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There’s a New Podcast in Town…

Episode 26: It’s about Francis Fatigue, and what’s next for 1P5. Don’t miss it. 

3 thoughts on “There’s a New Podcast in Town…”

  1. Thanks Steve for your hopeful podcast. Hopeful in the sense that we look forward to seeing the devastation being caused by Pope Francis contrasted with the beauty, truth and faith of the historic Catholic Church. Maybe you can find examples of saints and others who upheld the truth with a spirit of holiness in times trouble and clerical malfeasance.

  2. In the article at the URL below, John Allen, sometimes a reliable source for Vatican info even though he is himself liberal, indulges a decided taste for Catholic yellow journalism. He repeats a story from the Italian press that he then proceeds to “undermine”….but not to undermine too much. I post it here because it too is part and parcel of the story of “Francis fatigue.”

  3. I hear the weariness in your voice, Steve. You see and smell the cellar and it makes you sick, understandably. There’s an old adage about misery loving company, so let me apply it. Here is an article from Ignatius, at least as critical as anything you’ve ever published; Carl Olson is fed up too, he’s had it finally, he is emotionally, spiritually, and mentally tired too. Read it and see:

    Then there is a real surprise, criticism from someone who reflexively defends this pope and all the chaos he has triggered. Jeff Mirus is still reluctant, still hesitant, still timorous. But read between the lines and you will see that even this uber “company man” is beginning to understand that poison has flooded the house, that the Vatican itself has become the main source of sewage in the basement:


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