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Apostolic Exhortation Will Be Released Friday, April 8


In a briefing in Rome this morning, Father Frederico Lombardi of the Holy See Press Office announced that Pope Francis’ long-anticipated post-synodal apostolic exhortation — titled, ‘Amoris laetitia‘ (The Joy of Love: On Love in the
Family) — will be released on Friday, April 8.

The event will begin with a press conference to present the exhortation at 11:30AM (Rome time) that will include a panel composed of the following persons:

  • Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, the general secretary of the Synod of Bishops
  • Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, O.P., archbishop of Vienna
  • A married couple: Professor Francesco Miano a moral philosopher at the University of Rome at Tor Vergata, and Professor Giuseppina De Simone in Miano, a philosopher at the Theological Faculty of Southern Italy in Naples.

The press conference will be available via live streaming on the site: and is slated to remain there afterward, available on demand.

The text of the exhortation is embargoed until after the press conference, so we shouldn’t expect to see anything from it (barring leaks) before then. At a rumored 200 pages, it’s going to take time for even the most ardent analysts to digest.

It will be available in multiple languages as of its release date, including French, English, German, Spanish, and Portugese.

For the time being, that’s all I know. They’re keeping this one close to the vest, and even my sources at the Vatican don’t know more at this time.

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