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Why is Archbishop Cupich Working With Pro-Abortion Politicians?


The TruthRevolt blog ran a story yesterday on Archbishop Cupich’s event with Illinois Democratic Senator Dick Durbin this past Sunday:

True to his claim that immigration reform is “God’s agenda,” Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich has been cozying up to pro-abortion Democrats to get his social justice initiatives underway. 

On Sunday, the Archbishop joined Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Il), a dissident Roman Catholic with a 100 percent rating from Planned Parenthood and NARAL on abortion issues, at the Temple Jeremiah synagogue in Northfield, Illinois, to discuss how people can support the cause of immigration reform. Democrats hope reform will translate into largely Catholic Hispanics voting for pro-abortion/pro-gay marriage Democrats in order to gain citizenship. 

Speaking before an audience of 300 people, Cupich urged everyone to speak with friends and neighbors about the issue, and to stand up to bullies wherever they find them.

“Look for ways to tell our heritage stories and tell your representatives how you feel,” Cupich said. “Speak out, and don’t let racist comments go by.”

With his eyes on the 2016 presidential election, Dick Durbin subtly reminded people that the more they organize Hispanic voters, the more likely another pro-abortion, pro-immigration reform Democrat would end up in the White House.

“If we add 2 million new voters, that would change the debate for president,” he said of the 2016 election. “They will have an impact.”


Although Cupich and Durbin lamented at the conference that current immigration policies such as deportation “break up families,” neither of the men expressed concern for the impact that the policies they support such as abortion and same-sex marriage​ have on the family. Nor did Cupich express any concern about the problem of trying to assimilate these immigrants into the culture

“The longer we delay, the deeper the hopelessness we’re creating in the lives of young people about their future,” Cupich said. “We will lose our center, our identity and our youth.”

With so much else going on, it’s easy to lose track of the Trojan Horse that is “immigration reform.” With the majority of US bishops strongly in the camp of amnesty-based solutions — and Pope Francis making the case for migrants every chance he gets — Catholics who see an irreversible demographic shift leading to anti-Catholic political realities in the very near future are left to look like angry xenophobes if they want secure borders.

The social and moral issues facing our country are moving beyond cultural forces and making their way into law. From abortion to same sex “marriage” to the potentially open (and legal) persecution of those who favor true marriage, any significant change in the voting public that moves things in a more progressive direction will mean an irrevocable loss of legal protections for the things we hold dear.

In the past 30 years, the Hispanic vote has been overwhelming left-leaning in presidential elections. Whatever the reasons for this (they’re too complex to begin parsing here) what we are seeing is a growing voting block that wants to elect presidents who also oppose Catholic moral principles as a matter of policy. 

Add to that the dangers of growing immigration from the Islamic world — the Texas ISIS attack was fomented by US Citizens who had radicalized, demonstrating again that ideology trumps nationality — and we have some very serious issues on our hands.

This transcends politics. I’m not interested in party affiliations here. I’m concerned about principles, ethics, morals, and consequences.

Our Bishops owe it to their flocks to look out for their best interests, to urge prudence and caution, and to stand for what is virtuous, no matter how unpopular. Cupich’s willingness to be associated with a dissident, pro-abortion Catholic politician on this issue (which is dangerous enough in itself) without even the slightest hint of fraternal correction on other, more non-negotiable principles is an inauspicious sign of what Chicago Catholics can expect for the foreseeable future.

Cardinal George famously predicted: “I expect to die in bed, my successor will die in prison and his successor will die a martyr in the public square. His successor will pick up the shards of a ruined society and slowly help rebuild civilization, as the church has done so often in human history.”

I can’t see Archbishop Cupich dying in prison when he’s making so many powerful friends. That said, “the shards of a ruined society” are approaching at breakneck speed.

18 thoughts on “Why is Archbishop Cupich Working With Pro-Abortion Politicians?”

  1. Yeah. I’d love to see Cupich share the stage with rabid right-wing anti-immigration politicians to make common cause against abortion. He won’t, of course. The “seamless garment” is of course a lie.

    • Secure borders with an ordered immigration policy is not xenophobic rabid or right wing; it is the tradition of America

      It makes no sense to invite Pedro in from Mexico for that will inexorably depress the wages of native born Paulo.

      Immigration is the way politicians elect a new people.

  2. “Why is Archbishop Cupich working with pro-abortion politicians?”

    Because if his predecessor’s prophecy means that he is to die in prison, he would prefer to do so as a warden instead of an inmate?

  3. Phil Lawler’s treatment of Archbp. Cupich’s interview with the Chicago Sun Times on the issue of gay marriage is especially depressing in this regard. S-T columnist Neil Steinberg observes: “To me, everything the archbishop said, except for his conclusions, is an argument for gay marriage.” To which Lawler replies, “if you read the entire column you may find yourself hard-pressed to cite evidence proving Steinberg wrong.”

    Lawler and some other folks assume, charitably, that the problem is that Cupich simply is not a very vigorous or well trained thinker, and is not terribly capable as a spokesman on these issues. But those of us familiar with Cardinal Bernardin’s mode of operation will find this to be an ominously familiar pattern, and it reignites the same suspicions we had about Bernardin, to wit: That deep down, the prelate in question doesn’t really buy into these Church teachings (at least not without heavy qualification or modification), but knows he can’t really come out and say that, because he’s too careful of an operator. So he’ll give as much encouragement as he can to the opposing positions without endorsing their conclusion, and as little encouragement as possible to those in his flock still loyal to it.

  4. To know where most Bishops stand just follow the money not the morality. Their faith is in the City of Man. How dreadful for all of us. Let us pray for Bishop Cupich that he focus on helping his flock to attain eternal life. Cozying up to the local politicians ain’t gonna make at heaven’s gate.

    • Not at all sure where the Archbishop, or many others like him, actually stand on the issue of ‘eternal life’. The y seem to have a completely different view on it in direct conflict with the Catechism of the Catholic Church. I think therein lies the problem. You are so correct that their ‘theology’ is the here and now. It has nothing at all to do with getting people to Heaven. Could it have anything to do with ‘everyone goes to Heaven’ that is so prevalent

  5. Refugee Resettlement Watch (google it) has the goods on the governmental grifters who are choosing a new people and the perps are from both parties and neither party wants men like you to have power in America and so that is why immigration from the south is preferred and not immigration of traditionalists from once-Catholic Europe for such immigrants would arrive bearing memories of Christendom whereas from the south, immigrants arrive with memories of base community christianity – protestantism and calvinist America loves them some prots,

    There can be no doubt the USCCB knows all of this for they are up to their necks in this scam of population replacement and they are paid handsomely for their efforts so don’t forget to fill-out your pledge form for the Bishop’s Appeal…

    In the Feb 2006 issue of Culture Wars Raymond A Kevane reported his experiences – 1964-1969 – as the National Director of the Papal Volunteers for Latin America (PAVLA) a program inaugurated by Pope Paul VI and it was during those years that he was trying to combat Liberation Theology (suddenly back in popular vogue in some part of our Capitol (Rome) and bis reports about how the Base Community Movement’s goal was to destroy the structure of the Catholic Church in Latin America.

    He avers: My report to the bishop’s committee went temporarily unheeded.. Therefore, I resigned and returned to my diocese.

    We can be certain that if I know what is going on, they know.

    O, and dear reader, do you not yet understand that your Country, State, County, City, Town, or Unincorporated District is targeted for destruction?

    As a Catholic Traditionalist you are NOT wanted and the Bishops could not care less about you; you are on your own so, make some contacts during this relatively peaceful time of ability to speak, write, and move about peacefully for one can see the inexorability of the all-controlling state slowly coming into focus.

  6. It is time for Catholics of conscience to wake up and see the we are in the Great Apostasy. We have this travesty, and a Vatican Conference on climate with pro-abortion panelists. And there is more out there on a daily basis. Who is the Primate? What does he stand for? Who is he serving? The answers to these questions may shock, but hiding from reality is not going to change the times we are living in…the Endtimes…

  7. There are no Democrats in either leadership or influential roles who are not pro-abortion and in reality, there are very few who believe or support the moral teachings of the Catholic Church.

    • Yes, this is why the Democrat Party should be condemned in it’s entirety by the Bishops. Don’t hold your breath though. Just pray for them to show us a little courage once in awhile. My impression is they are more worried about their bank account than their souls.

  8. On point: “Prostitution Politics” poem at site Catholic Lane: “I work in a brothel, but I am not a whore . . .”. Guy McClung, San Antonio


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