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Colombia and Venezuela Burning: Is the Vatican Coddling Communists?

Editor’s note: The following comes from Domingo Caro, a contributor well versed in politics and the Church in South America.

Colombia has been terrorized and turned into a drug-dealing country by communist subversion for decades. The worst force in this regard has a name: the “Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia” (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia), or FARC. After President Uribe (2002-2010) struck them hard, they decided to change their strategy and secure power through elections, as Hugo Chávez himself did in neighboring Venezuela.

Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos has played an active role in this strategy. Last year, he signed a “peace” agreement with FARC and proposed a referendum to approve it. The campaign for the approval was relentless; all the polls were manipulated to show huge support. The pope got involved in favor of the agreement, which had been promoted by him and Raúl Castro, but the people of Colombia refused to be deceived and voted “no.”

Pope Francis’s intervention was harshly criticized, and with weighty reasons, by Spanish-American Catholics. The blog El Quijote Siglo XXI pointed out the following: the 297-page agreement was the surrender of Colombia to a form of communism designed by Raúl Castro. In those pages, the State agrees to impose on children’s education and on a variety of policies the ideology of gender [1], to give a salary for years to members of the guerrillas, to forgive the abundant crimes against humanity committed by FARC, to allow FARC to own radio stations to promote “21st-century socialism,” and to have some seats in Congress and to keep the money gained from drug-dealing.

When the agreement was signed, Pietro Cardinal Parolin said, “[T]he Holy Father has followed with attention the efforts of past years in search for reconciliation and harmony, and he has encouraged such efforts, without taking part in the concrete solutions[.]” But Francis went beyond this. He declared, “I promise that when this agreement is approved and protected by the referendum, then I will visit Colombia in order to teach peace.” He was so sure that the Colombian people would approve the agreement in the referendum!

The pope had reasons to be sure. He had pressed with his papal authority for its approval, and the proposed public question was deceitful: “Do you support the Final Agreement for the end of the armed conflict and the construction of a stable and lasting peace?” Was not Francis taking part in a fraud, an attempt to drag a Catholic people into approving its own destruction?

The story does not end here. The people were not deceived by propaganda and papal cajoling. However, Santos went on with the application of the agreement, and so did Raúl Castro, FARC, and Francis. Next September 1, FARC will become a political party, and next September 6, Francis will go to bless the ensuing “reconciliation” and “harmony.” The Conference of Bishops has promoted this visit and so has accepted the papal blessing of the deception of the Colombian people.

Such has been the Vatican diplomatic line in Colombia under Cardinal Parolin and Pope Francis.

In neighboring Venezuela, the Vatican has followed exactly the same line. The Christian people in both countries are confused. But in Venezuela, where the perversity of this diplomatic line is more visible because of the genocide the people are suffering – a catastrophe Francis and Parolin have ignored – the confusion is being expressed boldly. Even José Luis Rodríguez, a famous popular singer, threw a challenge to the pope: “The silence of the pope is astonishing and turns him into an accomplice in the recent deaths and the deaths to come in this drug-dealing regime. What is wrong with you, Bergoglio?” Also: “The pope is closer to the communist left than to Christ. Define yourself, Bergoglio!”

The Vatican has criticized the opposition more than the government. Pope Francis has never condemned the tyrannical repression in Venezuela; instead, he has always called “the government and all members of Venezuelan society to avoid any new form of violence and to search for negotiated solutions.” He has therefore ignored the oppression to which the Communist government has submitted the people and has ignored the classical doctrine of the right of the people to defend themselves from tyranny. Pope Francis and the Vatican have been promoting “dialogue” and “negotiations” with a totalitarian tyranny, which has used the authority of the Vatican to gain time to overcome several crises (in 2014 and in 2016).

Does Pope Francis not know that the tyranny has full power and is oppressing a defenseless people?

In the recent crisis, the one that started in April, the Vatican followed the same path. I have already quoted a public statement made by Francis in April. In his Easter Message, he insisted on the same line. And there is indubitable evidence that Cardinal Parolin is directly responsible (as he was in 2014 and 2016) for the disastrous course followed in the last month by the opposition leaders, associated under an organization called MUD (Mesa de la Unidad Democrática, the Democratic Unity Roundtable). These leaders have tried to reach a “negotiated solution,” in the apparent conviction that Cardinal Parolin’s support will move the officials of the Venezuelan tyranny to negotiate with them. This appears clearly in a letter sent by one of these MUD politicians, Julio Borges, the president of the Venezuelan Congress, to officials in the Venezuelan government. Borges speaks of the dialogue Cardinal Parolin has proposed in a recent letter from the Vatican. Don’t the Vatican officials and the opposition leaders know that communist tyrannies do not abandon power through persuasion [2]?

On July 28, the executive director of Human Rights Watch, José Miguel Vivanco, gave some statements to the Chilean press that are worth contrasting with the Vatican’s attitude:

[T]he crisis in Venezuela is not the result of the lack of dialogue. … It is not the result of polarization and a potential clash between two equivalent forces that demand mediation. … [T]he crisis is due to a dictatorial record of a regime that commits extremely grave and massive violations of human rights with total impunity and does  not give accounts to anybody.

We are facing a dictatorship, a tyranny that concentrates the whole power, and which holds on to power. In this context, the president of Chile refuses to name things as they are and states that this regime was democratically elected[, which] is inconsistent with Chile’s position in the Organization of American States[.] …

The gravest issue is that she suggest a dialogue between government and opposition. This is a grave mistake, and at this moment, a head of state well informed of Venezuela’s situation should not make such a grave mistake. …

The 30th of July, the regime will try to protect itself with a little varnish (they cannot get more than that) of a democratic popular exercise but with a clearly fascist structure, which is going to make even harder a democratic, negotiated, and reasonable solution in the short term to this situation, in which the Venezuelan people are absolutely defenseless.

So it seems that we have come to the situation in which a popular singer and the executive director of Human Rights Watch are a moral authority more credible than Pope Francis and Parolin’s Vatican. No wonder Colombian Catholics are upset, saying Pope Francis is not welcome and that he and the bishops who support him are outside the Catholic Church.

Recently, a well respected Catholic, Don José Galat, who is the founder of a TV channel (Teleamiga) and the president of a university (de la Gran Colombia), broadcast a set of TV shows in which he showed what he understands as Pope Francis’s departures from the Catholic Faith in matters of the Sacrifice of the Mass (which has been called by Francis a “memorial”) and of the respect for the Commandments (see one episode here). The bishops of Colombia have reacted by forbidding priests to appear on Galat’s channel. At this point, a radio station interviewed Galat aggressively, calling him “proud” and schismatic. His reaction went beyond his previous more meditated positions, and he stated that Francis is not pope because his election was null – and that even if he were pope, he is a heretic. The reaction of the bishops was instant: they declared immediately that Don José Galat is excommunicated latae sententiae. Would that the bishops reacted with such exemplary speed when the central teachings of our faith are denied and the central tenets of Catholic morality are questioned by priests, religious, and laity!

Don José Galat has, I think, gone beyond what canonists think to be right concerning the papal election. However, can one really be surprised that a good Catholic who loves divine Truth and the people of God is upset and now is stating that Pope Francis is not welcome in Colombia?

Schism is brewing in the Church, not harmony and peace. How could it not grow when the Vatican shows such partiality toward the archenemies of Catholics – no less than well known communists, FARC and Raúl Castro included?

[1] See the final peace agreement, Preamble, pp. 3; sections 2.2.4; 2.3.5; 3.4.1; 3.4.2;;; 5, p.  126;;;; 5.1.2.I; 5.2; 6; and the Protocol about monitoring and verifying the application of the agreement, p. 233, July 31, 2017)

[2] There is the belief that in the Soviet Union, the communists did relinquish power peacefully. But this is false. There was a coup d’état against Yeltsin, which failed. This failure is what led the communists out of power for a while in Russia.

137 thoughts on “Colombia and Venezuela Burning: Is the Vatican Coddling Communists?”

  1. “Don’t the Vatican officials and the opposition leaders know that communist tyrannies do not abandon power through persuasion”? — How could they know when their Jesuit teachers did not teach them this.

  2. You know, I thought about the drug corruption in Columbia when I read here yesterday about Professor Galat’s excommunication. I specifically wondered if the bishops receive drug money kickbacks from the drug lords. Kind of like how our US bishops receive billions from the federal govt to move illegal and Muslim immigrants around the country and provide them aid, which has demonstrably skewed their theology.

    And I thought about how maddening this excommunication is, given the countless scandalous things being done by Catholics in political life in recent decades, with nary an excommunication in sight. And this article today doesn’t make things look any better, sadly.

    • I as well wondered if there was anything else behind the ‘excommunication’ when I read the article yesterday. There just may be more to this story than meets the eye, even taking into consideration how Bergoglio has Marxist leanings.

      • It’s obvious what’s behind it. Excommunication is Francis’ typicallycommunist way of inventing a new and VERY effective weapon against dissent!

  3. “Schism is brewing in the Church, not harmony and peace. How could it not
    grow when the Vatican shows such partiality toward the archenemies of
    Catholics – no less than well known communists, FARC and Raúl Castro

    Shall we render a tentative judgement?

    —There is an informal schism in the Church: Pope Francis is in schism with orthodox Catholicism.

    —Pope Francis is an enemy of democracy as indicated by his handling of the situation in Venezuela and Colombia.

    —Pope Francis prefers and acts like Marxist dictator
    —Those who oppose Pope Francis can be excommunicated, e.g.,Don Jose Galat.

    —Pope Francis is an enemy to orthodox Catholics and democratic freedom.

    • If (according to the canonists) we must accept that Bergoglio is one of the two valid living Popes (Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Pope Francis), than (according to the people of Colombia, Venezuela and China) we must also accept that one of the two living Popes is a communist and a psychopath.

      My question for the canonists would be: how does someone who is a communist and a psychopath can be accepted as a valid Pope?

        • I would say so. Moreover, “the most logical explanation” is making it even more confusing: Given the teachings of the two Popes, it seems like there are truly two different Churches. Thus the Pope Emeritus addresses to the Catholic Church, and the Pope Francis to the Church of Mercy. The Catholic Church is the one where the boat is on verge of capsizing, where Deus caritas est, where the Mother Mary is the Mother of the Son of God and Our Saviour, and where the shepherds don’t distort the Word of God (2 Corinthians 4). The Church of Mercy is the one where everything is nice and fine, where the name of God is Mercy, where the Mother Mary is the Mother of Jesus and the Sinner, and where the shepherds don’t teach the Gospel at all (Galatians 1).

          I guess we are living in some kind of transional period where the faithful should decide to which Church they belong.

          • Most of the faithful have already decided which one they belong to: The Church of false Mercy and hateful kindness. The one where Mercy is a lie and kindness is a license to sin. Hopefully, come judgment day God will consider their ignorance judging whether it is willful or not. As for the Popes, Bishops and priests who promote this sham version of Catholicism woe unto to them

          • I am glad that not Michael Dowd, but Almighty God, who is both just and merciful, will be judging, Popes, Bishops, priests… and me and that His Blessed Mother will be my Advocate.

          • Thomas–I am not judging but rather condemning in the hope that our wayward clergy will change before God judges them. What I’m doing is called a spiritual work of mercy, something all Catholics are called to do.

          • “The streets of hell are paved with the skulls of priests with bishops as their signposts.” St. Athanasius

          • No hallucination at all for everything is recorded. Just compare what the Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI teaches with what the Pope Francis teaches, and you will get the teaching of two Popes that are quiet different.

          • The way I feel at the moment, I can honestly say that were I to be excommunicated for speaking out against the rampant heresy, dishonesty and apostasy of the Cabal in the Vatican – it wouldn’t alter anything at all in my life or in my soul. I would disregard it and carry on as normal. I would never allow ANY man to separate me from my Lord and Saviour! EVER.

          • God promised judgement; Jesus spoke many times about judgement. Francis talks only of Mercy. You can’t HAVE mercy without judgement! Judgement has one of 2 outcomes; Mercy [IF appropriate] or Punishment [IF appropriate].
            Our Leader and “teacher” is falling short of informed judgement!

        • That’s the “Diabolical disorientation” which starts at the top of the Church that Our Lady of Fatima said would happen.

        • I don’t know what the canon lawyers say. I was told to accept the things as they are presented to us. Unless I didn’t read the official titles well, there are two Popes: Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVi. I am just naming them as they are presented to us and accepting them both.

          • You cited “canonists.”

            The title “Pope Emeritus” is theologically meaningless.

            Ratzinger resigned “in such a way that the See will be vacant.” That is absolutely, unequivocally synonymous with “there will be no Pope.”

            Ratzinger can wear a Batman costume, or a space suit. It doesn’t make him Batman or an astronaut. A white cassock does not make him pope. (Not to mention that tens of thousands of priests around the world wear white cassocks.)

          • The Universal Church calls them Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. I see here the two persons named “Pope”, thus the two Popes no matter of their (dis)function. Unfortunately, I see no canonist claiming in front of the official Church that any of them is invalid or inexistant, nor that the See is vacant, thus both Popes are for real even according to the canonists.

          • It has been long established in the Church that a Pope is a Pope forever, is it not! And there is much , much more wheeling and dealing behind the “resignation” and “election” of the 2 Popes than we will probably ever know. However, I believe without reservation in the Petrine Ministry ordained by Christ so in earthly terms there are 2 Popes………….. in Heavenly terms ……………?

          • Well, actually, no, the pope is not pope forever. During the Great Western Schism, the true pope resigned along with the remaining claimant, to end the confusion. Celestine V also resigned from the papacy. Pius XII was also prepared to resign in the event the Nazi’s ever captured the Vatican. I heard a quote once that Pius XII said after writing up the letter of resignation (which he did not sign) which was “If the Nazi’s come here they will not find Pius XII but Cardinal Pacelli.” I do not know if the quote is apocryphal or not, but it’s telling. And in the context of this conversation, it makes Benedict’s choice even more confusing… but I digress. The fact is that, while the papacy has typically been for life, it is not always. It used to be that bishops never retired either, but remained in office until their death. This idea of Bishop/Archbishop/Pope Emeriti is a total novelty.

          • Possible. I hope not, because that will make everything even more confusing. In all reality, and perhaps this will sound uncharitable, but I hope his time is short and Our Lord take him soon. Psa. 108:8 “May his days be few: and his bishopric let another take.”

          • Emeritus is a fancy way of saying “former” or “retired” or “discharged from the service of”. It does not mean “still the pope in some way.”

            A bishop emeritus is still a bishop, because the episcopacy is part of Holy Orders.

            A pope emeritus is not still a pope, because the papacy isn’t a sacrament.

            Is the title dumb? Probably. Is the continuation of the visual cues of papal attire and the honorifics associated with the papacy confusing? Sure. Also dumb. But there can’t be two popes at the same time. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

          • I agree there can’t be two popes at the same time in the Catholic Church.

            But the thing is that the Pope has more than one title: he is also the Holy Father, the Bishop of Rome and the Pontiff.

            Now, what is the fancy way of saying “former” or “retired” or “discharged from the service of” when it comes to the term “Holy Father”? Can the Holy Father become “Unholy Father” once he resignes as the Pope? Or he stays the Holy Father for the rest of his life? Can we have the two Holy Fathers at the same time? Or one becomes the Holy Father Emeritus without real holiness?

            Furthermore, if the Bishop Emeritus is still the Bishop, does it mean that the Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is also the Bishop Emeritus of Rome? In that case, does he have any possibility or responsibility to act in certain situations?

            Analogicaly, we can talk about Pontiff Emeritus as well, or not?

            I apologize for asking silly questions but I am trying to find some logic and consistency when it comes to current situation with the Pope(s).

          • Kora, That is the problem. If Benedict had taken back his name of Cardinal Ratzinger and had moved out of the Vatican (returned to his home diocese), I don’t think folks would be having as much difficulty as they are having. And if Francis had assumed the “traditional trappings” of the office of Pope, I don’t think folks would be having all of the questions and doubts they are having. Add the cryptic statements, rumors, etc. and thinking people don’t know what to believe and/or what to conclude.

          • Exactly. Wherever you look at, the Church has it “double” in terms of “old” and “new”: be it the teaching, the Holy Mass, the church architecture or the Pope.

            What truly irritates me is that if you try to make rational conclusions about what the Holy See currently does, sometimes the key is “hermeneutics of continuity” which asks for reasoning in traditional way, while the other times the key is “hermeneutics of rupture” which asks not only to abandon the tradition but the sanity as well. No logic, no consistancy, no sense.

            Over and above, the official Vatican still dares to speak about One Holy Church, trying to convince the world that the progressive newcomers who overtook the Holy See didn’t cause unpardonable division within the Catholic Church, though for every honest Catholic faithful it became impossible not to perceive that we are dealing with 2 in 1 Church.

            Now, if Jorge Mario Bergoglio would have the cognitive capacity to realize that he is the worse Pope ever, and the social capacity to feel compassion towards Catholics who deeply suffer due to his failure, he could probably hear his conscious calling him to resign. Unfortunately, our Pope doesn’t have such gifts nor does he wants to hear what the Catholics are trying to tell him, so we need to figure out what to do with him to prevent the next excommunication of “old” by “new”.

            May it always be God’s will first… but maybe it is time to make plea to the God to defrock Pope Francis from the Chair of Saint Peter. I could never imagine one Catholic praying for that, but I see no other breakout of Bergoglio’s progressive hostility.

          • “… I am trying to find some logic and consistency when it comes to current situation with the Pope(s).”
            Heh, well, that’s the mistake I think. Trying to find logic and consistency in this situation is an effort in futility. But I’ll try to help make a little sense of things.

            We need to look at the Papacy for what it is: an office. And what office is that? It’s the Bishop of Rome. The pope is the pope because he is the Bishop of the See that St. Peter himself was the bishop of. Now, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI no longer holds that office. He used to hold that office and in honor of the service he has given he gets a title saying “Hey, this guy used to be Pope, so call him all the things because it’s nice to do!” Pope Emeritus is a purely honorific title, just as Professor Emeritus or President Emeritus or something. Some respect is due because of the prestige and position their previous post had, but that is all. Respect, honorifics, etc. Nothing substantial. Benedict XVI has no jurisdiction anymore, just as a Bishop or Archbishop Emeritus has no jurisdiction, as a Professor Emeritus no longer administrates in any official capacity at a university or a President Emeritus of a business or government exercises no actual authority. Advisory, perhaps, but no actual power.

            Does that help? Basically, forget all the titles. They’re simply little flowery things… and yes they are confusing. And, as Steve said, dumb.

          • Thank you for this reply. I understand there is the idea about “the Pope” and “the Pope Emeritus” but its implementation is… no further comments!

            When it comes to “the Pope” and “the office”, there is also notion “virtue of office”, which it very difficult to match with the Pope Francis. However, “virtue of his office” is what gives the “primacy to the Bishop of Rome” over other Bishops in the Catholic Church.

            Again, I wonder if there is no virtue of his office, is there stil the primacy?

          • It’s all very complicated and I don’t have everything figured out. But some things we know. And those we need to hold to. Half of the time when something controversial comes up here in these comments I have to go and do a quite a bit of research to come up with what I think are the right answers – and I’m fortunate that I have the luxury of time to do so. What we DO know is that there is only one pope, this pope has primacy, and we also know that it is necessary for salvation that one needs to be subject to the Roman Pontiff. As for all the specifics as to why certain attributions and notions exist… well, they are there for a reason. What is better to question is why Benedict insisted on keeping all those things when he resigned. It would not have been hard to say “Oh, call me Cardinal Ratzinger. And can I please have a black cassock? … Oh, you don’t have one? Can you get one for me tomorrow?”

          • Steve, What are we to do with the split in function — an active role (for Francis) and a contemplative role (for Benedict)? Isn’t the role of the pope one singular role with active and contemplative one and the same? Jesus didn’t tell Peter, you have the role as “active pope” and James, you have the role as “contemplative pope.” That’s what I want to know.

          • What you do is realize that the talk of an “active” and a “contemplative” pope is pure nonsense. There’s no such thing. Pope Francis is the one and only pope. When Ganswein blabbers on about such things, the best thing to do is realize he’s a tool and ignore him. That’s how I deal with it anyways. =P

          • Why is this “nonsense” Jafin? With everything else that has been stated, claimed and taught by Francis and by the Church leadership, why is “there now no such thing” as a bifurcated papacy? The Catholic faith is now whatever Francis and the modernist clergy say it is or want it to be. Calling Benedict’s minder/ handler a “tool” doesn’t solve the underlying issues and problems.

            Some examples: There is no such thing as the Devil, we don’t know if the Bible is accurate because they didn’t have tape recorders back then, proselytism is solemn nonsense, the Jewish people do not need to accept Jesus as their Messiah, all religions are a path to heaven — Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Protestants, Pagans, etc. Atheists can go to heaven too.

            I could list many, many more examples.

            The endless nonsense pouring forth from Francis and Friends is forcing every faithful Catholic to become his or her own Magisterium to sift and sort what is authentic Catholic doctrine/ teaching vs. what is heresy and blasphemy from the pit of hell. I am Catholic, but now I must take a Protestant approach to figure out what the Church truly teaches. Something is very seriously wrong here.

          • They can’t just make things up. That’s why it’s nonsense. Just like the Devil can’t simply cease to exist because the Superior General of the Jesuits says he’s not real, none of the other things they say that are opposed to the deposit of faith and reality can be true. Nonsense. They can say all they want, but it’s still nonsense.

            The danger is that so many poorly catechized Catholics listen to these men because of their office and simply accept it uncritically because they don’t know their faith. I’m not trying to understate the damage they’re doing, not by any stretch of the imagination. But we need to keep our heads on straight if we want to stand a chance of winning this fight. So, there are no two pope, the devil is real, the Bible is accurate, proselytism is important, we need to pray for and witness to the poor faithless Jews, as well as all the heathens and pagans out there.

            We are not our own popes though. We have the previous Magisterium, the saints and doctors of the church, and Our Lord. It’s more difficult now because we don’t have the pope and bishops safeguarding and interpreting it for us these days, but it’s all there for us.

          • *Sigh* again we have the Pope and his team’s non-stop heresies and misinformation and you put it down to “poorly catechized Catholics” believing nonsense because they’re ignorant – but if WE speak our minds , we are scandalizing Catholics and risk excommunicating ourselves? I’d say your motives are good but you are not, in any way, helping here.

          • You say you’re not confused, but you are. You do not catch the meaning of what I’m saying. Why pick fights with someone who agrees with you?

          • Bravo Susan! Trying to stay a sane, faithful Catholic these days is like trying to walk up Niagara Falls wearing fluffy socks!

          • So when Ganswein “blabbers on” with untruths we just ignore him and conveniently forget that he is scandalizing many good souls [and YOU know that because as you said you’ve SEEN it] – but if a traditional Catholic speaks their mind about this awful Pope and the harm he is doing on a daily basis, we don’t just accuse them of scandalizing others , we excommunicate them? …………. Wow!

      • I have the deepest and most abiding respect for the Petrine Ministry. I have neither for a tyrannical abuser of that Christ anointed exalted Position. Unfortunately Francis IS Pope until the Cardinals grow a spine and deal with him AND with this awful situation.
        Having said that I will continue to humbly but strongly follow Christ’s teachings; the Holy Scriptures; and the [old “penny” ] Catechism. I will continue to listen to the messages of Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Akita, Bl. Catherine Emmerich, Julie-Marie Jehenny, Ven. Fulton Sheen, St Athanasius, and all the other Saints. As for the new Vatican weapon of Excommunication against traditional, loyal Catholics…………… it completely underwhelms me with apathy and I refuse to accept it. You can’t offend God with fidelity, adoration, obedience and love!

        • It is true that you can’t offend God with fidelity, adoration, obedience and love, nor can you offend God if you speak out against the things that do offend Him. However, it seems you can offend the Pope Francis with it (especially if you are reasoning too much or too loud), and it is the Pope Francis who has the power to excommunicate. No one can stop him to do whatever he wants, be it reasonable or not.

          • The schism is already happening. The sooner it’s openly declared, the better. Then the prophecies will be acknowledged and the remnant of our beloved TRUE Church will be established and will be purer, more loyal to Our Lord and more Catholic than it is now. It will also have to go underground and survive persecution for a short time until – as foretold – Our Blessed Lady will cover it with her mantle.
            What we do NOT want is for Francis to go ahead with his plans to further dismantle the Consecration of the Holy Mass in order to make it more “palatable” for Protestants and Lutherans to join him and amalgamate into the one world religion!

    • I agree with all that you posted, with one caveat: democracy is not a Catholic dogma. As a matter of fact it is one of the worst forms of government ever conceived (see St. Thomas Aquinas). Democracy always ends badly. At any rate my main criticism is conflating “democracy” with the rest of the issues in your post. The problem is not that Pope Francis is “against democracy” (after all, the Holy Father is a leftist populist, and Chavez and Maduro were installed by democracies) but that Pope Francis is supporting Communism.

    • Even José Luis Rodríguez, a famous popular singer, threw a challenge to the pope: “The silence of the pope is astonishing and turns him into an accomplice in the recent deaths and the deaths to come in this drug-dealing regime. What is wrong with you, Bergoglio?” Also: “The pope is closer to the communist left than to Christ. Define yourself, Bergoglio!”

      It’s a sad thing when popular singers speak more clearly and loudly, and without duplicity, than so many of the bishops and Princes of the Church.

      • Yes, Pope Francis’ ‘Free Mercy (sin) Pass’ will not be recognized on judgement day. I think the Cardinal’s red hat, which is supposed to signify willingness for martyrdom, is now more an insignia of prominence and pride.. How many of them would ‘take a bullet’ for Christ?

        • By the way, notice that he does not wear the ‘red’ shoes that all Popes have worn in the past? Bergoglio’s shoes are Black. The red shoes the Popes have worn is the sign of the Martyrs that have died for holy mother church.

      • Well said winslow. But he has most everybody convinced that he is a merciful and holy man who has broadened his interests to include the environment and the economic welfare of workers. As Lincoln said, “most of the people can be fooled most of the time.”

        • “he has most everybody convinced that he is a merciful and holy man who has broadened his interests to include the environment and the economic welfare of workers.”

          Not to mention the homosexual agenda.

      • You don’t rate him then? I’d never have guessed! [ 🙂 that’s tongue in cheek – I think we all feel the same to one degree or another.]

    • It’s not so long ago that Francis jokingly bragged that he would be known as the Pope who split the Church. Talk about hiding in plain sight!

  4. The Colombian people Willmott embrace a leftist party. There is a paramilitary group called the AUN which has hunted and killed anyone they presume to be FARC or ELN. They aren’t going anywhere. Santos is a traitor and the Pope is a nitwit

  5. Communism gaining steam? Cultural Marxism spreading with
    state education? B-b-b-b-but… the consecration Russia… the Springtime of Divine
    Vatican Council the Second….

    I’m scared, quick – somebody initiate more pseudocanonizations
    to make me feel better. Pope Paul VI is a good candidate, so is my cat who
    passed away some time ago.

    • Dead cats? In that case two causes coming up (cats are both dead). 😉 Cardinal Coco.. should be heading the cause for Paul given a shared characteristic.

  6. This Pope and his cadre of sodomite freaks and Marxist allies has apparently been on the wrong side of every issue on earth he sticks his nose in.

    Why should we expect him to rise to the occasion and speak for justice in these cases?

  7. Oh come on now, Pope Francis is a South American Jesuit. You can’t seriously be suggesting that a South American Jesuit would have communist sympathies? That would imply he thought that communists have a better understanding of the Gospel than the Catholic Church. Oh, wait a minute…….

  8. No doubt in my mind Francis is a communist agent. Even modern day self-described progressive liberals admit Communism is evil but the pope never has even a bad word to say about communism.

  9. Francis a loose canon on the deck of a sinking ship. What a fool he appears to be. We in the West, and in North America especially think we live in tyranny and persecution because we can’t always get the kind of Churchmen we want or the kind of Mass we want…in South America people are dying because of real brutality and real tyranny aided and abetted by the Pope no less. Francis is just an old Marxist fool.

    • Well stated. Makes me feel like a spoiled brat when I am lamenting over latest bon mot from the Vatican. We have had it good for long. Lord have mercy. Virgin Mary be our salvation.

  10. Last I read, Venezuela had the world’s largest proven oil reserves (in 2012). As of now, the talking heads on the business channels (CNBC) are speculating that Venezuela could become the first sovereign oil producer to “fully fail”. Folks, it takes a really special talent to turn a country swimming in oil reserves into an economic basket case but the socialists and communists running amok in that country have managed to do it. Impressive, huh?

    And what does Francis have to say about this self-inflicted misery? What does he have to say about communists oppressing and torturing the citizens of Venezuela and frittering away the country’s wealth? Nothing. No wails of indignation, no irate, finger wagging lectures……nothing. But don’t worry……when his attack dog Spadaro has finished savaging the evil conservatives in America, he’ll address the Venezuela issue. No, seriously……don’t laugh…..the lavender boys in the Vatican are on to this…….not!!

    Can you say “stinking, homosexual hypocrites”??

  11. Pope Francis the Destroyer is moving quickly to not only destroy the Church but to destroy nations as well. He might think he is winning but ultimately he will fail, and then be judged!

  12. The Vatican is not coddling communists in Venezuela. OnePeterFive is merely parroting the Neocon State Department talking points on Venezuela. I’m afraid it is a little more complicated than “Maduro bad”, “Opposition good.” Give me a break! Is OnePeterFive so biased towards Pope Francis that they are incapble of examining the situation impartially? Or maybe OnePeterFive subscribes to the heresy of Americanism, whereby the Freemason-run America can do no wrong and is “the exceptional nation. LOL!

    The same modus operandi that Team Neocon deployed against Gaddafi in Libya, Mubarak in Egypt, Yanukovych in Ukraine, Assad in Syria and Putin in Russia, is now being deployed against the people and government of Venezuela. This modus operandi consists in first demonizing the target head of state, then “protesters” are either brought in or paid off. Then “oppostition figures” (aka, CIA employees) are given primetime coverage and painted as “the good guys.” Finally, material support is provided to effect the violent overthrow of the targeted government. This demonic modus operandi was successful in Libya, Egypt, Ukraine and has been successfully opposed in Syria, Russia and now Venezuela. Maduro is the legitmate head of state. The opposition figures in Venezuela are on the payroll of the Western intelligence services. Donald Trump, who was elected in part to put an end to the interventionist, Neocon foreign policy has, sadly, simply escalated and enlarged Team Neocon’s demonic foreign policy agenda. I applaud Pope Francis for taking a measured response towards the situation in Venezuela, and I pray for his safety on his trip to Columbia. Especially since all signs are pointing towards a hastening towards the fullfillment of the prophecies at Fatima: particularly the mention of Russia as an instrument of Chastisment (against the Freemason West) as well as the mention of a Bishop dressed in white who is martyred. It’s just diappointing to see OnePeterFive regurgitated the demonic Freemason, Neocon talking points on Venezuela.

    • Vladimir Pepe vs the majority of 1P5 readers (at least those who write comments): the pendulum swings to the other extreme!

      Is it not just possible that Pope Francis is human and, therefore, like the rest of us an imperfect sinner? The white cassock is not a guarantee of perfection and absolute holiness.

      Let us pray for the Holy Father that he continues to look at the weakness of the individual Catholic, but that he desist from doing so at the expense of sound, traditional Catholic doctrine. Let us pray that the Holy Father will allow time-honoured Catholic doctrine to guide his teachings today. If he has failed on that account — and many believe that he has — let us pray that the Holy Ghost inspire him to follow the course of God’s wisdom, not his own inclinitations. However, Holy Mother Church is not an immobile behemoth. She has accompanied mankind since Christ founded her two millennia ago. She progresses, albeit (thank God) slowly toward the future, conserving what is best and what is right from the past, namely God’s Word.

      The New Testament, as well as the Old, which we consider (rightly) to be the source of God’s teaching, are replete with allegories. These have been interpreted and re-interpreted over time. I do not wish to suggest that the interpretation of today could or should be in opposition to the teachings of the Church in the past. However, I do accept the possibility that these teachings can be re-examined through the lenses of today’s glasses. (The glasses I use to read today, are much stronger than a few years ago.) The message should be taught in such a way as to be relevant to today’s society.

      Before my critics tear me to shreds and throw my remains to the lions, I wish to point out that I do NOT believe that the essence of God’s mesage to mankind has changed, but just as the writers of Holy Scripture used imagery clearly understandable to to the largely agrarian people of their day, so too must the way the Word of God is taught today be relevant to the modern world. The message must be clear. Let us pray to God through the intercession of the Most Holy Virgin and of St. Francis of Assisi, whom the Holy Father has chosen as the heavenly patron of his papacy, that Pope Francis will clarify any doubts, which he has sown in the minds of the faithful in the past. Furthermore, Let us pray that the rest of his papacy will be characterised by a clear, orthodox interpretation of the Word of God. Above all, let us pray for ourselves and for each other that we never doubt God’s ability to bring this about. Remember Saint Paul on the road to Damascus… and many others!

    • One great whopper here is the notion that those who reject Communist dictators necessarily and wholeheartedly and of course, blindly, support the “Opposition”. Of course it isn’t that simple but propaganda doesn’t work unless simplicity rules.

      Another is that most folks on this site are ignorant of the Masonic permeation of the American system. We are not.

      And neither are we ignorant of the Masonic…and Communist infiltration of the Vatican.

      But to be sure, many of us here condemn the support by a Pope or anyone else of communist systems and leaderships. That, to be sure, is correctly noted.

      • Quit believing everything you hear on Fox News and the other establishment propaganda outlets. They are currently engaged in a coordinated effort to demonize Maduro whilst the Western intelligence services coverlty prop up the “opposition.” Exact same modus operandi was deployed in Ukraine, with extremely violent results. Those here who have foolishly supported the Western initiative to covertly remove Maduro, have innocent Venezuelan blood on their hands. If Maduro is a “communist dictator” then I guess that makes Lopez, Ledezma and their Western backers the Devil incarnate.

        • Great talking points.

          One doesn’t need to even turn on Fox News to know the problems with ANY Marxist state are irreparable.

          One need not listen to any of the list I’m sure you can dredge up to know that the condition of Venezuela is predicated on catastrophic policies promoted by Socialist dreamers and outright thugs and thieves.

          • An argument can be made that the Freemason-run United States is more evil and dangerous to global stability than any tin pot strongman in Venezeula. Would you subscribe to the covert, violent overthrow of the Government of the abortion-loving, sodomy-enshrining, pornography-distributing, warmongering United States?

          • Frauds like you don’t understand that we are fighting every day to make changes to the evils enshrined in our culture. Who can deny it?

            But alas, that doesn’t mean we have to praise Marxists who starve their own people. At least here we have the freedom, yes, the freedom, to come and go, start businesses and provide for our families.

            Our system, even with its evils, is so vastly superior to the codified evil and injustice essential to every single Marxist country on earth, Venezuela included. Since you seem to imply you are some sort of “Catholic”, I suggest you study the Church’s long history of teaching in condemnation of communism and socialism and then get back to us with your findings.

          • You continue to parrot Victoria Nuland and John McCain’s State Department lies on Venezuela and you didn’t answer the question. You must also be an Obama supporter as it was his administration more than any other that increased covert, violent aid to the Venezuelan “opposition.” It is covert, Western intervention in Venezuela, along with the unjust sanctions, that have hastened and escalated the violence and suffering of ordinary Venezuelans. But Justice will eventually come to the Western warmongers: God won’t be mocked forever. God Bless Pope Francis for having the courage to stand up to the Freemason warmongers and their designs for Venezuela.

          • People in Venezuala are not starving? Are not rioting in the streets? Are not digging through garbage for food?

            Prove it.

            And you really want to prop up Assad? Really?

          • People are starving in the U.S. People riot in the U.S. People dig through the garbage for food in the U.S. Therefore, Russia should covertly overthrow the U.S., shouldn’t they? See, i can play that game too.

          • HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

            Oh, Man, PLEASE KEEP IT UP!!

            DON’T shut up!!

            Keep typing!

            Nobody here could do a better job of sinking Maduro’s boat than YOU!

          • These issues are widespread all over Venezuela. State run grocers lock their doors. NOBODY has adequate food.

            But then to the mindless, all of life is a game, a silly little children’s game predicated on feelings. One senses you play that game constantly.

          • But, OOOOHHH!!!…I am a supporter of Obama!

            I support Obama’s drift into obscurity.

            If you are trying to convince anyone here that Maduro is a decent fellow, the Venezuelan system is sound and just and that the ideology that founded it is right, and/or that Pope Francis is right on for supporting Maduro, you are doing a lousy job.

            Indeed, I applaud your posts for they serve to very adequately demonstrate exactly the position I am making; the bankruptcy {literal and figurative} and the fraudulence of the pro-Marxist Left.

            Bravo, Vlad! I couldn’t do a better job myself!

            PLEASE keep posting, as the more you post, the more manifest is your ridiculous position.

            If I can simply keep coaxing post after post from you, my job here is well done and my points are all well made!

          • Your support for the violent, covert overthrow of Maduro makes you no better than Obama and everything he stands for.

          • HaHa!!

            I don’t HAVE to support the overthrow of Maduro. His starving citizens have that well in hand!

            I just have to observe the obvious, which is not difficult, and made easier with insane lines of {un}-reasoning as you post here.


            Seem pretty darn Overt to me and the rest of the world!

            Man, don’t stop, please keep at it.

            It’s rare we get a supporter of communist dictatorships on this site who can really admit the laughable absurdity of the philosophy.

            You should get a paid position! Maybe write a piece for Steve!

          • There are plenty of thugs in Venezuela and many are on the payrolls of the Western intelligence services.

          • Oh, yes, Tovarisch, since, you know, Maduro is such a Knight in Shining Armour…..


            Now you are slipping into comedy.

          • The jokes on you. You are the one complaining about Maduro whilst applauding the violent, covert destruction of Venezuela by the Freemasons in D.C. Talk about hypocrisy.

          • LOL.

            The destruction of Venezuela would mean the sifting of ashes, as anyone who has even remotely examined it knows.

            It’s a wreck already, Herr Fritz.

            Now, if your idea is to further destabilize it and thereby provide for secure bases for Islamist training then your plan is a sound one.

            The blending of Communists and Islamists is, at first blush, a strange one, to be sure, but a study of the required centralization of political power in both systems exposes the clear similarities of goals, so your position becomes more and more apparent.

          • FYI: The one’s in control in South America are the Communists. The Freemasons are in control of the WH except for President Trump

          • Actually, the Democratic party should not be called by that name. The correct terminology is; The American Communist Party

        • FYI: Maduro is the puppet of the Communist dictator of Cuba, Raul Castro. Raul Castro like his deceased brother, have had their claws in Latin/South America for decades, not the U.S. I believe I would know more then you, being from Latin-American background

    • Here we have a guy who promotes communism and in this specific instance, the establishment of Islamist bases of operation just south of us. He paints himself up in Feld-Grau and hangs a tricky sobriquet on himself to make assessing his baseline beliefs difficult for the unwary, not realizing that just about everybody whacking away at a computer these days is pretty savvy about methods like this.

      He pretends to be “anti-Obama’ when Obama was a prime supporter of the very regime this guy supports.
      But he thinks that pulling the pin on the “Obama” grenade is going to send 1P5 readers fleeing in fear of the shrapnel.

      If this guy is even an American my money is on him as a paid employee of the Obama’s campaign itself. Deception and fraud ooze out of his posts.

      But c’mon, they DO have entertainment value in demonstrating the amazing absurdity of the positions he fronts. so he’s got that going for him….

      • I don’t listen to the fatman at InfoWars. Perhaps that was a freudian slip on your part, seeing that I never mentioned InfoWars.

        As for the article you cited, I don’t find it particularly noteworthy other than for its Pope Francis bashing as well as its towing the official Neocon/State Department line regarding the situation in Venezuela. The author bashes the democratically-elected ruler of Venezuela as being a “Communist” (he’s more of a distributist than a communist) and yet the author makes no mention of real Communist and certified Bolshevik Barack Obama’s covert and overt war against Venezuela which was simply a continuation of Bush’s demonic policy of covert regime change in Venezeula. The author seems to have no problem with the West’s overt economic war against Venezuela and has no problem with the covert use of violent “opposition” and “protesters” to overthrow the democratically-elected Maduro.

        Why don’t you do some real journalism and commentary for once on the situation in Venezeula, Steve. An honest, courageous expose on the situaiton in Venezeula would draw attention to the West’s covert and overt war against the Venenzuelan government. Instead, you have opted for the politically convenient and lazy route.

        • HAHAHA!!!

          I personally love this line. It’s maybe my favorite of your entire slapstick routine here:

          Regarding the {soon-to-be-sainted?} “democratically-elected ruler of Venezuela” {a line that itself is a contender for the steamiest BS you’ve shovelled}:

          “he’s more of a distributist than a communist”

          Dude, that’s AWESOME!!

          I think I like you. You are combox comedy of the highest degree.

          Maybe even the 33rd Degree!

        • “Vladimir Pepe Fritz”.

          Covering all the bases, aren’t you, Herr-Senor Tovarisch?

          I bet you are the hit of the party.

          Your stand-up {or do you type sitting down?} routine here sure has been a thigh-slapper!!

    • The ‘Bishop’ dressed in white does not necessarily mean that its Bergoglio. Its more likely that it will be Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. FYI: My great grandparents were killed in Mexico under the Mexican Socialist/Communist/Mason, “Plucarpo Calles. Latin America, South America and Cuba have suffered greatly under Communism and nothing to do with you so calling the Freemasons in the West. As Our Lady of Fatima stated that the Pope with all the Bishops in the world were to consecrate Russia to her Immaculate heart. If this wasn’t done, Russia would spread her errors throughout the World. This wasn’t done the way she requested and so yes, the Vatican is responsible!

  13. “Was not Francis taking part in a fraud, an attempt to drag a Catholic people into approving its own destruction?”

    Of course. Bergoglio has been campaigning relentlessly for the invasion and extermination of Europe and North America.

    • Yes, at the G20 he denounced even the weak limitations. Hard to know how that proud Marxist thinks (put in charge of the Jesuits in Argentina as a relative conservative who genuinely opposed Liberation Theory, something which wreaked havoc, but now it’s foremost backer).

  14. “Mercy” and “reconciliation” are weasel words, especially when they are weaponized for political ends.

    Have followed FARC long before I entered the Church. Yet to detect any reconciling mercy on their part except the lynching of the words to waylay the unsuspecting wish-seekers. FARC remains what it has always been, a seller of souls and bodies.

    No surprise Pope Francis is FARC-enthused. His take on things FARC mirrors his Marxian structuring of earthly life. That look-about upon the world of his is long-standing. If Francis is generally cautious in his advocacy, his Marxian voice speaks frankly and loudly in his selection of ideological companions he crowds around his person – and populates Vatican congregations, commissions, and conferences.

    Though here in Columbia, Pope Francis has chimed in (loud & clear) with his “merciful reconciling’ support of FARC. He has staked something significant and personal in his advocacy for the recent FARC referendum. Even as the people gave FARC (and Pope Francis) a firm thumbs down, Pope Francis has set loose the dogs of war turned upon the brave citizens of Columbia: “I will be heard, I will b e obeyed, and you – fathers, mothers, children all – will be mercifully reconciled to the billion-dollar blood besotted terrorist, or . . .”

    There’s little exaggeration in how the above was put, for the expression of it fits the behavior of the man. How will Pope Francis behave if there should be any resurgence of the Shining Path in neighboring Peru. Just asking. It would be telling. After visiting a certain grave of compromised Marxist priest in Italy (tagging so close upon the centennial remembrance of Fatima) I wouldn’t put it past him.

    Acknowledged, we are never in possession of a pope’s mind and heart, put we *are* hearers and seers of a pontiff’s words and action. And, when such has (eternal) bearing upon our own souls and hearths, we are duty bound to pay mind and heed.

    Back to Bogota, to Columbia (and that, now, dog-housed professor), we can see – for the sake of a mercifully reconciled FARC – that the streets be cleared of dissenting mongrel dogs.


    On another note – in view of threads here – I have never questioned the *legitimacy* of the election of the cardinal archbishop of Argentina to the chair of St. Peter. Pope Francis is the pope. That, for me, is an issue which never gets formulated into a question. He is the pontiff which God has deemed fit to give us. Our chore is to discover why.

    The question “Is he, or isn’t he”, is a *false flag*. An operation by the (mostly internal) enemies of God to detour, to distract us; a (much chewed over) bone tossed to expend the energies of the opposition while they root and deepen their campaign to submit the Church to the principalities and powers they serve.

    So, why Dear Lord, do we have Pope Francis, now. If not to their ends, then to what ends of yours?

  15. Am I incorrect in my understanding that support for Communistic ideals still warrants automatic excommunication? How does that affect this situation, where the reigning Pontiff discusses such in a favorable light?

  16. Oh, careful, they might excommunicate us. That will be the new threat if you disagree with anything said in favor or sodomy or adultery. Pfffttt! You’re outside the Church!

  17. Communism/Socialism/Masonry has been operating in Latin America and Cuba for almost a Century now yet the American people either are clueless or don’t care. They will wake up some day when it will be too late! The Catholic Church also suffered in the 1920’s under the Socialist/Mason dictator, Plucarpo Calles. There were thousands of Priests, women and children martyred for their faith. Communism spread like wildfire in the Latin American countries and so today, its the repeat of the past. If the Vatican is on the side of God, it will side with the poor people, the middle class. If the Vatican is on the side of Jesus Christ, it will side with the poor middle class but unfortunately this is not the case….


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