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J. Basil Dannebohm

Bishops: Afraid to Guard the Blessed Sacrament, They Plan a Pizza Party

They say that a committee is a place where a horse goes to become a giraffe. That being said, the 2021 Fall General Assembly of the USCCB took place from November 16th through November 18th in Baltimore, MD leaving a horse in the competent hands of more than 200 American bishops. As the prelates gathered…

The Francis Pontificate is the Catechism of Hypocrisy

Editor’s note: OnePeterFive is publishing the following commentary, written in the spirit of Erasmus, whose sardonic critique of the Renaissance papacy was critical for provoking long-delayed and long-denied reform in the Church. Some Catholic authors condemn him for his acerbic attacks, while others recognize that by provoking his contemporaries to righteous indignation at the ecclesiastical…

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