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The Final Hijra: A Warning on the Refugee Crisis

Immigrants pour into Lampedusa in 2011.

It has been fourteen years since Muslim terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and the religion of Islam was made visible to the American public. At the time, there were already many small and medium-size Muslim-only enclaves in many major western European cities – places where if a non-Muslim entered, he would most likely not return. The Internet was still young and far from ubiquitous. YouTube did not exist. Neither did Facebook or Twitter. Cell phone video was still a few years off, which is why we have so little footage of the actual events of that morning. Considering the blood-drenched deluge of social-media driven ISIS propaganda we face today, it’s hard to believe how minimal our exposure to Islamic terror actually was on that fateful day. But as we watched the planes crash into the World Trade Center, as we watched the towers fall again and again on cable news, then-president George W. Bush declared that America “saw evil” and would hunt down terrorists wherever they could be found.

In the decade-and-a-half that has elapsed since that fateful September day, much has changed. America has invaded or stationed troops in nearly every country in the Muslim middle East, with the notable exception of Iran. Our government has engaged in two wars, partaken in the overthrow of over half a dozen foreign governments, and our Ambassador and other US personnel in Benghazi were left to die for deeply suspicious reasons that are still being investigated, but have been alleged by some to be related to our manipulations in the region. And those manipulations are real. Declassified documents show that we have aided and abetted those guilty of the ongoing genocide against Iraq’s former Chaldean Catholic people by funding, training, and giving weapons to violent Islamist groups like Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood in an attempt to destabilize the Syrian government – groups which later coalesced into the so-called “Islamic State.” And the ubiquitous presence of photos and videos of the horrors committed by ISIS is all but inescapable in our online activities.

The world is reaping what has been sown. Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced and are on the move, a massive sea of humanity flowing into Western Europe. They are also threatening to overrun the borders into Eastern European nations. The American and Western European governments are saying this is a “refugee crisis,” and the news media, like good propagandists, run images of a few poor women and children, while neglecting to show us the rest of the situation. Not displayed is the mass of overwhelmingly young, healthy, well-dressed males, carrying the latest smart phones. Far from the starving widows and orphans one might imagine upon hearing the word, “refugee,” these men have come to riot, rampage, and destroy.

Lest anyone allow themselves to be deceived, this is not a normal migration – it is a hijra.

“Hijra” does mean “migration “ in Arabic. But it carries a deeper connotation. In Islamic history, the hijra was the event in 622 AD, when Muhammad and his small cult fled the city of Mecca to Yathrib, both of which are in what is today Saudi Arabia, and the latter which Muhammad renamed “Medina,” which means “the city.” This act marks three of the major events in Islam, which are:

  1. The beginning of the Islamic calendar
  2. The creation of the first Islamic government
  3. The prolific use of violence and torture to propagate Islam

At the time when Muhammad made the hijra with his followers, Medina was a city with a Jewish majority, which had peaceable relations with the other pagan Arabs. By the time Muhammad launched his band of raiders from that same city eight years later to conquer Mecca in 630, most of the pagan and Jewish populations were either converted to Islam, had fled, or were dead. The few survivors were forced to pay an extortion tax — called a jizya — to Muhammad and his followers. This was the only way they would be granted permission for their continued existence under Muhammad’s new Caliphate.

In Islamic law and applied theology, the idea of the hijra pertains to the movement of a group of Muslims from a predominately Muslim area to a predominately non-Muslim area, with the goal of establishing Islam’s dominance in it. After Muhammad’s death, Muslims have counted two great hijras in the West. The first was the great Islamic expansion from 632 to 750, when Islamic armies conquered all of the territory from what is today central France to Uzbekistan. The second hijra included the Turkish migrations that resulted in the fall of Constantinople, and reached its zenith with Islamic armies besieging the gates of Vienna in 1683. It was during this last encounter that the horde was driven back by Polish Catholic forces into the Balkan Peninsula, breaking the strength of the Ottoman Empire.

The battle began on September 11th, 1683.

After the Battle of Vienna, European regimes began to rapidly colonize the Middle East, and the remains of the Ottoman Empire diminished, eventually being formally abolished by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in 1923 – but not before purging over a million Armenian, Assyrian, Pontic Greek, and Turkish Christians from its lands between 1915 and 1917. Muslim “revivalists” beginning as early as the 18th century reminisced about a return to the practice of “orthodox” Islam, and posited that in so doing, they could bring about a revival of the same bestial force which conquered so much of the world and subjected so many countless peoples under Islam’s burdensome yoke. The first hijra conquered Jerusalem in 638. The second hijra conquered Constantinople in 1453. Two of the three oldest and holiest cities for Christians were conquered by Muslims.

Except for Rome.

This, now, is the third hijra. According to certain voices in the Islamic world, it will be the final hijra, the one that will conquer Rome.

In Islamic circles, there has been a long-held belief that Christianity — and specifically, the Catholic Church — is the main obstacle impeding Islam’s domination of all humanity under one religious and political system. Therefore, in order to realize this vision, the Christian faithful must not only be converted to Islam, but their sacred spaces must be taken from them and given to the dar Al-Islam – “the house of Islam.” If the Islamic conquest of Jerusalem led to the end of Christianity as the dominant religion in the Holy Land, and the same was true in the Byzantine Empire with the fall of Constantinople, the conquest of Rome and the Islamization of St. Peter’s Basilica would mean the effective destruction of the Church worldwide, and its replacement with Islam.

I have written extensively about the Catholic faithful and Islam. I have constantly stressed that we must pray and make sacrifice for the souls of the Muslims, and must continue to do so. But as the example of the Church teaches clearly, despite the current reticence from our prelates, there are times when the Church’s members must fight in military combat against their enemies, not least of whom may be the armies of Ishmael. We did so before, and Europe was saved. If we are tested again and fail, many of our churches and faithful may fall under the cruel dominion of Islam. We are seeing this now in the areas dominated by the Islamic State. It is a reality that will only continue to spread if left unchecked.


The armies of ‘Abd Ar-Rahman crossed the Pyrenees in France in 732 and were repelled by Charles Martel. The armies of Mehmet the conqueror were defeated by St. John Capistrano at Belgrade in 1456. The armies under Karamustafa Pasha that were defeated by Jan Sobieski and his Catholic forces in 1683 at Vienna. Since then, Islam has been quiet. Slumbering. Regaining its strength.

I have quoted Hillaire Belloc — the great 20th Century Catholic Historian — in previous essays. His prescience on this matter, however, bears repeating. In 1929, he predicted that Islam would rise again:

We shall almost certainly have to reckon with Islam in the near future. Perhaps, if we lose our Faith, it will rise. For after this subjugation of the Islamic culture by the nominally Christian had already been achieved, the political conquerors of that culture began to notice two disquieting features about it. The first was that its spiritual foundation proved immovable; the second that its area of occupation did not recede, but on the contrary slowly expanded.


In my own youth the decaying power of Islam (for it was still decaying) in the Near East was a strong menace to the peace of Europe. Those old people of whom I speak had grandparents in whose times Islam was still able to menace the West. The Turks besieged Vienna and nearly took it, less than a century before the American Declaration of Independence. Islam was then our superior, especially in military art. There is no reason why its recent inferiority in mechanical construction, whether military or civilian, should continue indefinitely. Even a slight accession of material power would make the further control of Islam by an alien culture difficult. A little more and there will cease that which our time has taken for granted, the physical domination of Islam by the disintegrated Christendom we know.

We are witnessing the beginning of the next great Islamic invasion. It may well represent an existential crisis for the West.

When the time comes, will we be ready to fight them? Everything we know and love is at stake.

78 thoughts on “The Final Hijra: A Warning on the Refugee Crisis”

  1. Dear Mr. Bieszad. You write so well, so knowledgeably, and with such insight about Mahometanism that it is almost as though you are ignoring Nostra Aetate which in #3 told us to forget the past with the Mahometans.

    Thanks for ignoring the Hierarchy’s call to ignorance.

  2. I would take you a lot more seriously if you first stated the obvious, that Islam (which is Satanic) is being used by the Masonic Zionists (who are Satanic) to destroy what is left of Catholic Europe and to foment World War III. Any “analyst” that thinks 9/11 was actually perpetrated by hijackers from Saudi Arabia is a true dupe and cannot add to the discovery of truth in this wicked age. You are part of the problem. The murals at the Denver Airport explain their plan — to use “Islam” to bring about death and destruction, and then to “birth” their new Luciferian Order. God must intervene at this point. Humanly speaking, with an infiltrated Church and neutered, captured Papacy, things are hopeless.

    • It is only when events seem hopeless than the theological virtue of Hope can be actualised – if one has sufficient Faith.

      As for the 9/11, how far back in time do you want to go to identify when we lost the opportunity for liberty and hope for this proposition country; for, actually, you didn’t go back near far enough.

      For ABS, he thinks that when the several states sent the guys to rework the articles of confederation and the guys went rogue and came back with an entirely different product then that was the point at which events began to go blooie…

      Mr. Bieszad is part of the solution and he has helped educate many people in here; he is about the farthest man from a dupe as one could get but to insist he agree with thee re 911 is to miss what he intends to communicate and the fact remains that what he wrote about the hijackers is accurate even if not extensive and all inclusive.

      • You are right that the theological virtue of hope requires hope in the face of apparent hopelessness. But we are also to be wise as serpents. Anyone who adheres to the cock and bull story of the official narrative is supporting an obvious fraud and therefore is perpetrating it, perhaps unknowingly. I will remain “hopeful” for the salvation of all Catholics in a state of grace and that Christ will lead all souls to heaven, especially those most in need of His mercy.

    • You, Mr. Voxx, are a part of the problem the West faces, viz. widespread ignorance that sometimes (your case for example) allows people to conceive near-lunatic fantasies. Let me be charitable and say simply that this is not at all helpful to our cause.

      • …says a man who responds with a vague generality. Do you contend that 19 hijackers from Saudi Arabia leveled 3 World Trade Center Buildings, breached the defenses of the Pentagon, and crashed another plane in a field (where there were no bodies on scene or recovered)? Do you seriously support the “official narrative?”

          • I travel frequently to the Middle East, most often to Egypt, Israel and the Palestinian Territories and Jordan. I have even been to Gaza, before Hamas took over. Anyone who DOESN’T believe in the Saudi support for the 9-11 terrorists, who represented only Islam, doesn’t have a clue. I didn’t think any reasonable American who still believed in some new world order conspiracy or that it was an inside job still existed. But, then again, I guess the operative word is “reasonable.”

          • You mean you haven’t heard about the Anglo-American-Saudi relationship? Wasn’t the “house of Saud” a fabrication of the City of London? They’re the only ones with the financial means to ‘make it so’.

          • It’s a shame. I thought this site had some good stuff. I won’t be back, as it appears the blindness is just as thick here. There is nothing theoretical about the true perpetrators of 9/11, and all the subsequent skullduggery.

          • I respectfully disagree. Johnny Voxx’s ‘theories’ (which are not his own but are those formulated by many who think about the circumstances and facts surrounding that day) are, in fact, more than sufficiently provable if one understands the ‘signs of the times’ and the geopolitical chessboard (Zbigniew Brzezinski, ‘statesman’ and putative author of The Grand Chessboard, Between Two Ages, and other titles), the members and goals of the Cecil Rhodes Foundation, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relations, the C.F.R.’s historian, Carroll Quigley, et. al.
            ‘Terrorism’ on the scale seen on September 11, 2001 and days similar to it in their scope and consequences, takes big money and plausible deniability, which only a state or corporate-fascist entity can provide and maintain. Nineteen men, with no visible means of support, who rented apartments and partied in Florida, and other state-side locations, who entered on ‘student’ visas, and who, according to their flight instructors, couldn’t pilot single engine aircraft well enough to land them in order to obtain a pilot’s license, were incapable of piloting commercial jet aircraft, let alone evade NORAD and the Pentagon on that day. But fairy tales seem to have a very long shelf life, as do ‘single bullet’ theories that enter several human bodies, perform u-turns and are subsequently found in pristine condition on hospital gurneys.
            In this life, it often helps to have a well honed sense of skepticism as a first line of defense.

          • Cut through your futile exercise in articulation mumbo jumbo and tell your lies to American families of the victims who buried these people whose only crime was going to work for a living to put food on the table for their families. In the USA we don’t communicate with carrier pidgeons and camels. Millions of people were witness to the atrocity by cowards who kill just to kill.

      • What is fanatical about 3000 American men, women and children being murdered by Muslim radical extremists on 911 and the thousands of other innocent people who have been tortured and beheaded or burned alive. Is that also a fantasy?

        • You meant, I believe, to say “fantastical,” not “fanatical.” That being the case, I haven’t the foggiest as to why you would suspect I think the things you mention “fantasy”; I never said any such thing.

  3. “The armies of ‘Abd Ar-Rahman crossed the Pyrenees in France in 732 and were repelled by Charles Martel” Before they met Charles Martel at Tours they met a rag tag group of Visigoths at Covandonga, most likely in the summer of 722, and were decimated by the Christian forces. The victory over the “unbeatable Umayyad” army by the forces led by Pelayo may have had some effect on the armies of France.

  4. To those who took umbradge at JohnnyVoxx’s remarks, consider this sober and compelling series of essays:

    If there could be sabotage and corruption within the Church, could there not also be in world governments? I think the real problem is the manner in which Johnny presented his material, a bit grating to those not entirely prepared to consider it….

  5. There is a very clear self-reinforcing pattern evident in Western European society with respect to the migrations from Muslim countries. In a few years a number of European countries will be run by right-leaning (and probably anti-catholic) governments which will try and undo all of this, leading to major social chaos in places like Paris, London, Brussels, etc. See: 5 Reasons Why Western Europe Will Lose the Battle Against Islamic Extremism.

  6. Local communities need to be granted the final say in refugee resettlement matters. Otherwise, unaccountable resettlement agencies who receive millions of federal taxpayer dollars will continue to target our towns and place in countless new inhabitants within them, on OUR DIME and WITHOUT our consent.

    We also need a movement for a moratorium on immigration from hostile anti-Western nations.

  7. What, I wonder, would it look like as the gates of hell open? Would one expect demons to take cover among wheat as they approached Peter?

  8. Excellent analysis of Islam which I have been trying to convey to fellow Catholics in vain, no matter how many sources and examples I use….The Catholic church has been duped by one man re Islam…Louis Massignon, who influenced Nostra Aetate….

  9. ALLAH-bye

    Rock-a-bye baby

    Sliced in the womb

    Guess at the genders

    Never assume

    Man sleeps with man

    Nothing is wrong

    But here come the Muslims

    They’ll cut off your dong!

  10. It is clear to anyone who cares to look that Islam is on the move.

    Charlemagne, Don John, La Vallette, Sobieski and others held them at the gates. Our Secularised de-Christianed world, and much of our confused current Christian world, in its ignorance, has allowed them to pour in. Islam is now within the gates and Mrs Merkel, for example, is ensuring it continue to pour in.

    The reckoning will come some time in the next 10/15 years. Perhaps even sooner

    It is not at all clear if European civilisation, either Christian or secular Christian-derived, will survive.

    Either way, it will not be pleasant

      • Sadly, Alicia, who can say? I am very disappointed in her. I expected more of her as a strong woman and a sensible German. When it has come to the bit, she has proved to be neither.

      • Merkel, like other European leaders are very likely being blackmailed by the American NSA who work for a political class that intends to develop this Islamic crisis in order to establish a solution of a New World Order One World Communist Central Government to protest us from the ‘Terror’ that they are feeding and letting loose upon the world. Our enemy has always been Satan, whom these Masonic fools worship and for whom the Islamists are useful idiots who are easily expendable. The followers of Mohammad are the unwitting tool of Satan.

  11. Have you not heard of welcoming the alien? These people are overwhelmingly refugees. You fuel xenophobia in the name of God and you cast out Christ in his most distressing–to a Western white male–disguise: Middle Eastern and Islamic.

      • No, God doesn’t demand it. You rationalize that the bum will spend it on booze, you don’t give the 5 bucks, you have not held up your end of the bargain. You rationalize that these brown immigrants are murderers, rapists, extremists, and our children will be subject, or converts, and you close your mind, and your doors. You’ve lost charity, you’ve lost courage, you’ve lost hope.

        • Prudence is one of the four Cardinal virtues, and you’ve lost your mind. Try reading a history book, it took Spain centuries to finally rid themselves of the Moors. It’s always about race with libruls, why? Scratch a librul, you find the real racist.

          • Christ broke bread with only Jews, then? And what makes welcoming these poor souls a particularly liberal thing? I am Catholic, and as one, like we all should be, I don’t align with anything except the Church. You’re jumping to labels and ad hominem a bit hastily, methinks.

          • It seems to me like Jack is repeating what the Successor of Peter, Bishop of Rome, Supreme Pontiff, and Vicar of Christ is saying about the refugee crisis.

            How dare he!

            What an uncritical nut!

            Such a liberal!

          • You said it, Paul. Oh, and it’s not the only stupid thing Pope Francis has said in the last two years. Ask the Christians in lands subject to the religion of the Great Desert Pervert how things are going for them at home. You’re in for an education.

    • You are one ignorant person 90% are from a country other than Syria,Pakistan Bangladesh they aren’t Syrian,that kid on your shoulders is going to have to fight these Moslems for his country which you so over whelming want to give away,open your eyes partner!!

      • They are seeking better lives in better countries. They should be welcomed. It is Christian. Kindly leave my son out of it, Popeye.

        • With all due respect, if you think that Muslims will not demand that Christians bend and conform to their own version of sharia law and customs, you’re mistaken. They are already demanding that Oktoberfest be canceled in Munich, for example. It is the height of ignorance to assume that Muslims will not try to corrupt and destroy Christian morality and culture. Europe itself is rife with such stories already. Why do you suppose Saudi Arabia will not let any of these Muslim immigrants into their nation, even though they have a small city called Mina which could comfortably house 3 million migrants? Please, stop being a dupe in the name of Christianity. Jesus Christ said he did not come here to bring peace, but to bring a sword, and I know that Jesus would not want His holy name and his religion destroyed by a mass of people, mostly young men, who have no respect for Christianity, Christians, or the willingness to honor the culture of their hosts. Islam is as far apart from the Western tradition as possible; there is no “crossing” of a peace bridge. Please don’t be naive.

    • You know nothing about Mohammedanism and even less about what is afoot in Germany and France now. What you foolishly call “xenophobia” is nothing more than common sense based on experience. Wake up!

  12. Our Government is not only corrupt, it is downright evil. And, will Donald Trump prove to be our current day Charles Martel and stop the hordes of invaders?

  13. Sheep, Sheepdogs, and Wolves.

    A lot of Muslim propaganda refers to Americans as dogs. I do not take that as an insult. The USA is full of sheepdogs and when the wolves come, the wolves will be torn apart.

    I have no doubts that they will be defeated. They serve only one master and that is Baal.

    God is almighty. With God standing with us, there is nothing to fear.

    • I’ve been a Buddhist and an atheist for many years. But lately I’ve started praying again, I’ve a feeling that, without God, we are not gonna solve this crisis.

  14. The Governments in Europe an America are to blame for this Islamic migration,the news media makes me sick how they show a crying kid with the single mother trying to calm him down,but most of the people are young men fighting age coming to Europe,they are not coming to work they want everything handed to them free an when they don’t get it they will start rioting an destroying everything in sight,Christian Europe has had it,they might be some who will fight for Christ but most have a yellow streak rite down there backs an are cowards an won’t fight for there ancient civilization,most of the European Governments are with the Moslems and are against there on people the Few Christians left,the people on the left who are cheering the Moslems on are really the weakest people of all who will not fight for there civilization they will go with the Moslem side,only Jesus Christ can save the few really Christians left in Europe an America,the Christians have all against them, please pray for the European an American Christians.

  15. Bye the way Jack I’m a U.S Navy Vet,I fought for our country so you can have your freedoms,is that the way you treat Vets,you talk about welcoming in people who don’t belong in our country because they hate us I’ve seen it first hand,you throw Vets under the bus,we do things for our country that you would not do,I see your about to be a nurse I sure hope if a veteran needs your help you don’t spit in his eyes,please be a little more kind before you open your big mouth,an I’m very very proud to be a U.S Navy Veteran,bye the way I go to daily Holy Mass everyday,later Jack.

  16. The only country in the Middle East where the Christian population is stable and flourishing is Israel. This is no coincidence because the root protects the branch. Those who lash out at “Zionists” and “Jewish wealth” and “Jewish conspiracy” and Jews in media promoting anti-family values are confusing ethnically Jewish people whose values are anti-God and anti-Torah. If you meet (rather than quote out of context) Torah-observant Jews, especially in Israel but also in the US, you will find people who support the agendas of freedom, family values and the struggle against Islam. Think about it and pray about it.

    • I don’t need to think about it; I already have and I am convinced-beyond-further-convincing that you are right. I deplore the current policies of the American government vis-a-vis Israel, and the dopey “policies” of the Vatican the last two years concerning “refugees” are contemptibly naive.

  17. A very good essay to brainwash everyone irrespective of any religious believer. I would have called you a great writer even if a single history line would have been correct. You need to do you MA again…

  18. Considering the strength of those who have defended our 2nd amendment against “Moms Demand Gunsense” and “Everytown for Gunsense” here in the US, I do believe there are many who are willing to protect our freedoms and country.
    It is heartening to see what native Swedes and Germans have done this Fall in a manner that sends a loud message… eliminating the empty buildings that would house the invaders.
    The lesson there is that the time for reasoning with elected officials is over and the time to take action is at hand. Steps can be taken that involve withdrawing resources… and this is within our purview. Do not donate goods or clothes, burn them or throw them away. Refuse to put money in the till at Church if your religious institution is engaged in “refugee resettlement” or advocating for such in anyway. Speak out against organizations you know that are for “refugee resettlement.”

  19. Forget the Terrorists! They are only misdirection! It’s the colonists that are the real danger!

    ISLAM is a political cult, wrapped in the guise of a religion, ruled by murder and fear. There are no MODERATE MUSLIMS only areas where they lack sufficient numbers to be successful in their domination. Their birth rate is 10 X the rate of ours, in just a few generations they will over run the country. You do the math, where is this heading? They have been in a continuous war for domination for 1400 years!

    Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner – YouTubeAug 31, 2012 … This is a history based on numbers and facts that you may not see anywhere else and explains why we may be afraid to see Islam for what it is ..


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