Update on John Vennari

Some of you have asked about the condition of John Vennari, the publisher of Catholic Family News, who is gravely ill with cancer and was originally not expected to live beyond his birthday on February 24th. On Saturday, Michael Matt, editor of The Remnant, posted an update on Vennari:

Dear Friends of John Vennari:

John is still with us, despite a great deal of suffering. That he is still here is in itself somewhat miraculous.

It seems just recently that St. Philomena has put herself in front of us again to get our attention and focus our prayers to her.

Please, then, join us in this novena to this great saint, beginning immediately, to end on March 20 (which is the date on which we celebrate the feast of St. Joseph this year).

We are asking her to obtain a complete cure for Joseph John Vennari.

Thank you, thank you.
Susan Vennari

Go to his post for the full novena.

Please pray for John. I have no doubt he is offering up his suffering for the Church in this hour of great need.

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