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Rigged Synod Experts Will Proclaim “the Will of God”

So it’s October 17th, and we are more than half way through this month of the #SchismaticWay, and what do we have so far? A particular generation of theologians have more or less declared this synod to be the dream of Cardinal Martini (pictured above left), where they can finally find that reform they always wanted:

As such, the synod has become a circus of what this pontificate has already brought forth: all the cheerleaders for the St. Gallen Mafia have lifted their heads above water and shouted their filth to the world. The world is not interested, but they go on shouting nonetheless.

Meanwhile Rupnik’s art still uglifies so much in Rome:

An author at Rorate has called Pope Francis’s rehabilitation of Rupnik “His Most Audacious Move.” The historians and theologians will be debating about which move is indeed the most audacious of Pope Francis, but the Rupnik case is indeed a strong contender.

Edward Pentin, who – many years ago now! – wrote the book The Rigging of a Vatican Synod?, today lays out some of the key players who are pulling the strings now in Rome. First, two Jesuits who promote the causes of the Lavender Mafia:

The assembly’s two “special secretaries” charged with preparing the document along with the assistance of synod experts are already known. They are Jesuit Father Giacomo Costa of Italy, who headed the “synthesizing task force” for the continental stage of the synod last year, and Msgr. Riccardo Battocchio, rector of the Almo Collegio Capranica and president of the Italian Theological Association.

Both priests have taken a public interest in the issue of homosexuality, which has been a topic of debate during this Synod.

Father Costa supported Italian anti-homophobia legislation in 2021 that was opposed by both the Italian bishops and the Vatican and ultimately failed to pass in the Italian Senate. Msgr. Battocchio spoke at a 2015 presentation of a book called Homosexual Love that aimed to open up discussion of the topic following its predominance at the 2014 Extraordinary Synod on the Family.

Then, we’ve got the two experts who are charged with creating the “synthesis document” which will merely restate the circus and all its many strands, one of whom is Anna Rowlands:

Anna Rowlands, associate professor of Catholic social thought and practice at the University of Durham, England… [has] stressed the importance of giving more leadership roles in the Church to women[.]

Meanwhile, the women at released a statement ahead of the synod which articulated different concerns of Catholic women, ending with this damning demand:

[I]f you [Bishops] do not believe with the Church on each of these points, then you are false shepherds whom Christ’s sheep—who hear His voice and follow Him—cannot follow.

At the time of this writing, this statement has 2207 signatures. If any Catholic women would like to add their names to the statement, click here.

Speaking of false shepherds, what is James “Bridge to Hell” Martin doing exactly?

This reminds me of what Diane Montagna explained at the CIC Conference ahead of the synod: the synthesis document will be a conglomeration of various points of view that were all shared at the synod. In other words, we will have what Martin praises above as “friendly conversations with people with whom you disagree with on certain topics, even strongly.” Truth and falsehood will be baked into a single cake. The synod members will then vote on the question: “Does this accurately reflect our discussions?” Then the document will be presented, with Hegelian flair, as a “thesis-antithesis-synthesis” document, a chaotic mess to confuse the faithful, while the enemies of Christ achieve their agenda.

This mess called “synodality” will be decreed as “the will of God.” Pentin:

Earlier this month, Cardinal Besungu, who is president of the Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar, said the outcome of the Synod would be “the will of God” and that “the Lord himself through collective discernment will tell us” if same-sex blessings should be allowed

All the pieces are in place for a jamboree of kumbaya for all the greatest dreams of heretics and other enemies of Christ.

Joke’s on them: her Immaculate Heart will triumph.

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