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The Pope Speaks, But Do His Actions Follow?

Image: screenshot of Catholic News Service video.

The words that the sovereign Pontiff delivered yesterday, 4 June, in Saint Peter’s Square on Pentecost Sunday seemed to me to be very interesting. He addressed all Catholics and said:

“For this to happen, we need to avoid two recurrent temptations. The first temptation seeks diversity without unity. This happens when we want to separate, when we take sides and form parties, when we adopt rigid and airtight positions, when we become locked into our own ideas and ways of doing things, perhaps even thinking that we are better than others, or always in the right. When this happens, we choose the part over the whole, belonging to this or that group before belonging to the Church. We become avid supporters for one side, rather than brothers and sisters in the one Spirit. We become Christians of the “right” or the “left,” before being on the side of Jesus, unbending guardians of the past or the avant-garde of the future before being humble and grateful children of the Church. The result is diversity without unity. The opposite temptation is that of seeking unity without diversity. Here, unity becomes uniformity, where everyone has to do everything together and in the same way, always thinking alike. Unity ends up being homogeneity and no longer freedom.”

I thought that it would be easier to appreciate these words if one were to know some things that I somehow know per chance. Some of them are public, others are not. Those public things are: the decision not to respond in an open and factual dialogue to the requests for clarification, for example, like those presented by four cardinals, the dubia, and supported by many others: cardinals, bishops, simple priests, scholars and laymen, also by petitions and open letters. And instead of responding to them, [the pope is] describing them as rigid; and then there are all the other insults we have heard about in these last years. But then: rewarding only and always priests whose orientation goes into a certain direction, though questionable, with the nomination as a bishop, or even handing them the red hat; neglecting others, though they are deserving due to their holiness of life, fairness of conduct, and fervor of their works; or penalizing an entire bishops’ conference, judged to be too closely linked to the Church’s tradition.

Another piece of information I have knowledge of is confidential, but I feel that I have to report it. Such as the worldwide suggestion to avoid placing priests from certain ecclesial realities – considered too conservative – on the list of episcopal candidacies. Or even, in the case of some great episcopal conferences, the creation of a sort of prohibition list – of course not to be publicized – to exclude from consultations, meetings, and so on, a certain series of cardinals and bishops; and strictly to disallow any candidates for the episcopate they have proposed.

Here, in light of all this, a speciously beautiful exhortation of Pentecost Sunday sounds a bit strange to me. Although it is always possible – it seems to me hard to believe, though – that some operations are managed without the knowledge of the Pontiff, by the characters that gravitate in his power circle.


Translation: Maike Hickson

Originally published at Reprinted with permission.

43 thoughts on “The Pope Speaks, But Do His Actions Follow?”

  1. By their fruits you will know them! What are the fruits of Pope Francis and his liberal bishops? I think we all know the answer to that question. Apostasy from the top down.

    • Well said. However, sadly, too many Catholics are blinded by his “humility”.
      This is the height of deception.

  2. One thing to bear in mind; when Francis speaks in a formal setting such as a Sunday homily in St. Peter’s Square or a Wednesday General Audience, his remarks are often prepared by papal secretaries and speech writers who may still have retained some vestiges of traditional Catholic thought. Thus, on these occasions, his allocutions may actually be……*gasp*……..Catholic! Francis is happy to go along with this since he understands that he needs to pretend to be Catholic some of the time, in order to pacify critics and alllow himself a little wiggle room to do the mischief which is at the heart of his agenda. However, this is not the real Francis.

    The real Francis appears in his improvised daily homilies in the Casa Santa Martae, when he cusses out traditionalists and foams at the mouth at those who still hold to authentic Catholic teaching. Also in his airborne pressers when it usually all goes completely haywire (e.g. Catholics don’t have to breed like “rabbits”).

    What am I saying? That one should bear in mind the location and circumstances of Francis’ speech before deciding whether he is simply role-playing a Catholic pope and pretending to be Catholic or swinging his wrecking ball at traditional Catholic theology and practice.

    • “The opposite temptation is that of seeking unity without diversity. Here, unity becomes uniformity, where everyone has to do everything together and in the same way, always thinking alike. Unity ends up being homogeneity and no longer freedom.” – quote from Pope Francis from article

      Seems to me, Pope Francis is warning, chastising those who are rigid, and expect others to conform to their “views”. I wonder what he could be referring to; different tastes on pasta, music, opera?
      Sounds like more of the same from my viewpoint.

  3. These attacks on straw men are carefully composed to appear “balanced,” but they are prolefeed. Bergoglio’s inner circle of globalist Marxist abortionists know his real agenda. Just ask Emma Bonino.

  4. So, if we are in agreement with whatever ideas Francis supports, we are diversely celebrating unity, but if we are Catholics united in our sense of being abandoned by Rome, we are guilty of diversity without unity. Got it. I think I’ll stay with the Catholics, thanks.

      • Damian Thompson, now of The Spectator, has for years written about the existence in England of a liberal ecclesiastical mafia which controls all appointments. I am certain that Tosatti is right.

      • Well…yes, but unfortunately that precludes a growing number of them: Maltese, Argentine, German and Belgian. I was asking the nationality of the conferences being penalized

  5. During the latter years of the Obama maladministration, I read a number of reports of expert forensic analyses of certain things Barry Soetoro said which, they assert, expose the workings of his subconscious mind, and by which he revealed the deceit involved in his true identity and real political objectives. And this is not unique to Obama; it is true of all of us when we are deliberately deceptive in the way we communicate our intentions. It is probably true in the case of Bergoglio; by lambasting those who are “rigid”, divisive and highly selective in what they will or will not endorse, he is revealing the workings of his own inner cunning,devious and highly uncharitable mind.

  6. Exclusively appointing modernist liberal men in the Church’s hierarchy is the main part of the Pope’s agenda to transform the Church in an irreversible way so that she will not be recognizable within a few years.
    For example the Pope Francis was advised by the Card. Danneels to replace the trad archbp of Brussels Mgr Leonard (aged enough for retirement) by the leftist modernist Mgr De Kesel whom he appointed as head of the belgian episcopate. This was enough to make the belgian bishops conference switching 3 days ago into allowing the communion for the divorced/remarried couples thanks to Amoris Laetitia.
    Currently Francis is naming a lot of new cardinals who will participate in the next conclave with the aim to elect a new pope of his likeness if not worse: Of course the Church will become unrecognizable and transformed forever.
    If God doesn’t prevent quickly this machiavelic plot succeeding.

    • maybe PF is only the precurser for the one to follow him, as St. john the Baptist was for Our Lord Jesus. From what I’ve read Satan tries to Ape Christ in everything.

  7. The other day, the Great Leader of the Proletarian Masses, currently residing in the People’s Republic of China, passed a series of small road-side shops selling various “delicacies”. Outside some of them were buckets in which wriggled and writhed a variety of very dodgy cray-fish type things, definitely best left to the locals.

    I looked in one bucket, and it flashed into my head that the mass of grey, writhing shapes were very like Bergoglio’s mind.

    Comrades, he’s in the grip of a particular mindset that isn’t going to change. He’s being opposed, he hates it, and he’s floundering and thrashing about to increasingly little effect.

    It’s all very, very sad, really.

    • Dear brother in Christ,

      No matter what, we must never stop praying for the Pope to be delivered from darkness and worldliness; it is our obligation in charity. And we must never stop praying for our own capacity to stand in the evil day.

      Mother Mary, cover us with your mantle of Holy Protection!

    • Nothing, but nothing, no matter how bad, can happen except by the permissive Will of God. It our lot at this time for the Church to be suffering the worst pope in several centuries. It is a sure sign that the greatest crisis in the history of the Church is fast approaching its climax, over which Bergoglio is the appointed presider. (And he’s doing a fine job!). But I’m sure none of us here will lose heart, or begin to flag in our commitment to Christ, His Church and and the true Faith handed down to us from Apostolic times.

      And God bless you, comrade, for the encouragement to give to all of us.

      • Thanks Stewart. That’ one of the benefits of 1P5 – we can all encourage each other. I have learned a lot here in just a couple of months of posting. All best wishes and God’s blessings.

    • I saw a little of the Pentecost Mass on the telly with PF and imho, he looked like he was in agony. His voice sounded very slurred, like someone who was on heavy medication.

      I don’t know…I have this feeling that something is physically wrong with him.

    • Comrade,with a mind like that he has obviously been eating too many worms. If it was just the Bergoglian syndrome we had to worry about I would not be so concerned. However, it is the cardinal hats that he has created and bishop appointments that he has made that concerns me the most. It appears that his legacy may continue for many years to come. I am praying for a huge miracle that in the not so distant future, we may have Cardinal Sarah or Burk as our Pope.

  8. If I could speak to the Vicar of Christ I might respectfully inquire; Dear Holy Father, your words make me think on the Most Holy Trinity. Three immortal omnipotent persons united as the one God, one in thought, one in will, one in movement and one in Truth. If we are in union with Christ are we not then in homogeneity with His Mystical Body and His Holy Trinity? And will we not truly be freed from the iniquities of this world? I desire to seek this union with Christ through His Church in thought, in will, in movement and in Truth. I pray for no diversity between His will and mine. I long to be one in Him and Him in me. Come to think of it, is this not why He built upon the Rock One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church? But since I can’t speak to him, I’ll have to settle with praying for him.

  9. Here, in light of all this, a speciously beautiful exhortation of Pentecost Sunday sounds a bit strange to me. Although it is always possible – it seems to me hard to believe, though – that some operations are managed without the knowledge of the Pontiff, by the characters that gravitate in his power circle.

    It is also always possible that His Holiness, the Pope, is a thoroughly Catholic man, a believer.

  10. There was a multitude of elevating thoughts and teachings that a priest, or pope could have expressed on Pentecost Sunday to enflame our hearts and cause them to burn with such love for the generosity of God, but instead we got straw, discontent, discord, disgruntlement and divisiveness AGAIN. Never is a moment missed to turn the dagger into the flesh. Me thinks thou protesteth too much. In the light of this article and so many other homilies I say…this has become so so very tedious not to mention hypocritical.


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