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Report: Homosexual Propaganda Being Circulated at the Synod


The Toronto Catholic Witness blog has been providing an invaluable service to the English-speaking Catholic world with their translations of the Synod reports being published by Polish Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki. Today, Abp. Gadecki revealed another major piece of information about what’s happening at the Synod when he reported that pro-homosexual propaganda is being distributed. From TCW:

Who is allowing this? 
How did this pro-homosexual propaganda get in? 
Just who are the homosexualists in the Vatican? Are they practicing homosexuals? 
Are they Cardinals? Archbishops? Are they bishops,  mid-level homosexual infiltrators like the self-outed Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa? 
Just how many are involved in this powerful, malignant homo-lobby? 
Catholics have a right to know!
The screenshot of the Archbishop’s blog: 
Toronto Catholic Witness translation:
“One of the Catholic publications that was distributed during the Synod, was written by women theologians justifying homosexual unions” 
This is a tightly-controlled Synod. We’ve received reports that even certain Catholic journalists have had difficulty with their press passes. How is propaganda of this nature being circulated unless it’s by someone on the inside?
Let’s hope that whoever is responsible is identified and held accountable – if not by the Synod fathers, then by the Catholic press and bloggers who are covering the event.

32 thoughts on “Report: Homosexual Propaganda Being Circulated at the Synod”

  1. I don’t know why people are paying any attention to this synod. No one is going to change their position on the Church and the Pope regardless of what is said or done by the bishops and the Pope. The Pope could say “There is no Catholic God” and people would still say he’s the Pope. The bishops could say Jews and Muslims are our brothers and people would still say they are bishops with jurisdiction. Oh, wait… the Pope and bishops have already said those things.

    • People like us have to pay attention because people who want to be confirmed in their sins are paying attention, and there are many others in between.

      I’ve heard reports from priests with parishioners who already believe they can present themselves to communion while in a state of objective grave sin against the 6th Commandment, all because “the pope changed the rules.”

      It is a duty that those of us who know better provide the information that ill-informed but well-intentioned Catholics need. It is not the fault of many people that they were never catechized. We have to provide them what we can, and keep the pressure on those who believe they can follow the Vatican II playbook and hijack the Synod without ever being held to account.

      • Can’t say thank you enough for helping Catholics that have grown up in the era of ‘anything goes in the spirit of Vat ll’. They are what one of our Deacons call ‘The Lost Generation’. You and others like you Steve are doing a phenomenal job informing the ‘uninformed’, not to mention the better informed that need vital information of what’s REALLY going on in the Church of Christ. Yours is the one of my ‘daily regulars’ to keep up on happenings. May God Bless you abundantly for the crucial work you are doing.

      • I think it’s a stretch to call people who want to be confirmed in their sins as ill-informed but well intentioned. Willful ignorance is what it is. In this day and age where people literally spend every waking minute looking at their phone, there is no excuse for them to not know what the Church teachings are. Sorry, but I’m not real sympathetic. I bet if you told most of these folks the truth, they wouldn’t hear it, and run to their favorite effeminate priest who will tell them what they want to hear. Look, it’s getting kind of late in the game now. The ship is sinking. You can point out the lifeboats to people, but we have to realize that they are going to want to keep partying and having a good old time until it’s too late. It’s time to stand down and take care of our own domestic church.
        I value what you do here, really, but you’re preaching to the choir.
        Most Catholics a) could care less about the synod or don’t even know that it’s going on, b) have no fear of God, as they are living in a protestant mindset thinking their salvation is guaranteed, and c) lack the sanctifying grace necessary to receive the gifts and fruits of the Holy Ghost in order to seek, understand and know the Truth. This all comes down to choice. You can lead the horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Pray, pray, and pray some more for the conversion of sinners. That’s what can and will work.

        • Mr. Skojec may be preaching to the choir …but that’s important too – because it strengthens those of us (“in the choir”) who are surrounded by ‘liberal’ types who have grown up in Vatican II, and so take everything that’s happening as normal, or by those who refuse to even look at the evidence (and therefore real possibility) that Pope Francis has an agenda that does not involve protecting the Magisterium of the Church, or the family. The family, the definition of which I must now add, as defined as one man and one woman, having taken marriage vows, and as far as admittance to Holy Communion, either or both of the following: not having been married before -or if so, have a declaration of nullity or is a widow/widower.

          And even then the process of the declaration of nullity has been compromised by the Pope’s latest annulment procedures. Father Gerald Murray, a canon lawyer, has a post on ‘The Catholic Thing’ blog that
          is entitled “Scrap the New Annulment Procedures” here:

          [Mr. Skojec, please excuse me if I have posted this link before, but it is important to let people know that trusted canon lawyers ( other than Cardinal Burke) do not like what the Pope has done with respect to the new annulment process ].

          I, for one, am grateful for blogs like this because when I’ve tried to talk to Catholics in my area about what’s going on, I’ve been ‘chastised’. It has been balm to my spirit to know that there are others who are also protesting, what is happening at this Synod, and in the pontificate of Pope Francis.

          Finally, I do agree with you- we need to pray and pray- and fast. I am saying the rosary 3 times a day, one for the Synod Bishop I have adopted, the other for the participants in the Synod itself (plus all priests, bishops and cardinals), and the usual one for my personal intentions. This, probably, much to the Holy Father’s dismay, as he does not like ‘rosary counters’. And during my regular weekly visits to the Blessed Sacrament, the participants and Our Holy Father are also in my prayer. Our Holy Mother Church is in crisis.

        • Wow, must be nice to be able to read people’s hearts and souls. How do you know most Catholics have no fear of God or lack sanctifying grace? BTW, the correct phrase is “COULDN’T care less,” not “could care less.” If you could care less, that means you DO care to some degree.

          • Thanks for the grammar lesson. I hope you feel better after that scolding you gave me. Must have hit a nerve, huh?

          • The overwhelming majority of Catholics purposely do not go to Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation; therefore, objectively speaking, it can be said that the majority of Catholics lack sanctifying grace. In other words, they are in the state of mortal sin. If they do not repent before they die, they will end up in the eternal fires of hell. That is the teaching of Christ, Sacred Scripture, and the Church.

          • You’re right that no one should judge another. But when in almost every parish across the West priests spend far more time distributing the Eucharist every week than they do hearing Confessions, it should make one uneasy, don’t you agree?

        • As a brand new Catholic, Easter Vigil 2015 (thanks in part to stumbling on Ann Barnhardt’s site with her bold, no nonsense style) I very much appreciate this site. I’ve so very much to learn and sites such as this make it easier and clearer for me to understand. It is indeed a scary time to be entering The Church. I’ve pointed life-long Catholics here and to Ann’s and Remnant’s sites….especially Catholics who tell me there’s nothing to worry about regarding this Synod.

        • “I think it’s a stretch to call people who want to be confirmed in their sins as ill-informed but well intentioned.”

          If that’s the interpretation you took from what I wrote, you need to read it again.

          I said that the people who want to be confirmed in their sins are paying attention. They are. And they’re using the words of wayward bishops and the apparent support of Pope Francis as justification for their position.

          This confuses the less educated Catholics. The ones who find theology daunting, or who have never been taught where to even go to find authoritative information. Maybe they’re doing the wrong thing because they don’t know any better, and then they hear the people who do know better telling them it’s fine. Often times, those people are family members or friends, but sometimes it’s even their parish priest.

          Thus, being told by people they trust that what they’re doing is OK, they continue.

          And while it’s true that people have access to pretty much the entirety of human knowledge through their phones, most of them aren’t going to be perusing the code of canon law or even the Catechism unless someone teaches them that these are two of the places where they may find real answers. They are, on the other hand, much more likely to read an article with a catchy headline that their friend shared on Facebook.

          All of us are on information overload. There are countless websites out there claiming to be Catholic but leading people astray. Making these things clear — and repeating the message until people hear it — is an important part of real evangelization.

          • Thanks for taking the time to explain what you meant, Steve. Keep doing what you’re doing. May God reward your efforts and zeal for souls. God bless.

          • I agree but aren’t we forgetting that written in the human heart is the natural law? This is a voice that is undeniable even when we don’t want to hear it. There is literally no man, woman or child on this earth who is not exposed to rules of some kind – and they break these rules knowing they do wrong. That’s where we start when we talk about ignorance.

            One step in the right direction, even just a fleeting thought that all is not right in conduct and God’s grace comes flood in. What we see around us is a purposeful denial of natural law, and a deliberate stifling of that law’s voice. I’m afraid I come down on the strict side here because of my own personal experiences of being on both sides.

      • I think it is important to pay attention when you realize the meeting you are observing is instrumental in destroying one’s Church and Faith. It is ‘not paying attention’ during the last 50 years or so which has led us to this critical point of very possible schism.

  2. Just when you think, “It CAN’T get any worse than this!!!”……. Please tell us they haven’t stocked the smoking lounge with homoerotic porno mags!

  3. Friends, more to come from Toronto Catholic Witness. I will be publishing, as time permits, further evidence from a high ranking Churchman that puts the lie to the claim that homosexuality was brought up at the Extraordinary Synod last year in the manner that Bruno Forte claimed.In fact, the evidence will show that when sodomy and/or LGBT were mentioned, it was criticized as an evil – NEVER was there one word about seeking “positive” elements in sodomy.

  4. There are youtubes about the infiltration from the late Fr. John O’Connor and also the late Father Enrique Rueda documented in his 1982 landmark work The Homosexual Network, Private Lives & Public Policy that homosexuals successfully targeted religious organizations for infiltration, especially the Roman Catholic Church.

  5. On the subject of homosexual propaganda, and its infiltration into the Church, Fr. George David Byers in his blog post entitled ” It’s about children subjected to same-sex unions – Synod on the Family – Instrumentum laboris §130″ makes the absolutely crucial point that I have not seen mentioned anywhere…:…[Fr. David’s blog is called Arise! Let us be going!]

    Here is an excerpt:

    “Here’s the deal: children being in this situation is a grave injustice. It is in view of this injustice being ignored (nevertheless – non di meno) so as to have these children receive the same-sex couple over them with respect and sensitivity that these children are necessarily being asked to praise the fact of a same-sex couple over them. This is an even graver injustice. This is an inescapable conclusion.

    5. As it is, this injustice against children isn’t so much being ignored as it is being accentuated: “Nevertheless”… as in “We just don’t care about the children.” Rough language? Rough reality. That reality is not merciful. Is it merciful to embarrass the Holy Father with this paragraph? It’s on the fast track to make it though to the final relatio once again. No, it is not merciful. As we prepare for the Year of Mercy and Missionaries of Mercy, it is incumbent upon all of us to insist on true mercy. Let’s start with mercy for the children.”

    Please go read his post(s) and comments on this…it is so crucially and fundamentally important that we don’t lose sight of the most vulnerable: children subjected to the same-sex unions.

    As one commenter to the above post said: ” I fear that millstones would be awaiting many, including myself, for failure of trying to prevent such scandal.”

    • But that’s just the point: it is not about the children at all. They are not the ones for whom millstones are being prepared. It is about the men and women who have lost their Faith, and who will not obey the natural or Divine law. Of course, these children are in danger but God knows about them and will send a priest, a missionary, or an angel to lead them to heaven. That’s not wishful thinking – think about those in ancient days who sacrificed their children to Moloc. God sent them prophets, great saints and kings to lead them back to Him. We may have to wait a long, long time but this will happen again.

  6. As Michael Voris accurately pointed out today, these Church leaders have lost supernatural faith. They act like hell doesn’t exist. In my estimation, they are just making a sweet living off of Church coffers and basking in the limelight and honor they don’t deserve.

  7. You know why Daneels is playing such a big role in this synod? Because the ecclesiastical caste wants to remove the stigma from man-boy sex, which has been in the Church at least since St. Peter Damian protested it in “Liber Gomorrahianus.” Once that stigma is removed, the Church can protect its vast financial holdings from lawsuits. Yes, I know how cynical this sounds. But, sadly, that’s Catholic life in the 21st Century.


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