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The Francis Pontificate is the Catechism of Hypocrisy

Editor’s note: OnePeterFive is publishing the following commentary, written in the spirit of Erasmus, whose sardonic critique of the Renaissance papacy was critical for provoking long-delayed and long-denied reform in the Church. Some Catholic authors condemn him for his acerbic attacks, while others recognize that by provoking his contemporaries to righteous indignation at the ecclesiastical corruption, a necessary response from churchmen was finally obtained. Telling the truth for the sake of the faith is an act of charity, yet there are times when the truth can, per accidens, be a cause of others committing sins of impiety against superiors, but this is not the fault of the truth, but rather of reacting to it or acting upon it in the wrong way. Rather, when we realize the depth of our difficulties, we should be prompted to cry out to the Lord for deliverance and salvation. We forgive our enemies and pray for our persecutors without ceasing to recognize that they are enemies and persecutors for as long as they resist the truth.

During his general audience on August 25th, Pope Francis spoke of how hypocritical behavior damages Church unity.

“Hypocrisy in the Church is particularly detestable, and unfortunately there is hypocrisy in the Church, and there are many hypocritical Christians and ministers,” said the bishop of Rome.

The pontiff went on to say, “And let us not be afraid to be truthful, to speak the truth, to hear the truth, to conform ourselves to the truth, so we can love. A hypocrite does not know how to love. To act otherwise means jeopardizing the unity of the Church, that unity for which the Lord Himself prayed.”

When it comes to preaching on the subject of hypocrisy, Pope Francis should be considered a sage.

Hypocritical is a successor of St. Peter who disregards Sacred Scripture.

Concerning the Ten Commandments, Pope Francis said, “I observe them, but not as absolutes.”

The modern Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC 2056) states that the Ten Commandments, “were written with the finger of God” and goes on to say, “They are pre-eminently the words of God.”

Apparently the catechism doesn’t matter much to the pontiff. It seems he embraces the Protestant theory that so long as you have accepted Jesus as your “personal” Lord and Savior, you’ll be just fine.

Hypocrisy is the Holy Father’s complete disregard for the presence and power of the Holy Eucharist.

The modern Catechism of the Catholic Church (1324-1327) states that the Eucharist is, “the source and summit” of the Christian life. Yet during the height of a global pandemic, when the faithful urgently needed the healing presence of the Divine Physician in the Eucharist, the bishop of Rome suggested that masses be suspended and adoration chapels closed.

St. Clare defended her convent against an attack by holding up a ciborium, but when faced with a pandemic, the pope retreated into self-quarantine.

Hypocritical is a pope who encourages vaccination without regard for the unborn, while discouraging religious exemptions.

The Holy Father went so far as to declare it “morally acceptable for Catholics to receive COVID-19 vaccines, including those based on research that used cells derived from aborted fetuses.”

Adding insult to injury, while many of the faithful were deprived of the Easter Vigil due the pontiff’s pandemic paranoia, Pope Francis used Holy Saturday to welcome a bus load of so-called “transgender” individuals to the Vatican to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. In his own words, “the vaccines are safe, effective and an ‘act of love.’”

Hypocrisy is accepting homosexuality as a mentally sound behavior, while suggesting that seminarians who embrace tradition (which he refers to as “rigidity”) are unstable.

“If they accept the Lord and have goodwill, who am I to judge them,” the pope said of homosexuals.

That same all-inclusive, loving shepherd had starkly different sentiments regarding traditional seminarians.

“When I find a rigid seminarian or young priest, I say ‘something bad is happening to this one on the inside.’ Behind every rigidity, there is a serious problem, because rigidity lacks humanity.”

Hypocritical is a shepherd who plans to travel to Scotland for an environmental summit but due to his hectic schedule cannot offer even one public mass for the flock.

On November 1st, as the Church commemorates All Saints Day, the Holy Father won’t be able to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the Scottish people. He will be too busy rubbing elbows with John Kerry, Prince Charles, Greta Thunberg, and other individuals identified by the United Nations as “world leaders.”

Hypocrisy is a pontiff who cares more about Mother Earth than Mother Church.

As if desecrating the Vatican Gardens with a pagan Pachamama ceremony were not sufficiently offensive, Papa Bergoglio has made no effort to hide the fact that he is more pagan than pontifical.

As he prepares to consult with Greta Thunberg in Scotland, it’s important to remember that the pope welcomed Chelsea Clinton, Deepak Chopra, Cindy Crawford, Anthony Fauci, and Jane Goodall to the Vatican as keynote speakers for a conference on “exploring the mind, body, and soul.”

His ‘tree-huggin’ Holiness has even suggested that the outbreak of the coronavirus may have been one of “nature’s responses” to people around the world ignoring the harsh consequences of climate change.

While Pope Francis promotes a pagan doctrine that Covid was the earth’s way of demanding atonement, Msgr. Nicola Bux provides a more Catholic observation—one which should prompt the Roman pontiff to pause for an examination of conscience. The former consulter to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith suggested that the sins of the Church and the sins of the world may have been a subtle nudge from God for atonement. Bux invoked the words of Genesis, saying the current sins of humanity “cry out to Heaven for vengeance.”

During a speech at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador the pope said, “One thing is certain: we can no longer turn our backs on reality, on our brothers and sisters, on Mother Earth.”

In reality, the Holy Father turned his back on many of our brothers and sisters. In his recent motu proprio, Traditionis Custodes, the pope turned his back on Catholics who embrace the traditional mass.

Based on the words and deeds he has exhibited during his pontificate and culminating with Traditionis custodes, Pope Francis has essentially said: vaccines matter, the earth matters, UN leaders matter, homosexuals matter, globalist agendas matter, interreligious dialogue matters. However, “rigid” Catholics, who embrace tradition, do not matter.

During his August 25th general audience, the Holy Father said that a hypocrite does not know how to love and damages Church unity.

He should know.

Papa Bergoglio authored the catechism of hypocrisy.

 Photo credit: Vatican Media/CNA. 

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