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Calling All 1P5ers – Send Us Your Photos!

We know that many of you are feeling disconnected from your communities these days – we are too. And the thought occurred to me that even though we’re all over the world, 1P5 readers truly do form a community of their own.

I’d love to have a glimpse into your part of the world, and I’d love to share that with the others who read this website every day. So I had an idea: what if we collected as many photos as we could from our readers, showing the places they live, or where they love to read 1P5, and put them all into one big post for everyone to see? How cool would it be to get a sense of the diverse locations of our fans and friends, which, by the way, looks like this on our real time visitor map:

If you’re willing to join in, this is what we’d like from you:

  1. Take a photo of where you live. Front yard, back yard, kitchen table, whatever you’d like to share that you think best represents your little slice of the world. You can either be in the picture or not – it’s totally up to you. (If you want 1P5 to be on a screen somewhere in the photo, that’d be neat, too!)
  2. Send your photos to [email protected]. Include your first name and location, so we can add captions that identify where you are.
  3. This Friday, I’ll take everything that has come in by then and turn it all into one big photos post. We can all satisfy a bit of our vicarious wanderlust and enjoy a bit more tangible sense of our community.

So, for example, this is a photo of the desert behind my house during a recent monsoon storm:


Or, alternatively, here’s a photo of my desk as I’m writing this post:

That’s it! It’s not a contest, it’s just a bit of show and tell. Something to help us feel more connected, and to turn the screen around so we see can all see a little bit of each other’s lives instead of just what we publish here.

Thanks in advance for your participation. I think it’s going to be fun.


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