The Nine: Overcoming ISIS

Earlier this year, I shared a video with you by a young Christian filmmaker named Michael Chang. The video, entitled, “Who Would Dare to Love ISIS?”, was an incredibly moving glimpse into the mind of authentic Christian love as directed to the men are perpetrating unspeakable atrocities in the Islamic State. The kind of love that desires conversion, and promises the forgiveness of Christ’s passion and death, even for such horrific sins. If you haven’t seen it, here it is:

Chang, through his production company,, has just released a new video. This time, he brings us moving interviews with nine refugees from the city of Mosul, who recount their experiences in the days before and after their city fell. Together, they recount how ISIS soldiers took from them everything they have – in some cases forcing them to choose between conversion to Islam or death.

Amidst their heartbreaking stories, they have a surprising message for the members of ISIS. This is a powerful video you won’t want to miss:

Here at 1P5, we’ve taken a strong stance that love alone is not the answer to militant Islam, and that nonviolent resistance to Islamic expansion will lead to dhimmitude. But even in cases where the taking up of arms is justified, love is nonetheless a necessary component of our response – the love first of Christ, and of His cross, but also of our enemies as He commanded. The kind of love that desires the salvation of all souls, even those who hurt us the most. And in situations where fighting back isn’t an option, this kind of love may be the only witness we have. As Tertullian famous observed, “The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church.”

This is a hard example to follow, but Christ showed us the way.

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