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Requiem for a Synod: Female Deacons Rally Again

The Amazon Synod is finally over. Three weeks of nonsense, tree-hugging, and pagan idolatry was mixed in with the important issue of the supposed female diaconate.

The issue of the female diaconate was studied in 2002. Pope Francis later convened a commission in 2016 to study the issue again, and earlier this year, it revealed inconclusive findings.

The issue took center stage at the Amazon Synod. One of the most vocal proponents of this nonsense was Bishop Erwin Kräutler. Kräutler is an Austrian-born man who has spent decades destroying the faith of Catholics in the Amazon region. Kräutler wants not only female deacons, but priests as well. Michael Matt and Edward Pentin caught him saying this, and the video is online for all to see. May God have mercy on Kräutler’s soul.

The main argument from Kräutler and his crew is that since women lead congregations in parishes that don’t have a regular priest, they should be given the diaconate. This raises the question: if they’re already in this role and not deacons, why do they need to be deacons to fulfill this role? It seems to make perfect sense to any thinking person. Obviously, something darker is afoot.

Paragraph 103 of the final document mentions female deacons but doesn’t directly request them. It simply says some people at the synod wanted them and that it needs to be studied further. Reference was made to the commission from Pope Francis that was set up in 2016.

Why didn’t they simply ask for the female diaconate? They didn’t request it because they knew that this direct request would not have received the two-thirds majority needed to be in the final document. To take care of this, they mentioned it but said more research needed to be done. After all, who is against a little more research?

The 2002 commission didn’t give the modernists the conclusion that they wanted. The 2016 commission didn’t give them the favorable answer they wanted, either. A defeated vote at this synod would have buried this disgraceful movement, and its advocates know it. Instead, they opted for deferral to keep it alive while they regroup and come up with a plan.

Pope Francis seems to be a big believer in freedom of speech within the Church. Every proposition gets to be heard under his watch. In Archbishop Viganò’s initial letter from August 2018, it seems that Pope Francis is against homosexuality. As Pope Francis told Archbishop Viganò in reference to bishops: “they must not be left-wing — and when I say left-wing, I mean homosexual.” Regardless, he still gives Jesuit pro-homosexual Fr. James Martin a thirty-minute private meeting at the Vatican.

People advocating female ordination have been around for decades, though they didn’t have a voice under John Paul II and Benedict XVI. Their influence didn’t extend beyond their own little circles, and few people read the small amount of literature they published. Not anymore, because everyone gets a voice under Pope Francis.

Pope Francis’s leftist causes are climate change and open borders. People like Bishop Kräutler, Phillis Zagano, and Fr. James Martin are out and about, screaming their heresies on the mountaintops, in the hope that Pope Francis will cater to their causes. They’re hoping their respective heresies will be the next in line.

Traditional Catholics have the upper hand in the debate on female ordination. I’m not referring to Scripture or Tradition, both of which are entirely on our side. I’m referring to the fact that the female deacon– supporters at the synod didn’t even want this up for a vote because they knew that it would get smashed in the voting and would not receive the two thirds needed to remain in the final document. Instead, they opted to keep it alive, though it’s on life support.

Because we have the advantage, we still need to be careful and not get lazy or complacent. As long as the issue of female deacons remains on the table, it’s a danger. The modernists are waiting for the stars to align and create the perfect storm to push it through. The danger remains and can’t be ignored by the faithful.

What can faithful Catholics do to stop this? Probably the best thing to do is wait out the clock. The good priests and bishops must stall this as much as possible until its support dries up. Young people aren’t promoting this movement. It’s the Baby-Boomers and those older than them who want this. Bishop Erwin Kräutler is eighty years old. In the secular world, he’d be retired and out of the way. In the Church, you don’t retire at 65. If you’re a bishop, you’re entering the age when you’re invited to synods as a delegate.

We need to attack this movement and keep its proponents in check. It starts with the rosary but certainly doesn’t end there.

Image: James Ogley via Flickr.

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