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catholic identity conference

The Catholic Identity Conference: A Call for All Catholics to Rise Up

The recent Catholic Identity Conference, organized by The Remnant Newspaper, is a call for all Catholics to rise up and fight for the Faith. In days past, the heralds came to town and preached the Crusade, and our fathers left their families to “take up the cross” and die in the holy land fighting Muhammadans.…

Ten Ways to Overcome These Evil Days and Die a Catholic

Scalfari. Pachamama. The pope’s apology. Ending priestly celibacy. “Deaconesses.” The Amazon Synod has come and gone, and the results are already horrifying. Remember to mark your calendars for fasting and prayers of reparation on Saturday, Nov. 9 and Holy Communion on Sunday. This article is meant to be one answer to despairing souls asking what…

bishop robert barron

Bishop Barron and the ‘Unhappy’ Renewal of the ‘Trad’ Movement

In recent comments, His Excellency Bishop Robert Barron discussed the post-conciliar period and addressed the various historical movements before and after the Second Vatican Council. He makes reference to the “unhappy” renewal of the “trad” movement and heavily criticizes what he calls “pre-conciliar conservatism.” I do not wish to criticize the bishop here, but rather…

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