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And The Secret Identity of the Dictator Pope Author Is…

We told you early on about the incredibly important book offering a deeply-researched critical evaluation of the Francis pontificate, The Dictator PopeIt has proven to be a blockbuster, rocketing to the top of the Amazon charts in its category and finally landing a deal with a major publisher, which will result in not only a hard cover edition next month, but the revelation of the true identity of its author.

Today, that author’s identity was released just a little bit earlier than expected: it is none other than British author and Oxford-educated historian Henry “H.J.A.” Sire, author of the excellent historical examination of the Church’s many trials and tribulations over the centuries, Phoenix From the Ashes

Some of those who looked disfavorably on The Dictator Pope  attempted to use the author’s anonymity to discredit the research within. They should have been more careful about challenging him to reveal himself. Sire is a capable and trained historian with a penchant for research and a knack for making complex historical topics understandable and approachable. The credibility of The Dictator Pope in the minds of any serious reader should be significantly higher today than before.

For those who’ve not yet had the chance to read it, The Dictator Pope is an essential work on the present crisis in the papacy. The original e-book is no longer available as the new publisher, Regnery, will be releasing a “completely revised and updated” version simultaneously on April 23rd in both Kindle format and hardcover — already listed as a #1 new release. Both are available for pre-order through Amazon right now.

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