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5 Steps to Unite the Clans for the Sacred Heart in June

America is at war. Our once great and prosperous land now finds itself on the brink of moral and societal collapse. On every side, the faithful Catholic finds himself surrounded by wickedness. Whether it be the immorality that companies and politicians try to push on our society, or whether it be the sin that fills our daily television shows, one is wont to ask himself if he lives in a spiritual sodom, or in a hedonistic Babylon. Divorce and “remarriage” has wrecked millions of homes. Contraception is twisting and corrupting the marital act. We daily see armies of young people marching down the streets of our once proud nation, holding up signs and flags that promote degenerate causes. Sodomy and Transgenderism (properly called “Transvestism”) have now taken over every area of our public life.

From Entertainment and healthcare to Education and even grocery stores, the wicked ideology and degrading lifestyle of the sons of Sodom are promoted. Our historical monuments are being torn down while the rainbow flag is being lifted high. Communists and Leftists are taking over school boards and libraries, and introducing the youth to Marxist propaganda, and sexual deviance. Where once a child could go a library to read, they no longer see “after-school book clubs” going on, but Satanic drag shows that promote gender confusion. Demonic “after-school clubs” are now being opened while Catholic schools are closing.

While Catholic Churches close in mass numbers, Satanic imagery is being ushered in on courthouse lawns and in popular entertainment. Religion and God-fearing patriotism have fallen by the wayside. Long gone are the days where Eucharistic processions were common. Now, pride parades fill the streets. What has become the land of our Fathers? The Land of Washington and Hamilton, the land of Lewis and Clarke.  The Land of Cowboys and Davey Crockett. The land that built large Churches, and raised holy families. The land that promoted virtue in its public schools and sought to bring honesty and decency to a man’s life. The America of “Mayberry innocency” is gone. Instead, it has become a spiritual and physical land of immorality.

What can the Catholic Church do about this cultural apostasy? The Catholic Church in America and around the world, since the disastrous fallout of Vatican II, has been pulverized. No longer to we hear solid sermons from the average pulpit that call out the horror of sin as a transgression against a Holy God. Rather sin is only talked about in relation to how it affects man’s dignity. Catholic social action only involves itself with charities that tend to the needs of the poor. You will not find very many priests or faithful of average parishes, going out to rebuke this sin in our day. Only in Traditional parishes and some conservative (traditional-friendly) parishes do you see Catholic social action groups forming to combat the culture war that is being waged by the Communists.

I am a young person who desires to see America turn into a truly Catholic Society. I desire that America embrace the social kingship of Jesus Christ. However, I recognize that this can only be done by the grace of God empowering holy men and women to stand up and change culture. This can only be done if we unite the clans.

I recently marched in a Traditional Catholic penitential procession that was protesting a Satanic-themed drag show that was being hosted by a protestant sect. This show was taking place in a small Texas town. Below you’ll hear from myself and some of the participants:

The Left knows that if it can destroy the religious agrarian spirit that America has (in particular the South), then it can change America for its twisted Marxist ends. We also were blessed to have a personal letter of support from his eminence, Bishop Athanasius Schneider, encouraging our group. Our group was made up of many Traditional Catholics from various communities. Some were from the SSPX, and some from Diocesan TLMs. Others had gone to Fraternity and Institute parishes. Some even from the local New Mass Parish.

However, rather than spending hours fighting amongst ourselves about our differences, we worked together for one goal.

That the Sacred Heart of Jesus would be King of our Small Texas Town. 

We did not say: “Is not the SSPX in Schism”? We did not say: “Does not the FSSP compromise too much”? We did not act like Youtube Catholic apologists that waste their time on such trivial issues. Rather, we joined hands and prayed the Rosary. There were forty or fifty of us, and we marched down the street chanting the “Ave Maria!” People stopped and watched us. Some even approached me and thanked me for what we were doing. Others honked their horns in support. The few supporters of the sin of Sodom fled from before us.

How did we pull it off, and how can you do the same? 

Step 1: Do some Reconnaissance

Many, particularly in Conservative rural America would be surprised at how many wicked events are being attempted.  With prudence, type in a search engine the name of your town, and then put the term “pride” or “abortion” or “Satanic” after. You will find many events and websites that will be going on where you can protest against.

Step 2: Organize at your parish

Once you find out that an evil event is going on, organize at your parish among like-minded people. Get a group of about ten, and then have them all publish information of your counter-protest online and to others. Ask other parishes if you can put up your flyers at their parish. Ask groups like the TFP (Tradition, Family, Property) and “America needs Fatima” to come out and protest with you. Reach out to online social media accounts that fight immorality and ask them to publicize your event.

Step 3: Drop the “Right-wing Purity Test”

The Right has a similar problem that the Left does. The problem is one of sectarian strict adherence to a ridiculous point. While there are certainly important issues that separate the SSPX and the FSSP, or between Traditionalist Catholics and Conservatives, or even Catholic and non-Catholic Conservatives, none of these issues should prevent us from working together in mutual charity for the common good of a moral society. If a person goes against the teaching of the divine and moral law, then that is one thing, however if they do not, consider working together.

Step 4: Make Signs and read up on your apologetics

It is important for those who are going to go on the street for the cause of Christ, to know their apologetics. The goal of street demonstrations is not just to fight wickedness, but to convert the lost and destitute. So you must know your Catholic faith well. If you don’t, then start studying a good traditional catechism.

Step 5: Entrust everything to Jesus through Mary

When you go out and march, only do so with much prayer and entrusting of yourself to God. We cannot fight this battle for God without God. No deed of God is fought today without the help of Mary. So give yourselves to the Sacred and Immaculate hearts.

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