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Tradivox Founder in Massive Car Accident

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My friend and partner in the crusade, Aaron Seng, the founder and editor of Tradivox, the largest traditional catechism project since the Council Trent, was the victim of a massive car accident yesterday which totaled the family mini van and laid him low in a hospital bed.

Thanks be to God, the traditional Catholic father of six will recover from his injuries, but the family vehicle will not.

Please donate to support the Seng family to buy a new vehicle and pray for Aaron to “get back to active Dad status” soon! Below is the message from Mrs. Seng on the Fundraiser page:


Aaron Seng, president of Tradivox and general editor of the Catholic Catechism Index was recently in a major car accident in South Bend, when a speeding sedan collided with his family minivan and rolled it in a busy intersection.

Blessedly, his wife and six children were not with him, and the local fire department responded quickly to extricate him from the vehicle. He was transported by ambulance to Memorial Hospital and later discharged to primary care, where he is now undergoing extensive rehab and internal organ testing. The results have been very positive so far, Deo gratias!

He counts himself uniquely blessed to be in one piece, and keenly recalls being taken from the scene as a bystander exclaimed: “I’ve never seen somebody walk away from a wreck like that—give thanks to Jesus, because He just spared your life.”

The Seng family takes great consolation in all the prayers for continued healing and protection they have received, and are convinced that the holy angels have been heavily involved in the whole situation. Aaron hopes to quickly return to “active Dad status,” and continue his important work in Catholic publishing and catechesis.

The family has launched this fundraiser to help offset the purchase of a new family vehicle and other incidentals connected to this unexpected trial, and all gifts of any size will be deeply appreciated.

All benefactors are recalled in our family rosary. Thank you, and may Our Lady keep you!

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