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Steve Skojec Talks Synod on HuffPo Live, Public Radio

This morning I was invited to be a guest on HuffPo Live, to do some Synod analysis. Here’s the relevant segment:

(Original Source: HuffPo Live.)

This afternoon, I’ll also be a panelist on the Public Radio International program, To the Point. Other guests will be Fr. James Martin, publisher of America Magazine; Fr. Thomas Rausch from Loyola Marymount; and Ines San Martin, Rome correspondent for Crux.


UPDATE: The audio of our panel discussion on To the Point is now available here.

8 thoughts on “Steve Skojec Talks Synod on HuffPo Live, Public Radio”

  1. Steve, Good look with your panel discussion. No doubt you’ll be portrayed as the Un-merciful Doctrine Zealot (UDZ). To bad I can’t get you some “heretic” spray to use on your fellow panel members so at least you can be discussing actual church doctrines vice “spirit” doctrines.

    BTW, great piece in the Washington Post. Unfortunately, to many heretics and pin-heads comments in the combox. Had to stop reading after about 10 posts – sounded to much like the “nc” Reporter combox.

  2. Hey, Steeeeve, I know some people from a big NY publishing hooooouuuuuse.. they’d reeeeeally like to meeeeetttt yooooouuuuu ….. if you could just kinda soften up on this onnnnnne leeeeeetle poinnnnnnnt …. callll meeeee

  3. This was excellent. You didn’t go on any epic rants or go down any rabbit holes. Now I have to listen to the afternoon’s recording…


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