handwriting on the wall” is surely telling of a divine intervention. “Amoris Laetitia” appeals to the liberals because it condones “fornication, adultery, and sodomy”. If brimstone destroyed Sodom and along with it the vineyards of Gomorrah, just what is portended for the “culture of death” found in the West?

          • The revelation of the Third Secret of Fatima (I.e. the exact words of Our Lady which follow: “In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved…” must come first, then the Collegial Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and then the period of peace promised by Our Lady. AFTER that, will come the Antichrist.

          • I have emails from the former press secretary to Cardinal Burke who now has his own tv news show at ABC St. Louis who verified that the archbishop was indeed “run out of town”. I attended the farewell Mass for the archbishop in August of 2008. I suspected something was wrong when I watched a cluster of women gloating in a corner of the cathedral during the event. One was the new woman press secretary. Another was a woman major with the St. Louis Police Department who was a major influence at St. Margaret of Scotland Parish. The third was an unknown woman official with the archdiocese.—–In December of 2009, this individual wrote a column in the Post-Dispatch which alluded to various Catholic events in the City. He then worked for talk radio. I emailed him a response and he responded. I then emailed back and he emailed a second time.—-He said that he was writing a book about events which occurred around then Archbishop Burke. Archbishop Rigali had just left and went to Philadelphia to receive the red hat. He had been sent from his job in the Vatican by John Paul II to straighten out St. Louis from the mess created by the rebellious Archbishop John May.—–When he left St. Louis, he left behind his nun sister, Charlotte Rigali, to keep an eye on things and to keep him informed. Pro abortion women Catholic politicians such as Claire McCaskill of Missouri conspired with Rigali to have Burke removed.—-This was done by Pope Benedict. This should give you a clearer understanding of the nature of the resignation by Benedict and the ascendancy of the radical leftist Francis.

  4. It’s a (final) warning salvo directed towards the Pontiff and his support that definitive action re: the
    formal correction is imminent ( I believe private correction has already been issued ) with regard
    to Dubia matters etc..

    Public disclosure of Formal Correction very soon….

    Of no coincidence this interview was organised around a visit to the tomb of St.Thomas Moore.
    The Pope will have HIS schism and down the road the Church will have its Martyrs! I hope I am
    totally mistaken about what I see.

    Feeling numb!

    PS: I am no medical Doctor but Cardinal Burke’s health seems to have taken a hit since I last
    saw footage of him ( his Scotland trip in early September 2017 )

    • I sincerely hope you are right.

      And I agree. The strain of playing the game is weighing heavily on him.

      Will he, too, die in the saddle before spurring the horse to charge?

  5. Study the Scriptures!!

    The Church has been led by generations of Heli’s/Eli’s!!

    “Good men” who have spent their lives “doing good” but shirking the fight that defense of the faith always demands, not combatting their own rogue children in the priesthood. And now, heavy with fat, they cringe in fear at the fight that confronts them.

    May God empower Cardinal Burke to rise to the challenge he must know is being asked of him!

    • Be kind, we all cringe ( or will do ) at some point in our spiritual lives, God’s Grace will
      be sufficient to bring forward whatever is required from whomever it is asked if they
      remain open to HIS authority.

      • What a great point to explore. Let’s ask who needs to be kind?

        How about our leaders whose JOB is to LEAD?

        How kind is it for them to spend their careers running away from the fight and leaving the sheep to fend for themselves?

        What is done with a General who won’t lead his troops to battle?

        Well we fight a spiritual war and ALWAYS have. The war has always been, whether we have been led by Generals or cowards.

        • So your’re angry? I am already a fully fledged member of THAT club, RodH.

          “Well we fight a spiritual war and ALWAYS have. The war has always been, whether we have been led by Generals or cowards.”

          Yes we do fight a spiritual battle and we are unable to see the full spectrum of activity since it primarily takes place in
          the spiritual realm. So allow us to give combat wisely or the Devil will delight in our quite panic and finger-pointing
          blame game.

          Keep your head, in human warfare the best commanders on the battle field appear calm to the enlisted men for
          good reasons. No less us mere mortals in a spiritual WAR ( whose primary duty is to Pray ) must exercise patience,
          kindness, virtues of love.

          PS: RodH, it’s true ( historically ) they have ALL mostly failed us as leaders or we would not be in this mess.

          • Military history is one of my areas of great interest. You should study your successful generals. As to attitude and approach, they take all sorts.

            Study the Scriptures and see how the prelates of the Catholic Church have and continue to reflect courageous men of God…or not.

            When you are watching your Mother get raped, you don’t stand around discussing the virtue of patience in adversity, you DO something about it. Our prelates have stood around watching Mother Church get raped by Her own children and they have…discussed patience in adversity.

            Our prelates have forgotten how to fight, that is, if they ever knew. As a priest friend of mine says, the Church actively recruited homosexuals for a good solid 30 years and those recruits are now our prelates, so “What do you expect to see them do about moral decline?”

            We have had 50 years of “orthodox” prelates exhorting us to be patient.

            Well, you cradle Catholics have had 50 years. I was lost among the Protestants watching them do the stuff many “patient Catholics” say could never happen in the Catholic Church, stuff that is now happening all over the place.

          • Amen to your post.

            Yes, Satan strikes below the belt and uses our greatest virtues, gifts from God, in very unwise ways. Remarkable strategy; our vanity bathes in our virtues and so blinds!

            One more thing:
            Homosexuality is Satan’s weapon. Until that is gutted from the Church, not much will change, I am afraid.
            How do you think Vatican ll swept in without a challenge, spare a few?
            Diminish the Mass, diminish the priesthood……… to usher in the homosexual priest which corrupts.
            It is like the worm in the apple; the worm being the homosexual priest and the apple the Church.

          • Barry, with due respect, you’ve missed the point, and here is why.
            It is not ‘quiet panic’ or any panic, or even less is a ‘finger-pointed blame game’.
            It’s just a call, repeatedly calling to our shepherds, that they try to become courageous and make some important steps according their jobs and function.
            And yes, you cannot blame no one who is persistent and consistent in doing that calls, because he is doing good job what every faithful should and must do.
            Actually, we must be so persistent in that, and make them crazy if necessary, because we NEED THEM. And because they ARE the SHEPHERDS of their flocks which God himself entrusted to them.

            Let me now say something about this commonly misunderstood but often pronounced message,- “primary duty is to PRAY”!
            Of course it is. But when you are a man, or woman on Earth, a part of Militant Church, you and I and all faithful Catholics should walk and PRAY, talk and PRAY, eat and PRAY, work and PRAY, and even sleep and PRAY (therefore we can ask our guardian angel for help), and definitely – fight and PRAY, whenever needed.
            And the fight with the right WORDS at the right time is also the fight, very valuable, especially in this war which is indeed, the spiritual war.
            The same applies for the exercising of patience. With doing all that mentioned above, and suffering therefore(!), – we should courageously practice in the persistence of patience.

            When we become a part of the Suffering Church, which means the time we must be in Purgatory, – then we can speak about ‘only prayers and patience – without actions and works’.

            Here and now we certainly should and must do whatever God ask from us, and expect from us. Therefore HE gave to us his Holy Spirit. And…:
            “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear: but of power, and of love, and of sobriety.
            Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our Lord, nor of me his prisoner: but labour with the gospel, according to the power of God,

            Who hath delivered us and called us by his holy calling, not according to our works, but according to his own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the times of the world.”

          • I understand what you are saying and essentially agree, I was making more of a tactical point less strategic.
            There is a difference. But I won’t labor the point and risk semantic circles, thank you.

        • The war’s been going on since St. Michael and the good angels defeated the Enemy and his minions and on earth since the Garden of Eden, and it will go on until Judgement Day.

  6. Cardinal Burke simplifies the message so that all can understand. Marriage is under attack and with it the family. Sister Lucy made statements alluding to this. Francis just keeps throwing gasoline on the problem. The pontiff cannot obfuscate under a cloud of confusion when the truth is clarified.

      • As Bill Clinton said so well, “it all depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is”. You have to understand the mentality of the Jesuit Francis. The Jesuits (Read Malachi Martin’s “The Jesuits”) have always adapted Christianity to culture or vice versa. The goal is to unite Church and state. You don’t need priests as an intermediary as with ancient Judaism which was similar to pagan rites in Babylon, Rome, and elsewhere.—With the philosophy of Teilhard de Chardin, SJ, there is a new sheriff in town. With the Gnostics, man has now become like to God. Christ is a brother. There is no need for a father. This is a mature Christianity which accepts every manner of lifestyle as a celebration of the natural goodness of man.—There is no original sin. There is no devil. Whatever man does, it is good. There is no evil. Man is a victim of his environment. — Therefore, a recent episode in Mississippi and a parallel one in Louisiana is relevant. A black gang member set a white woman on fire after using drugs and having sex. He had previously had an episode where he stabbed an Asian woman in the face 30 times to force her to give him her pin number.—He is not evil. He did not sin. He was a victim of a sexist and racist environment.

  7. Not to contradict Cdl. Burke’s comments, but to clarify a point. Francis & Co. are not merely trying to get people to believe a lie, they are trying — and succeeding — to get the people to believe the lie is the REAL “truth”. Today, that’s fairly easy to do because the vast majority of Catholics were not taught true, authentic Catholicism. Even those in their mid to late 60s were taught by the revolution’s First Wave which crested as Vatican II was starting and came crashing down like a tsunami on the faithful as it ended.

    • You are only now seeing the emergence of the true purpose of Vatican II on the part of the Jesuits. Read Malachi Martin, SJ, and “The Jesuits”. The goal was to unite Church and state to form a world socialist government.–That is why there was an agreement with the KGB infiltrated Russian Orthodox Church to participate. As part of that participation, the Third Secret of Fatima was suppressed. The goal was not to reform Catholicity. The goal was to set in motion the move toward a world Church and the obliteration of the evils of capitalism and the formation of a world socialist government——John Paul II was a major glitch. World forces shot him to move him out of the way. He would not die and his opposition to world socialism was based on his experiences in Poland. Ratzinger was his “Rottweiler”. He too was moved out of the way. Francis now has the Church back on the John XXIII track with the judgment of the Third Secret waiting in the wings.

      • Yep, that’s the history. All players, including the dubia cardinals, are complicit in some way and to some degree. And, unless heaven acts soon, the goal will be reached in the not too distant future.

        • Whatever the result, you can see it playing out quickly before your very eyes. There could be a catastrophic event very soon to bring it to a violent conclusion. Francis has an agenda and it appears to have stalled. He will kick start it quickly.

        • Don’t forget that he had a brother who was a priest and accused of mistreatment of boys in a choir. It was physical abuse and not sexual as far as I know. There could have been some sort of blackmail used on Ratzinger.

          • I tried to research that. I can’t tell if it was the same sort of “abuse” every English public Schoolboy and other private school educated boys experienced commonly back in the day. I’m not certain whether it included sexual abuse or not, either.

            Still, to me, I wonder just as you do since I suppose such blackmail could have been at least a part of the motivation for Ratzinger’s quitting.

            But then again, maybe Ratzinger quit for just exactly the reasons he said he quit and no others. Who knows.

          • I do not know and cannot even conjecture why Benedict “threw in the towel”. However it is obvious that it was not for health as he stated.

      • I strongly recommend that you and all of the 1P5 family read Vatican: A Novel and The Keys of This Blood also by Malachi Martin. My gut tells me that he put the Third Secret of Fatima in veiled form in The Keys of This Blood. The chapter “The Judas Complex” is alone worth the price of the book.

  8. Gal 1:8 “But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to that which we preached to you, let him be accursed.”

    “Whoever does not hate error, does not love the truth”.  – G.K. Chesterton

  9. At this point, the decision is made for Burke or rather, the results of the decision he makes are laid out plainly.

    Whatever he does is going to cause a big mess.

    Nothing or a pathetic, vapid, weak pseudo-correction, and he has the weight of cowardice and running away from the wolf on his shoulders.

    A bold, clear, sharp correction, and he’ll be blamed for all sorts of calamities that it promises to stir up in the Church.

    For myself, I’ll only be blaming him for the problems caused by the former approach. As for the latter, bring it on, whatever it may be.

  10. THIS JUST IN…..during a recent “fly on the wall documentary” Pope Francis dismissed personal criticism e.g. unsound theology, mental instability, diabolical direction,
    OR “whatever you are having yourself-ism ” toward’s his Pontificate as “perplexing”.

    He made his remarks during an interlude from a ecumenical and painstaking review of fragment’s of the Dead Sea Scrolls
    with a gay Hare Krishna “guide” and a Drag Queen named “Pepe” with a PHD in Philosophy.

    My sources further inform me that these event’s happened on a night of the full Moon earlier this year.

    These event’s were subsequently and quickly suppressed by Vatican Officials for reason’s unknown……


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