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The Abortion of the Catholic Tradition

The fallen angels have shown us what they fear most. 


A little over a week ago, the Supreme Court of the United States experienced an unprecedented leak. In a most sinister manner, a document drafted by Justice Samuel Alito was sent out as a forewarning to the far left that the Supreme Court was sending the matter of abortion back to the states to decide on their own. The wannabe Paul Revere who announced to the pro-choice community that, “a decision is coming, a decision is coming” has yet to be discovered.

The leak is admittedly a bittersweet situation. While such an incident is a black eye on democracy and undermines the foundation of a vital branch of government, it did prompt many in the pro-life community to cautiously celebrate what could prove to be a major victory.

If the leaked document proves true, an occasion such as this should be considered a tremendous moment in history and indeed a cause for celebration. Just think about it: the Supreme Court sends the matter of abortions back to the states, a sign of a healthy republic if ever there was one Best of all, the decision would come at the rare occasion that we have a Catholic serving as the President of the United States. What a momentous time to be a Catholic and to say with pride, “This is the faith, the faith that we live by. God bless the United States of America.”

Unfortunately, that’s not at all what has happened thus far.

To say that news of the leaked document caused all hell broke loose – literally – would be a more accurate assessment. Where did evil take aim? It had its sight set almost exclusively on the Catholic Church.

Within hours of the leak, protestors descended on the Supreme Court building with signs that read, “Keep your rosaries off my ovaries!” Angry mobs descended on the homes of Catholic Supreme Court Justices; an online extremist group called Ruth Sent Us threatened to disrupt the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass going so far as to say they intended to “burn the Eucharist.” In fact, so much hell broke loose that LifeSite News began a running tally of attacks on the Catholic Church.

As for that rare occasion of a Catholic Commander-in-Chief? The self-described “devout Catholic,” President Biden didn’t condemn the Supreme Court leak, rather he rebuked the Justices. Devout Biden went on to say that a woman has the right to choose. A week later, he was photographed with his parish priest after attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

For the last week I have been waiting for Rod Serling to appear and tell us we’ve been living in the Twilight Zone. Everything seems to be backward.

When those who opposed mask mandates said, “my body, my choice,” the activists who are now on the front lines of the pro-choice movement, including the president, said such a notion was not our right. Think about it: those who attest that a woman has the right to murder her preborn baby told anti-maskers that “my body, my choice” did not apply to face coverings.

As Catholicism almost exclusively has come under attack, the “Catholic” president has done nothing to discourage acts of violence that blatantly contradict the constitutional rights of faithful Americans. With every church that is defaced, every Catholic home that is surrounded by mobs, every sacrament and sacramental that is desecrated, Joseph Biden proves himself, beyond any measure of a doubt to be worthy of excommunication, or firm chastisement at the very least.

People in hell will sooner get ice water.

You might think the whole of Catholicism, especially the Pope and the Archbishop of Washington would be furious, and quick to demand repentance for remarks that blatantly contradict Catholic teaching. If that’s what you’d think than you’ve been living under a rock for the last half century. In the words of the late Archbishop Lefebvre, “the only thing condemned by the Church is tradition.”

Since the leak, Pope Francis has made plenty of statements, none of which pertain to the sanctity of life. Instead, he’s apologized for his problematic knee, encouraged the elderly to keep up the great work, told a bunch of nuns to be active in the Synod, reinforced his support of the LGBTQ community, and continued his failing efforts to have impact on the crisis between Russia and the Ukraine.

This comes as no surprise to those who keep up with what has come to be known as “The Francis Effect.” In case you’re keeping track (which you should be), Bergoglio encourages the vaccine, held a private meeting with Bill Gates, hosted leaders of the pharmaceutical industry, mingled with United Nations globalists, welcomed Speaker Nancy Pelosi, laughed it up with President Biden when he allegedly pooped himself at the Vatican.

But wait! There’s more!

The Holy Father has hosted vaccine clinics for the LGBTQ community, voiced his support for an ecumenical effort in Dubai, encouraged the women’s diaconate, and praised pro-choice and pro-LQBTQ leaders.

But wait! There’s more!

Bergoglio relentlessly attacks tradition, takes pride in the notion that he could bring about schism, and places more importance on ecology than theology. The fact of the matter is that the right to life is not part of the pontiff’s obtuse agenda.

Known for passive aggressive remarks, the Holy Father took jabs at the 45th President of the United States. When it comes to POTUS 46, however, Francis is an ally. Hence, we should not have high hopes of any kind of condemnation from the Vatican.

As for any kind of rebuke from the Metropolitan Archbishop of Washington?

I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

A June 2020 article by Live Action cites a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noting that Black women account for 38% of all U.S. abortions, even though Black Americans make up just 12% of the US population. An unfortunate statistic such as this would lead you to believe that Cardinal Wilton Gregory, the first African American Cardinal would express outrage toward President Biden’s remarks.

You would be mistaken.

The Cardinal Archbishop of Washington DC has been silent. A strange response given that Cardinal Gregory sponsored an event outside the White House to protest the death of George Floyd. Yes, the same prelate who referred to President Trump’s visit to the John Paul II Shrine as, “baffling and reprehensible” has nothing to say about the fact that in New York City, thousands more black babies are aborted each year than born alive.

Presented with an opportunity to boldly proclaim to President Biden that all black lives matter, Cardinal Gregory, has instead pathetically chosen to take an Uncle Tom approach.

The Catholic Church is quite literally under attack in America and the “devout Catholic” President, the Holy Father, and the archbishop of our nation’s capital say nothing and do nothing. Dystopia like this could surely only exist in the imagination of Serling or Orwell, right?

Well, my friends, if you think the aforementioned is reason to believe you’re living in the Twilight Zone, just wait.

It seems the angry mob might be aiming their attacks in the wrong direction. It seems that President Biden might, in fact, speak for most Catholics.

A March 2022 survey conducted by Pew Research Center indicates that 13% of Catholics believe abortion should be legal in all cases, no exceptions. At first glance, one might conclude that faithful are pro-life. However, only 10% of Catholics believe abortion should be illegal in all cases, no exceptions. As for the rest? 43% think abortion should be “mostly legal” while 32% think abortion should be “mostly illegal.”

These numbers indicate that President Biden’s opinion that women have the right to choose is more widely embraced by Catholic faithful than the official Church teaching.

So then, are we living in the Twilight Zone?

Not at all.

We are living in the same reality that we have lived in for over half a century: the epic failure of the post-Vatican II Church.

When news broke that the Supreme Court was issuing an opinion on abortion, evil forces took the anger out on the Catholic Church. The attacks weren’t aimed at conservative Christianity as a whole. No, the attacks were aimed exclusively at the Catholic Church.


Because the Catholic Church is the true faith. Last week it proved itself to be a threat to evil. In other words, an event in secular society confirmed the authentic exclusive credibility of the Catholic faith.

How tragic is it that evil knows more about the faith than the faithful themselves?

Evil knows abortion is wrong and must therefore attack that truth. Yet only 10% of Catholics embrace the truth of the Church’s teaching on the matter.

When the extremist group “Ruth Sent Us” called for attacks on Catholic Churches, they didn’t call for the burning of communion, a supper, or a symbol. Rather, they called for the burning of the Eucharist. Yet, as another study showed, only roughly 30% of Catholics believe that the Eucharist is truly the body and blood of Christ.

Indeed, evil knows more about the faith than the faithful themselves. This was the ultimate goal of the modernist infiltration of the Church. By all counts, they seem to be winning.

Why should the Holy Father oppose a pro-choice president when the vox populi seems to agree with his opinion?

If the leaked Supreme Court document proves to be accurate, it should be a cause for Catholics to rejoice. Such an opinion from the highest court in the land would be the moment we’ve prayed would come to pass. The SCOTUS opinion would be what pro-life heroes like Father Stephen Imbarrato, Lila Rose, Father David Nix, Abby Johnson, and a host of others have literally fought for on the frontlines. Over the years, millions have marched down the streets of Washington DC in the frigid January temperatures, praying for this opinion to become a reality.

Evil dreads such a moment.

The Catholic faithful, for the most part, seem lukewarm.

One thing is certain: if the SCOTUS document is made official in its current form, you can expect and epic war between good and evil – and the Catholic Church will placed squarely be on the front lines of that battle. Complacency, combined with a lack of solid catechesis among the faithful will result in a disastrous casualty of souls. By now it should be apparent to the even the most passive Catholic that this was the goal of the modernist agenda when the curia permitted “the smoke of Satan” to permeate the Church.

Setting the Church Militant up for failure in battle began over a half century ago and continues today under the guise of “collegiality.”

If Pope Francis has it his way, the vox populi will decide the direction of the Church. He yearns for what he calls a “listening Church” and he has set the wheels in motion to accomplish just that. We have plenty of reasons to be concerned about what the Church will look like on the other side of the Synod on Synodality. Early indications suggest that if we are indeed a “listening Church,” then we are on track to see a pro LGBTQ, pro-choice Catholic Church. Granted there are theologians and canonists who would say with a perceived sense of certainty that day would never come. I, on the other hand, suggest that based on our experience as a Church, we should never say never.

The timing of everything should be a cause for rejoicing and yet, a Supreme Court decision regarding the sanctity of human life, could very well be the cog that sets an epic battle between good and evil into motion.

Sister Lucia of Fatima warned us that the final assault from the devil would be on families. Here before us stands Catholic faithful who largely condone same-sex marriages, who believe in divorce as the exclusive measure to solve marital problems, who embrace transgenderism, who reject the Church’s teaching on the Eucharist and abortion. All of these are assaults against the sanctity of the family, and all these atrocities lay squarely in the hands of the popes, bishops, and priests who embrace modernism.

In the final battle between good and evil, the Church, for the most part, disarmed Her faithful. These are the fruits of a “listening church.”

What the Church needs is a return to tradition.

Within the Traditional Catholic movement is found strong Catholic families, solid in catechesis. Vocations are flourishing within the Traditional Catholic movement. Mass attendance is at an overwhelming high within Traditional Catholic Churches. Strong, faithful Christian soldiers within the Traditional Catholic movement stand ready to rise up, to face evil head-on, and to defend the Church: Her teachings, and Her traditions at all costs.

Evil loves widespread control. It makes stealing souls much easier for the devil when those souls are all forced to comply with sweeping mandates. During the so-called pandemic, when the faithful found themselves in most need of the Divine Physician, they found that modernist churches were locked up in fear of “super spreaders.” Leaders of the Novus Ordo Catholic Church in essence told their flock that not even the Bread of Life could withstand a virus. Thus, they closed their doors, playing right into the devil’s hand by complying with control mandates set forth by secularism. Those same leaders urged their faithful to comply with vaccination efforts and to “trust the science.”

Traditional Catholic Churches, on the other hand, kept their doors open – wide open. Refugees of the modern Church found that in traditional Churches, the holy water fonts were full, the Most Holy Eucharist was received exclusively on the tongue, there was no social distancing, no masks.


Because the Catholic Church, the Church that evil is attacking at this very moment is the way, the truth, and the life, able to withstand anything, even a devastating virus. Verily, Traditional Catholics proved during the pandemic the precise reason that evil has set its sights on Catholicism in the battle over the right to life.

If the pandemic was a test-run in the battle between good and evil, Traditional Catholics proved battle ready.

Yet over the course of the last year, Pope Francis has made numerous efforts to crush the Traditional Movement. Bishops and priests, the world over follow his lead to suppress the very people who prove best suited for the front lines of spiritual battle.

The pandemic may well have been the test-run, the battle for the right to life has proven to be a major shot fired at our Catholic Faith. What’s next? Given the current state of the Church, how can we hope to be ready? If the events of the last week have proven anything, they have proven that we cannot rely on our leaders, secular or religious. We must boldly reject the modernist agenda of both the Church and state. We must cling to the Immaculata with all our might, and as Traditional Catholics, we must join together more united than ever against an evil that wants nothing more than to dismantle our beloved Church brick by brick.

This is our moment in the history of the Church. This is what we have been trained to face and ultimately defeat. Here begins the battle. Together, let’s stand ready. We have much to resist, and much more to gain. Let’s roll.


Photo: Vatican Media.

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