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Rosaries for Baltimore

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If you’ve been following the news about Baltimore, you know it’s a city in very serious trouble. 144 vehicles burned. 15 structure fires. 7 police officers seriously injured. 200 arrests and counting. Imposed curfews. The calling in of the National Guard. The fact is, Baltimore, like other declining American cities, was in trouble long before the death of Freddy Gray. The thin veneer of civilized life there has merely been stripped away.

This is an incredibly dangerous time in American history. We saw it already in Ferguson. In Baltimore, it escalated even more quickly. There is profound polarization across the country, massive discontent and fear and raw emotion, all of it producing ticking time bombs of civil unrest  just waiting to go off.

And you’d better believe there are people in power who are anxious to exploit these situations for their own gain.

I have friends who live in Baltimore and friends who work there. Good people. People who deserve better than to see their city torn down and set aflame.

Our country needs prayers. It needs healing. It needs conversion. We need to start with those areas in greatest need.

Last night, my family and I prayed our rosary for the people of Baltimore. For everyone who was hurt, for everyone involved. For peace. For resolution. I think we all need to be joining forces on these issues. The riots in Ferguson and Baltimore are harbingers of what’s to come. Our Lady has told us that the rosary and the sign of the cross are the only weapons that will be effective against the coming darkness. So let’s use them. Let’s start fighting back.

Will you join us in praying for this city? Will you share this post? If you do, please use the hashtag #rosariesforbaltimore

Thank you.

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