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The Canadian Uprising

Currently in my country we are undergoing a sort of uprising or rebellion, and the vehicle for this movement – pun intended – is the Freedom Convoy of Canadian truckers. This convoy has taken it upon themselves to occupy the heart of the nation’s capital in an attempt to force the hand of Trudeau’s regime into submission.

We need not call it a revolution, because the nation is not in revolt. It is true that Justin Trudeau and COVIDism is revolting, and that sane people are revolted by the tyrant and his policies.

You might say that it is a revolution against a revolution, but that would make it a counterrevolution, which is to say a movement away from insanity and towards sanity.

I believe it is best to call what is happening an uprising or rebellion, because that is what it truly is. We do not reject the natural and traditional order of governance – we simply want it back. We are not in revolt against the Old Normal, we simply have seen the New and have found it wanting.

It is working, so far, as various provinces have dropped their mandates and ostensible COVID policies, but things are far from over. Writing about this affair is a precarious endeavour, as the truth of what is happening on the ground changes from hour to hour.

What Has Happened?

Just three weeks ago there were nothing but murmurs of a convoy of trucks leaving the West Coast headed for Ottawa. I am as ‘plugged in’ as one can be about Canadian news, as it is my full-time job, yet I was not aware of any movement on the horizon.

Before we knew it, the murmurs had become reality, and a convoy seventy kilometers long was passing through the prairies – and it was just one of three.

Within a week of their departure, the massive iron chariots of the working man had descended on Ottawa in numbers that are hard to quantify. It might have been 5000 trucks, maybe 20,000, who knows. But what we do know, is that the city of Ottawa – home to Canada’s most dangerous apostate, Justin Trudeau – was in literal and metaphorical gridlock with no end in sight.

What’s more, it was not anger and hostility that occupied the nation’s capital, but it was more of a festival of patriotism and hope.

People from all over the country descended on the capital with the truckers, populating Parliament Hill in a manner that can only be compared to a great migration of Caribou across the Canadian Shield. Never have there been aerial views of that city showing so many people, from so many places, for so long.

Fits of patriotic melodies broke out spontaneously as Canucks bellowed through their mufflers and scarves “God keep our land, glorious and free,” singing the national anthem while hugging and embracing complete strangers. It has truly been something special; something to behold.

All of this is motivated by a righteous anger directed towards ousting the tyrant.

The Psychology of the Tyrant in Charge

Justin Trudeau is not a good man, nay, he is not even a man! His background helps explain this.

Trudeau’s father Pierre Trudeau was Prime Minister for almost twenty years from the late 1960s into the mid 1980s, and he was a Marxist par excellence. He did much to ‘nationalize’ industries and to spread Communist ideas around the country. In his early political career, he was part of the anti-Catholic movement in Quebec, and co-founded a newspaper that was meant to secularize and corrupt morals. You could call him an Alinskyite, and you would be correct.

However, he was intelligent – very intelligent – and had actual charisma and could think on his feet; he was not simply an actor like his son.

His son Justin was raised in a dysfunctional home; a home that was massively rich and powerful. It must also be said that his father was a bit of a pervert and a libertine, having taken Justin Trudeau’s mother as wife when he was almost 50 and she was barely 20.

A divorce followed about a decade later.

This is the environment in which Justin Trudeau was raised. He has other siblings and half-siblings, who are equally crazy in different ways, and the rumour that he may be the son of Fidel Castro is quite credible, in my view.

His mother was also a bit of a hippy, suffered from depression, had a number of extramarital dalliances and was divorced multiple times.

Understanding his background makes it easy to see why he is the way he is, and why he is doing what he is doing. Justin Trudeau is presently nothing more than the spoiled child of the pervert king who sired an illegitimate family and left the nation to his ill-prepared heir to do with it what he pleases.

Prime Minister Trudeau is a bored teenager who was given a car that was way too fast to drive, he is intoxicated and is intent on driving the vehicle into a tree. He will never take responsibility for it, he will blame everyone else, and he will make things worse as he goes down in flames.

The Psychology of the Canadian

Canadians are not a revolutionary people; it is not in our national DNA. Even our French are not the New French; they are the Old French. Surely, Quebec has revolted against the Faith of their Fathers, but it was not because of the French Revolution, it was part of the larger move to secularize the world that we have seen everywhere.

The Canadian spirit is not one of rugged individualism, but it is rugged. This land is too harsh to conquer on one’s own. It is too unforgiving, and too vast. The most hospitable parts of the nation are as hospitable as Northern Minnesota, save for perhaps parts of southern British Columbia.

As a result, the only way to make it in this place is to make something of it with one another. Canada does not historically have a collectivist spirit, but instead a communitarian spirit. We do not eschew personal responsibility, but our personal responsibilities have always kept in mind the need to be responsible for another person.

This is not to say we are more virtuous than anyone else, but it is to say that a certain virtue is inherent in the soul of this particular nation; it is an unavoidable consequence of living here.

However, there is a downside of this Canadian spirit, as it is partly an obedient spirit. Hierarchy and order have been necessary throughout our history, so as part of an implicit national compact, we have expected our hierarchy and authorities to embody what is good about Canada.

Historically, I must say that it has been overwhelmingly good. The stereotypes about Canadians being friendly and compromising and peace loving have not been just stereotypes, but valid assessments of our interactions with one another. Things have surely devolved over the last few decades as the Catholic religion has declined, however.

Justin Trudeau has filled the void of religious virtue with religious Marxism, and he has used the COVID cult to establish his parallel Church.

He has installed himself as our false pope, a cleric devoted to hell’s ambitions, and it has been a shock for Canadians to deal with.

A Canadian Response to Tyranny

Some have asked why it has taken Canadians so long to ‘wake up’ to what has been happening. I do not have the full answer to that question, but I can tell you that the last two years have been more like a hostage situation than anything.

How do you respond to an intruder who has seized your life and property? How do you rally the troops to action when action itself has been deemed selfish and something that would ‘kill grandma’?

The reason it has taken so long for Canadians to respond is perhaps similar to why it takes so long for an abused spouse to say enough is enough.

We have been abused, we have been beaten, and we have been shamed into submission by an archetypal antichrist figure. Part of why it has taken so long to respond is because we have had to try and make sense of what has actually happened, which is difficult to do when you are being scourged and suffocated.

The response to the tyranny had to be distinctly Canadian. It was never going to be the case that there would be an armed rebellion or a militia. There was never going to be a storming of the capital or a taking hostage of the hostage-takers.

The response of the truckers has been exactly what could be the only viable response: it has been national, grassroots, down to earth, imposing, yet nonviolent.

Canada is a cooperative nation, thus it has been those who cooperate “coast-coast-coast” to deliver the goods who have delivered the uprising.

For now, they have taken a break from delivering Prime Minister Blackface’s avocados and soy milk, and have decided to deliver liberty instead.

This people of mine are not a soft people. We are not a push over people.

We are a nation that made frostbite our handmaid, and who stared a frozen tundra into submission.

Canadians may have a long fuse, and it has taken a long time for things to catch fire, but we are now ready for a comeback. Just like our hockey heroes, we will take more than a few punches to the face if that is what it takes to rally the team, and we will drink victory champagne while posing for pictures with a toothless smile.

Many will associate Canadians with the emblematic fauna of beavers and caribou, but it must be remembered that this is also a nation filled with wolverines who inhabit the most northern regions.

Like wolverines, there may not be as many of us as other animals, and we do like to keep to ourselves, but never get too close to a wolverine if he is starving, and never encroach on his habitat without being ready to see his claws.

This nation will be free. This nation will be for God. And this nation will one day soon be rid of the scourge of the Trudeau family legacy.

I will leave you with the following, which is a translation of the French version of our national anthem.

O Canada!

Land of our ancestors

Glorious deeds circle your brow

For your arm knows how to wield the sword

Your arm knows how to carry the Cross;

Your history is an epic

Of brilliant deeds

And your valour steeped in faith

Will protect our homes and our rights.

God Bless the Truckers.

Deus Vult.

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