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Trad Mens Conference Sells Out in 2nd Year

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As our editorial stance declares, we are here to rebuild Christendom. The reign of Christ the King began in the family and only after many generations did it spread to the “father of the nation” – the King. As such, reclaiming the family is essential to this goal.

However, despite many good efforts to defend the family and marriage by popes since Vatican II, there seems to be a significant hole in the presentation of masculinity and femininity.

Thus, for example, the encyclical Familiaris Consortio – which is under attack by the Neo-Modernists under Francis – does a lot of good, but fails to reaffirm the traditional hierarchy of man and wife (“wives, submit to your husbands“), and it is the same with the “New New New Catechism.”

It seems that even good, conservative clerics today are afraid to quote the Holy Scripture against Feminism.

In reaction, a corrupt, false Patriarchy has arisen among some, which we term “Neo-Puritanism.” It is effeminacy masking as Patriarchy, because in this corruption, men get addicted to the pleasure of having power, with predictable – and lamentable – results.

Thanks be to God, there are traditional Catholic men and women who are embracing the fullness of who God made them – against not only the Marxist gender ideology, but also the watering-down of the Catholic understanding of sexual difference and complementarity.

We previously reported that the Restore Tradition Womens Conference grew in their 2nd year from last year. (Our sisters in Christ also took a stand against the Synod on Synodality ahead of that circus in Rome in October).

Now a parallel conference of Traditional Catholic Men (The Canadian Martyrs Mens Conference) is entering its second year too, and it has also grown and sold out the venue. Contributing editor Kennedy Hall helped found this conference last year, and I was honoured to attend. This year I’m going again with several other Michiganders.

It is a great blessing that it is dedicated to the North American Martyrs, who are the seed of Christendom in these Americas, even as Our Lady of Guadalupe is the Empress. May Our Lady of Guadalupe raise up traditional Catholic women to be the new mothers of Christendom in our time, and may the Canadian Martyrs raise up men of God to be Catholic patriarchs in our time, against the twin demons of Feminism and Neo-Puritanism. VIVA CHRISTO REY!

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