Cdl. Schönborn’s Vienna Cathedral Bulletin Depicts Homosexual Couple with Adopted Son

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn continues to make news with various heterodox and equivocal messages coming out from his Diocese of Vienna, Austria. Not long ago, we reported on his website’s promotion the gender theory; now the Parish Bulletin for his Cathedral of St. Stephen in Vienna contains an article presenting a homosexual couple with their adopted son.


As the Austrian Catholic website reported on 30 September 2016, this official Church bulletin has an article with a picture showing a celebrity (a media man), Georg Urbanitsch, together with his male “partner” and their adopted son. Under the title “We Are Family,” he himself describes in glowing ways the life of his “family.” reports, as follows:

He [Urbanitsch] lives together with the Viennese restaurant owner Bernd Schlacher. At the end of 2012, they entered a civil union. In 2014, they adopted a boy from South Africa. They have had him baptized at the Parish of the Cathedral of St. Stephen. The Parish priest, Toni Faber – who, according to the weekly magazine profil, himself had also earlier participated at the celebration of their civil partnership – administered the Sacrament [of Baptism].

The 48-page-long official Parish Bulletin of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, which also contains many articles concerning aspects of Amoris Laetitia, can be seen here. On page 17 of this bulletin, the author Urbanitsch says the following:

Rainbow family, modern family, unconventional family…. There are many descriptions for our fine nest of security. But, we do not feel that we are something unusual or “different.” We – that means Daddy Bernd, Papi Georg and Son Siya.

Cardinal Schönborn has thus effectively given further scope and support to the undermining of the Catholic moral teaching – whose very aim and meaning is to bring souls to heaven. It thus gives further doubt as to whether this cardinal is, indeed, the right man to help the pontiff of the Catholic Church move in the right orthodox direction. In this context, it might be worthwhile remembering what the courageous prelate, Bishop Athanasius Schneider, said to me in an interview in 2015:

Practicing Homosexuals are persons who, in a grave manner, sin against the will of God the Creator, because, by their acts, they reject the fact of the Divine Order of the sexuality. However, the order of the sexuality consists now only of two sexes, the male and the female, and this order has been created and declared as being good by God’s infinite wisdom and goodness. If someone revolts consciously in his acts against this order, then he revolts against God’s wisdom and love and finally rejects the Will of God in a very important area. If someone rejects God’s Will in an important area, he then replaces God with his own will, his own insights and with his own passions. Such a person thereby excludes himself from the eternal community with God, from eternal beatitude, and he chooses eternal damnation. Practicing homosexuals, just like any sinner with a mortal sin on his soul, find themselves in a most dangerous spiritual situation – as if standing at the edge of an abyss – because they run the danger to lose their soul for ever. Christ suffered and shed his Precious Blood at the Cross, so that no one may get lost eternally, but, rather, will convert, i.e., will, instead, fully accept the Will of God in everything, and his soul may thereby be saved. Christ can not save and forgive anyone who does not convert (see Mk 4: 12).

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