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The Vast Majority of Catholics Don’t Know


At A Blog For Dallas Area Catholics, there’s some commentary on the Bishop Lynch story we published last week. The whole thing is worth a read, but what struck me was this bit:

This is all about smoke and mirrors, spreading confusion, and advancing the ball a few yards further in the progressive-modernist cause. While you and I and the relative handful of other well-formed Catholics know that Lynch’s claims, and the incredibly foul statements from the Relatio – are nonsense, contrary to Doctrine, and so bereft of authority they can be completely ignored, the vast majority of Catholics don’t know that. For modernist priests and bishops, the Relatio is a gold-mine, the gift that never stops giving. It will take decades of orthodox presentations and refutations from future popes to even begin to undo the damage (just as years of Ratzinger’s/Benedict’s efforts only barely managed to undermine the post-VII errors) – if we are blessed enough to have a future pope who desires to do so. It is incredible how far just these few brief statements go in advancing the modernist agenda.

So we had all better get ready to start refuting all the errors that are going to be promoted en masse, using the Synod as a hook upon which to hang them as somehow authentic, just as they have been doing with Vatican II for 50+ years. And we have to refute them, we can’t just pray for conversion, there are too many souls that are going to either fall into error or into severe temptation as a result of just this kind of false exegesis above. And we have to point out the errors and their source no matter where that leads us, even to the highest level of authority in the Church. Charity and justice demand those with the ability to do so make clear where heresy lies and what the Church really believes. We cannot let these errors be promoted and expounded without rebuttal. The cost is simply too high, the risk too great, to allow these errors to stand without contradiction.

We are in for the most trying of times. I cannot recommend recourse to deep prayer, meditation, and penance enough. Many who are now solid in the Faith will be led astray, and we will be shocked at some who fall away. Stay strong. Stay close to Our Lady, she will see us through this. Constantly appeal to God’s mercy, beg Him to strengthen you for the trial to come.

For those of us who spend a lot of time looking at the problems facing the Church, it’s easy to forget that “the vast majority of Catholics don’t know” what they’re seeing, and that “many who are now solid in the Faith will be led astray, and we will be shocked at some who fall away.”

Due to the nature of the kind of articles we publish here, I sometimes get emails from people who are trying to figure out how to hold on to their rapidly evaporating faith – or worse, telling me that it’s already gone. Because the Church’s claims of authority and indefectibility are so comprehensive, if you unravel one thread, you threaten the entire tapestry. Seeing something that appears impossible (ie., apparent contradiction of doctrine by the Holy See, mass heresy/sexual impropriety amongst the clergy, promotion of sacrilege from within the hierarchy, etc.) begins to erode people’s confidence in the Church. And since the Church is the Mystical Body of Christ, and the only means of salvation on the earth, that’s a huge problem. If the Church isn’t what she claims to be, what else that I believe is wrong?

Here at 1P5, our focus is not on the problems, but we do have to keep our eye on them so we are fully aware of what we’re up against, and so we can break down the barriers of ignorance that get in the way of people understanding what our faith really teaches. But our principal goal will always be on building up our understanding of the faith to such an extent that the scandalous behavior we may witness on the part of our shepherds and the storm of confusion they are invoking can’t tear it from our grasp. We’re constructing a sort of spiritual tornado shelter. There’s no escaping what’s coming – and perhaps more to the point, what’s already here. There’s only riding it out. Surviving. Rebuilding. We need to know what we believe. We need to know what our ancestors believed, and how they lived. We need to fill our minds and hearts with the things we’ll need to rebuild from scratch, if necessary. This is our survival toolkit – we’re spiritual preppers, as it were.

I suspect this will be a year of big challenges for Catholics. We’ve got a lot of work to do.

13 thoughts on “The Vast Majority of Catholics Don’t Know”

    • I…I have not read anything so disturbing to my faith since “Liturgical Time Bombs of Vatican 2”. I not saying I am convinced by it, but it is really something more Catholics must demand be investigated. I have dismissed accusation against Francis on the grounds that he is a “Liberal Radical” as I have found more then sufficient evidence to refute it, but this is another ball of wax. Regardless of how traditional he is or isn’t, the validity of his election must be regarded and investigated on it’s own merits.

  1. An investigation into Lynch’s past must be conducted as thoroughly as the one that finally broke Paul 6th’s confidence in the false priest Bugnini, INCLUDING, and in particular, any connection or influence upon Lynch Bugnini may have had on him up to his exile. To read this, it is as if Lynch is picking up where Bugnini left off, and is trying to reset all the liturgical time bombs that Paul, St. John Paul, and Benedict have worked so hard to diffuse since Bugnini’s final ousting. Lynch is almost certainly a false priest too.

  2. The Church will always have Her share of problems but She will survive. A calm sea never made any captains, am I right?

    Also, if we have learned anything from the last couple of days is that unlikely heroes can come out of nowhere to stop impending doom from happening. Just ask Cardale Jones and Ohio State if you don’t believe me.

    Eucatastrophe, I think that’s what Tolkien called it.


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