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The Fifth Planned Parenthood Video Is Horrifying

baby hand
Does this look like a “specimen” to you?

Just a few minutes ago, the Center for Medical Progress released their latest undercover video of Planned Parenthood’s revolting practices – this despite a federal judge (one who is an Obama appointee and who raised $200,000 for the president’s campaign, natch) issued a temporary restraining order on Friday  to stop the video’s release. And the desperate attempt to stop it is understandable. In this video, the discussion of  the “diversification of the revenue stream” by selling “specimens” and how much the Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast research department “contributes…to the bottom line of our organization” throws into question even more deeply Cecile Richards’ claim that Planned Parenthood “does not profit” from “tissue donation.”

And then of course, there is the discussion of “altering the process” so that they are able to “obtain intact fetal cadavers” which will then be “split” into “different shipments” – all “just a matter of line items.” Later on, they look at a study that wants 120 “samples”.

And then they go to look at “fresh specimens” to see their quality and “intactness.” I can’t recommend watching this part of the video unless you have the stomach for it. And maybe not even then. I moved beyond nausea into horror, and then just deep sadness. As they picked through a tray of eviscerated human remains, identifying each organ and part, I found that I had to stop the video when I saw them pull out a perfect little hand with the tweezers, a leg clearly visible in the bloody mess behind it. To be honest, I broke down for a moment and just started to cry. How could they? How could they?

Planned Parenthood must be destroyed. There’s simply no other option. If there is any justice in this world, I will live to see the days when there is the abortion-related equivalent of the Nuremberg Trials. And the people in this video, and so many others, will be lined up and brought before the court. This is the precisely the kind of butchery I saw memorialized when I walked through Auschwitz. It’s the kind of feeling I had when I walked the grounds outside the ovens at Birkenau, and was told that the white grit I saw in the dirt I was walking on was ground up human bone.

And as the Santayana quote that was prominently featured at the entrance to those famous death camps so solemnly warned us, “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”


15 thoughts on “The Fifth Planned Parenthood Video Is Horrifying”

  1. Fr Frank Pavone has always said ‘America will not stop abortion until America sees abortion’. It is important that we watch, if only to honor the lives that have been sacrificed on the altar of self.

  2. Liberals get all tense and upset about a lion in Africa, that was lured outside a Park to be hunted, but cannot get any emotion up about full on genocide for cash. What is wrong with this picture?

  3. LORD HAVE MERCY ON US! …on these murderers! I DARE anyone who is “ProChoice” (Pro ABORTION) to watch this all the way to the end…where they pick up tiny baby body parts and then tell me HOW YOU JUSTIFY THIS!!! It is pure EVIL!!!

  4. They can be seen driving away to get coffee while girlfriend is
    inside. Grandmothers and grandfathers driving their own seed to
    execution. Sometimes even reluctant boyfriends in tears over their
    failures to protect the one that they want to live, but she won’t have
    it. These are the faces that know full well what they’re doing and
    simply want the sex and the money more. Lock them in a room and show
    them the video. Explain the science. For some, the baby will still have
    to go.These are the reprobate who can be likened to a soul being shown
    first the adorable face of the Divine Savior; and then the intolerable
    repellence of Lucifer, and desire hell instead of heaven. Reason doesn’t
    matter. They’ve gone so deep into self-worship that they no longer
    desire the good.

    This is a front in spiritual warfare, which only
    the Queen of Sciences, theology, is equipped to win. So when the
    scientistic pro-life movement (NOT referring to this blog’s praiseworthy
    author, by the way, but others) says that they don’t want to associate
    with men praying the Rosary on the sidewalk, or the calling for the
    repentance of all comers; we know that they’re throwing the fight just
    to crawl in the sack with Protestants and limp-wristed Catholics who
    contracept, but claim to be against murder.

    War is hell. Wage war against hell, once and for all!

  5. “Planned Parenthood must be destroyed.”
    Please continue to pray for the conversion of ALL souls (especially while there is still time).
    When TRUTH comes, the caves of the earth will not offer any protection to those who feel the need to run to them.
    May God’s will be done…
    ON EARTH, as it is in Heaven…
    God bless,

  6. This is so ghastly and nauseating, the stuff of nightmares. The obvious destruction of a human life that has just as much right to live as you or I do- and the nonchalant, easy, relaxed manner of the PP employees was truly diabolical. Just bone chilling evil.


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