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My Experience of a Not So Stealth War against Christianity

Image: Battle of Lepanto

I wonder why the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy does not understand Islam’s war against our Church and Christianity. Many sources speak of the terrors induced daily against members of the flock. This war was as intense in the 15th century as it is now.

The historical record shows the great battles between the two religions. The Ottomans invaded the European landmass after the defeat of the Byzantine Empire in Constantinople in 1453. They established a caliphate and pressed into Europe. They captured Buda in Hungary in 1541. The battle of Lepanto on October 7, 1571, with the victory of the Holy League, stymied Muslim expansion. Further defeat of the caliphate occurred in the Second Siege of Vienna in 1683, with the help of the Polish army. In 1699, the Ottoman caliphate gave the Hapsburgs territory previously taken.

These later setbacks for Islam, it seems, have not been forgotten.

When I studied Turkish history in 1963, while a member of the U.S. Air Force stationed there, the professor, a Turkish judge, told us that the memory of these defeats burns in the hearts of the Islamic people. He stated that the Turkish flag with the crescent moon and star was chosen because of a prophecy: when that sight occurs in the heavens, the Muslims will rise again. The prophecy, I was told, dates back to the 1600s.

My wife and I, while vacationing in Egypt in September 1992, saw this sight during the day while riding a bus to our airplane to return to Cairo. Less than two weeks later, attacks started against foreigners. A warning was given at the end of September for foreigners not to travel in the province of Qena in Egypt. The attacks on foreigners occurred immediately after the warning. We had traveled from Hurgada to Luxor through Qena two weeks prior and stopped at the small town where an attack happened later.

We met with Coptic Christians, who showed us the cross tattoos on their arms and mentioned how mistreated they were. We were directed to a Coptic church where the Blessed Mother is said to have appeared to over one million people, including the then-president of Egypt. The church has a large dome mosaic of the Blessed Mother. Just last year, another Coptic church, right near the one we visited, was bombed, and many were killed.

Can our Church leaders say Islam is a true religion when it rejects the divinity of Jesus Christ and calls for the extermination of Christianity?

Church leaders do not recognize that we are in a war – not only for hearts and minds, but also for souls. Church leaders are not working to prevent the slowdown the stealth invasion of Western lands and societies. This invasion comes in many forms – not just through jihad, but also in the realms of education, military life, government, culture, and interfaith dialogue.

While traveling throughout the Middle East, we were shown the Islamic schools and how young children memorize the Koran. The culture and the religion were totally together.

The Republic of Turkey, after the end of the Ottoman Empire, became a secular government.  I remember in the 1970s speaking with Turkish students at Michigan State University about their battle with Islamists, who were making inroads in Turkish society by little steps – for example, the fight to allow wearing headscarves. The madrassas were also making sure their students were the best educated so they could get the best jobs in the government. The battle lasted decades, and the Islamists won. Turkey now is an Islamic state, and Christianity is becoming a very small presence there.

The battle to end Christianity is approaching its conclusion in some European countries, with lines being drawn in the U.S. as well. Western societies have made a Muslim takeover that much easier through birth-control and abortions, through which the West has lost its sustainable population. How our generation behaves could determine whether the Western way of life continues.

Our Church, our culture, our society, our people do not have long to wake up. We need to fight for souls. We need to pray for all people. We cannot stay silent and passive.

There is a stealth war against Christianity. It is a war the Church hierarchy does not see.

48 thoughts on “My Experience of a Not So Stealth War against Christianity”

  1. Yes, it’s amazing how cowed the hierarchy is by Islam. Even (especially) in the States. One fortunate development you could say is the rise of the Alt Right, which does recognize the threat of Islam and is very willing to force it into the conversation. Of all the political groups right now, they are the only one with a unified anti-Islamic voice. And they will only grow if no other groups (whether the Church or otherwise) are willing to speak plainly about Islam. Some credit I suppose should also go to the old school evangelical Protestants. There’s a few of the new atheists as well that will speak against Islam (Sam Harris, etc.), but their number is dwindling as most atheists seem to be turning towards political correctness. I was just in London recently at Saint Paul’s Cathedral and was amazed at the Islamic situation there also. It would come as no surprise to me if, even within my lifetime, that church was turned into a mosque as the Hagia Sofia was in Turkey (I discuss this experience more here: ) However, I pray that Europe will choose a different path.

  2. It seems so obvious, doesn’t it? Why is it so hard for Church leaders to get this? Have they (most, not all) lost the Faith?

  3. Our Church leaders here in the US are making billions off resettling refugees is why, including unvetted Muslims and illegals. The USCCB and Catholic Charities branches are raking in literally billions in US tax dollars, are the largest resettlement organization and basically acting as an arm of the US government. Hard to calculate real amounts because spread out among different branches with different names, but documented evidence shows the bulk of the USCCB budget itself is US tax dollars, and at least $2 billion and even $5 billion received church-wide in the past decade. They undermine our laws and our culture, fail to teach, allow liturgy to collapse, give no spiritual formation, while Catholics leave the Church in droves. It is a disgrace. Our bishops worship at the altar of filthy manna and it is destroying our culture and our Church. They need to be stopped and held to account.

  4. Military age Islamic migration is being encouraged by the western liberal elite because they imagine that they can use Islam to eliminate the last vestiges of Christian culture from Europe and the west, while the elite maintain overall control. This will lead to chaos and unrest.

    The only thing that can save the world from its unpleasant fate is the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as Our Lady told us at Fatima. More destructively than the serious and important muslim issue is the possible “annihilation of nations”, perhaps by nuclear war. Only She can save us and that requires first the obedience to the request that Russia be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope in union with all the bishops of the world.

    In the coming period things could become very unpleasant indeed with the muslim invasion and the increasing willingness of an intolerant and totalitarian “liberal” left to resort to violence (as in its response to Trump, with organised and funded street violence by left wing fascists).

    Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!



      718. Acting upon this counsel they redistributed the spheres of work among themselves, in order that each squadron of demons might, with a specialized astuteness, tempt men to different vices. They resolved to continue to propagate idolatry in the world, so that men might not come to the knowledge of the true God and the Redemption. Wherever idolatry would fail, they concluded to establish sects and heresies, for which they would select the most perverse and depraved of the human race as leaders and teachers of error. Then and there was concocted among these malignant spirits the sect of Mahomet, the heresies of Arius, Pelagius, Nestorius, and whatever other heresies have been started in the world from the first ages of the Church until now, together with those which they have in readiness, but which it is neither necessary nor proper to mention here. Lucifer showed himself content with these infernal counsels as being opposed to divine truth and destructive of the very foundation of man’s rescue, namely divine faith. He lavished flattering praise and high offices upon those demons, who showed themselves willing and who undertook to find the impious originators of these errors.


      (My emphasis)

      Source: – Vol 3, The Mystical City of God By Venerable Mary of Jesus of Agreda –

  5. I feel much of the problem comes from a feeling from your average modern Catholic that we can’t fight back against these animals because that would be “unchristian.” I recall in my High School small group a couple months ago voicing my frustration that nothing was being done to stop the slaughter of Christians and proposed that a multi-national army of Catholic service members be constructed to fight them. Although perhaps extreme in hindsight, I’m still bothered by the reaction of my peers who thought I was ridiculous and asked “How could the Pope support the death of terrorists.” Perhaps they should look at the stories of the Crusader Popes and Pius IX’s Papal Zouaves.

    • No, it did not start with John Paul II. I don’t give a damn what frontpagemag says. The combox on this blog always has somebody who wants to blame EVERYTHING wrong with the Church on John Paul II. Radtrads, revisionists, perpetual crabs, etc. I am tired of all of YOU! That garbage started during Vatican II. Once again, some holier than thou jagoff will bring up that JPII kissed a Koran. Mistake? Sin? Yup. John Paul II put the Most Holy Name of Mary back on the Church calendar after Paul VI removed it.

      You rip on John Paul II, then you rip on the Catholicism of Poland and the Polish people. Well, Poland isn’t importing Muslims like Western Europe and the US. Unlike Western Europe, the Poles NEVER revolted against the Church.

      I want to see how brave the holier than thou bunch would have managed to survive the Nazi occupation and the Communist oppression. Rather, they seem to spend lots of time on the Internet braying how only a Catholic monarchy is a valid form of government or praising the Hapsburgs – who helped carve up the nation who protected them from the Ottomans.

      The Church hierarchy is in love with Nostra Aetate and thinks that everything can be solved through “dialogue”. Talk solves nothing with Islam. Charles Martel, Queen isabel the Catholic and King Jan III Sobieski showed how to deal with Islam. It’s there for anyone willing to read about it.

      • First, I didn’t rip on the Catholicism of Poland or the Polish people. Though they obviously formed the Polish pope’s character and world view, they remain separate entities from any individual. John Paul II is neither Polish Catholicism nor the Polish people, nor are Polish Catholicism or the Polish people John Paul II.

        Second, I don’t believe that a Catholic monarchy or any monarchy is the only valid form of government.

        Third, the fact that Karol Wojtyla survived both Nazi occupation and Communist oppression is irrelevant. Ditto with putting the Most Holy Name of Mary back on the Church calendar. Personal bravery or holiness in one area doesn’t excuse or justify moral failure in others.

        Finally, the facts as outlined in the article to which I linked speak for themselves. Apparently, you chose not to read that article. That says a lot more about your willingness to live in a pseudo-Catholic bubble than it does about anybody’s critical view of John Paul II.

      • When I see uncharitable comments I sense something missing with the author. I would recommend reading Volume 1 of The Poem of the Man God. The section of Jesus gathering and traveling with his Apostles. The way he corrects and teaches. We all need his direction as we try to travel the same path of life.

          • In 1962, the master edition of the Poem was approved by the then existing Holy Office through its commissioner Fr. M. Giraudo O.P. The 1956-1959 edition was previously put on the Index but this affected only the first edition.

          • Please go to link : The article dated 1994 is authorised by Fr. Mitch Pacwa wherein he quotes Pope Benedict. There is no doubt that ms. Valtorta’s document is condemned. There is another traditional site which discusses some of the supposed revelations claimed by ms. Valtorta. These are delusional perhaps as a result of the sad life she led.

  6. In Indonesia Ahok, the (now ex) Christian governor of Jakarta, has just been found guilty of blasphemy and has received a two year sentence

    Indonesia has the largest population of muslims in the world, at about 88% of its population of 235 million people, but until now it was considered ‘moderate’. Five religions are supposed to be ‘allowed’ in Indonesia but this ruling it would seem has ended that.

    Please pray for Indonesia!

  7. The idiocy of “inter-faith dialogue” provides one answer: Rome remains a slave of Nostra Aetate despite all the evidence of real life being to the contrary to its cheery and naive hopefulness.

    Secondly, they are terrified of sparking off a world war between Christianity and Islam for which they constitutionally do not have any stomach.

    • Comrade General Secretary, that’s exactly why JPII embarked upon his quest for dialogue with Islam!

  8. The diabolic attacks against the Church have been incessant over her entire two thousand year history, but there are three principal weapons, or movements, that have been raised up in that time, beginning with Islam in the 7th. century. This was followed by the Protestant revolution of the 15th./16th centuries. which in turn gave rise to “Enlightenment” which spawned the birth of Freemasonry and the French Revolution. This revolutionary spirit came to maturity through atheistic Marxism and the Bolshevik Revolution. These three superficially distinct components of the diabolic assault against the Church have coalesced into one, while remaining outwardly separate in appearance and seemingly mutually antagonistic.

    Lenin clearly understood the value of Islam as a means to advance world revolution without the Muslims understanding who was in control.But Islam, with its own eschatological vision of the ultimate global ascendancy of the religion of Allah is particularly susceptible to exploitation by another, unseen diabolic instrument that is far more powerful than Islam itself, i.e. Marxism. Within weeks of the Bolshevik Revolution, the demoniac Lenin began making overture to Russian Muslims, persuading them that the backwardness of the Islamic world was entirely the doing of Western imperialism, and that communism was their saviour.

    In May 1967, another demoniac, Yuri Andropov, became chairman of the KGB. He also understood the immense usefulness of Islam as a means of advancing world revolution, and this would be accomplished by turning Arab anti-Semitism into Arab anti-Americanism, still without the Muslims comprehending that a demonic power greater than Islam was pulling their strings. The KGB established the one of the first Islamic terrorist groups, the PFLP, which started out by hijacking Israeli airliners. The PFLP was set up and financed by the KGB, and its terrorist hijackers were trained at a KGB facility east of Moscow.

    We now have a long-since reached a point wherein Islam is a politically protected religious ideology. Antonio Gramsci understood that the triumph of the revolution would be accomplished by means of a “long march through the institutions.”. This meant ultimately taking complete control of education, the news media, the arts, and even the churches. This was taken up and perfected by the Frankfurt School which gifted to the world “political correctness” or, cultural marxism. It is the most highly effective means of “programming” ever devised. It has brought the great majority of the people of the West to the point where they are completely incapable of independent thought and critical analysis. As Yuri Bezmenov pointed out; even if you present “true believers” with absolute proof that their beliefs, gleaned from the media and what passes for education, are incorrect, they are completely incapable of processing the information. In fact, this programming has been most successful in the cases of academia and the media; it is manifested in the case of the monumental fraud of climate change, and it is manifested in the case of ‘multiculturalism’ in general and Islam in particular. Hence, the aims and objectives of Islam are furthered by the cultural,
    political and legal institutions of the very Western societies that
    Islam is hell-bent on destroying. But this has not been accomplished by
    Islam itself. It is the triumph of Marxism, pure and simple. Unfortunately one of the “programmed” is our dear liberation theology – enamoured Holy Father, but don’t blame him. As in the political realm, so too in the ecclesiastical realm, we get what we deserve, and we are in the throes of the Great Apostasy.

    But does this point to a complete and enduring ascendancy of Islam, facilitated by Marxism? No, not for one minute. Marxism is ultimately nihilism, as revealed by Marx himself in his poetry. If the impossible were to be achieved, and Islam was to fulfil its roles a ‘battering ram’ against Christianity to the point that Christianity ceased to exist. the Muslims would be next on the list for elimination. But it will never get to that point. We Catholics who put all our trust in Jesus Christ and the Immaculate Heart of Mary know full well who wins in the end. In fact, they have already triumphed, but since we are ‘victims’ of time, we haven’t seen the triumph yet.

      • Exactly. Some people ask why Our Lady didn’t mention Islam at Fatima. She didn’t need to. The all-embracing error is marxism, which by ts very nature will accommodate all other errors that exist to undermine the Gospel.

      • Dear Msgr. Schulte, thank you for your response. There is a diabolic alliance between the lunatic left and expansionist Islam that no-one could have foreseen a decade ago. It is all according to the maxim; “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” All diabolic philosophies and the movements they have spawned in the past two thousand years have had but one ultimate objective, which is, needless to say, the complete and everlasting overthrow of the Catholic Church. It is a great challenge but also, we must concede, a great privilege, to have been placed here at this particular time in salvation history.

        As Pope St.John Paul II stated, (while still Cardinal Archbishop of Cracow), We are now standing in the face of the greatest historical confrontation humanity has ever experienced. I do not think the wide circle of the American society, or the wide circle if the Christian community realize this fully. We are now facing the final confrontation between the Church and the anti-church; between the gospel and the anti-gopsel; between Christ and anit-christ. This confrontation lies within the plans of Divine Providence; and it is a trial which the Church must take up and face courageously.

        And in Fulda, Germany, in 1980. he stated: We must be prepared to suffer great trials before long, which will demand of us a disposition to give up even life; we must have a total dedication to Christ, and for Christ. With your prayer and my prayer, it is still possible to mitigate this chastisement, but it is no longer possible to avert it, because only thus can the Church be effectively renewed. How many times has the renewal of the Church been wrought by blood? this time also, it will not be otherwise. WE must be strong and prepared, and trust in Christ and His Mother, and be very, very assiduous in praying the Rosary.

  9. The clergy are, by and large, not deeply spiritual people. They are worldly pragmatists, who look at issues from a perspective which is fundamentally secular and humanist. This causes them to see Islam as simply one more human problem which needs to be solved by negotiation, diplomacy, dialogue, hugs and smiles. They do not see this as essentially a spiritual confrontation between light and darkness. They are not Catholic in the depths of their hearts and minds.

    Since Islam is not Divine in its origins, it must either be a purely human construct or worse, diabolical. What real good can come from such a movement? It must, ultimately, confront and persecute the Christian religion since it is not of God. History bears this out. Islam has persecuted the Church for a millennium and a half. This is clear and self-evident to anyone with even the most rudimentary critical faculties, yet all we hear from the bishops is this vacuously optimistic happy talk which attempts to portray Islam as a religion of peace which has been temporarily hijacked by a handful of extremists.

    Soon……perhaps very soon, this faithless trash will be driven out of Rome at the point of Islamic scimitars and the Church will be purified. The faithful will be martyred while the time-servers, heretics, agnostics, hirelings and sodomites who currently control the Vatican will simply vaporize and disappear in front of the Islamic onslaught.

    • Your thoughts remind me of the prophecy of the Holy Father walking over the bodies of his conferees while escaping the carnage.

  10. I think that many bishops – NOT ALL, OF COURSE, , have tunnel vision. They concentrate on their diocesan 5 year plans, etc. and ignore everything else. Some seem to be of the opinion that only what is contained in the “action plan” of the diocesan central office is important. Parishes, for those bishops, and the laymen and women in those parishes are there primarily to be sources of income. ( In some diocese the annual assessment (or tax) levied upon the parishes is 25% of their gross income!) The Holy See endorses such a mentality by the way it chooses bishops. A man who has shown that he is good at raising money will be chosen every time over a man who is a good, solid teacher/preacher. And, I think, whether a man is a good “presider” at Liturgy is not even on the list of things the Vatican looks at. It is very sad, but that’s the way it is and the way it has been for quite a long time.

  11. The Judases inside the Church are a far greater threat than the Muslims or any external force. Without liberal prelates the Muslims have no chance to defeat the Church. We must first rid the Church of all traitors.

    • Peter: I agree with you. My experience of praying for, writing to and getting no to few responses from the American Bishops on issues of importance backs what is being said. I have prayed two hours in front of the Blessed Sacrament each week for a number of years. While I do not seem to be able to keep this up, mainly due to the fact that the reduction in the number of priests gives my parish two weekly masses a week. However, I know that the good Lord will eventually triumph, through his Blessed Mother. God Bless, Frank


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