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Archbishop Paglia: Pope Wants Me to Continue the Work of Amoris Laetitia

Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia — the new head of the Pontifical Academy for Life and the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family – recently gave an interview to Vatican Radio. On 21 August 2016, Radio Vatikan, the German branch of Vatican Radio, reported the following:

With these new appointments, in Paglia’s eyes the pope clearly wants to continue the new course which emanates from the Synod of Bishops [on Marriage and the Family]  and his encyclical [sic]  Amoris Laetitia. [my emphasis added]

Paglia also said that he has accepted his new task “with great gratitude.” He then continued:

My previous work has strongly led me into the direction of the concrete, thus the encounter with many ecclesial realities, with many bishops’ conferences; and I understand the pope’s own wish for a kind of acceleration of the nearness of the Church and for the breaching of borders – and with reflection, courage, and creativity. [my emphasis added]

As Radio Vatikan reports, the Vatican had already published on 17 August a hand-written letter from Pope Francis explicitly addressed to Archbishop Paglia in which he praises “the solid knowledge and the great experience” of the archbishop. Pope Francis sees, according to the letter, that Paglia’s earlier work at the Pontifical Council for the Family “bore great spiritual and pastoral fruits.”

Paglia himself further comments in his recent interview with Radio Vatikan that Pope Francis, in view of his new appointments, clearly “wants to develop further, and in an integral way, the cultural and form-giving aspect of the Synod [of Bishops on Marriage and the Family]  – and the recent appointment of the head [Bishop Kevin Farrell, of Texas]  of a new Dicastery [for the Laity, the Family and Life]  is an answer to this very same new pastoral perspective.” Paglia says, according to Radio Vatikan, that the pope wants a “new alliance between practice – the pastoral life – and theological reflection.” With such an alliance, the pope thus wishes to “turn to contemporary society” and to show “God’s mercy.” As Radio Vatikan then adds: “For this reason, Francis wishes that Paglia puts the Study Institute for Marriage and the Family [the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family]  on the course of ‘Mercy’.” [my emphasis added]

Very abstractly and somewhat ambiguously, Paglia concludes:

The horizon of mercy encompasses the whole curial reform. Behind this reform is to be found the conviction that not everything leads towards theoretical reflection, but that the Church wants to be the “Prima Lex,” the salvation of souls, the salvation of men, of the families, a help for the whole of society.

With this Vatican interview, Archbishop Paglia seems to signal that it is indeed the intention of Pope Francis to continue his path of stressing the Mercy of God – especially by way of admittance of the “remarried” divorcees to Holy Communion in spite of their own decision to remain in their sinful life-situations – even at the possible expense of the just and also merciful Laws of God.

Numerous recent and earnest public criticisms of the pope’s apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia – such as the criticisms expressed by the 45 Theologians and by the Austrian Professor Josef Seifert – have notably been met with silence and even, as it seems, publicly ignored by the pope altogether. With his decision to give Archbishop Paglia (a public promoter of the so-called “Kasper Proposal”) a prominent place within the Curia, the pope makes it clear that he will not likely heed any such acute, yet charitable, criticisms concerning these larger doctrinal matters.

77 thoughts on “Archbishop Paglia: Pope Wants Me to Continue the Work of Amoris Laetitia”

  1. I keep my eyes on my Lord and Above!

    I am grateful for all knowledge that will keep me safe in His arms and protect me from evil.

  2. What more does anyone need to say regarding this fiasco? Francis has turned the Chair of Peter into a banana republic, and the Church is quickly headed down the same path as the Protestants. Woe to Francis and all his cabal who would openly mock even God to His face. I fear for their mortal souls.

    • Sorry, but I do not.

      It is they (Bergoglio et alii) who are abusing their liberty and truth. Except for the consequence of confusing some who are ill-formed (and only the Eternal Trinity’s True Infinite Mercy can, and will, determine culpability of those who fall into such sown confusion), I wish for him and his the reward they so fully, justly and mercifully deserve.

  3. I’m amazed that he could call it an “encyclical.” This is a kindergarten mistake. It shows the level of competence we’re dealing with.

    • I’m not so certain it’s a mistake, Professor. The cynic in me views it as a deliberate attempt to try and give AL more weight and authority than it deserves; I’m fairly certain I have heard others (I forget who specifically) within the Vatican also refer to AL as an “encyclical” as well.

      What’s the old line about repeating a lie often enough, again?

  4. Just like Francis said recently, ignore those who say no to everything and push ahead with his agenda. Step by step, inch by inch…

  5. Why are PF & his coterie permitted to blatantly circumvent the Ten Commandments? The Pope has no authority to do so, nor can he promulgate heresies by saying he wants more pastoral mercy shown to unrepentant sinners. Confession is for those who desire repentance & are prepared to change their lives. Gradualism is a heresy, yet the entire Hierarchy is prepared to sit back & allow this Pope to change Catholic Doctrine. Instead of feeding the flock of Christ he is steadily scattering them for the sake of a false ecumenism advocated by his Marxist/Masonic/Modernist ideology. We must insist that the next conclave elect a Catholic to the Seat of Peter.

  6. Galatians 1,8: “If we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel to you other than that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema.” I read this at Mass last Thursday at the Ukrainian Catholic church I attend, and after finishing, I whispered to my wife, “This reading is about Pope Francis.” At least we know where we stand; St. Paul is on our side.

    • I’m Ukrainian Catholic, and you’re correct re the Epistle. If you read the Epistle for this Saturday morning (8/27 – Saturday of the 15th week after Pentecost), you’ll find that it’s from 1 Corinthians 4: 17 – 5: 5:

      Brethren: I have sent you Timothy, my beloved and faithful son in the Lord. He will remind you of my ways in Christ, just as I teach them in all the churches. Some have grown full of self-importance, thinking that I will not come to you. But I shall come to you soon, the Lord willing, and find out, not what they say, but what they can do. The kingdom of God does not consist in talk but in power. Which do you prefer, that I come to you with a rod, or with love and a gentle spirit?

      It is actually reported that there is lewd conduct among you of a kind not even found among the pagans – a man living with his father’s wife. Still you continue to be self-satisfied, instead of grieving, and getting rid of the offender! As for me, though absent in body I am present in spirit, and have already passed sentence in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ on the man who did this deed. United in spirit with you and empowered by our Lord Jesus, I hand him over to Satan for the destruction of his flesh, so that his spirit may be saved on the day of the Lord.

      Just wanted to give you a heads up for Saturday morning.

      What would St. Paul day about AL? He’d preach against it with all his might.

      And a little consolation from this coming Sunday’s Epistle from 2 Corinthians 4: 6-15:

      Brethren….We are afflicted in every way possible, but we are not crushed; full of doubts, we never despair….”

      God and Our Lady will end the crisis in the Church. So keep the Faith!

  7. I get a kick out of how these Prelates refer to the “difficult situations” people find themselves in as concrete realities. I think this is the point Paglia was ambiguously trying to make in one of the quotes above. The concrete realities are actually God’s unchangeable Truths, not the immoral situations people want to stay in.

  8. A “new alliance between practice- the pastoral life- and theological reflection”? I guess the old one isn’t good enough for them.

  9. The devil has many disguises. To dress up heresy as “Mercy” is certainly one of them. Martin Luther couldn’t have done it any better.

  10. So, in the headline Paglia says: “Pope Wants Me to Continue the Work of Amoris Laetitia.” In other words, to paraphrase, “Bergoglio Wants Me to Continue the Destruction of the Church Started by Amoris Laetitia”

    Now, the only thing left to happen is to have Cardinal Muller replaced by Cardinal Schonborn as Prefect of the Congregaton for the Doctrine of the Faith. Then the destruction will be well under way.

    But wait. In May, Cardinal Muller knuckled under and actually said that Amoris laetitia is in line with previous teaching on Communion ( So maybe his job is safe, for now, and the destruction can continue unimpeded.

  11. This just in. Francis to the Polish bishops as published in Civilta Catolica:

    “Voglio aggiungere adesso una cosa. Vi chiedo di lavorare con i seminaristi. Soprattutto date loro quello che noi abbiamo ricevuto dagli Esercizi: la saggezza del discernimento. La Chiesa oggi ha bisogno di crescere nella capacità di discernimento spirituale. Alcuni piani di formazione sacerdotale corrono il pericolo di educare alla luce di idee troppo chiare e distinte, e quindi di agire con limiti e criteri definiti rigidamente a priori, e che prescindono dalle situazioni concrete: «Si deve fare questo, non si deve fare questo…. Bisogna davvero capire questo: nella vita non è tutto nero su bianco o bianco su nero. No! Nella vita prevalgono le sfumature di grigio. Occorre allora insegnare a discernere in questo grigio.”

    My translation:

    “I want to add something now. I ask you to work with the seminarians. Above all give them that which they have not received from the Exercises [of St. Ignatius]. The Church today has need of growth in the capacity of spiritual discernment. Some plans of priestly formation run the risk of educating in the the light of IDEAS THAT ARE TOO CLEAR AND DISTINCT, and therefore of acting within rigidly a priori limits and criteria, and which prescind from concrete situations: ‘This must be done, this must not be done’…. It is necessary to understand this: in life not everything is black and white. No! In life shades of gray prevail. It is necessary then to teach how to discern in this gray area.”

    We have a papal lunatic on our hands.

    • Francis sounds like many of the seminary faculty members I had years ago. It seems the more things change, the more they stay the same.

      • Well, maybe, but mostly he’s promoting the initiatives of GEORGE SOROS. If you will hop over to ‘The Remnant’, Elizabeth Yore has an excellent article that details proof of Soros’ involvement with the Vatican on a very terrifying level. It’s really info that we need to put out there as devastating as it is. She connects all the dots.

          • On so many levels…devastating, but the pieces of the puzzle do begin to come together. For me, kind of an ‘AHA!’ moment putting together why Obama and the Pope were ‘beating the same drum’……..because……they are both putting the initiatives of Soros into play. George Soros is probably the most dangerous and diabolical man in the entire world, bar none, and now…… we discover, he is calling the shots in the Vatican, and it’s pretty much common knowledge that he’s a regular visitor at the White House.

    • I wouldn’t use the word “lunatic,” but I’m sure his approach here is exactly what is not needed now, if it ever was needed in the history of the Church. We have a situation of widespread loose and fuzzy thinking and the pope is recommending more of the same. It’s as if the local fire chief gave a speech suggesting the use of gasoline to replace water when fighting fires in the future.

      • I don’t mean clinically insane, but rather loopy, off-the-wall, out of touch with the reality and duties of his own office. In short, a loon. Which is exactly how you would characterize a fire chief who recommends gasoline to put out fires.

        • I agree with both you and cs (above) about the effects of his actions and words. If we differ at all, it is about the pope’s motives. I think he approaches the world from a liberal’s standpoint, one that accepts a lot of notions popular after the French Revolution, notions I’ve come to reject as bogus during my life. For me he is sincere, but sincerity doesn’t make him right. I’ve written many times at this site and others that his papacy is an unmitigated catastrophe.

      • What happens when you put gasoline on a fire??

        The intention, whether careless, purely stupid or of evil intent, will not change the result.

    • He is no lunatic. He is meticulous, methodical and very calculating in all that he says and does.
      I read this article as well.
      Our Church stood by and watched many good men leave the seminary and become injured for this garbage.

    • What an irony. While faithful Catholics are begging for the truth spoken in clarity with a clear trumpet blast , Francis is talking about ideas that are too clear and distinct.! What I hear is a great distaste for those priests who speak the truth. He seems to be assuming that priests are not already merciful and attempting to assist the faithful come back into the fold. Is it unmerciful to tell the truth? We have been living in this year of mercy and one of the spiritual works of mercy is to instruct the ignorant and another to admonish sinners. Is it really the issue that he considers these men unmerciful or is it that he wants to change the truth into a lie?

  12. The bar set by God is incredibly high. This is not an acceptable attempt to reach it.

    The recent soros document dump reveals his connection to Bergoglio. Given that, this and everything else about him gains a lot of clarity.

    • The bar set by God is incredibly high. This is not an acceptable attempt to reach it.
      Oh but they futilely try, don’t they? The motivation is hatred for God not that they can succeed.

  13. Wasn’t this “liberal Catholicism” that was pressed upon us for the past five decades or so, is why the Church is in this state now? Now the hierarchy wants to make it “more inclusive?” The Catholic church is in this “state” because of the watering down of the faith! Folks: “When the Catholic church goes, so does the World…” Yes, yes, we know the King will rein in the end but in the meantime, its not to get better, only worse!


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