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We’re Taking the Day Off. Sort of.


For those of our readers outside the United States, you may not know that today is Labor Day – a national holiday. It just so happens that it comes at the end of our very first month online.

It’s been a good month. We went from absolutely nobody knowing who we were at the end of July to tallying up 227,428 pageviews by the time Google stopped counting yesterday. According to our web host, we’ve had 95,140 unique visitors in that time — so many that they had to stick us onto a bigger server than we signed up for.

It’s also been quite the sprint. We’ve published 79 total posts, fielded 469 comments, and have been actively engaged on social media with our new friends and fans. We’ve also recorded, edited, and published two hour-long podcasts. We decided to take a little break this weekend and catch our breath and get caught up on the backlog before we hit the ground running again tomorrow.

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of our amazing writers for the work they’ve done so far. It is so incredible to work with a group of people who share the same vision, who love God and His Church and want to help build it up and give resources to the faithful in a time when so many are seeking to tear the whole thing down.

I also want to thank Wendy, our editor, for helping me to manage and polish the incoming work.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I want to thank all of you, without whom we’d simply be writing to an empty room. We are so happy that you find value in what we’re providing. This is a labor of love, a passion project, and it means the world to see it connecting with so many people.

So thank you. We’re looking forward to more and better.

Happy Labor Day!

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